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on September 23, 2014
I like the concept/design of the belt, but it just does not last long as any other belt out there in my opinion. The leather is on the small side, they should consider making the leather a little wider so it fits through jeans belt loops more securely. The buckle finish started to rub off in about 1 month of regular use which is disappointing They were nice enough to exchange it for a different style free of charge, but the same thing has began to happen to this one. I don't have a beer gut that is consistently rubbing over the buckle, maybe slightly when I sit and lean forward, but still for the price I would expect a finish that is flawless. I am not sure if this just happens on the gumtal colors or if it happens on all their buckles. The leather started to crack and bend at an angle and isn't really straight anymore. This happened after about 3 months of fairly regular use. Overall, it looks great but just does not last long. Not sure if I will buy again. I would like to try the full grain leather to see if they are indeed better quality and see if they can fix the finish rubbing off on the buckles after short use.
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on January 9, 2016
Bought this belt back on 04/2014 so I had it over a year before finally writing this review. The belt was great, it felt sturdy, looked nice, the buckle was a great design and intuitive. Overall I was very happy with how everything about it was however just this January 2016 I lost the buckle because towards the last months of owning it the buckle would lose the pierced grip it has into the belt. So anytime I threw the belt off when getting off work or dropped it to the floor it would, maybe twice a month, come apart. This wasn't too bad because it's easy to get it back together however this is definitely the reason it's only 4 stars instead of 5, because eventually one day it came apart and I had no idea where the buckle went. I was overall happy with the purchase lasting me this long so I recently went and bought the Top Grain version hoping that the better leather would lead to a better grip and no more issues with it coming apart. I will say a solution if this is happening would be to probably snip more of the leather off losing a little bit of belt however renewing the section the buckle pierces into for a better grip, I'll be sure to do it with the new belt if this starts happening.
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on April 9, 2015
My husband loves this. He had a buddy at work mention this belt and he swore by it. I was a little put off because of the price but while I looked at standard belts, for a nice sturdy one, I realized I'd be paying the same price, either way. And since it was recommended, might as well give it a shot! My husband, not to give too much TMI has no butt what-so-ever. Poor thing tries to get smaller pants, to factor in for not having a butt, but they don't fit right. A belt is something that he needs with his daily attire, no questions asked. Dress up, playing with the kids, going to the grocery store, it needs to be on - of course not including PJs and shower time, but hopefully you got the point. ha. He didn't get his belt until Christmas, so it's been about 3 1/2 months that he's had the belt and I'm sort of disappointed to see that it's starting to warp-like on the side of the belt that needs to go through the buckle. It's not just warping (warping like on the outside), it's pulling apart like on the inside. (See pictures.) It looks like the belt is being held to have a bend in to, but it's not, that's just the direction that it goes. Again, I point out that my husband has no butt for this being the possible issue and that he has warn it for at least 3 1/2 months, but I would have thought that this would have been able to last longer, at least 6 months. That could also be my cheap side coming out. But, the fact that this is happening and he loves how this belt works, I don't think he wants to go back to a standard belt system, even if we have to buy them a little more often. It's easy to cut, you can change the style by switching out the buckle (if you had bought more for more options) so overall, it's a great belt. Just wish it helped more with the no-butt people. :)
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on August 8, 2014
I was given this as a gift by a "fun" family member who knows how much I hate gimmicky items. So it had a couple of strikes against it from the start. Well it holds my pants up. The ratcheting mechanism works well and holds back my "rock hard" belly. By rock hard I mean shaped like a boulder.... So it looks nice, works, and that is about all I can say. Good belt.

Just an update. This is no longer a "gimmick" in my book. It is a functional belt and buckle that works well. It has been a couple of months of use now and the system shows no signs of wear or loosening. Very pleased with the this belt.
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on February 1, 2016
For most of my life I have worn one belt size. Then- my 50's hit! I go up and down a few pounds regularly and it always makes the belt my worst enemy. It was either too tight or too loose. And then, of course, you always try to go back to the same notch, even if it's a struggle, right? So my belts would take so much stress (along with the rest of me)! This always caused a scuffed leather finish, mis-shapen buckle holes and strange bends and twists. When I found the SlideBelt I immediately had to try it. IT'S THE MOST AWESOME BELT EVER!! It does not matter where my girth is at any given moment- it ALWAYS FITS PERFECTLY. (Ever eat too much and wish you could loosen your belt just a skoshe? With this belt, you can- silently and secretly!) The ratchet buckle is super high quality and the belt itself is a nice grade of leather. (It's a little thicker than many of my belts- probably due to the strip embedded in it for the ratchet system). I bought the brown and am now going to buy the black. And if they ever come out with charcoal and/or burgundy, I'll be buying those, too! Cannot recommend this belt highly enough. Even if your waist size doesn't fluctuate, it's incredibly awesome to wear something that feels so customized and luxurious. It's a great price, too!
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on February 28, 2014
I own three ratchet type belts, two from SlideBelt (silver buckle, and black buckle) and one from Mission Belt (vintage iron buckle). I LOVE the releasing mechanism of the SlideBelt--far easier to use than the Mission Belt. I also love the fact that the (non branded) SlideBelt buckles are perfectly symmetrical. This is great for lefties like me who wrap belts opposite righties. With the Mission buckle, you end up with an upside down brand engraving, and a release mechanism poking you in the belly. Those two features alone place SlideBelt ahead in my book.

