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on April 21, 2017
Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB Entertainment Headset The Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB headphones have a fairly balanced audio signature with semi crisp highs much better lows, and noticeably clean mids, Treble is smooth and fairly well extended and detailed but never introduces any sibilance. Soundstage & Imaging (+ Sibilance) Tracks used: Joe Satriani Wind in the trees, Cars Good Times Roll, Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do. The soundstage width and depth is narrow and on the small side.
Separation and general imaging are pretty good this is the clarity in the upper midrange and lower treble at work. A nice listening experience, though. The Creative Sound Blaster EVO's has quite a V or U shaped signature with the main frequency boosts in the mid and sub-bass, and also in the upper mid-range and lower treble to be a little thin through the mid-range with a lot of bottom end warmth, (which I happen to like) and with quite a clean and clear vocal presence. You really can't find a headphone in this price range to offer the sonic quality these do. The Creative Sound Blaster EVO USB delivers quite an attractive overall package for a very low price point. The Sound Blaster EVO USB's offer a noise-cancelling microphone, The Dual Mic Array removes background noise from your calls, guarantying pristine voice clarity even in noisy environments, And are voice-control friendly offering a high-quality voice pickup that ensures voice control applications hear you accurately. They have a compact footprint and foldable design for maximum portability. Unfortunatly I noticed the headphones are very tight on my head so they won't be comfy to wear for extended periods. You can connect the headset to your PC or entertainment devices using the USB 2.0 connection, or the analog 3.5mm jack. Use the included analog cable for direct connection to your portable media player, or swap it with your own cable of a different length The creative sound blaster EVO's are very well made and provide a decent balance between performance and price. Highly recommended if you like this sort of sound signature

What's in the Box:
Quick Start leaflet
Sound Blaster EVO USB
Micro USB-to-USB cable Length: 1.8m (5.91ft),
4-pole analog cable Length: 1.2m (3.94ft)
(Software installation with user guide will be available via online).

Great sound with tight punchy bass
Built-in microphone with volume & play/pause control
Low price
Folds up compactly for storage

Very tight fit
Leaks sound
review image review image review image review image
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on June 12, 2014
Only had these for one day but I love them. If they hold up as well as they work right now you want find better for the price.
The bass is really deep like it should be and all other sounds are crisp and clean without any static or distortion. I use these for gaming most of the time but music is also very clean and like it should be. I use the Creative Sound Blaster Omni Surround 5.1 external sound card with this set and together on this system they are out of this world.
I also tried them out with the USB cable into the front panel audio and they work well also but the best sound from this system is from the sound card. They have a control panel you can download from creative for these that help when just plugged into the front panel audio with USB cable. It helps adjust the sound settings when not using my sound card. I have 4 gaming systems right now and I use sound cards on all but one that has super audio built into my motherboard (G1 Killer by Gigabyte). The sound cards do help out with the gaming audio more than you think until you try one on a motherboard with less than super audio performance.
I have to say I love these and find them easy to ware during long gaming sets (2 to 3hr's) without any issues at all. they are well made and look perfectly cool (not to big not to small).
For the money you spend on these you do get the performance you paid for.
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on May 26, 2014
I recently purchased a pair of EVO USB headsets for use at work. They are serving split duty between light music listening and providing audio support to video conferencing sessions.

I use the headset via a USB 3 connection to my Windows 7 laptop PC. I have installed the associated Sound Blaster software from Creative’s website.

I have also tested the headset on my home workstation (Windows 8.1, i7, 16GB) with similar results.

