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on November 24, 2014
I bought my first set from HiSound directly (sent over from China) took a week or two and they were great. I may have been less careful than I should have and the left side definitely went out (I can't remember if it was because of wrapping them or just being too rough on them at the gym) but I contacted HiSound and they sent me another pair (I only paid shipping and waited the annoying 1-2 weeks for China to U.S. shipping). Last year the left ear on the 2nd pair went out and I was frustrated. I threw them away and tried to forget about their sound and the brand. Having spent this past year experimenting with other brands (Klipsch being one) I will say the sound of this ear bud is very addictive. A couple weeks ago I bit the bullet and ordered another pair and am again in love with the sound signature of these things... Plugging these in is like a warm hug from an old friend when compared to the other stuff. I haven't ventured above the $100 mark for earbuds since I clearly have a tendency of breaking mine. These things however over a grand soundstage, VERY warm base (particularly well-suited for EDM and hip hop), the highs are sparkly enough for me, and the overall look and feel of them is heavenly. Hopefully this third set will be a bit more resilient (in combination with me being extra extra careful with them of course).

If anyone from the brand is reading, and I really hope they are (which is why I gave it 2 stars)... these could definitely use better support at the jack, which I find to be the point where cable damage may have occurred leading to my dead left bud. The the jack will likely last longer with a softer shrink wrap style joints so there isn't such a hard plastic edge at which the cable must bend (see the joint at the charging "brick" of a macbook charger for a good example of the design modification I'm suggesting).
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on December 20, 2013
Final Word: To make it pretty simple I will put it like this... If I lost these headphones and had to buy new ones but the price had gone up $150 from what I originally got them for, I would not even hesitate to buy them again. I wanted a pair of headphones that would provide a deep, warm, and detailed sound and that is what I got. And for an incredible price, might I add. As far as the bright red cord and rose wood appearance go... well not my taste really, I'd love to have these all blacked out but I am not complaining. I would recommend these to anyone who wants a quality pair of headphones without spending over $300. These are good for just about any style of music that you may listen to. With an equalizer on your listening device sky's are the limit!
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on January 10, 2014
Much bass, such sound, very impress.

But Seriously,
Bass is clear and not muddied, great mids, with decent highs. What more can you ask for, this is prolly my 13th pair of earbuds I've tried and these are the only ones I'd rebuy if they break. Honestly if you looking for good IEMs for under $100 with great bass, these are them, even better than my Hippo VBs. I didn't get much more out of these using an AMP but if thats your thing you could try to get more out of these with one.

The only con I have with these is the cord, the cord picks up pretty much anything it rubs against, not very good for the gym or jogging but its not too bad if you just walk around with them.
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on November 15, 2014
I purchased the Wooduo 2 IEM's for a different purpose than the other reviewers here. I am a bass player and I needed some in-ear monitors for playing live at church. I did not want to have to spend what it would cost to get custom IEM's with multiple drivers but I definitely needed a pair that delivered solid low end bass response. I didn't want to spend more than $200. I began reading reviews on IEM's priced under $200 that offered a more pronounced low end response without being muddy. I came across some reviews on of the Wooduo 2's as well as reviews on Amazon and the consensus seemed to be that the HW2's deliver an amazing amount of low end with clarity and punch.

So I ordered a pair and let me tell you these things blew me away. I couldn't believe how much low end these things pump out for a single driver unit and for under $100!. Playing live my bass sounded fat and punchy in the mix. Our drummer has an $800 pair of custom Alien Ear IEM's with 6 drivers. I let him listen to my HW2's and he concurred that the sheer low end response of the Wooduo's was very close to his Alien Ear IEM's. The Alien Ears obviously offer far superior over-all neutral sound stage and noise isolation and they should considering they cost tens times as much..

For what I was looking for I couldn't be happier.

Noise Isolation - They offer a fairly good selection of tips to choose from and proper noise isolation is dependent on finding the right fit for your ears. I found them to be just ok at isolating background noise, To be fair they are not advertised as noise isolating earphones.

Build Quality & Comfort - The HW2's are solidly built and the Rosewood looks pretty cool. I don't really care for the red rubberized cable. I would have preferred black without the rubber but that's just me. I find the HW2's to be comfortable to wear with the right tips.

Sound - As a bass player I love to hear a strong thumping bass and kick drum. With the HW2's the bass comes through powerful yet controlled and for the amount of bass they pump out they really do produce some nice mids and highs to help balance things out a bit but the bass is prominent and the mids do take a bit of a backseat when listening to rock. It's not surprising that the HW2's really shine for bass heavy music like modern pop, dubstep, techno, electronica, rap, etc. I highly recommend these earphones to any bass player looking for a set of lower priced IEM's, You won't be disappointed. I gave them a 5-Star rating for use as an IEM for bass guitar and I would rate them 4-Stars for listening to music because although the mids are very impressive they can seem a bit recessed in some styles of music.

