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Note: I installed Mobile Desktop on my Kindle Fire HD 7", where it ran without any noticeable glitches.

As anyone who's used a Kindle Fire knows, there are only two ways to sort your apps: Sorted by Title or Sorted by Recent, with either Grid View or List View. If you have hundreds of apps, this just isn't very workable. Mobile Desktop for Kindle Fire is a new app that allows you to have a Windows-like desktop for apps and to put groups of apps into folders. I've played around with the Mobile Desktop for Kindle Fire enough to have a good feel for it, and I like what I see. By default, the app shows a desktop view. I added several apps that I use every day (email, calculator, Kindle Fire settings, and a couple of games I play a lot). The desktop view alone is a big improvement of the Kindle Fire's native display, but the real strength of the Mobile Desktop is the ability to put apps in folders. The default folders are Main, Games, Utilities, and Others, but you can create folders too. I created a folder named "My Stuff" and selected several apps to put in it. Then I created a "daughter" folder to put inside the "parent" folder My Stuff. So you can "nest" your folders, although I didn't try to see how deep they can be nested.

The settings allow you to use the default background (blue) or load your own background image. You can also check a setting that scans for newly installed apps when the Mobile Desktop runs.

This is an impressive app. I haven't seen anything else in the app store that has the capability and flexibility of the Mobile Desktop for organizing apps. I learned to use it by clicking the different items; it's intuitive enough that no complicated instructions are necessary. (Read the Product Description - that's all you need to know to get started.)

Two thumbs up for a very useful app.
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This app is completely worth the $2.99 purchase price. I've tried other "Launchers" with little to no success. After all, the Kindle is more of a "tablet" than a "phone."

1. Extremely easy to install with an instant "tutorial" when you first open the app
2. You can set your own background image! Note: This image is only for the Mobile Desktop -- NOT for the "screen saver" when you lock/close your Kindle.
3. The Mobile Desktop remains "on top" (default) as long as it was open when you closed your Kindle Fire cover. In other words, when you "unlock" your Fire, you'll be taken to the MD screen first -- not the Kindle carousel.
4. Swithing from MD to the Kindle carousel is EASY (another reviewer mentioned difficulty getting books to open in the default Kindle mode). Do the following:
- Install MD and add it to your Kindle "favorites"
- Make sure you have the "Kindle Launcher" app on the main screen of MD
- From MD, choose "Kindle Launcher" to switch to the regular Kindle interface (carousel)
- From the Kindle carousel, access your favorites (swipe up from bottom) and choose MD
- There ya go... Now you can read a book from the "carousel" and then go back to MD when done.
5. Adding folders/apps is extremely easy, and MD can automatically search for new apps when installed

1. You are only allowed so many "icons" on the MD desktop-view screen. 18, I think. Would be nice if the row and column settings could be changed, as well as removing the text labels.
2. The background image changes/stretches if you have a "folder" set up on the desktop and then open it up to view items contained in that folder. Minor issue, but not pretty depending on your picture. :)
3. The "delete" function (to remove a folder/icon) is odd. It's not difficult, mind you, just more steps than necessary. I should be able to long-press an icon and delete it. Instead, I have to go into an entirely separate "delete" menu.

Admittedly, I'm an Amazon "geek", so have zero issues with the actual Amazon interface. I'm okay with the carousel, and I'm probably one of the few who likes the "suggestions" from Amazon (I've found many good books/movies/apps that way). Also, the apps I access often can easily be added to my "favorites" and a quick "swipe up" lets me access them. Unfortunately, until I'm allowed to tweak the carousel and/or change my background images, MD is a great option.
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on July 31, 2013
Got this app installed. Spent hours getting all my countless apps in just the right places. Thought WOW what a killer app. Then the update came. My desktop reverted back to a blank screen. Where"s the support? I want my money back. Don't waste yours.

UPDATE: I have been told by the developer that there has been no update since I installed. From reading the forum, more than one person said they lost all of their apps on Mobile Desktop. One said it was after she removed an app from her kindle and sent it to the cloud.

