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on January 17, 2016
I love this TV. It is basic and no frills, but that's exactly what i was looking for. All i cared about was image quality, and this doesn't disappoint in that regard. The picture is clear and contrasty and colors look accurate to my eye.

I didn't care for a smart TV, because none of those systems actually work as well or as easily as one would ever hope. Instead I just wanted a "dumb" TV that I could just plug a chromecast in to and call it a day.

The remote is a little cheapy, but I don't care too much about that. It works. I do wish the time it took for the TV to turn on was a little faster. I'd say from pushing the power button to actually being able to see/hear is about 10 seconds, and about 2 of those are waiting for the power light to even come on, so sometimes I think the remote didn't work on the first press and will push the button again unnecessarily.

the TV is also pretty lightweight, so it's easy to move around or mount on a wall if you desire
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on March 14, 2014
i went to the Toshiba website and it says in order to enable clearscan you must have you TV on Cinema mode. beacause "There are no seperate settings for clearscan"
i was reading an article where it said some tv's use fancy language to make people think they are 120 hertz, i think thats what "Clearscan" is for this TV. The TV has a refresh rate of 60 frames per second and there is no way to change it to 120 hertz. 120 Hertz clearscan must be something else. The I was playing Xbox one on this TV and the picture looked great. I just don't think it's 120 hertz refresh rate.
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on April 4, 2016
After owning this TV for over 2 years I've changed my rating from 5 to 3. This TV will sporadcally have no sound if you channel through too quickly requiring you to shut the TV off and back on to get the sound back. I also hate how this TV hesitates as you channel. Not my favorite and I will stay away from Toshiba in the future.
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on December 12, 2013
you need HD cable to appreciate the picture. menu on TV setup is a bit sketchy, had to go online and download the manual. TV is very light weight and it does wobble,(I bought 2 for gifts) attached them to the shelf back. The TV sits on a wood entertainment center. I purchased some tie downs to help, so far so good. I got "Dreambaby 2 Pack Flat Screen TV Saver, Black" about 8 dollars. be sure to pre-drill the holes to attach wood screws(provided), adjust the straps like you would do on a backpack and you won't have problems with the plastic buckles, each end is painted metal and all screws are provided. I think mounting on the wall would be better if possible. Hope this helps.
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on January 8, 2014
This is my third Toshiba flat screen and I love it. I just keep going with Toshiba because of the quality.

I'm using a RaspeberyPi for streaming, Dish Network for other stuff, and a Sony Blu-Ray DVD player and all are exemplary with my new Toshiba.

I upgraded from a 40" Toshiba Plasma to this backlit LED and find it just great.

I really cannot say enough about this TV. You'll love yours as well.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on December 12, 2014
I loved the idea of having a nice television. It had great color and sound. But right at 11 months of owning the television I started having issues with it not wanting to come on. I called Amazon to report it after a couple of weeks of trouble I was told to contact the manufacturer, but they couldn't help me because the year manufacturer warranty was up. Of course I was very upset for only being able to watch the tv for one year. I needed to have it repaired, but had not repairs in my neighborhood. Now I just have an empty box sitting on my table.
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on September 3, 2014
Its a great tv and very light. When not connected to HDMI the quality doesn't appear to be the "best," but in HD it supplies an awesome picture. Speakers... Lets just say I would invest a few dollars into a decent surround system for your home because they are almost not present ha ha... but keep in mind that for such a thin and light weight tv, there isn't much space for a decent speaker set, so i understand that reason. Buy some speakers and buy this tv and youll be set.
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on January 7, 2014
I initially had a 37" 720p Toshiba LCD, which I replaced with a 42" 1080p Toshiba LCD, which was then replaced by this 50" Toshiba 1080p LED TV. I still have the 37" and 42", they both still work great; they have just been redeployed to the bedrooms.

Because I have had such good luck with Toshiba TV's in the past, I decided to continue with the Toshiba brand for my new 50" TV and I have not been disappointed. The funny thing is that one of my wants in a new TV was to have RCA audio outputs as I have an old Sony SA-VA analog audio system, and Toshiba was one of the few that still had analog audio outputs in their TV's.

