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on January 14, 2015
This camera is a MUST HAVE.

Im not a photographer or any kind, simply wanted something to take with me to events in NYC/Vacation/Special occasions, etc.

Purchased this camera because im going to Europe with some friends in June to Amsterdam and to attend Defqon.1 Weekend Festival. Being as attending this festival is one of my biggest dreams, and traveling from the US to Europe is no cheap feat, this will be a once in a lifetime thing. The only camera i've ever owned before this was some simply Nikon point-and-shoot with ZERO optical zoom and only digital zoom.

Im still waiting on my 64GB SDXC card to come in the mail from PNY. Of the pictures I did take using the internal memory, I was absolutely blown away. I've never had a device that can take pictures like this ever, they're stunning.

The amount of features this camera packs for $200 is staggering as well. As someone who knows very little about photography, i've been messing with this camera for hours the past couple days learning how to use the features correctly and fully. If you're getting this to simply use JUST the Auto mode and shoot pictures, you'd be happy, but do yourself a favor and take the time to learn what this camera can truly do. Take FULL advantage of the long list of awesome features this camera has, and im sure you'll be catching moments you never thought you could before.

If you're looking for something to take great photos of your family, events, etc without breaking the bank and without getting super, super technical, buy this. You won't regret it. If you're a professional photographer and are looking for something modular or with a list of features as long as the bible, you're looking at the wrong camera. While you can definitely take professional looking photos with this, the features list is no where near what a DSLR could do.

The pictures I uploaded are taken WITH this camera. Don't know if Amazon's site nerfs the quality upon upload, but these are pictures that I took with it. Im am very happy with this camera, definitely an awesome buy i'd do again no problem if I had to.
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on April 5, 2014
I wanted a digital camera with a viewfinder. I have a small Panasonic Lumix digital camera, but every time I take pictures in the sun, all I can see in the LCD display is a reflection of my face. I saw this Fujifilm FinePix S9200 in Sam's Club, and liked the way it looked and felt. When I got home, I checked it out on Amazon, as well as a few other cameras. I liked the price and the features. And even though there were no reviews for it, I took a chance and bought it. It was very easy to set up, especially for someone who doesn't know a lot about cameras. I like being able to use the viewfinder, and it's very easy to switch between the viewfinder and the 3" LCD. I like that there are 2 places where you can adjust for telephoto zoom or wide angle pictures. It's very easy to review the pictures you've taken and to delete the ones you don't want. And I'm very happy with the picture quality. For an amateur, it was a good buy.
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on February 25, 2015
I love this camera. It may not have the big name like Canon or Nikon, but it sure takes great pictures. The versatility and sharpness it has is more than enough for a novice like myself. Great macro shots and the colors are out of this world. Lots of extras that a lot of cameras don't have.
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on May 30, 2015
This seems to be a lot of camera for the money. I'm impressed with the many "smart camera" things it can do and especially with the sharpness of the loooong zoom. It is a bit bulky and heavy, but I think that makes the camera easier to hold the camera steady for the long shots. My first shots were of the King of Norway speaking at my granddaughter's graduation in a rather dark arena in Tacoma. I've done close-ups of tree flowers, and I look forward to more pictures of birds. Besides the long zoom I can use in birding, I chose the Fujifilm FinePix S9200 over the newer models because it does not have the electronic actions that might affect my pacemaker, and it does not take the odd size and shape of batteries that are hard to find when I'm traveling. So far, so good. I'm pleased.
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on January 9, 2015
Really loved this camera.. The functions and clarity are awesome. On the top of it, the advanced functionality in this camera is amazing. We can capture different colors with advanced mode, different type of pictures and many more. I spent some time in finding all these feature and the camera guide will let you do this task easily. At first instance you will not like this camera. But, if you start reading the Manual and one you get versed with the features... You are ready to have a nice shooting experience. Oh BTW it is for just $200 so a great deal. I have not tried the video yet, but will surely try that soon and will come back with my experience on that. One thing to be noted- Keep another set of fully charged AA size batteries with you always. coz you never know you exceed the limit of shots per battery set and then feel bad of not being able to capture more pics :)
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on October 25, 2015
Just returned from 3 weeks in Greece and used this camera, although it was fairly new to me. I purchased it from Amazon in June for $169. I shot mostly in apeture priority at ISO 200 but switched to auto mode after noticing that it was washing out the blue sky, although, to be fair, the horizon was frequently hazy, during the day. Most of the dusk and dawn pictures came out very nicely.

