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on July 21, 2014
I am a staunch opponent of developers that hide third party analytics, adware or spyware code in apps if they are also charging money for them. I don't care how good the app is (and I must say this app itself is very good), however, we must send these developers a message of no support if they choose to put analytics code or anything else suspicious into their apps without disclosing that they have done so.

This app contains Flurry analytics, which is a known spyware kit. Their (Flurry's) website even admits that their main focus is to gather data on users that can be later used for marketing. I don't care what this developer might say otherwise, it is still potential spyware that is undisclosed, being installed on my device without my knowledge or consent. And the kicker is if this was not the free app of the day I would've paid money for the privilege of being violated this way. The fact that it is free on the one day I happen to be reviewing it has no bearing.

Now, the developer just might come along and say, "you can trust us we are trustworthy people and we're just a poor small developer struggling to make it it's in this big world of developers blah blah blah..." well, I have heard it all before. I don't know you and neither does anyone else and if you already start this trust relationship between us with a lie then trust is not possible. If you don't respect the users enough to disclose what you are forcing upon them when they purchase your product then you're already not trustworthy and I don't care how good your app is.

So please, show the users some respect and tell them what is in the app that they are spending their money on? You do not have the right to insert code that analyzes our private phones or devices without our consent or knowledge. Now, Flurry is well known to scoop up every bit of information it can get from the device its on and send it off to wherever.

Therefore, shame on you. When you do things like that, developer, I really don't care about your app anymore.

And why would you do all of this work to make an app, just to ruin it by inserting what amounts to a trojan horse? Is that information you may get really that important to you that you will compromise your own integrity just to get it?

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on July 21, 2014
Seems like a good app...however because, ONCE AGAIN, these dev put Flurry Analytics in a PAID app, it's an automatic UNINSTALL for me.

I don't care how great an app is...and whether it runs without the internet or not. I simply refuse to support devs that continue to invade our privacy.

Simple as that. I will pass on the faotd and be more than willing to buy it when they remove the analytics.
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on July 21, 2014
There's a lot of power hiding under this app's innovative GUI.

For example, it has LAYERS! Yes, you read that right: a $1.99 app that has LAYERS. Another awesome tool is the SELECTION capabilities. Very interesting, and highly useful. Between the selection capabilities and the layers, this already has the big functions of a true photo editor which, by the way, can handle up to 24MP files as long as your device can handle it.

If that hasn't gotten your attention, though, check out the RETOUCH tool. It's not 100% perfect, but it is *stunning* in what it does, and is better than 'good enough' for most uses. Plus, if you don't like the result, simply UNDO it, and then reapply the Retouch. It uses a randomized algorithm to do its work. In my Customer Images photo, you'll see the original and the result of the Retouch tool. The first time it worked, the resulting image was okay, but clearly unnatural. The second time, though, was more than acceptable.

The first thing most people are going to do is to play with the filters. To be blunt, the default filter settings are, at best, mediocre, and some are downright awful. But other than that and the Flurry Analytics, this app has a lot of use for more advanced photo editing tasks. You'll have to play with it yourself, since I'd be writing a book to cover all of them. For the price, it's a bargain!

The GUI features circular menus of varying levels, and perhaps more interesting aspect of the GUI is the extensive and intelligent use of the device's touchscreen capabilities. Instead of sliders, buttons, and so forth, it makes generous use of the screen itself. Simply touching the screen to apply, or using horizontal or vertical swipes for different purposes, and so on. The amount of granular control is very impressive and perfectly suited for touchscreens.

It features a SERIES of Video Tutorials, which is terrific! (Just ignore some of the goofy dialog; the lessons are worth it.)

SUMMARY: Mind blown. Handy Photo came close to losing a star for the bad filters and the Flurry. But once I got into it, I saw that this isn't your run-of-the-mill editor, but a beast in disguise. And the price should shock you, really. If this isn't one of the best $1.99 apps I've seen, I'll hang up my reviewer cloak.

BOTTOM LINE: Get it. Especially if you do any sort of true photo editing. It isn't Photoshop, but it's very powerful, has an amazing assortment of features, and for the price I haven't seen anything that comes close.

1) 16-Megapixel files, not 16-Megabyte files.
2) 24MP, not 16MP. My phone can only handle 16MP processing, which is still staggering.
review image
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Unfortunately this app has a serious software flaw. I asked it to take a photo and then I opened it the screen showed a framework of lines but no photo. When I touched the menu button my tablet screen displayed 35 helping hands flickering and when I touched the screen it would change backgrounds. Finally my gallery would open up but 1/2 of the screen was flickering helping hands. I had to exit the app and restart. This is a serious software flaw and it is not acceptable for an APP to be released with this type of coding error.

This is a full featured photograph editing tool that can be useful for many people if it worked smoothly. I use Photoshop on the PC all the time and it is amazing what you can do to clean up photographs. This app allows you to modify and save your photos after you have fixed any issue that you may see. You can select an existing picture from a gallery, take a new photo or use the tutorial to learn how to use the app.

The tutorial takes you to YouTube to view a video on using the app. Whenever you are editing a photo the main menu button is the hand in the upper RH corner. When opened you can rotate and select the tool you want to use. If you want to close the menu then just tap the screen. When you touch a tool to use its menu open in the lower LH corner or RH corner and it can also be rotated. This concept is easy to use and very helpful. This is a beautifully designed and implemented user's interface. You can always show the original photo and compare it to the original. The app also has a built in help button on the top of the screen. The app keeps track of the changes you have made to the photo and you can also undo them or redo them.

At the present time the app needs some software editing and repair before a proper release. I was using this app on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. I have to give it 2 stars for a good start but please fix the software issues.

