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on March 14, 2014
The Xbox One is a pretty good system as it is so this is a pretty good deal. Just to make it clear, you get a controller, the standard $25 chat headset, the Kinect Sensor, the basic accessories, and Titanfall. Titanfall is similar to today's first person shooters except for that there are robots involved.

Comparison to Xbox 360:

Xbox one loads up much more quickly, and boots games very quickly.
The graphics are beautiful, but not a ridiculous amount better.
There is no more start menu. Instead you can freely navigate the main menu, even while in a game.
The system is sooo quiet
Kinect motion controls can be unresponsive and are not worth the effort
Kinect Voice Commands are pretty good and work most of the time.
Party chat has a different interface, but works in mostly the same way.

A major difference is that with a purchasable adapter, you can use any pair of headphones that you own to listen to game sound. It just plugs into your controller. If the headphones have a mic the you can also speak through them.

You cannot, unfortunately, talk cross platform. If am on the One and you are on the 360, we cannot talk through party chat or listen to each other's voice messages.

If you have any other question please feel free to contact me. I hope this helped.
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on October 23, 2015
To be honest at first I wasn't sure about the Xbox One.. I have preferred my Playstation 2 to my Xbox, I preferred my PS3 to my Xbox360. So I pretty much expected the same with the new generations. When I first got my X1 it immediately became 2nd to my PS4, and with the first wave of games I played on each system, it seemed that this generation of consoles would be the same. The first game that really made me turn to X1 was Sunset Overdrive. That game alone immediately justified the large amount of money I paid for the system. After I played Sunset Overdrive I realized that the X1 is AWESOME. The next game I played was The Witcher 3 and again I was able to see what the X1 was capable of. For the first time in 14 years I actually choose Xbox over Playstation. I preordered Fallout 4 choosing the X1 over the PS4 version because I actually think it will be slightly better in graphics and smoother in gameplay. In addition I like the weight of the controllers for the X1 more, I find it more comfortable. I think Microsoft finally brought some competition to Sony.
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on July 7, 2014
Regarding the Xbox One, it's a good system, but I play my PS4 more. PS4 auto records the past 15 minutes of gameplay, while Xbox One only does the past 30 seconds, or you can manually start recording for 5 minutes. PS4 streams in 1080p, while xbox one streams in 720p. PS4 architecture is better designed and as such, is getting the better multiplats because they are being developed for it, and ported to xbox one. I find more people on the ps4 are open minded and aren't yelling about my mother. If they are, they usually get muted by everyone rather quick. I've only talked to one person on Titanfall, and they had just made the switch from PS3. Titanfall is fun, but it gets repetitive quickly, and the screen tearing in the middle of the screen is unbearable. Sad to say, but the only reason I'm hanging onto the Xbox One, is the Halo MCC. I can't wait to tear it up in Halo 2 MP again. A ten year old game is the system seller. This is all subjective though, and does not necessarily represent everyone's experience with the console.
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on September 3, 2014
Xbox One is a great console, regardless of what you may hear. Microsoft's monthly system updates keeps it continually fresh and more user-friendly, the game selection is growing exponentially, and the exclusives for Fall of 2014 are tantalizing to say the least. The Kinect has been phenomenal -- this is coming from someone who previously wanted nothing to do with the accessory -- and almost always recognizes my voice on the first try (occasionally, the "Xbox On" command will not work, but not enough to detract from its usefulness. It works 98% of the time for me).

If you are a smartphone user, the Xbox One SmartGlass app is a fantastic peripheral for the system. It enables your phone to be used as a remote, you can make purchases from the Xbox Store while on the go, and you may check your Xbox Live feed at any time. It's really great, and I consider it essential to the ecosystem.

If you are purchasing Xbox One as primarily an entertainment product rather than a gaming product, you will be pleased to know the console offers fantastic voice recognition for channel searching, and instantly switches between channels you say (e.g. "Xbox, go to Comedy Central" will take you there in a split second). Snap-able apps such as Skype can keep the experience fresh, especially for those of you entrenched in Microsoft's ecosystem. If you are a parent looking to keep in touch with your kid while still watching television, it can be very useful.

