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on April 10, 2014
I just purchased this sony nwzw274s few days ago and arrived incredibly fast. Thanks Amazon. =) This mp3 player is pretty comfortable. The earplug fits perfectly and the sound is amazing. I did the test during shower and still working like a charm with its waterproof feature. The battery last almost 7 hours and half, recharged fully in 1 hour and 10 minutes. Perfect for gym (no wires in your pocket anymore), swimming, running, even for sleeping. 8 GB can store a lot of mp3 files. I recommend to put some songs with 160kbps/192kbps quality. Even sweating, the mp3 player plastic parts wasn't affected at all and the earplugs were still in position. Highly recommended!
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on July 14, 2014
Have not written too many reviews about purchases on Amazon. Well, in this case again, I just feel compelled to do so ! I have searched for an MP3 player that I can swim with for a very long time. Tried a number of others but this is the ONLY one which works well and consistently while swimming. First tried a product from Speedo, then the so called waterproofed ipod shuffle (waterfi). All of them worked for a few days (yes days only !!), then just died. This Sony product works like a charm and my swims have never been the same - makes my time in the water something to look forward to.
Note that you will need to install the Sony Media Go software onto your laptop to easily transfer songs to the Walkman unit. This review is for the 4 GB product which stores a good many songs but not a large collection. One last tip - even thought it sounds counter intuitive, I found that keeping the wire strap OUTSIDE my swim cap helped immensely. Happy swimming !!
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on April 30, 2016
I have had other waterproof MP3 players and this is the best one. No more wires! Yippie. I like the software for transferring music to the player and the play lists. I know that some people complained that it is not loud enough. Well you have to choose between the water and non-water ear buds. The water ones make it quieter. I just turn up the full volume and it is plenty loud enough for me. You can use the non-water ones, but you may get water in your ears. Also, other reviews complain about the fit of the ear buds and difficulty using the controls. So what I did is I made sure I spent some quality time with my new toy before taking it to the pool. Be sure to plan time to load your music, create play lists, and learn to get the proper fit/position of the ear piece and the head band, and learn the controls. Watch the videos and read the instructions. If you do this you will be very happy with this player.

I am a very intense water aerobic/aqua fitness user. I jump and bounce around a lot. The player stayed in place on my head and the ear pieces never popped out. With the no wires design it is perfect because there are no wires to get tangled up and then pull on the buds. I use the water ear buds and at full volume which is perfect. I can hear the music and drown out my splashing and other people in the pool. I am telling you this because I cannot tell you how they will work swimming or under water. They are perfect for my water workout routine.

Also, I took the time to create 45-60 minute high/moderate BPM music play lists, and then 10-15 minute more mellow/cool down play lists. I named with a number such as 1, 2, 3, and so on as the first character in the name that way I could sequence them with a workout, then cool down play list. Then I just use the next/previous buttons to scan through my play lists more easily.
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on August 24, 2014
It took some getting used to, but I swam today and my workout was a pleasure due to this product. It comes with ear buds for swimming, and also ear buds for other activities. I was not able to use the swimming buds, which include a little mesh barrier to help keep water out. The mesh lowered the volume enough that I couldn't hear. To clarify, I like to listen to podcasts when I swim. I listened to the sample music files that came with the device and could hear them fairly well even with the swimming buds. The problem was that podcasts are harder for me to hear than music. I solved the problem by using the regular buds, which don't include a mesh barrier. Using the regular buds means that you have to be extra careful not to let water in, but the volume can be set high enough that it drowns out the sound of water rushing by your head as you swim. When I did get water in the ear buds, the sound became very low, or gone completely. This was very frustrating, until my wife suggested that I wear a swimming cap. This required more trial and error, to find a cap that fit right and covered my ears well enough. Now that I've found the perfect set up, I may look pretty goofy wearing the cap, but I don't care. I have all my podcasts and music as I swim, and I'm delighted. Incidentally, adding or removing sound files to this device is an absolute breeze. Open a folder, drag and drop, done.
Highly recommended.
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on November 22, 2016
Had a pair for over 2 years no problems. Finally wouldn't charge anymore and bought these. Couldn't get any of my computers to recognize it. Finally got it to work with my oldest laptop. Put 50 songs on it and that was it. No more recognition, and wouldn't charge. Sent it back and did not try to buy another.
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on April 30, 2016
Have been using for about 1 year. Fantastic sound quality when used under water; sounds exactly the same above water or below. Comfortable to wear and makes swimming laps so much more enjoyable. Best to use on "random play" rather than trying to change to specific songs. A few things do annoy. On-off button is very small; have to use fingernail to operate it, but other buttons (song advance, mode toggle, sound level) are larger and easy to use. Often cannot get the USB charging cradle to connect and be recognized (multiple PCs) where other devices using the same slots have no issue. Overall the device is so good I've eliminated my other small clip-on MP3 players and now use this player when working out, riding bike, jogging and swimming.
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on January 20, 2015
I bought this unit intending to use it for cardio jump rope workouts. I carefully reviewed the YouTube videos regarding how to properly fit the unit, and this was useful. When Jumping Rope, after several minutes of use, about the time I start to break a sweat, everything changes. The tensioning cord slips out of position from the moisture due to sweat and the earbuds simply pop out of my ears when they get wet from perspiration. Even a "yawn" gesture when sweating causes the earbuds to release from my ears easily. The only remedy for me is to wear a bandana to hold everything close to my ears and head. Sometimes too much sweat can enter the earbud and severely attenuate the sound. When dry this unit fits and sounds great and is easy to use, but buyer beware, if you sweat while using this unit, be cautioned that it will likely it slip out of position and fall out of your ears. There are many positive features: I love the sound quality, but the bass is a little weak. The user interface tones and voice annunciations are excellent audio queues when operating. Bottom line, if you aren't someone who sweats heavily during exercise, then this unit is probably your best value.
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on July 31, 2015
Why buy Sony Walkman? .... if you are a SWIMMER, or enjoy the water, keep reading.
WOWWWWWW got to say that I am impressed. Read many reviewed and have to say that I hesitant in buying this product, tons of good and bad reviews. Here is the way I think about it all:
1) Before anything, you have to receive a non-defective unit, then you can go from there. (so all the bad reviews because it just did not work should not count, as one just need to request a replacement)
2) so now that it works, 2nd thing is to find an ear bud that fits perfectly: tight but not uncomfortable (this MP3 player has 6 different set including 2 waterproof)
3) Load the program into your computer: it's as easy as plugging in the USB cable.
4) Go for a swim

