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on July 27, 2016
Third one, was perfect. HOWEVER, if your like me and love this b/c of the 42MP camera and all the functionality, make sure it's not upgraded to Windows 10. Mine was when I ordered, took me a while to figure out how to fix it as resetting your phone, only erases the content and leaves the last operating system. YOU CAN however search for Windows Device Recovery Tool and choose the only option (even though it says it's up to date with the current firmware) and let it reset it back to Windows 8. 10 REMOVES a TON of lumia apps, INCLUDING the Lumia Camera App, and the Microsoft camera, even though it gives all the same manual options, will override your selections somehow b/c it apparently thinks your wanting the perfect plain picture. I use this ONLY for outdoor photography, especially sunrises/lake photos, and giving my photos low light, increased light, less noise (ISO), etc. is a MUST for me. If you don't care about manually changing settings for your camera, then honestly I have no idea why you would want this phone! I've added a few photos I've taken with my 1020's (I've went through 3, this "phone" is Gods gift to photography!).
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on September 2, 2015
The first order arrived defective. After 10 minutes of charging, the display suddenly developed stuck pixels all over. I ordered a replacement.

I'm glad I did. All electronics have a chance of being defective, so I didn't hold it against the phone. Also, Amazon was extremely understanding, and returning the defective phone was as effortless as it could be.

About the phone: The Windows phone OS was something that took time to get used to (coming from Android). However, once I engaged in customizing it to my needs, it became surprisingly simple and effective. The icons are normalized. Which allows their rendering to be very sharp and pleasant when viewed all at once. The Lumia 1020's display makes this experience all the more pleasant. Its display has amazing contrast. You can barely distinguish the black bezel from the black pixels rendered on the screen, so it seamlessly transitions from the screen to the frame of the phone. It's like the home screen pops off the phone's physical frame without the existence of a screen at all. It's pretty impressive. I've read a few articles describing the cons regarding the more fragile display the Lumia 1020 uses (AMOLED), but if you take good care of your phone, it's not something you should be too concerned with.

The camera: It's extremely good. Better than I expected, and I regularly use imagery created by much, much more costly cameras (for my profession). The camera's performance caught me off-guard. It's good enough that I intend to georeference and photogrammetrically recreate environments using it. I've read a few reviews which like to undercut the resolution of the imagery as being more than you can ever notice or care for, but if your profession (or serious hobby) necessitates utilizing serious photography, you definitely notice.

Overall: This is quickly becoming my favorite phone purchase. It has a unique camera that keeps it relevant. I know an iPhone user, and when comparing photos of the same scene, it's hands-down no contest. This gives the phone a longevity independent of the rat race of OS and meaningless features. The Windows Phone OS has grown on me despite my intense hatred for Windows 8. It's actually a good phone OS, just not a desktop OS.
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on February 15, 2015
Edited: this phone died after four months. Microsoft / Nokia will not repair or replace it as I purchased it on Amazon. The seller will not accept a return or exchange since I have passed the return period. "No SIM card detected" is apparently not a rare occurrence for Nokia phones nowadays.
This is my third and last Windows phone. Never again. My advice: avoid this phone in particular and the dying Windows Phone platform in general. As Microsoft takes more and more interest in Android, the WP platform will die quickly, leaving you with a useless phone with even less app support than the paltry offerings available today.

Original review:
Fast? sure. Great camera? Of course. But it's about time Microsoft strengthened its commitment to Windows Phone users who took a chance on what is essentially an "alternative" phone OS. We want better features and tighter integration ON THIS PLATFORM - nobody is asking for the nebulous "better integration across tablets, PCs and mobile".

Cortana is nearly useless unless you are on WiFi. The offline voice recognition is pathetic. Sit next to someone with an iPhone and search for "coffee shop" or "what time is x movie playing". You'll get laughed out of the room.

The WP 8.1 keyboard leaves a LOT to be desired - tap detection is very narrow and there is no option for a number row on the QWERTY board.