UPDATE 1/15/2015 - I just purchased a set of Comply T-400 Isolation Earphone Tips (Mediums) for my Wooduo 2's and I have to say that they really provide much better fit and noise isolation over the supplied silicone tips. As a result my listening experience has greatly improved. I highly recommend these tips for the Wooduo's.
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on October 11, 2016
This is the 2nd pair I've owned. The first ones developed a short in the wire after a year of use. I bought this pair in July and now, this pair has two problems. 2 weeks ago, a static appeared in the right side of the headphones. And now, just today, the headphones controller switch fell apart. See photo.

Weeks ago, I contacted the seller and haven't had any response. Hopefully I will after I write this. If there's an update, I'll post it here.

UPDATE: Amazon's customer service is FANTASTIC! They offered a refund of the defective earbuds. Such a happy customer.
review image
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on January 29, 2015
Got a pair of these for my girlfriend since she was stuck using the apple earpods. She was very pleased with them so i decided to get myself a pair. The HW2 Wooduo IEMs are stylish earphones that are perfect for casual listening on the go and offer great sound without being too pricey.

The rosewood details look very nice and the flat red cable stays untangled even when rolling them up in my pocket. Multiple rubber tips are included to cater to different ear shapes. I have pretty small ear canals but the smallest ear tips fit nice and comfortably. I can wear these for a few hours before they get a little uncomfortable.

I don't consider myself an audiophile but I do enjoy listening with quality equipment. For the price, these in-ear-monitors sound great, especially if you appreciate the lower frequencies. The soundstage isn't going to blow you away. The bass is definitely emphasized and booming but it doesn't bleed too much into the lower-mids. The upper-middle frequencies, however, fight with the treble constantly and the result is not the best experience when listening to vocals. That being said, all genres of music are still very enjoyable. I primarily listen to various electronic and alternative rock genres but I gave some classic rock and hip hop a listen with these. Drum and bass and house music was an absolute blast and hip hop was also pretty fun to listen to. Classic rock wasnt the best due to the huge bass and alternative didn't fare much better. I have to give one band the exception though. The Strokes sounded phenomenal!

The HW2 Wooduo 2 IEMs look good and sound great, albeit a tad too bassy sometimes. They are definitely worth the price and I would buy them again.
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on March 27, 2015
I am hearing impaired. Before I bought these, I looked all over for their max power input. I asked the question here and found the "127 db" rating. Considering a gunshot is somewhere near 130 db, I felt these would be able to handle my needs (X3/E12, iPod/Cayin C5). Using only high quality recordings (flacs, etc.). These sound wonderful. I am not a bass-head but, I really enjoyed these earphones for a lot of music. So, all was good until I turned the volume up after break in. If these hit 80 db before massive driver flex it would be a lot.
If you don't need amplification or little amplification these would be 5 stars for you. If however, you are one of the hard of hearing people out there that also like music loud, these aren't the ones to pick.
The Thinksound TS01's have a similar sound profile and, can take a lot more power than these can. I found these really disappointing.
I am giving these these 3 stars so people don't think I am a HiSound audio hater. I just have a major problem with their advertizing.
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on August 29, 2014
Perhaps I got a defective pair, but from the get go, whenever I'd push the left side into my ear, there'd be audible cracking like a bad solder job. I was wary, but the sound quality was just so damn good that I never worried about it. I took extra special care of them, put them back in the case, never wrapped them up tight, always coiled them. I only used them very lightly for about 4 months before the left side crackled and expired yesterday on the train to work. I dunno if I'd buy again, simply because I don't know if it was a defective pair, or this is a common problem. I went the extra mile with care and I didn't mind paying the price because I expected quality and something lasting. Did anybody else have a similar problem?
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on June 15, 2015
These sound good and have nice sub-bass extension even without EQ. They can get into basshead territory with an equalizer. Comfort is great.

They have some driver flex issues and seem to last for a shorter time than I'd like, so I returned them.

Better Basshead recommendations at a similar price:

At the same price point, you're better off with the Sony XB90EX for quality as well as overall sound and bass extension.

If you mostly want crazy ear canal shaking and can find them for under $100, the Pioneer SE-CX8 are a ridiculous novelty.
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on December 17, 2013
I was looking for a set of in-ear headphones that had strong bass and were comfortable to wear. (I use them at work and at the gym with my iPod classic 7th gen.) I read many online reviews on this set and others that were purported deliver in the bass department and given the ratings and the price (sub $100), I thought I'd give these a try.
I find them comfortable to wear though at the gym while doing vigorous activity they have tendency to loosen in one ear. (They do come with a very extensive set of ear pieces and I haven't finished experimenting with them yet.) The flat cord does not tangle and they do a reasonable job of blocking out external noise event though they are not noise canceling per se. I do not find the bass overpowering or overdone but then again, I like a lot of deep end when listening to music (mostly rock, jazz, and some classical).
The one area that I am not totally satisfied is in the treble response. The high end tends to sound somewhat metallic and artificial depending on the recording. I have had them for about six weeks and am using them regularly and hopefully the treble will mellow out with time. All-in-all I would recommend these headphones to individuals who like good bass response but do not want to spend tons of money.
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