* Take Photos and pictures
* modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
* full network access
* View network connections
* view WIFI connections
* prevent tablet from sleeping

This App does contain Flurry Analytics and it can track your use of the software and the software's performance on your device.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon July 21, 2014
ADDITIONAL: Judging from the devices being mentioned in reviews having loading crashes and such, I do have a strong suspicion that the problems may be stemming from Android KitKat OS compatibility. This hypothesis was also further bolstered in discussion with other regular reviewers. If indeed the case, I do hope the developers work on this issue as KitKat is becoming more and more prevalent.

HANDY PHOTO is actually pretty cool. This would be the 7th photography editor I have used, having seen now a fair represeation of what is available on the Android Market, from silly and fluffy toys, to downright ugly code and permissions, to genuinely powerful and useful editors. And this one ranks up there with the genuinely powerful and useful ones, except I did experience one graphical bug on my Samsung Tab 3 with 1 gig RAM and running 4.2.2 Jellybean.

My primary use of photos is Amazon Product Reviews, so I have been relying on PERFECTLY CLEAR for simple retouching. However, it's main lack is a cropping tool and a image rotation function (I still don't get why some photos flip-flop themselves around). HANDY PHOTO takes care of that and more. It doesn't have the automatic picture adjustments that PERFECTLY CLEAR does, but it's [Automatic] swipe control under [Tone and Color] is a near approximation.

There is a tab swap between the Original photo and subsequent major changes, acting as a visual undo gallery (as well as a more direct undoing last change). This where my graphical issues came into play, tab swapping between the Original and a smaller, cropped version left the Original underneath the Cropped without cleanly clearing itself. But that is far as my issues went.

The app did DOWNLOAD ADDITIONAL RESOURCES when I went into Textures and Frames, obviously installing the bits I was clicking on demand, so be aware of this if you tend to run apps behind a firewall or offline.

HANDY PHOTO does use Flurry Analytics; however, with an app of this magnitude, I would expect the use of Analytics to give anonymous feedback about application performance. Let's be honest here. If the developers had to rely solely on review feedback with vaguely indicated issues with very little (if any) device details that it occurred on, devs would have one heck of a time isolating and fixing the problems. With a application of this magnitude, with overall functionality being directly impacted by the device itself, I would deem analytics rather a precious resource for anonymous, but specific, collection of device OS, resources, and error reporting. And once again, as far as permissions go, this is one of the cleaner editors I have seen (even PERFECTLY CLEAR recently added some rather disheartening addon permissions).

It does run OFFLINE, but do remember the additional resources it downloads in previously mentioned instance.

This app really does offer a myriad of easy to adjust controls although I did have a touch of trouble with the lasso option, but there is a YouTube linked series of tutorials. Frankly, HANDY PHOTO is the most "complete" photo editor app I have seen to date without some of the eye wrenching system level access requests I have seen in a couple others. For all intents and purposes, HANDY PHOTO is my new primary photo editor.
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on July 21, 2014
I usually cross reference an app here to the Google Play store to see more reviews. I am glad I did. There was a show off video which prompted me to come back and download it. I quickly tried it and was very impressed that I was removing objects like the video shows within seconds. Jus scratched the surface but I am impressed.
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on July 21, 2014
Very pretty app but I prefer functional to pretty. First time I tried to use app, it wanted to download something - wouldn't tell me what - all I'd asked it to do was put a frame on a pic. And, at 122 megs, this is a "fat" program. Uninstalled it immediately. My standard is PhotoEditor from dev.macgyver. Nice interface, runs very clean and light.
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on July 21, 2014
This app looks like a very well developed app. It's easy to get to the useful youtube tutorials that are broken down into category so you can see how to use a specific tool without having to watch a whole tutorial.
I was blown away by the cloning tools like the uncloning and horizon straightening it has and how well it integrates and blends with your picture. It's not as easy as the videos look, but I've tried many other picture editors that have basic cloning tools and I got much better results with this app. My only complaint is afaik it doesn't have an option to change the size of the highlighter, it can be hard to get the exact results that you want when you try to select small areas. I was also impressed with the option to copy an area to a different picture but I haven't tried it yet.
I think after some practice you could really make some great pictures from your phone with this app. I haven't been able to find any mobile picture editor that can totally replace a computer picture editor, but apps like this can help. I still hate that I need multiple photo editors to do everything that I like. I'll probably keep afterfocus and picspeed. Everything else has been uninstalled.
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on January 13, 2014
I own over 30 photo apps for Android and I-Phone devices. This is one of the best I've used. Very versatile, intuitive and user friendly. It compares favorably with PhotoShop Touch, although I find this app to be easier and more enjoyable to navigate. Anxiously awaiting any upgrades and/or further developments. Bravo!!!
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on July 21, 2014
Powerful photo editing in your hand!

Thus ends the good stuff.

4 stars for the app abilities. Minus 3 stars for the Flurry Analytics, =1 Star rating.

They'll have to find a different fool to gather their analytics from. I'm Uninstalling after finding their Flurry Analytics buried under the hood. Shame on you, Devs, for making people pay to have their usage habits spied upon. Maybe if enough people woke up and saw Devs like these stealing their usage and statistic info they'd stop installing the Devs apps. And, maybe the Dev would realize that it's not a winning business practice to develop software no one wants due to invasive permissions. I can dream.
Until we the Consumer stop installing apps that spy on us, they'll keep trying to sell apps that spy on us. Let's not be the cause of our own privacy invasion.
Sorry Dev, but not even for free is your Spyware worth the price of admission. My privacy is worth more than $1.99.
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