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on August 8, 2015
Love this grill so far. I didn't purchase it from Amazon because they were out of stock at the time. I am always worried about ruining meat on the grill. Overcooking steaks or under cooking chicken. So the fact that it did all of the thinking for me is what had me sold. I have only had it a few days - will update if I find any problems.

First night when it arrived, a gorgeous, thick bone-out rib eye. Kind of an expensive piece of meat for a test drive. I put a little olive oil, salt, pepper and Todd's Dirt (love this stuff). Waited for the pre-heating which was about 5 minutes. Threw it on and like probably everyone else who uses this for the first time, I watched the lights change. It took about 7 minutes to get to where I was guessing medium rare would be. It looked and smelled amazing.

I put it in a foil tent to let the juices settle. Reset the grill to manual and threw on some asparagus. For those I brushed them with olive oil, salt and pepper and that's it. Put them on the grill and waited. About 5 minutes and I figured they were done. So it was time to eat!

It was PERFECT. This was the best steak I have probably ever grilled and I didn't even have to think or guess if it was done.

Next afternoon made a turkey, ham, provolone, pesto panini on wheat. Also delicious. And that night I tried a pretty thick and uneven chicken breast that marinated for a few hours in italian dressing. Again added asparagus after while the chicken rested in a foil tent. It was perfect again. Tender, juicy, and thoroughly cooked. It didn't matter that it was uneven, but I will do a better job of that in future.

Today, hot dogs. That was an easy one.

So far I would recommend this to anyone. If that changes I will update it.
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Top Contributor: Petson February 21, 2015
Bought the item in Jan 2015 and with Filet Mignon's in hand, proceeded to cook. And I can tell you this first outing was MEDIOCRE! My other half is forcing me to say it was because I DIDN'T READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. On our second go around, I grilled 2 more filets. THIS time they came out perfect. Since them have tried Italian sausage, gourmet hot dogs (thicker than normal) pork steaks and hamburgers. ALL came out perfect. Now for a few hints from someone who Strongly recommends you read the instructions.
Yes, there are picture to show you what to do but the accompanying verbage is a bit lacking. FIRST, do put a bit of oil (with paper towel) on grill. Helps to keep things from really sticking although I haven't had a problem yet. SECOND: Push the on button and the type of food you are grilling (the pics on the buttons are a no brainer) AND KEEP THE LID CLOSED! This the "HEATING UP THE GRILL STAGE. This takes about 10 minutes. When the grill is ready, it will beep. Place your items on the grill and close the lid. Now for the hard part. DO NOT WALK AWAY FROM THE GRILL AND TOTALLY RESIST OPENING THE LID!. As the grill begins cook your item, the color window WILL change color. IF you open the lid thinking the item is not being cook....BOOM! you go to manual mode and now have to really watch what you are cooking. So, if you don't open the lid, the light button will continue to change color as it rotates around the "done-ness" scale. So you want a medium rare steak? As soon as you determine the light is NEAR this color, open the lid and remove the steaks. Reason? The meat will continue to cook for a minute or two and you steak will go from med rare to slightly under medium. I had this happen with my second round of steaks but they were still juicy. Second thing to watch. Oil the grill lightly! If you get heavy handed, the unit will smoke. I've tried the grill without oil and it works very well. Use your own judgment.
And FINALLY: Remember that once you remove your food from the grill, PUSH the on-off button, an then unplug. This unit WILL stay hot for at least 45 minutes. Now, what I like most about this grill: It does extremely well what it is intended to do and that is grill indoors and grill to perfection.
Second, there is very little smoke involved. Third, found VERY LITTLE splattering and that was only with the hamburgers. Third. once COOLED, the unit is a breeze to take the two grill plates off, and place them and drain plate in dishwasher. I have not yet tried the panninis approach but my other half, who is currently banned by the EPA from even BOILING WATER, wants to try her hand at this after reading the recipe book that came with the unit. She thinks she can do this. OVERALL: Is it too expensive? Initially I thought so but after using it several times, it is well worth the price for what it does. Would I recommend? ABSOLUTELY! I now am cooking beef,chicken,sausage, etc to perfection. And I do think it is kind of neat to watch that light button change colors. I think it is important to think of this unit in two levels: one, you get what you pay for and two, you buy it because you will use it often. And please...DO READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!