Edit: The move to Xbox Music in place of the superior Zune app / software is as confusing as it is infuriating. There is no way to stream your music from your OneDrive like Android users can do with their Google Play music.

Why is the marketplace still so awful? Two apps I really loved on my Android - Runkeeper and KeyRing - actually dropped Windows Phone support before I bought this phone. The number of conspicuously missing or badly ported apps is embarrassing (look up Yammer, or try to find Dropbox). Even more alarming is the sheer number of fake and ripoff apps that made the cut into the marketplace (search for Youtube).

Gripes aside, there are plenty of good points to this phone. First, it's fast. The screen is beautiful. Windows Phone 8.1 gives you some additional options with Live Tiles and the number of tiles on the home screen. I like the fluid motions of the start screen and app transitions. I love the email app - it just works. The calendar is easy to work with and the "This week" view is sweet.

The 1020 takes terrific pictures and this phone comes with THREE camera apps. The Microsoft camera has more OSD options but won't let you choose the resolution... Nokia camera is slightly faster but has no OSD options. Strangely you can only choose a different camera from the Nokia camera interface, you can't switch back to Microsoft Camera from Nokia Camera. The Office Lens app will perform an affine transformation to off-center pictures of whiteboards or documents - this is a really neat app.

Altogether, I do like this phone. And it gets a lot of passes what it does well. If you have a Windows phone and you like it, you'll love this one. If this is your first foray into the Windows phone ecosystem, be prepared for some changes.
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on November 9, 2016
I bought this phone for the camera and wasn't disappointed. It has a 41 megapixel camera, you can take a picture and zoom and zoom. Be aware if you don't have a steady had it will be dificult to take clear pictures. Oh and the pictures in low light are great looking.
As far as a phone it does the job. The reception on at@t service isn't bad out in the country. I'd say it's comparable to any other at@t phone. I would buy this again just to use as a camera or extra storage for music.
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on September 12, 2016
My second Lumia 1020, this one at 1/3 the cost of first one. Interesting that this phone arrived with old cyan update so must have been out of service for a long time but once turned on and connected to WiFi it quickly updated it's self to denim along with others. It arrived reset to new configuration and battery was about 70% charged.
This Ware House Deal "used very good" phone from EDGE CELLULAR is near perfect as they suggested in their remarks. Most important, the camera lens is not damaged nor is the screen. The phone was taken care of vs subjected to rough use.
The performance of this phone is well known so no comments on that, I took some good pictures as tested first day and the flash works. So the most important aspects of this used phone have been satisfied from Edge Cellular.
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on June 3, 2017
I bought the Nokia Lumia 1020 not for phone purposes but rather just for the camera. I have a separate phone service. I also play games on the phone here and there. I really love the camera quality. Pictures taken with this phone are crystal clear. The camera works like a charm taking pictures and videos. The camera comes with different apps and features that you can learn through different websites. You can learn about the shutter speed and other setting in light and dark areas online as well. I am not a professional photographer but I do enjoy photography as a hobby. The camera also takes very clear zoom in and out videos. The camera takes clear pictures in the pitch dark areas but for videos in dark areas you will need extra lighting equipment. Overall, I am happy with my purchase so far it has been a month or two since I have purchase this phone. Let me know if you have any questions.
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VINE VOICEon July 26, 2014
I got this last week but didn't tell anyone about it (except my wife). Been posting pictures online, however, and people keep asking me if I got an expensive new camera. That's when I tell them, "Nope, I got a new phone." Before I get to that, let me say that as of today, this is still a Windows Phone 8.0 as ATT has not yet released the update for this model yet (I got this thinking I would get the 8.1 update). I'll edit this when it updates. Now, to the features:

High quality pictures, with features that are found on higher end point and shoots (which is what this should be compared with). The 42 megapixels claim is a bit curious. I don't see that reflected anywhere, but that's fine. This isn't a DSLR with a large sensor, so that many megapixels is probably too much anyhow. Think of a breadbox. You can put 5 loaves in or 20 loaves in. Putting 20 in, however, squishes the bread. That's not an exact analogy by any means but it points the right direction. That being said, while the claim is large, the results are still great. Nokia provides some great software, allowing control over all sorts of details including shutter speed, focal length, etc. It saves a small size picture (for uploading) and a larger (for saving). Really easy to use and great results.