- The noise reduction for the microphone system isn’t bad. It reduces generalized, continuous noise, such as ventilation fans.
- Headset mounted volume controller does a reasonable job of triggering the computer’s volume setting, although the granularity is a bit coarse. The positioning of the wheel should preclude accidental changes
- The headset is reasonably comfortable with good weight distribution
- I find that the on-the-ear pads are soft and not too tight
- The headset provides decent external noise reduction because of the ear-pad
- The microphone sounds warm with my voice - not crystal clear. If you need clear voice work for video conferencing, consider a headset with a boom mic. If you just need something better than a laptop mic, this is actually a pretty decent solution. It will pick up more ambient sounds than a boom mic, but it is nice to not have a mic boom to deal with. This makes the headset better for general use, rather than specialized conferencing use.
- I like the styling (including the red LED glow), although I recognize that it’s quite subjective

- The music playback is mediocre at best. I spent time working with the Sound Blaster EVO software. I turned off the Surround, Bass, Smart Volume, and Dialog Plus enhancements – the Crystalizer (which seems to be a Fletcher-Munson loudness control) is also off. Dipping the EQ at 125 and 250 takes out some of the false warmth – I gave a tiny push at 16k – all other EQ settings are set to zero.
- I have found the sound to be flat and lifeless. I have a pair of 20 year old, $45 Sony headphones that have livelier sound when listening to music from my laptop through the laptop’s cheap audio amp.
- The software is gimmicky, which probably works well for games. However, for listening to music it just gets in the way. If you’re listening to music I recommend you dig into the software (SBX Pro Studio and Equalizer) to find settings that fit your style. Be sure to trying turning effects completely off.
- There is no isolation between the stiff USB cable and the headset. The vibration from any bumping or rubbing against the USB cable is transmitted into the head shell of the headset. I suppose if you never move, it wouldn’t be a problem.
- Creative, please stop putting junk on my Windows desktop without asking. Applications should keep their program short-cuts in their own folders.
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on April 18, 2017
I picked these up because my old headset was starting to crackle (I'm pretty rough on my headsets). The audio quality is top notch, be it for gaming or music. While not 'audiophile' levels of good, they do a very good job. They also really cancel out sounds around you, making things nice and quite for gaming. That being said, they do have some faults, mostly these two tings. The microphone is built into the earpieces, and while it does a decent job, I've been told I do sound muffled or flat at times, not that big of a deal. Also, if you have a larger head like me, these will start to hurt your ears after a few hours (2-3). The cups are comfy but the pressure is pretty strong and makes my left ear ache after extended sessions, though I imagine breaking them in will help. I grabbed these for 16 bucks with my prime membership and am pretty satisfied with them.

TL;DR: Great quality for build and sound, but not the most comfortable headset it you have a big head.
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on February 13, 2017
After about 2 months of having this headset the USB died. My laptop nor another laptop would recognize the headset. I tried working with Creative Labs and their support stated that the apologized because the warranty ended in 2014! I am tired of these "Throw Away" electronic devices. Also there is no quality of Service these days.

The only part that works now is the audio cable and audio port.

I do not recommend this product.
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on September 18, 2015
WOW! I read a lot of reviews before purchasing this headset. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing anything! Several things I have learned:

1) People generally post reviews only if they are very pleased or very angry, so reviews tend to give the extremes, as opposed to an average.
2) Reviews are most often very subjective. I love avocados, my son can't stand them. So, are avocados good or not? It is subjective!
3) Reviews are often a comment on service or delivery time, not the product itself.
4) Not everyone writing a review has an intelligence level equal to mine. The review may reflect their expectations, intended use and/or lack of
knowledge or experience with a certain product type.

With that said, I will explain why I am very pleased with this headset!

I purchased it for my 16 year old, disabled son to use with speech recognition software. I knew he needed something very durable. With other headsets, in the past, the boom mic has broken, the foam earpads have dissolved, plastic parts have cracked, etc. I also knew he needed something comfortable for long term use, 5-6+ hours a day. Sound quality from the speakers was not a major concern, as his hearing is exceptionally acute due to visual impairment, but voice output quality was imperative. I was also hoping that, despite what other reviewers had claimed, the earphones would still allow him to hear external environmental sounds as necessary. The option of Bluetooth wireless, USB cable or analog connection as well as the ability to connect to multiple devices at one time was a huge plus.