OK. Nearly 2 years of having and using this unit. Noted in my previous review, I eventually did liked the color changing light that denotes the done-ness of the food you are grilling. Well, I don't now. It was initially fun to watch but a meter, or an LCD screen that lets you know the done-ness would be better. As for the unit itself, I LOVE IT! I've used it over 20 times during the past 2 years and the grill still works like a champ. I use a little oil to coat the grill plates, preheat, and upon the "idiot" beep, place the grilling item on the grill and close the lid. Now, my other half and I both like our steaks medium so after the first "beep" ( which is not very loud), I am in the kitchen watching for the colored light change. Consistently, this unit has performed. Even hot dogs (AND Italian sausage and bratwurst) come out tasting like I used an outdoor grill. AND cleanup is simple. I do let the unit cool down completely (takes about an hour), clean off any bits of food that may stick to the grill plates, an then put them into the dishwasher. Plates come out clean (and sanitized!). I also give the unit itself a once over with a good kitchen cleaner in order to remove any/all grease splatters. My overall feeling is this: keep the unit clean, use a little oil on the grill plates, AND let it cool before cleaning and this little griller will give you very good service. Yes, my 5-star rating holds and I do RECOMMEND AS A BUY.
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on January 26, 2017
I've had this grill for about 10 months. For the first few months of "light" use around our home, it worked great.. And then, the next time we tried to use it, it would not work as advertised. Rather than letting you select the cooking mode at power up, it went immediately to the "manual" mode. After trying a number of "power cycles", I just gave up and set it on the shelf.

Now, the one year warranty was about to expire so I decided to call T-Fal to find out what they would do about this grill. If you look at enough reviews, it seems as though a number of people have had this same problem. I called the "800" number and quickly got to talk to a support person. This person told me how to "reset" the grill's "memory", if you will, so it would work as intended.

The process involved holding several buttons down at the same time and waiting for "beeps" and flashing lites. No way a user could ever believe that such a procedure would reset the machine but it DID! I was told that sometimes it gets "confused", depending upon what a user might do. Given that some believe that there shouldn't be ANYTHING that a user can do to screw up a machine like this, but, okay, at least there is a fix.

After completing the process, the support person offered to email me the procedure in case it needed to be redone (which she did do). I was happy to get this time-saving grill back in service. Both of us are retired and neither likes to spend any more time cooking than necessary. So, time-saving devices are a welcome investment for us.
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on June 24, 2014
Purchased this online just over a week ago.
Had a Foreman grill been using awhile. I liked the Foreman grill ok but many times I would overcook my food or the chicken would be a bit dry (probably cause I overcooked it too).
The Forman Grill worked well enough. It was the Next Gen version with temp controls. I did like the removable grates which this one has as well.
The build quality of the T-Fal is at least 1 order of magnitude better than the Foreman. You can see some of this when you pull the grates or open and close the lid. The grease trap is much larger on the T-Fal. The controls on the T-Fal are fine I would had liked a bit more solid feel to them for the price but they are not bad at all. Just use with some degree of care and feel.

Cooked a 1.5" thick NY Strip for my 1st cooking. Turned out FANTASTIC! Used Weber Chicago Steak seasoning and PAM high Temp Non stick spray. It cooked the steak to a perfect med rare and fork tender n juicy. I may or may not have made a better steak on my Weber charcoal grill but that takes about 30-45 mins of prep. This prep took 5 mins.

Next I cooked a Frozen chicken breast. Using the same PAM high Temp spray again, set the grill to defrost, poutry and then OK. After a short preheat put the frozen chicken breast on and seasoned it with some Weber kick-n-chicken seasoning . Now doing it this way will take about 3x longer than cooking a chicken breast from thaw. Once it was done I immediately pulled it and cut and tasted it. It was pretty darn good from frozen I will say. Much better than when I use warm water or microwave(microwave thawing I think makes it a little tougher and slightly chewy). By far best same day frozen to done chicken I ever did.

I also cooked a thawed chicken breast. This was a Cilantro Lime pre-marinated breast from Wal-Mart (about $5.98). I set the grill to just poultry - then it preheated a bit longer, sprayed on the PAM High Temp Grill spray and let it rip. It was done a good bit quicker than the frozen and was absolutely marvelous! Very very juicy and fork tender. While the results were "good enough" on the frozen chicken to eat and enjoy cooking from say an overnight thaw should produce excellent results. Anytime you quick thaw something you tend to lose a bit of tenderness in either beef or poultry. I have to say I dont think I have made a chicken breast this good over open flame. While I miss the charcoal twang in the taste just a little, the fork tender and evenly cooked state of the breast is simply fantastic.

