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on September 5, 2013
I operated a computer company for about 25 years and have grown with the computer industry. This tablet is simply amazing because it is simple, yet complicated, and very reliable. I purchased this unit for three features, it's a Samsung, the microUSB interface and the IR capability. I have a 3 year old Samsung Droid phone and I love it. I am a photographer and wanted the ability to preview images in the field. The microUSB port gives me that capability. If you want to use the microUSB capability, an accessory is required, the Samsung micro USB/USB Connector. I bought mine at Fry's Electronics for $20. One end is micro USB for the tablet and the other is standard USB for things like card readers and flash drives. Caution: I attempted uploading images through the connector using a USB card reader but it failed. Then I tried a USB connection directly with the camera and it worked. I also purchased a more expensive card reader, the Vivitar 50-1, and was able to upload images with that reader. In other words, you may have to try a couple readers to find one compatible with the tablet. I also tried interfacing a notebook hard drive through the USB port but there wasn't enough juice to get the drive spinning. The tablet also has a 64GB storage limit on the removable microSD card.

I am embarrassed to say that I moved to this unit from a Nook. I won't make a comparison because there is no comparison. They are two different worlds. If you buy this Samsung, download the free, companion Kies software from the Samsung Web site. It will enable you to move files back and forth from your desktop or laptop. You can do the same thing using the file browser on your computer. I was really concerned about my contacts in Microsoft Outlook. I have been through the "moving contacts" nightmare countless times with different devices. The Kies software found my Outlook .pst file on my desktop hard drive and imported it flawlessly. The format for contacts on the tablet is very nice.

Using the My Files app built into the tablet, you can view all the folders on the tablet internal drive and external memory card in a tree format. You can move files, copy files, rename files, delete files and make and delete folders. If you are a power user, these features will appeal to you.

It comes with Polaris, an Android version of Microsoft Office that is compatible, file wise, with Office. I have only used it to view Word attachments that I have received in emails. The printer in my office is set up for sharing on the office network. When I wanted to print an email, the Samsung tablet immediately found the printer and printed the email pronto. Slick.

Audio: Until now, my earbud purchases were for cheapies at any discount store. However I was unhappy with the audio volume on the tablet when playing music videos. I did some earbud research and found some good reviews on a set of Marley buds that have a rocker switch for up and down volume and a mic button in the middle. When you press the mic button, the display changes to a voice input screen, perfect for asking a question. Apparently the buds are designed for the iPad as the volume switch does nothing. No big deal, I adjust volume on the display. The big deal is that I get so MUCH volume from these buds that I can't keep the volume at the highest level without breaking my ear drums. Also the audio quality itself is incredible. Get yourself a set of quality buds. I found these $60 buds on sale at Radio Shack for $25. The tablet has another cool feature, Adapt Sound which is found in the settings menu. When you start Adapt Sound a series of beeps will be transmitted to your buds or earphones so the tablet can perfectly adjust the audio to your hearing. This feature makes a huge difference in the sound.

It comes with a free 2 year, 50GB subscription to Dropbox, a cloud utility. I am going on vacation next week to the middle of nowhere. I will be able to take images, and upload them to Dropbox using the Hotspot feature on the Samsung phone in conjunction with the tablet.

I watched a review of this unit and the guy was unboxing the tablet complaining about the display resolution, although he had not yet looked at the display. This unit has a VERY impressive display. My pictures look AWESOME and I have uploaded some videos for the plane portion of my trip. They look AWESOME too. The unit has a new dual core Intel processor enabling the videos to play flawlessly. I watched another video comparing this unit with the iPad 4. The reviewer was talking about how much better the specs are on the iPad, and they are. However there is something called the real world. I am sure the iPad display is somewhat better. However, as a photographer I can tell you that the Samsung display is awesome. This same reviewer also mentioned that the Samsung slowed down. When? When he was playing games and watching movies at the same time. What? Some of the conclusions in online reviews are simply idiotic.