I use this set as my main TV and I am very happy with it. It has 3 HDMI inputs (my 42" set had 4 HDMI inputs) and I have connected to it my cable STB/DVR, Xbox one, and Toshiba HD-DVD player. My Xbox one has a built in blu-ray player so I was able to eliminate the need for my PS3.

Aesthetically, I really like this TV. The bezel is much thinner than my old set but not quite as thin as some of the new LED's out right now. However, this TV is also much less expensive than some of the other newer LED sets. The base is sort of flimsy and I was worried that, based on previous reviews, the TV would "droop" or wobble in response to vibration or someone walking near the TV. Fortunately, that has not been the case. Despite the fact that the base could be sturdier, it sits even on my TV stand and does not wobble. The TV base unfortunately does not swivel like the 42" set I had, but the wide viewing angle makes up for that.

Inputs and outputs are perfect for me. I needed at least 3 HDMI inputs because I don't have an audio receiver. My audio system is old and analog, but still works great. Switching between inputs is very fast, much faster than either of my older Toshiba LCD's. The menu is also a bit more user friendly. There are plenty of options for customizing the picture and audio quality. The built in speakers are surprisingly good.

When you feed a high quality source into this TV the results are exceptional. For example, when I use my Xbox one for gaming or Netflix, the picture is (in my opinion) exceptional. The same holds true when watching HD-DVD's or DVD's via my HD-DVD player. When viewing the cable set top box, the quality of picture really depends on the channel. Some channels are better than others, despite the fact that they are all supposed to be HD channels. I don't think that this TV does much in terms of video manipulation, so the better the source the better the picture. However, many of my cable channels through the set top box do look fantastic. Again, not the fault of the TV. Coming from an LCD TV, the colors and blacks are more vibrant on this TV. Not sure if it's due to the LED technology or just the fact that this is a brand new TV.

Overall, I am really impressed with this TV. I was kind of worried that the quality wouldn't be as good as my 42" Regza LCD based on previous reviews, but I have been pleasantly surprised. The picture is fantastic, the audio is very good, and the looks are amazing. I spent quite a bit of time calibrating my 42" and 37" Toshiba LCD's with DV Essentials on HD-DVD. I really didn't need to even do that with this set as it looks pretty good right out of the box. It is also significantly lighter than my 42" LCD. I highly recommend this TV!

As always, Amazon was awesome with super fast shipping and delivery. I'm 100% happy with this purchase.
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on November 15, 2013
The TV is great--Amazon's LOW-PRICE GUARANTEE is difficult to understand and complicated to make a claim with. The picture takes a little time to properly tweak to your personal liking for each input, but it is well worth the time. It has lots of inputs and a bright vibrant picture with plenty of ways to maximize viewing older equipment with very good quality. The viewing angles are amazing compared to HDTVs of just a couple of years ago. The technology has come a long way--even for a 'budget set' like this one. Don't be put off by the negative reviews that compare this with sets two or three times the price--this TV has a better picture than almost anything you could have bought a few years ago. This TV can be gotten at a very good price many places and Amazon may be difficult to work with if you make a price match claim. I highly recommend you buy this TV if you don't need all the bells and whistles of a 'Smart TV' but make sure Amazon really has the best price because getting them to price match after the sale may take a lot of time and effort!
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on March 3, 2014
I upgraded from a 19" AOC as I needed at least two HDMI inputs AND still have ports for older game consoles. It was easy to unpack and plug in all the cables. I did not expect the quality of the picture to be so high; it is real HD and is crisp, bright, and runs cool. As a monitor, it is nice having the extra desktop space to work on multiple projects. As a TV, the picture is really gorgeous. Fallout 3 (2008) looks very good and is definitely more immersive on a wider screen, but I have not hooked up my Nintendo 64 to check the quality.

The initial monitor set-up is a little difficult as there are many options. Correcting the PC input viewable area (without having those black bars on the sides) was the hardest part, but there are many websites which explain how to adjust the picture size while keeping the font readable.

I do have a problem with the speakers. Any volume setting over a "10" creates bass reverb; not horrible, but noticeable even after turning the bass all the way down. As this device is primarily a PC monitor, I sit close and keep the volume at a "4" or a "5". I can see the sound being an issue if this device is used as a TV and viewers are sitting at a distance. The sound also seems to be better coming from the back of the monitor, but that could just be my unit.

I would give this monitor a five if it weren't for the speaker issue.
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