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on May 17, 2015
I bought this several months ago and I do not like it. My previous model was a Philips Norelco 8240xl and even though I really liked the 8240xl, rather than buy new blades, I would just buy a new and improved model. MY MISTAKE. Norelco took several steps backward with this Sensotouch. In all fairness, the Sensotouch does everything it claims and it really looks neat. I should have known there would be an issue when the instructions said "it may take a few weeks for the shaver to adapt to the contours of your face". How about 7 months and I'm still waiting for the contour thing. Maybe if I never used an electric shaver before, I would have thought that this shaver was "the norm" for electric shavers. But remember, I was comparing this to several previous Philips Norelco shavers that I owned.
GOOD: It will shave your face. I really liked the looks.
NOT SO GOOD: REALLY IS NOISY. My previous Norelco's were quiet and hummed right along. The Sensotouch sounded like a thrashing machine.
NOT A CLOSE SHAVE like my previous Norelco's. The shave was adequate, but barely. I used the Sensotouch in a clockwise pattern, a counterclockwise pattern, up and down, side-to-side, all with the same result - not a close shave. (I did clean it after every use)
I would put this shaver value in the $25-$30 dollar category.
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on January 19, 2015
I gave this shaver a good three week tryout and just became less and less satisfied with it with every shave. I found myself having to rake this razor across my face SEVERAL times just to cut visible hairs leading to more and more irritation. It seems like the razor just doesn't cut well at all.
It also needs a pop-up trimmer. You can't trim up at all with the shaver head if you have side burns or a goatee and switching out with the beard trimmer takes too much time. I found myself spending more time trying to shave with this razor than if I had just done it proper and used shaving cream and a traditional razor. Didn't work for me.
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on April 15, 2016
I tried to use this for a few days and I found that it works well to shave longer and shorter hairs (unlike my electric (foil) shaver, but I can't shave details around my beard. It's simply too big and I can't get the straight edges I'm looking for around my beard.

Also, it seemed to make me break out. I'm used to electric shavers, but this one really irritated more than usual.
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on December 25, 2015
I returned it after giving up. I've used regular razor's for years. I decided to try an electric. It just doesn't work for me. I spent 4-5 times longer using this than just shaving with a plain old disposable razor. Not to mention the shave is not nearly as close as regular razors.
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on December 13, 2015
This is a nice-looking shaver, and for $75.55 on sale, it met a price criteria for a new shaver after my last Norelco shaver that I have had for 10 years started showing its age (cord was all frayed up and was surely a fire hazard at this point).

Comparing this shaver to my regular Mach 3 that I use to clean up whatever the electric shaver can't get to, I feel like it shaves just as close. My old Norelco used to give me a closer shave, but this 6400 model leaves a slight stubble. By the afternoon, I feel like i need to shave again. My face has some grey hair on it, so I try to get as clean a shave as I can in the morning to avoid looking scrappy in the afternoon.

The click-on beard trimmer is handy because it allows me to get a nice straight line on my sideburns.
The charger is nice in that I don't have to insert a cord directly into the shaver.

I'll give this trimmer a low rating because of the quality of shave it provides. I wish I could have returned it but I'll put up with it until something better comes along.
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on November 29, 2014
Long time Norelco owner and daily user. I was disappointed with the basic shaving ability of this model compared with what appeared to be similar (older) models. If you zoom in on the rotors the outside circle does the shaving - this is fine and the same as my 10 year old model. I also have a newer model with the three circles/rotor that does about the same job. I was looking forward this one being as good of a shave and updated compared with the older models.

After trying it for two weeks I'm back to my old model. The problem is that the rotors are fixed in plane (2d-ness) which means the only part of one rotor can be on the skin over any curve. Overall shaving quality and speed (!) was much slower. Also didn't do well between the top of my lip and the start of the nose.

pros -
lithium ion battery and small size and weight
easy to assemble and clean
nice beard trimmer
cost of shaver and replacement heads (compared with now very expensive replacements for the "3d models")

cons -
inflexibility of rotors
speed of shaving
irritating due to many passes

If you have this model and like it you will really enjoy better model.
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on December 5, 2016
Adequate at best. The shaver will give you a relatively close shave, but you WILL feel the stubble if you move your hand across certain areas of the face. This is true whether you shave wet or dry, whether you use shaving cream or not, or whether you shave in a circular motion as recommended.

Its horrible under the chin area. The 45 risk free trial has a catch: it wakes 6-8 weeks to get your money back. I'm currently waiting for my refund. Thats the same length of time it takes the hair to grow on a Moose's scrotum.
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on January 20, 2015
I've used lots of electric razors. The one before this was a simple Remington MS260 for $40 from the local drugstore. It shaves closer but is very loud. This one shaves OK but is very quiet. If you have stray hairs, though, neither head (razor or trimmer) will do a good job at shaving them. The Remington is also cheaper to maintain (cutters and foils) than the Panasonic - at least last I checked.

Battery is tremendous - lasts forever (at least a week) on a single charge.
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on January 21, 2015
Definitely not the greatest shaver. Long story short: you hafta apply a lot of pressure on areas like the mustache, which is difficult with that small wobbly joint. It has acceptable performance on the neck and underchin contours. All other performance is unacceptable.

Don't worry about electric razors that have no pivoting joint. You just move your hand around your face at the angle you want. Simple as that.

Also, the beard-trimmer is more like a hair-cut trimmer because it has a guardrail that is impossible to remove. They shuda left the vibrating spikes exposed, but they put a guardrail on it instead.
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on January 5, 2017
This razor was supposed to be a step up from my old Remington. In that regard this is one of the most comfortable razors that i've owned. however despite marketing itself to cut long and short hairs it seems to do neither. I often have to shave a second time just to get all the loose hairs that my older razor seemed to easily cut away.
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