Other apps include ESPN, MLB, NFL, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Twitch, MLG, and more. As I previously mentioned, you will not be disappointed if you are using this console as your primary entertainment system. This is, of course, before I even mention that it has the ability to control your entire entertainment system. For example, you may configure the console so that when it turns on, it also turns on your cable box and television. Kinect voice commands such as "Xbox, volume up" allow you to turn the volume up or down (or mute) using only your voice -- no need to search for the proper remotes, which is especially convenient if you have as many as I do.

Primarily, I use Xbox One as a gaming console. I have been lucky enough to have owned each and every console since the early 1990s (as well as staying on top of the ever-growing gaming PC market), and I must say that the Xbox One is simply the best console out there for what I am personally looking for. From great games to a wide variety of apps to voice commands, hand gestures, and more, the Xbox One is a powerhouse that will undoubtedly be a staple of my entertainment center for many years to come.
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on August 7, 2015
[1] g) "Warranty Period" for Xbox One means 1 year from the date You purchased it; and for Accessories, means 90 days from the date You purchased it. (Source: Microsoft)

Admittedly, I watch something like 3 BR movies a week, although I don’t use the console for gaming because I’m not that impressed with the selection when compared to the 360. Now - 14 months after purchase the BR-Drive has lost its’ mind, stuttering and grinding into oblivion. Service Center wants $115 to fix it. Amusing. That’s 25% the value with no guarantees.

The plasma TV that I bought when the 360 came out was in its’ time the largest model available, 42-inch diagonal @ 1080i. XBox 360 runs it like a champ, however the XBox One can’t sync and my $2400 investment is downgraded to 720p which is definitely noticeable. I realize today that the TV could be replaced (and have looked at the highly impressive UDH/4K which are a lot less coin) but why bother when the XBox One is maxed out at 1080p? My PC can do better!

The settings on the One have less fidelity than the 360. My Avatar has less features; I use the 360 to update it instead. What’s with that?

The truth is I’m on my 3rd 360 console as well which means these guys making consoles are fleecing us with their shoddy engineering and corner cutting. I can repair the 360 on my own and have. Not the same on the One.

Speaking from experience, I’m a veteran hardware/software engineer; I’ve worked at Microsoft for 2 decades and naturally have a lot of respect for many their projects. I also know how to design and build consumer products. It's a tough call but if I had to make the purchase over again, I wouldn’t.

My point: Imagine - If this was a car or refrigerator that broke down every year and cost you 25% of value each time, tell me - would you accept that? Like Windows 8.1, the XBox One was flawed when conceived; half-baked with promise that actually delivers less, and not worth the value.

That it - I’m taking another star away.
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on June 7, 2014
Graphics are amazing. Good. let's get that out of the way.

It's seven months since release and it's still a piece meal assemblage of disparate apps.

It wants to own my media - but it can't rip CDs. I can't play music in the background unless it's one of my snapped apps. It still doesn't have DLNA. It's media control is still pretty basic for TV & DVRs and lacks many DVR control features. The TV lacks numbers. It requires me to name all channels.

The Kinect is better and worse. Better resolution and detection - but audio detection and translation remains very very poor.

The new Xbox One media remote is also very poor (they really want you using Kinect). it's cute but again if you've used the very nice XBOX 360 remote you'll find it quite lacking. it's also not wireless (unfortunately also like the 360 media remote)

Unfortunately Microsoft, as usual, has a very narrow and myopic usage profile. if you like to do the things the exact way they planned then you will be very happy. Otherwise you'll find it very jarring and annoying to navigate.

Don't get me wrong - I like XBOX. That is the XBOX 360. The XBOX ONE still isn't as capable nor as seamless as the XBOX 360.

So if my son hadn't saved up to buy one then I'd have continued voting with my wallet and we'd be exclusively on XBOX 360.