I did burgers from Frozen. I used SAMS Choice Jalapeno Black Angus frozen patties. They are 1/3rd pound thick. I used PAM High Temp Grill spray - Turned out perfectly! Now these were tender and juicy unlike poultry ground beef does pretty well from frozen.

My sister came over and made her Salmon on it and LOVED IT! Now if your doing fish DONT use the Pam High Temp cooking spray, Use your normal olive oil or regular spray as I believe the grill presets begin at a lower temp. Use normal olive oil for grilled veggies,shrimp and other stuff.

So what is the huge advantage vs the Foreman? Well in a busy schedule it removes a lot of the guesswork out of the time to grill and uses temp presets ,auto thawing, temp change programming and thickness of the selected item to predetermine time to done. And it really does work great! The only caveat to it and they mention it in the guide is if you want a medium rare steak, you cook it to Medium Rare but then let it sit say 5 minutes before eating it , most likely carryover cooking will take it to more Medium done. So stop your cooking about halfway between the Rare and Medium rare color change as I have started doing, let it sit 5 minutes and it will be perfect.

This is a great grill for a college student, elderly or someone who needs a fast efficient cooking grill that takes a lot of uncertain guesswork out of cooking.

SUPER EASY! Takes a lot of guess work out of cooking meats to desired doneness
Efficient - 1800 watts - about the same power as a hairdryer - lot less power than the oven
Removable grates - Cleanup isnt bad at all about the same as the Foreman
Fairly compact - fits easily and for me permanently on my counter

A little pricey - I paid $89 for my Foreman 4 or 5 years ago. This was about 2x that price
Alert beeper - Could be a little louder if your in another room or have noisy kids around
Soft Touch Controls - I prefer more solid feeling controls
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on July 5, 2016
This review is for the OptiGrill Plus XL model (8 servings)

Like many other reviews we have been plagued with the stuck in manual mode problem, this presents as one of the following:
1. When powering on the grill, the automatic cook mode lights flash letting us know we can select one. After a moment of flashing they stop, and it goes straight into manual mode with no option to select an automatic cook mode.
2. When using the automatic cook mode, after a few minutes of preheating the indicator turns red and has switched to manual mode.

We have also encountered a third issue, where a steak was cooked to past well done when the indicator only said it had just reached medium.

I believe all three of these issues are related to the units sensors, there are steps in the reviews to recalibrate the unit - but they DO NOT WORK for the OptiGrill Plus XL model. After calling T-Fal and receiving a different set of recalibration instructions, that failed to recalibrate the unit I was advised to exchange the unit.

When it does work in automatic mode (four times out of more than eight attempts in the last week) we had mostly positive results: amazing hot dogs, the best hamburgers we've ever had, juicy pork chops, and a very overcooked steak.

My hope is that we just received a lemon, the concept behind this product is great and as I mentioned it cooked the best hamburgers we've ever had - a blessing for someone that is very uncomfortable in the kitchen but wants to save money normally spent on eating out, and to start eating healthier.
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on March 12, 2016
After looking over all of the George Foreman grills, I was struck at how primitive they are. The cheapest ones are not the easiest to clean, the more expensive have removable heat plates that are still difficult to clean, and all are pretty "dumb." I then wondered "what happens if I bump up my price expectations?" which was when I came across the T-Fal GC702. It is the first grill I ever bought. I now have about 4 months of experience using it and can offer my thoughts on it.

For starters, its heat plates are "non-stick" and easily removable by single buttons on the side. This makes cleaning quite easy. I first followed others' recommendations by spraying PAM on the plates before cooking, but the smoke was more than I could bear. Plus, it tends to burn itself into the plates, making cleaning difficult and leaving a residue on the plates, even after a thorough cleaning. I then bought a good plastic scrub brush ("OXO Good Grips Electric Grill and Panini Press Brush"), and it's been a breeze to clean since. I simply run the plates under a bit of water, let them sit for about a minute, and the scrub brush easily cleans everything off. Piece of cake!

What makes this grill unique is the meat thickness sensor in the hinge assembly. You must power on the grill with the nothing in the grill, which the sensor interprets as the time to ramp up the temperature. You input whether you want to first defrost the slab of meat, or if its not frozen already, as well as the kind of meat you will be cooking: chicken, meat patties, steak, fish, hot dogs, or sandwiches (grilled cheese, presumably). The unit's smarts then take it from there to do the next step, which is when you open the grill and insert the meat. The thickness sensor then knows how thick the meat is and adjusts its timer accordingly. If it's to defrost the meat first, then the defrost timer starts, based on the meat's thickness. If no defrost cycle is called for, then the cooking timer starts. It's a pretty decent sensor and timer, and gets you pretty close to where you want the cooked meat to be, be it rare, medium, or well-done.