A few pictures just flat out did not come out in low light situations, either washed out with the flash or some strange vignetting. In low light situations, using the LCD live view screen was preferable to composing and focussing with the view finder.

It has a tremendous zoom, but a tripod would be necessary when it is zoomed to the outer range, beyond 800 mm. Another reason for the
purchase was that it has a viewfinder as well as the LCD live view screen. However, hand held using the viewfinder worked out fine to about the 800 mm zoom length.

I admit that part of the problem may be that I did not spend enough time with it before I left on my trip. However, bringing this camera was preferable to hauling around my DSLR with all the ancillary equipment.

In low light situations there can also be a significant time lag between when the shutter is depressed and the picture is written to the memory card.

Battery life is superb.

At under $200, I think that the camera is reasonably priced. Now that it is priced close to $300 I would consider another camera that offers at least a remote shutter release and a threaded lens barrel that will accept a haze filter to protect the lens.
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on July 31, 2015
Had it a few weeks now and taken a couple hundred images and a few movies and it has exceeded my expectations. The 1080 movies are a bit blocky. Kick the resolution back a bit and it plays very nicely. Fantastic zoom but almost impossible to use without some kind of support. The image stabilization can't quite cope at full zoom offhand. The Panorama mode definitely saves Photoshop time stitching images together. Macro is very good. The wide angle lens lets you get quite a lot in, in one shot. And I am amazed at the quality of the images taken inside w/o a flash. Am using 32gb high speed cards and you really have to work to even begin to fill one.
Also love the fact it can use off the shelf high capacity rechargeable AA batteries. No proprietary, can't be found, batteries here.
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Enthusiast: Photographyon September 6, 2015
For the price, this is a nice camera. I've shot some really nice photos and video with it, including nice landscapes and vistas, and also very close-up flora and fauna. Just took it on a trip to the mountains in Arizona, and captured some terrific views. If you're looking for a long-zoom bridge camera at less cost than the Nikon or Canon offerings, this would probably suit your needs very well.
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on September 8, 2016
Been using this for over a year now for Wildlife photography and am very satisfied on the whole. The price for functionality is unbeatable. I use shutter priority mode for what I need.

A few gripes:
This camera is not great in low light conditions. It struggles to keep color in the photo on the highest ISO settings and a reasonable shutter speed.
Using the flash means you can't adjust the exposure in none automatic modes, this leads to over exposed images even with the exposure set all the way down.
The auto lens retract after ~15 seconds in photo view mode is annoying and there is no way to disable it.
The settings reset shortcut being turn the camera on and off several times is a hindrance when the lens occasionally fails to retract on power off. You instinctively try to turn the camera back on, only for it to not turn on and you do this again, and again, then wait a few seconds, try again, and success! Now the lens retracts and the camera turns back on but it's reset all your settings and you have to scramble to get your shutter speed set before that mystery warbler you just spotted flies off into the ether.
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on September 11, 2015
I have to say this is a pretty amazing hybrid camera, small, light weight...takes amazing closeups, has an amazing zoom capability, really more of a camera then I ever imagined. I got it to have something in between my small point and shoot camera and my big canon. Also this camera runs on batteries, 4 AA batteries...however the best batteries to use that will make the camera like all of the other lithium battery camera's is to buy Panasonic eneloop NiMH Smart Batteries. These batteries are absolutely the best and last as long as any of my other camera rechargeable batteries.
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