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  • Customer reviews

on November 30, 2013
I think it is best or one of the top phones on market right now. I was fascinated by Xperia Z which my best friend obtained this summer. So I bought this Z1 and absolutely happy with it (had iPhone before).

1. 4G.
I have T-mobile and 4g works with it. The phone has pretty good connection most of the time network is accessible.

2. Sturdy.
The phone was severely fallen to concrete floor for 2 times. No cracks or any scratches on the glass sides. Small scratches on a flank side but no dents or deformations. I'm happy it is so sturdy (or I'm so lucky)))

2. Camera.
It takes good looking pictures even in tough exposition conditions like sunsets, background illumination etc. Can't say it is much better than iPhone 5 camera but I find it generally better. Night pictures have high iso noise. Focus has been improved after the last update.

3. USB.
I really enjoy the fact that if I plug the phone to pc by common micro-usb cable it may be detected as a simple storage. No stupid iTunes (You can install sony app from the phone if so you WANT. But you don't have to. At all).

4. Sync, Charge and Watertight flaps.
I sync the phone by wireless and use dock station Sony DK31 Cradle to charge it. So I don't open watertight flaps at all.

5. Water.
I haven't taken any photos under water yet but I did call the phone in spa bath and got the phone under rain. Also once it was in sand. No problems. Since that I like the idea that I can receive a call if I'm interrupted in a shower))

6. Software.
I've found much of the Sony software useless. Can't say it is bad nor good I just get used to other apps. Android has a giant apps market with a lot of alternatives.

7. Hardware.
The hardware is pretty fast. I haven't found any slow running or laggy application or game yet.

8. Battery.
As all slim smartphones with high-end hardware you have to put the phone on charger often. It takes 1 day or less to discharge in normal mode. 2.5 - 3 days in stamina mode. 1.5 - 2 days in normal mode with battery saving soft installed. I'm sure it will worsen when the battery exhausted in 1-2 years.

9. Screen.
Pretty sharp. I've found it good but not exceptional. I mean it is good, bright and sharp for reading, surfing, gaming. But pictures on my old iPhone are looking the same good as on calibrated LCD. Pictures on Z1 looks worse than on PC. I know the description is very subjective, but that is what I can say. Video works fine.

10. As a player.
I REALLY like that I can download any player from market and listen possibly ANY file format. WITHOUT iTunes. After 3 years of using iDevices I couldn't get used to it. I mean, managing my library by folders, putting music to phone by simple copying what I need and WHERE I need is much much more convenient for me than using iTunes.

11. Sound quality.
I compared Z1 output with V90-HPA headphone preamp using Sure 535 earphones. Surprisingly the difference is not so big at all. Z1 sounds brighter while V90 sounds softer and deeper. But there is NO such a gap like between laptop internal sound card and V90. I would be really impressed if the phone sounded better. But... I'm still impressed with the comparison.

I'm happy I have it. I would recommend it among all the other devices of the same class that are currently on the market.
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on January 16, 2014
This is the best phone/camera that works underwater, when you unbox this great phone you will be noticed that seller includes an american / central-american energy adapter ( white color ), then this box includes magnetic charger,headset,pc cable, normal charger cable and headset gum replacements, it's a little heavy but it looks beatifull, stylish and good design are things that characterize Sony.You will be happy with this phone, then i recomend some 64 GB mSD class 10 card, and some protection layer that protects body and screen. After all this your phone will be safe from scratchs and if you use some case would be safe from drops.PD: Works in Costa Rica.
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on November 13, 2013
Excellent phone. This phone works very well and smartly. In fact since I bought it I have loved using it to surf the web than using my ipad. The camera is very clear. Sound quality excellent. Processor speed is superb. I love Sony. Sony has finally given the winning blow to other phones. Again, this seller is the best I have encountered on Amazon. They shipped item on one day shipping and I received this phone in less than 20 hours after placing order. Best seller on Amazon.
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on December 2, 2013
This is a great device, to be sure. It was my upgrade from a Samsung GS3, and I use it primarily for the business I run out of my home. I would recommend it for anyone who uses a phone for business, as its quick, stable, and altogether a superb piece of equipment. The Galaxy series of phone from Samsung pales in comparison, so Sony hit this product out of the ballpark.
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on March 7, 2017
I got it and it had several failures.
First: it didn't work properly with the carrier I use, even though the specs include the band used by the operator.
Second: If you plug any headphones, only the left side has sound. The right... Well is mute.
Third: It doesn't work as expected with the charger. It charges extremely slow and there are cases when it doesn't charge at all.
Fourth: Despite all those things, I decided to use it as a second phone with another carrier, well.. it bended.
And finally the screen cracked, even though it says that is more resistant.
I bought at the same time a z2a and it is working just fine (5 stars so far). I think the seller sent me a badly refurbished unit.
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on April 4, 2017
Rear camera is very good. Takes good pictures in the morning. Night pictures are alright. CPU and RAM are very good. GPS does not work correctly or does not work at all in offline mode (no data, no wifi). Screen is a bit sensitive. A drop of water and it starts touching and opening up things. When holding down on something, the screen would just release it. It would be like you touching something instead of holding it down. Phone is very durable and it feels well constructed with the metal and glass. Some LCD problems (green lines) even though the phone was never dropped from a good height. The only time it hits the bottom of something is when it is set down.
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on December 3, 2013
best smartphone i've perfectly in Venezuela...As a review using mo0re than 39 apps and lots of video streaming it holds a great battery power....lasts a lot and i have NOTHING TO COMPLAIN.....well the camera is not the best....but still is perfect smartphone....
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on February 6, 2014
Update : After 10 days of using this phone I have to put that I was surprise with performance and options on this Z1. Most importing thing for me network and battery. I'm in the desert so it's important for me to have clear connections and long life of battery .

This phone accept this have great screen and touch options what help me good during usage. The water resistance I don't try a lot , no to much water in desert :) .. and if I drop it , its just sand or dust.

Phone is asome, performance are high....quality ,design ...u have to buy it best choice ... FGS Trade ... ..
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on July 8, 2016
I possibly have a defective battery, but it dies at random times. The battery will say it's at 75%, then I go to use an app or Internet and it says low battery then shuts off. I'm very disappointed in this phone. There is no way to replace the battery either. The camera is the main reason I chose this phone and it is not as good as I hoped. Most photos come out with a halo unless in excellent light. I wish I had never purchased this phone.
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on October 15, 2014
I should start by saying that the seller, FGS Trading, did an excellent job. The item aarived one week earlier than expected and exactly as described, brand new and unlocked.
I have been using the phone for a month now. To keep my review short enough, I'll list some pros and cons.
1-Great design and great display
2-Call quality is very good
3-Amazingly fast
4-Great camera with good photo editing software
5-I like the USB host function which is very useful to me
6-Internet browsing is a really nice experience.
7-I love Kitkat 4.4.4 on the phone
1-The phone is a bit difficult to manipulate with one hand.
2-The battery life is really below expectations given its 3000mAh capacity.This is the reason for the 4star.This is really disappointing since the battery capacity wasmm one of the main factors I considered before purchasing the phone. I use it where power supply is unreliable.
3-The Chrome browser does not permit me to save web pages on my phone, a feature I enjoyed with the Android browser on my Motorola Xoom tablet running honeycomb OS. More so, I can't sync my bookmarks.
4-Junk Sony software
5-The earpiece provided is generic and doesn't fit my ears at all. I will never use it for sure. I prefer that of my LG P350, the best earpiece I've ever used.
In all, it is a very good phone that I recommend for those that can afford it.
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