Part of this process if the simple "cyclops light" in the grill's handle. When the unit is first heating up, the light is purple, and slowly turns blue. When the grill is up to temperature, a little beeper goes off, alerting you that you're ready to start cooking. As the meat cooks, the light first turns yellow ("rare") and beeps, then continues as it turns orange ("medium") and beeps, followed by red ("well") and beeps. You can lift the lid any time during the cooking cycle without upsetting the cook time sensor. I've found that these indicators get you close to where you want to get it, although my sense is that they tend to overcook based on the sensor light color. Personally I prefer juicy chicken and slightly red steaks. Each of these desires, I've come to learn, can be accomplished by the "rare" timer. Typical grill times are: warm-up time, 6 minutes. Cook steak to a bit more than rare, 5 minutes. Cook chicken to juicy, 6 minutes.

I've come to disfavor using the grill's defrost function, as it tends to over-char the meat. Instead, I use my microwave's defrost capabilities, which are quite good, and then cook the meat with the grill. The microwave's defrost cycle tends to cook the meat slightly, but since the meat is going into the grill in short order, so what?

There's a little plastic drip pan in the front of the unit that I've found is only needed when cooking hamburger patties. Chicken breasts and steaks never seem to drip. The pan removes and inserts very easily, and is very simple to clean.

I thought that the grill would really smoke up my kitchen, but the only smoke it has generated came from the PAM I sprayed on the plates in my early stages of cooking with it. Since I stopped with the vegetable spray, there is zero smoke from it!

I have the luxury of owning a nice little thermal imaging camera and was curious to know how hot the lid got when cooking. To my surprise, it is a balmy 90 degrees F, so you won't burn your hand on it. Where you have to be careful is around the edges, where the removable grill plates jut out. Those WILL burn you at over 300 degrees F! However, I suspect that ALL grills offer the same exposure to high temperatures at the edges. It is probably not unique to the T-Fal grill.

The first time I attempted to use the grill, I also wanted to bake a potato using my 1100 watt microwave while the grill did its thing. My 20 amp breaker, which was handling both appliances, then popped. No surprise there, but it made me want to know what the power draw of the grill is. It is rated at 1800 watts (as are most of the other larger grills on the market), which means about 15.6 amps for 115VAC. If my breaker was 15 amps, then the grill would have popped it all by itself. (BTW: my house wiring is 12 gauge, rated for 20 amps.) The meter indicates that my voltage is high, 126VAC, which takes the current up even higher — 16.6 amps, about 2100 watts! Thus, this grill really sucks the (electrical) juice! Potential buyers should be aware of this and make sure that they will be plugging into a 20 amp breaker circuit lest you be popping breakers with it!

Other than that, I love the T-Fal grill. It has completely changed my cooking style, as primitive as it is. I no longer broil meat in my oven. Why bother?

If you have the budget, I highly recommend this grill over any other of the cheaper Foreman grills. Sorry, George!
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on April 23, 2016
We used to have a little George Foreman and it works for just a quick grilling but it wasnt very smart . This tfal is great. Its well made, all metals and thick plastic(grease tray). You can also tell it is intuitive, the engineers and designers really thought about how this will be used. The grease tray isnt just slid under the grill, there is actually a little cubby/slot for it to be slid into the base of the grill. So the grease tray moves with the unit as one, not slipping and slidding if you bump into it or something falls and hits it. The hinge is thick and will stand up to alot of opening and closing. No creaks.

The grill plates have little knobs strategically placed so food wont slide off with the grease. The top plate and lid is heavy enough to keep food secure but not too heavy to dread opening and closing. The grill plates are removable with the press of a button on the left side. The button is big enough to press without getting uncomfortably close to the hot grill plates.

You can fit 4 hamburgers on here. I got 7 shrimp skewers in at a time, you can probably get 3 12 oz ribeyes on here if you place them properly. I make my Reuben sandwhichs on this thing and they come out great. I was only able to just barely get 6 slices of bacon on here at a time, but you can also fold the bacon and probably double your space. I almost want to buy the 8 serving size model but honestly i dont think we need it. And yes the grease flows out of this thing like a river, makes cooking healthier as I am less likely to just fry something.

