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on May 18, 2015
I am a "professional" mobile phone picture taker as I think many from my generation are :-). Clearly there is a HUGE difference between cell phone cameras (including point and shoots) and this camera. I bought this hoping that having an android device attached to and powering a high end camera would allow me to kind of "fit right in". I DID JUST THAT! I feel at home with this thing and I'm able to take some extraordinary pictures that I never thought were possible and only within 5 minutes of turning the camera on!. Since the moment I turned this camera on I can honestly say I loved it, the interface is brilliant and the possibilities seem endless. Obviously I wont be taking professional photos any time soon and clearly my review wont mean much to a professional but I hope I can help another amateur camera person.

Pros -
-Lightweight (I don't know why people say this is heavy, that's my inexperience I guess. When comparing to other SLR's I have held this is lighter and weighs around 1 LB 1 OZ w/o the lens)
-Battery is incredible (I barely put a dent in the battery after taking a whole bunch of shots and playing around with the "tablet" for a few hours:-) )
-Simply put, its EASY to use. Put it on AUTO or SMART and point and shoot. Its as capable in terms of settings as ANY SLR I have seen.
-It takes incredible video!!
-It uses a STANDARD Micro USB Cell Phone charger!! (This is so wonderful I cannot even begin to tell you!! You can get a charger ANYWHERE for under $5 which means having 5 extras is CHEAP)
-You can use an External battery charger to charge the camera (Using a Micro USB cable from my power brick.This means you can charge the camera anywhere in the world as long as you have your backup battery/charger pumped up. Mine is 20,000 mah which means I can probably charger it to 100% 2 - 3 times)
-View finder automatically activates when it senses your eye (this helps save battery from the screen)
-If Samsung finds a problem they can fix it via Updates through android.
-Android allows you to surf the web, check email, send texts, upload pictures anywhere, update the platform and everything else you can do on a regular android phone or tablet.
-You can download OTHER camera applications such as "Paper Camera". This ability makes picture modification possibilities ENDLESS
-You can edit videos and photos right on the camera though an app.
-YOU CAN PLAY ANGRY BIRDS ON IT! (My point is that if it's possible on your phone its possible on this camera!)

Cons -
-Mine didn't come with a case (not even sure if any do now a days)
-While its auto focusing sometimes the screen gets a little jumpy (it didn't affect shots or video and I think it was in very low light only)
-Cannot use other brand Lenses but Samsung has plenty to choose from (I tried Cannon's, apparently it's a proprietary connection and ALL camera manufacturers do this :-/)
-View Finder doesn't detect your eye in very dark situations which means it doesn't activate (this happened a couple of times in a very dark room -but I just moved my eye away and back and it worked fine. It didn't happen every time)
-In direct sunlight the screen can be hard to see even on full brightness. (I said hard but not impossible)

Overall I think this is an amazing camera ESPECIALLY for someone who knows the Android operating system well.
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on August 21, 2014
This is my first advanced camera and I have to say I am extremely satisfied with it. I shoot on both RAW and JPEG and the image quality is great even at low light conditions. Purists would argue that it doesnt compare quite well with some other cameras - and they may be right - but for me the quality is fantastic. I also like the fact that the NX ecosystem has lenses for most of the situations and they are not insanely overpriced.
I will let you go to the online reviews out there but just point out what I think is good about this camera:
1) Samsung Suggestion Mode. Even though if you are buying these cameras you are supposed to be a bit more into trying your own settings, sometimes I just don't have the time to adjust it manually myself. The different modes - Night, Dawn, Macro, Beauty Face, etc - are great shortcut when you just want to take a quick shot. It makes life much easier. I'd be great though, if Samsung would let you save those pic in RAW besides JPEG. If you own a G4/G5 you will find yourself at home here.
2) Android integration. Yes, your apps and some flexibility to post on your social network. If traveling, this camera can be your friend so you can use Google Maps and Messaging. The whopping screen makes this just perfect. In my case, I like the fact you can upload your pics directly to Flickr and Google Photos. I do not use Instagram or post a lot on FB (yes, I read their terms of service) but this camera is the perfect one for social networks. For me, this is a winner. On a side note, I wish Android would support RAW natively. Hopefully this comes on a future update. I think you are buying this camera basically for this, otherwise you'd better go with the NX30, 300 or even NX 2000.
3) Ecosystem. As I mentioned before, a decent selection of lenses at reasonable prices. Not a Canon or Nikon ecosystem but you will find everything you need. I bought the 45mm, 20mm and 65mm lenses later through Amazon or eBay later on and I have not been disappointed.
4) Battery life. It's wonderful. You can go the whole day taking pictures and the camera will still have juice. I sometimes go north of 300 and battery will always be there for the next shot. If you shoot RAW or RAW+JPEG then it drains faster. If it freezes (sometimes it does), then it takes a toll on battery too.
5) Weight seems to be fine. I am not familiar with how much they should wait but for me it's not too heavy.
6) Connectivity. GPS works well even without data or Wifi. 4G available with AT&T if you need to. I like my pictures to be geo tagged and here it works awesome even if you don't have a data plan activated.

Cons that I can point:
1) As I said I wish to have the Samsung modes available for RAW
2) Annoying signature by default. It takes a few minutes and some reasoning to remove the NX brand on each shot.
3) It crashes a bit often, particularly if you are doing heavy work such as shooting RAW+JPEG. This is probably the most annoying thing. It's not uncommon on a trip see on a daily basis the message that "The Camera App is restarting"
4) Well the elephant in the room is price. This is no way a buy for the full price ($1,600). You can do a heck lot better with other systems for that price. However, I went for one of the warehouse deals and at $800ish this is a fantastic camera, with unmatched connectivity features and that makes sharing your shots with your loved ones easy.
I think for well under $1k, you may just fall in love with this camera.
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on January 25, 2015
It's semi pro camera that could make anyone look more like a professional then he ever thought he would for me the modes that came set and ready are amazing... When it comes to taking pictures in day this one of the best cameras out there... The only downside is the low light pictures.
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on July 22, 2015
It has so many settings and it functions beautifully. Only downside is that you can't control exposure value on the manual setting but it does have a very high ISO sensitivity value so it's usually not necessary
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on November 17, 2016
Great camera but way too expensive. Tons of features.
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on July 13, 2015
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on August 29, 2014
Awesome quality camera for a newbie to the picture game with the smart modes you can choose from. Also pretty cool with the apps and the big display screen is awesome , more than half of the time I'm not even using the viewfinder which makes taking pictures a breeze
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on February 22, 2015
Not bad. The Apps and wireless features including using the sim-card is very helpful to share pictures and more..
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on September 27, 2014
I would have have it 5 stars but it had some defects , it would not shoot in darkness and it had other mechanical issues.
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on January 27, 2014
Awesome! Beautiful pics; easy to share. I'm a Mac user but I can't say enough about this Android device. Great operating system.
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