I purchased the white version and the unit itself is pleasing to the eye. I use the voice feature for creating and responding to emails and it works very well. I mentioned the IR, infa red feature. You can control your tv's, Directv set top box, stereo and a whole bunch of other IR home entertainment stuff. The Directv app is awesome as it has a much more comprehensive guide format than that found on your TV.

I have experienced 2 glitches with the unit when starting it up after it had charged all night. The first time it hung up and then corrected itself. The second time I had to reboot. That does not concern me as the unit operates 99.9% of the time perfectly.

If you're a computer savvy business person or a computer newbie, I think that you will find this unit to be very user friendly and functionally appealing.

I wanted to post more of a hands on review and I hope that you find it helpful. Would I purchase this unit again? Absolutely. I now have my day to day life in this thing and take it everywhere with me. It's a great personal assistant.

Update on 9/17/2013: Just got back from a week trip with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3. Before I left for the trip, I rented 2 movies from my neighborhood movie store and converted them to MP4's using DVD Catalyst. Then I copied them to the 32GB chip I had in the tablet using the USB Connector that I mentioned earlier. I also did the same thing with 2 music DVD's. I had great entertainment on the 2 1/2 hour plane ride coming and going to my destination. I also ordered a 64GB chip but it didn't arrive before I left. A 32GB chip will give you plenty of room. I did discover a problem. Using the built in browser or Chrome, it is impossible to load Flash. I did find a simple solution and that is to purchase the app browser Puffin for $2.99 from the app store that is built into the tablet. It's a full-featured, super great browser and you'll have no issues with Flash. I'm thinking that a future firmware update will correct that issue but it is minor. I used the tablet for downloading images in my camera and it worked great. It downloads them into a folder, Imported Pictures, located in the internal memory of the tablet. I simply moved them to folders I had created in the microSD chip I had inserted into the tablet. While I was on my trip, a friend's wife became so excited about the tablet that we drove 100 miles to purchase one for her.
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on March 14, 2014
i have a rather old Dell desktop and a Samsung S3 phone. i debated about why I would also need a tablet. However I bought a WiFi only 10 inch Galaxy Tab, (1) to read on line books, magazines and newspapers and to show off my photography. The phone is good (2) for real time texting and verbal conversations. I use my desktop (3) for typing long or important documents/email and for spreadsheets. For me, each of these devices works best in its own requirement class, not as well in the other two classes. I am pleased with my decision.
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on April 24, 2014
I have been really debating the purchase of a tablet for a while now. But I finally broke down and started using my wife's Galaxy Tab 3 (8 inch) and found that it was easier checking my emails and what-not without having to sit down in front of the computer. So when I saw this 10.1 inch bad boy I had to have it. The clarity and ease of use make it a beginners dream. The ability to go back and forth without any delay, the way that it sets itself up on the initial start-up is very hassle free. I don't know what else to say at this time other then it is a great little device and that it feels very sturdy and should be able to handle my abuse through the coming years.
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on January 25, 2014
I love this tablet! It is large enough to read my textbooks on, and it is fairly lightweight. This tablet also supports SD cards for expandable storage which my previous Kindle Fire HD did not (and still doesn't). It comes with a rapid charger, which is an extra expense with the Kindle. It also came with some pretty cool freebies, like free Hulu for 3 months, and credit in the Google Play store. The best feature is that it is compatible with all other Samsung products should I ever get a smartphone I can tap them to share the address book instead of hand entering. I also love the simplicity of using the camera on this tablet. If you have ever tried to take a picture of something with your Kindle Fire you know exactly what I mean. It is nearly impossible to take a picture of anything except yourself. I don't do self portraits. It is very easy to navigate as well. Well worth the money I spent on it.
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on April 25, 2014
I bought this to try out a tablet and see how I like them compared to a laptop. I got about what I expected. It can be a bit slow at times (although not for very long), and the interface can be a bit confusing when you try to get deeper in the workings. I primarily use it to browse the web and watch netflix, and it performs well in these regards (although Netflix will occasionally get stuck "buffering," which I think is more an app issue than tablet issue). I got this tablet specifically for the expandable memory and got a 64GB microsd card with it, which I loaded with movies for trips, which has worked very well.