At the time my MD lost ALL of it's app icons and folders, I also had removed some apps from my kindle. Seems to me that this is the bug, but what do I know? I know I can't trust it until it's fixed.
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on July 21, 2013
This is a great step toward individualizing the Kindle Fire. However, compared to other launchers, this needs a little bit of work to suit my needs. It would be nice if there were features allowing full-screen mode, the creation of multiple screens, and more flexibility in arranging the folders. I applaud the fact that users are able to apply their own background images. More developers need to get on board to create apps with these elements. Or, Amazon simply needs to stop blocking launchers that already have these capabilities.
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on July 20, 2013
Even though I carry around 1,000 books and apps with me everyday in my purse, thanks to the Kindle, I like things organized. I hate scrolling thru looking for a particular subject. Yes, I'm a secret librarian! Now, all my apps are organized! Since I also have the Book Collections app, EVERYTHING IS ORGANIZED! It's easy to find the proper spelling of a word, how to ask for more soap in Spanish, how and when to feed the chickens and make sure my pictures are hanging level. It's also easy to see what books by a certain author I have, and which ones I've read. Only one thing would make my KindleFire perfect...and that would be to have the launch screen be the Mobile Desktop. Get it, you'll love it!
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on July 21, 2013
A nice alternative to the Kindle launcher, but not quite there yet. Lots of forced closes, and can't set it as default with the home key. Every time it reloaded after another app, it's slow to load. Uninstalled and switched back to GoToApp, but I'll be watching for them to make a finished product of this.
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on July 26, 2013
I first thought that this was a great app. I have 100s of apps and I spent a lot of time organizing them. It worked great and I loved it. Then it crashed. All my time lost. The desktop and folders were empty. So, I redid everything. For two days it worked great, until it crashed again. Everything was empty. Twice is enough. I won't be wasting any more time setting this up. This app has promise, but I don't recommend buying it until they have the bugs worked out. I don't know why it crashed, but it happened both times after an app was updated on my Kindle Fire. Coincidence? Maybe, but it doesn't matter. I'm through with this app. Hours of time lost!
UPDATE The developers updated the app. There is good news and bad news. I created a folder and filed all of my apps in it -- no way was I taking the time to organize them again and then I waited until one or more of my apps were updated. Three of them were updated just a few minutes ago. The good news is that the desktop app retained all my apps that I had listed in it. The bad news is that it crashed my carousel after I opened the mobile desktop app. I had to reset my Kindle Fire to get my carousel to work correctly again. Very frustrating. I am glad the developers are working on it, but it is not quite there yet.
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on July 24, 2013
This app works exactly as advertised! I just wish that it would open the Kindle reading app but I can live with the way it works.

A VERY small price to pay for a lot of convenience. I wish it were the Kindle default.
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on September 14, 2013
So far, so good! On 9/14/13 I've had the thing installed for about twenty minutes, and have added the most important apps that I use frequently to the "Main Window". Including my alarm app, texting app, battery minder, my photo collection, photo editor app and a few favorite games. It's a pleasant change to touch an icon to open an app; I'm really tired of spinning on the Kindle carousel. It was OK when I only had a few apps, but the more you download. . .

Another Window, "Games", is full of the dozens I've downloaded since I purchased my Kindle Fire HD 8.9 a little more than a month ago.

You CAN leave the app open; when you close then open the cover, it's still on the screen, but I don't know yet if leaving the app open will drain the battery more quickly. If it does, it's very little trouble to add the Mobile Desktop to Favorites, then when you open the Kindle cover and swipe away the ad that always pops up, just touch the "Star" in the bottom corner to open the Favorites Bar, then touch the Mobile Desktop icon, and there you are. Easy access when you want your Desktop.

The wallpaper photo I chose from among my photos didn't load to the screen, but I consider that a minor flaw. It would make for a busy, cluttered looking screen too (the KF HD is not roomy like a PC screen). I'm hoping to not have the other problems mentioned in previous reviews, but time will tell.
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on October 26, 2013
I had a similar app, but this one hooked me with the description of folder or desktop views. Long story short, while I found it easy to use, it did not allow for a change of mind in my organizational process, and I couldn't remove duplicated apps or edit folder names in desktop view. Amazon policy of NO refunds is a continuous source or irritation prompting me to make purchases elsewhere. It is just bad business and hardly sporting to take my hard earned money even if it a couple of bucks at a time.
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