When cooking I either go bare on the cooking plates or just get a napkin and spread a little olive oil on the bottom plate. Either way there is no problem cleaning the plates off and nothing sticks when cooking. I'm not sure if spray oil is allowed here.I wont be using any. I hope tfal sells the grilling plates separate from the grill because I would buy some just as backups for the future. I hand wash mine and let them soak for a minute or two in hot dish water. Then I just use a rag and wipe them down. EASY CLEANING. The smart controls are interesting and spot on 90% of the time. It can cook a hamburger and know EXACTLY the moment medium is done and well done. Whatever tech that is IT WORKS. I noticed that if you put meats on the grill while its preheating it will go straight into the temp control settings. I used the preset function for burgers but I started placing them before it finished preheating and it went straight into the manual temp control. When this happens it wont let you switch back to a preset as long as there is food on the grill.

Overall its a great grill and worth the price. Pictures included...
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on April 14, 2017
I loved this grill the first 3 times I used it! It cooked my steaks to a perfect medium rare! But the 4th time was a total loss because the automatic setting, which is why I bought this grill in the first place, completely quite working!!! I've done EVERYTHING the book has suggested doing, and it still stays in manual mode. I am NOT going to pay nearly $100 for a product I got to use 3 times. Hey Amazon, if so many people are having this problem, you need to quit selling this product. It's an excellent idea, but definitely needs the reason for the defect found and FIXED before YOU continue the sell of it!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!! Will be requesting a total refund!!!!!
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on January 10, 2017
Been relying on this grill for a few months now, a few days ago it decided to stop for no reason, sausage button keeps blinking along with an annoying sound, basically it's bricked.

Tefals website is outdated and there's no information about local centers, their support didn't pickup the line after being on hold for an hour. Think about that before buying

Update 1/14/2017!!

You will need something to use as a 1-1/2" spacer in the recalibration process. An oven mitt or hot pad, a rolled length of aluminum foil, or even a wooden spoon can serve as this spacer. The height of the spacer needs to be at least 1-1/2" and no more than 2" to properly align the plates:

For model GC702

1. Plug the unit in.

2. Press and hold for the following buttons at the same time for 3 seconds: Burger + Fish + Manual and release the buttons.

3. The Steak button will flash 3 times.

4. Once the Steak button is solid, open the grill, place the spacer between the grill plates and close the lid.

5. Press the Steak button once and let it go, it will flash 3 more times.

6. Open the Grill and remove the spacer, then close the grill.

7. Unplug the grill for 10 seconds.

8. Plug the grill back in and it should operate correctly.

If you have the OptiGrill with Ceramic Plates or the OptiGrill Plus - models GC704 & GC712 – please follow these additional instructions:

1. Press and hold the following buttons at the same time Burger + Poultry + Manual until the unit beeps and shows the blue light.

2. Open the lid.

3. If the unit light turns red open the grill and insert the spacer, close the lid until the light goes off.

4. Open grill and remove the spacer, close the grill and unplug for 10 seconds.

5. Plug the grill back in and the unit will be reset.

If in step 3 the light turns off, follow these additional steps:

1. Insert spacer

2. Close lid

3. After 3 seconds the unit light will turn green then beep.

4. Open lid, Light will turn red and the unit will beep.

5. Remove the spacer and close the lid

6. Press the power button 3 times, with each press the light will change from Yellow – Orange – Red.

7. Unplug the unit for 10 seconds.

8. Plug the grill back in and the unit will be reset.
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on June 16, 2017
For much of my life, I've been eating processed foods -- they're cheap, convenient, and don't require much more than a stovetop and a pot or two. After some recent bloodwork, I was informed that I was borderline diabetic, and that it might be reversible if I make significant dietary changes. Since I don't have a lot of cooking experience, I found myself in the grocery store, completely unsure of where to start. I called my sister, who is both diabetic and a registered nurse, and she recommended this grill...and it has proven to be a godsend! For the past two months, I've used it almost every day, and it's practically idiot-proof. Let it warm up, wait till it beeps, throw on your meat of choice, watch the color dial, and take off your meat when the color corresponds to how rare or well-done you like your food. I redid my bloodwork last week, and everything was way below the diabetes threshold. In other words, with the help of this convenient way to cook unprocessed meat, I managed to reverse a potentially dangerous condition. Oh, and as countless others have said, the meat cooks extremely well, never losing moisture, and cooking exactly as the color dial indicates. A steal for $120!
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