-Beautiful screen
-Large size
-Google Play store
-Home page keeps you up to date on weather, facebook, news, etc.
-Expandable Memory
-Easy volume and menu buttons

-Occasional slowness
-Swiping the tablet on can be unresponsive
-Power cord connects on the bottom of the tablet, so trying to watch movies while travelling can be tricky (flipping works, but then the case will not hold it up
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on February 13, 2014
I love mine! Its light, its easy to use and awesome for netflix! I use it for taking online art classes using youtube, vimeo, etc and plays the videos well and the screen is the perfect size! I also love it to skype with my friends. Fits in my purse and backpack and travels well! And I find the battery life is also very good. I highly recommend it!

Two things I wish Samsung would fix... 1.) provide a longer chord so you can sit further away from an outlet... and 2.) WHY WHY WHY do they put the charger at the bottom of the device (instead of the top or side) where the base of the folding covers are? Make it hard to continue to charge while watching/doing things at the same time. But these two pet peeves are with most devices on the market and wouldn't keep me from purchasing it again.
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on February 3, 2015
This was given to me as a present. I'm not a high tech person and I wanted something simple to use. I love this table. I have the kindle and aldiko app for my reading. I utilize the calendar. The screen size is great, not too big or small, very clear. The camera is not the greatest but that's what cameras (not tablets) are for anyways, right. I was concerned about the battery life but I have had no issues what so ever. I've played Pandora on it during the Christmas Season for a good 5 hours then hopped online for a couple of hours and the most I reached was about 45%. While there are newer version of this item, I'm completely content with this item especially when I'm still in the learning stages, not to say I'm slow but I'm enjoying the product and with no complaints why rush to a new version.
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on November 15, 2014
I bought my mother a Samsung Galaxy phone before and she liked it quite well, so I thought I'd try the tablet. My primary purpose for a tablet is reading and writing (Word document editing) on the go, so I wasn't willing to go any lower in terms of size. I'd used iPod Touch before and was quite impressed by the surprising functionality of the device (frankly I wasn't expecting iTouch to do much more than let me listen to music and look pretty), and I have to say this: Galaxy Tab has utterly failed to impress.

I suspect at least a few of my pet peeves -- like the issues of viewing document attached to your email -- has more to do with Android system than the tablet itself. But the lag, which people complained about before, is seriously TERRIBLE. And come ON, there are other tablets in the market around the same price range with WAY better resolution. I don't need bells and whistles, I just wanted simple and clean functionality. This? Not it. And after a charging port issue that happened less than six months into the purchase? Never again. If i'm not liking Galaxy Tab, there is no way in hell I'll be getting a Galaxy Note in the future. Unless you're in love with any and all Samsung products, I'd look elsewhere.
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on January 21, 2016
I bought this tablet after a week of research looking for a simple, medium sized tablet with a micro SD slot but at a decent price. I owned it for a year and a half and used it for my photography business, college homework, and for my little sister and nephew to use when we would travel. While I was using it, I only experienced a problem with apps shutting down sometimes. After a year and a half, the tablet fell off the couch and now will not turn back on. Although this is disappointing, overall the product served its purpose very well and fell many times before this final kamikaze off of the couch.
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on January 31, 2014
A well-engineered, easy to use tablet without an apple logo. The normal resolution screen is sharp, bright and very responsive to whatever you display. The apps are well-written and I have had no issues with them. Runs 4.2.2 which is fast and responsive. Easy to hold, responsive to finger swipes. The typing screen is easy to use, responsive even with multiple applications being active. The split screen is great to use. Using a blue-tooth keyboard is easy and the tablet responds quickly to the keyboard. Adding additional memory is easy. The speakers are excellent, sound is full and brilliant. The application libraries from both Samsung and Google are both extensive and the ones I use have never caused issues with the tablet. I highly recommend this tablet as a great alternative to an iPad.
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