On the down side, and the reason for the three stars, is because of the leather. First, the basic SlideBelt leather (I have steel grey and mocha brown) has way too much stitching, it is pretty thin (both width and diameter), and frankly, feels cheap. The Mission Belt leather, on the other hand, is superior--it even reeks of real leather, whereas the Slidebelts even right out of the box only have a faint odor of leather. I bought both SlideBelts at the same time--wish I'd ordered a tester first as I'd probably goes with the premium leather instead of the basic. At least you can upgrade at any time with these belts, which is one major advantage of ratchet systems.

The second gripe I have with the SlideBelt leather is the markings they use to help you cut the belt to size. When the two SlideBelts arrived, I simply took out my Mission Belt (which was already sized to fit), laid it side by side with the SlideBelt leathers, and cut both of 'em to the same length. I'm glad I did it this way. After cutting, the steel grey leather markings said I cut the belt 36" long, while the mocha brown tells me I cut to 38" long--two whole inches different! But they are cut to exactly the same length! Maybe my brown leather was a one-off error, but the morale of story, don't rely 100% on the markings on the back.

Still, the buckle more than makes up for the leather shortcomings. They really are nice buckles, and the ratcheting system is top notch.
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on July 19, 2016
The buckle kept coming off with the first belt and I knew this couldn't be the product they're advertising. I sent them a note from my Amazon order and I LOVED their response. They said some belts were cut too deeply and that's why the buckle kept coming off, so they were sending me a replacement belt (not the buckle, just the strap) in the mail, and that I should mail mine it after I received the new one.

The new one works perfectly and I'm happy with the product. They did the responsible thing, even including a prepaid label so I didn't have to pay to return the first belt. I wish all vendors were as responsible when their product has a problem.

Great belt, works well, I'm now a happy customer.
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on September 3, 2015
I own 2 separate versions of this belt and have been using them both for approximately 16 hours a week for almost 2 years. They look spectacular and are very convenient. I love the high degree of adjustability in tightening and ability to swap buckles quickly, though I never did.

For looks and lifestyle, I'd give it a 6 out of 5 stars.

Owning 2 and having one crap out has given me insight on some of the functional flaws in the design that reduce that 6 star down to a 3:
> Buckle ejection
> Clicking noise

The way the buckle clasps to the belt itself is through a rotation of a spiking clamp. You insert the belt underneath, then fold down the clamp/lever which in turn rotates the spikes onto the belt, holding it in place. This rotation causes the belt to be about 3-4mm away from the maximum insertion point of the belt strap and the buckle. The distance is meaningless if it was not for the possibility of accidentally discharging the buckle completely. All that is needed is to bump the buckle into the belt "slightly". Since the belt is 3-4mm away from the buckle end, this freedom to move allows a single bump to "eject" the buckle completely. I think that manufacturing tolerance allows the clasp to move easier on some belts. My bad belt is extremely easy to bump eject from most angles. The other requires a very precise bump.

So where could this occur? How about as you are finishing up a s*** session in a bathroom stall at work? Your buckle drops right down to the ground on your coworker's side of the stall forcing you to either reach over or they have to kick your buckle back. Guess what? That has happened to me. This buckle has dropped out on me 3 times, in one of which it landed in the adjacent stall to which I "awkwardly/majestically" thrust my foot into the adjacent side to pull the buckle back. Fastest I've ever washed my hands.

"Clicking noise while walking." This is caused by the design feature of using a floating lever. Depending on the angle at which the belt wraps around your body, (basically depends on how fat you are), the lever can float too much causing it to move freely around and click as you walk. This didn't happen to me until I lost 25 lbs but it doesn't happen with my other slide belt. I'm inclined to believe it's due to being on the wrong end of manufacturing tolerance.

SO there you have it. I walk to the company bathroom with a clicking noise to announce to my coworkers I'm about to take a s*** and then drop my buckle in the adjacent stall. But everybody is still jealous of my great looking belt.

In a rather strange twist, I'd probably still buy another one because they are gloriously beautiful. Maybe just glue the clasps shut so you can never bump eject and put some tape where it would click.
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on March 11, 2014
Great idea. Nice belt. If you're a big guy with pressure on your belt you're going to strip the belt out every month or so with regular use. The buckle fastens to the belt portion with lock teeth that'll pull out and ruin the small portion of the end of the belt where they bight into. You can trim back a little bit of the belt to refasten the teeth, but eventually the belt get to short to wear. If this were real leather all of the way through it wouldn't be an issue.
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on October 5, 2017
I have used the SlideBelts for several years, I was having trouble with the belts kept breaking off where the buckle “Clamp” bit into the belt. I was on a long trip and didn’t have a spare belt, so I bought another brand of belt to use during the my trip, Didn’t like it. When I got home I ordered a new SlideBelt with buckle. I noticed that it has a wider clamp then original buckles had. It's a improved design and I ordered a new ones to replace my older ones. I use a phone that has a BeltClip-on holster. It really eats up belts adjustable belts quickly. I find that SlideBelts last longer than other brand belts. They are easier to clip things to because it wider than the designer belts and still are comfortable to wear. I would encourage
anyone who has an older belt "Buckle" to upgrade to the improved version.
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