I am a lap swimmer, 20 laps + each time, almost daily. I love my Sony Walkman!!! Listening to the music with the wonderful feel of the water. Sound as clear as when I am in my living room. Music does not go off or fade when u hit the water, it fun even going under water 3-4 feet down...

Of note since all advantage and inconvenient should be pointed out: when you were it and are getting yourself ready for your swim, make sure your swim cap, MP3 player and goggles are the exact way you want to be. If you are used to re-adjusting your swim cap while swimming this will be tricky with the MP3 player as it sits on the swim cap (making it ride up a little bit on the back). Readjusting caps or goggle would mean everything will get readjusted.

Have a happy swim!!! I love mine!!!
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on April 26, 2017
I began swimming as my daily exercise 12 - 13 years ago. I have always needed some kind of music as I found the experience boring but one I loved to do.

I started with the H2O brand and used them for years, but the units would break down too quickly. Then I moved on to GO phones which similarly fell short after a short amount of use. So this time, I thought I had shopped and compared and made an informed decision by buying SONY the brand that made the best Walkman and other devices for audiophiles!

I was very happy when I got it - it was sleek like the GO phone in that I didn't have to have something pinned on to my goggles or swimsuit like the IPod. I couldn't wait to try it! But not only are the buttons so small and hard to deal with - it is very hard to hear the music as I swim! Either the volume capability has been manufactured too low - or maybe some water gets in between my ear and the headphones (although that's what is said on the packaging, that is not what I found to be true). In sum - the sound volume is TERRIBLE!

I am EXTREMELY disappointed - and don't really know what to do besides just return it and begin my search again. SONY was a brand I believed was an example of excellence in sound - not so much anymore - if this is their best.... I'm bummed.
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on June 14, 2016
We have purchased four of these Sony Walkman NWZ-W273 headphones (and 2-3 JLab headphones before). We use them while swimming - about one hour each time, several times a week for a couple of years. The sound is good. Functions are basic - power on/off, play/stop, next/previous, shuffle on/off, volume up/down, lock functions. The buttons can be difficult to press. The headphones are light and feel comfortable while wearing. It is sometimes difficult to achieve a connection with the USB cradle, but practice helps. We've lost a few to water damage and have learned what parts of the "waterproof" headphones are important to keep dry, as explained below. In summary, listening to music while swimming nearly eliminates the monotony and, while not cheap, these headphones provide a good solution as long as you are able to achieve a good earbud fit and take proper precautions.

The headphones will work well and last a long time IF water is kept out of the inner workings of the headphones. There are three barriers to help achieve this: (1) the screen on the tip of the headphone outlet, (2) the screen on the swimming earbud and its tight fit to the headphone outlet, and (3) a good fit between the earbud and your ear canal (critically important). While the screens help keep water out, they are only temporary barriers. The most important barrier is a good earbud fit to your ear canal, which keeps water out of your inner ear and away from the screen barriers. Without a good fit, the screens will eventually give way and allow water to enter and eventually damage the inside of the headphones. Three sizes of swim earbuds are provided, which may or may not work for you. One size fits me perfectly. None fit my wife perfectly, but she achieves a good fit by using a headband to keep the headphones in place while swimming.

The screens should be kept as dry as possible, especially the tip of the headphone outlet. Cover the earbud opening with a finger when rinsing the headphones. If water gets into the earbud, remove the earbud from the headphone, blow-off the headphone tip screen, and blow through the earbud opening to remove water. Do the same if water inadvertently enters your inner ear while swimming.
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