The phone itself is also wonderful. I've used Samsung products before, mostly, but don't like the bloat and I've never really been satisfied with Android. I'm a huge fan of the Windows Phone here. Very straightforward, with the apps I need. Note that I don't like playing games on my phone (I have a tablet and a computer for that). Nokia and ATT both provide their own apps, with Nokia's being much better in general. What is great is that all the included apps can be uninstalled. What is bloat is removable!

Battery life is fine, just remember to charge and discharge the battery fully 2-3 times when you get it. That gets the battery in shape (worked great for me). The size is fine, fits in my pockets, which was my hope.

All the features here work great. I like the HERE maps program, better than Google, plus it doesn't require a constant data connection like Google does, you can download your region (most countries are 1 map, with the US divided into states).

I'm entirely and completely pleased and from what I hear the 8.1 update will make a good phone a lot better.
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on March 4, 2014
Had the iPhone 5S and when I switched to AT&T I really wanted this device because of the camera. Not disappointed at all! This is a great device. The photos I take on this rival my Sony Cybershot HX-300! Color and detail is spectacular and for those photographers who want a more professional experience, shutter speed, focus, sensitivity, brightness and White balance can all be manually adjusted.
The Operating System seemed like it may take a bit to get used to but it didn't at all and the OS runs smoothly and quickly. Loving the customization and being able to change the theme colors to suit my mood.
There are a few apps I miss from my iPhone but when the Lumia beats the iPhone in so many areas, the apps lose their importance.
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on July 13, 2014
Amazing photos, but there are so many settings that you won't be utilizing it to it's fullest potential unless you understand how to use the settings. The phone includes a tutorial explaining how to use each feature, so the this helps. The photos don't snap instantly though, but that's the tradeoff, quality over speed. The phone is snappy, and for a business phone it's much better than an iOS device. I own an iOS device for business and prior to being given this iphone for business I used the Nokia Lumia 1020; the 1020 is much better than iOS. The intranet address book is synced with the phone, so I can view every contact card in the company without flooding my address book with these contact cards. My calendar syncs with the exchange calendar, and I can forward the meetings, even if I don't create them, which is a simple feature that I can't do on iOS. With 8.1, Cortana is superior to siri. It's much more accurate and function. I can say things like, "Remind me to take out the trash when I get home", "Remind me to buy milk when I get to the Food Lion", "Remind me to tell my wife I love her" (will popup with a reminder when you try to contact her or vice-versa), ... It's functional for searching the net as well, which siri isn't. The swipe texting feature is amazing; it's going to be the new standard for texting, since it's much faster; texting on an iphone is a real pita (pain in the a$%).
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on April 24, 2014
Since I a not the primary user, you can take my opinion with a grain of salt- but since the primary user isn't computer/internet savvy enough to have their own mobile phone plan or amazon account and is over the age of 60, you should know that this phone has changed how he does things.

The large bright screen has been very easy to use and the Windows interface is something he actually seems to really enjoy. The biggest seller on this phone for us was the camera and it certainly hasn't disappointed. The phone's primary user is a photographer by trade and is constantly texting and calling me to tell me about the great shots he captured using his "fancy new camera". This phone has fulfilled his primary wish of a great compact on-the-fly camera, but has the added bonus of making him more comfortable with texting and using technology every day. The voice search seems to be a particular favorite. He now uses his phone for directions, calendars, watching videos and social media, and of course tons and tons and tons of pictures. It makes him happy, and in my book, that's worth more than anything in the world.
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