On a number of audio/tech/speech recognition websites, this headset seemed to rank fairly well in various test results among mid-priced wireless headsets with an NCT microphone. I expected it to be "average." I figured it would work for my purposes, with a few imperfections here and there.

My first surprise was the amazing sound quality of the speakers. I am not an expert here, and as mentioned, that is not the feature I was most concerned with, but I was very impressed with the rich, clear sound in all ranges. I have not downloaded the additional EVO Control Panel software yet, but I imagine it is capable of making adjustments for individual preferences or applications to customize the sound further. (After sampling CGP and musician extraordinaire Tommy Emmanuel playing some mean fingerstyle guitar, I will probably reduce the bass, although the quality of the original recording may have influenced the sound distortion.) Update: Checked out some Tycho, Awake - on loop, of course, and the deep base was greatly appreciated! DAMN GOOD sound for under $100! Oh yea, getting a little further into the album, Tycho sounds F'ing AMAZING!!!!!!

We have not had a chance to test operation with the speech recognition program extensively yet, but without any adjustments whatsoever, it is producing fairly accurate results already. I would venture to guess that the limitations of the software and the user's disability are equally responsible for errors and most will be overcome with time and practice. The mic may not be "the best in the business," but it works well enough for home and school use and it has many advantages over others available, especially the fact that it is built right into the earphones with no boom to break off, cause distraction or discomfort and yet has NCT.

At lower volume, the user can still hear external environmental or speech sounds as desired. At max volume, playing full-range musical recordings, you could escape into another realm, although you might be able to hear a gunshot or fire alarm.

I've had them on for more than 4 hours already today with no discomfort, although some heat retention. I am in Florida so heat and humidity are a consideration, I will give them an "acceptable" rating in that respect. Probably not the best product for sports, dance or fitness applications, but I have loaded the dishwasher, used the bathroom and walked around the house all morning without any need for positioning adjustment. My son has only fair head control and frequent reflexive, jerky head movements so I may need to supplement with an additional, positioning support strap for his use.

I won't be throwing these in a backpack unprotected and the carrying bag provided does not offer substantial defense against damage, but they seem to be fairly durable if handled appropriately. I will handle with care, I want them to last!

Initial Bluetooth pairing could be managed by a trained monkey. Once paired, activation was immediate upon subsequent device start up. There is a slight audio latency noted on YouTube videos accessed via ipad, I have not yet tested the Bluetooth connection with other media or devices. No signal drop out was noted anywhere in the home, up to 30' from the output device. Signal was also uninterrupted on the back patio, through CBC walls, and up to an additional 15' out the front door, but was intermittent when the steel door was closed.

USB cable hook-up and charging work perfectly. No sound lag on videos accessed via PC from any sources tested.

Analog cable tested with ipad. No problems.

Really pleased with the ability to connect to multiple devices simultaneously!

I can not comment on gaming applications. Oh, is that what this headset was meant for?

Overall, my expectations have been FAR EXCEEDED by this headset.

If you really appreciate a quality audio experience , do check out Tycho, the full album Awake, with this headset. You'll probably decide to put it on loop!
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on September 9, 2014
Great headphones.... I give it a 1 star because mine broke...I have had these headphone for a couple of months now, i really liked them. however there is a weak point, where on mine plastic broke and now sadly held together with electrical tape. its just above the hinge point in pic you can see a little access door/cover, well with that next to hinge and with a lil stress on hinge wrong way snapped easy outwith much force, i don't know if it is was just a flaw with mine but seeing mine broke i can see it is a weak point without much body (plastic) of the headset to hold at that point.

think they are great headphones... but when broken a sad waste of money.
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on March 14, 2017
Bought them as a gift for my daughter's boyfriend at Christmas. He is completely satisfied with their performance
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on July 4, 2015
as it is described by the seller, the product is excellent
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on March 27, 2017
nice nice, I will purchase again
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