So we have one. But it won't be getting much money or time from us until it has all the missing features (many mentioned above) and isn't so jarring to use.

Sorry Microsoft but I wish I hadn't bought this. If you don't like this review then please just write your own review.

I would have paid for an XBOX 360 MK 2. I.E. Major hardware upgrade but pretty much everything else the same. I need to see if the PS4 is what I really need; can't be worse than this.

I liked the near singularity of the "gaming box". As for PCs, when I got the 360 one still had to chase hardware on PCs, and I didn't want to do that. Esp for two kids and I each with their own PCs. So a "if it's a game for this box it will work" was a major draw. The other that most of my friends were on 360. So the social hook.

PCs have come a long way power wise, and chasing hardware isn't much of an issue, at least to play most games reasonably well. Other paradigms like STEAM are really disrupting the "game console" mode. That said, performance of Steam game ports varies widely, and I have had to juice up my two sons machines a bit. Mostly memory but an opportunistic hand-me-down for the other. Not like the old days but all the non-native code is still very inefficient. Works good enough most of the time.

I think the Steam type paradigm will ultimately win. Especially as with PCs and other devices - Roku, Google TV, Apple TV, Amazon Prime/TV, Cable/SAT DVR, that (1) too many people want to be my exclusive, and (2) they all want $70-$100 or more per year if not month.

Anybody not worried about the lock-ins with the above should remember (do you?) Yahoo Music. Once a premier service it overnight turned off all the servers.

The PC type paradigm is the only things for the most part that can give us the autonomy. Roku to some extent isn't a lock in, but it also doesn't manage ownership of content, and that's a big part of this. But a Roku type device (so "standard with standard apps and deterministic performance) with some storage and maybe DRM could give us the deterministic behaviour of a box with the autonomy of a PC. (and naturally, PC versions of all the apps).

My son love the graphics, and is admittedly a console geek, but even he doesn't think we should make the ONE the centerpiece of the living. So yet another expensive toy to add to the selectable mix.
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on August 19, 2015
I planned to purchase a PS4 and wait for Halo 5 to buy the Xbox. After being won over by Titanfall previews I decided to get this bundle instead. I'll start with the game, then the console and how it compares to my PS4 that I just bought:

Titanfall: A fun new concept for an online shooter which bypasses a tradition campaign to focus on the multiplayer only combat. The servers were never an issue for me (compared to Destiny, a Bungie loot grindfest with pretty graphics and a lobotomized story) and the graphics were good enough. It was fun for a while but eventually lost my interest due to the lack of story.

Xbox One: This is a fantastic home theatre PC that can also play games! The kinetic is definitely worthwhile and allows for hands-free Hulu and Netflix watching. I am a longtime Halo fan and look forward to Halo 5 on this next gen console. The controller is a definite improvement over the Xbox 360. Microsoft is continually improving the Xbox OS and it will certainly see changes over the next few years that will only make it better (DirectX 12, cross platform gaming).

Compared to PS4: Now that I own both consoles the difference is very clear. The PS4 has a better controller (more innovative features like the trackpad and built-in 3.5mm audio jack), far more powerful GPU (1152 stream processors vs Xbox 768, 6 more asymmetric compute units, 32 vs 16 ROPs, GDDR5 vs DDR3 RAM), smaller package with built in power supply. Why did Microsoft go with such a large form factor and not put in power brick inside the case? Ultimately these are both GAMING consoles, and if you prefer gaming for the PS4. I'll still dust of the Xbox One for the exclusives like Quantum Break and Halo 5.

Xbox, why you bring so small a GPU and big power brick to console party?
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on May 21, 2014
First off - If your Xbox One does not come with a cheat sheet for your Kinect sensor, I highly recommend it. It is available online. You can just Google it. It gives you all the major voice commands that can be performed by your voice e.g. "Xbox use a code" and then you can just show your Titanfall game code card that comes with the console. Your Kinect will read the code within a second whether you are far away or close. It is really awesome and works perfectly. Note: The Titanfall game took me about 4 hours to download on 30 Gigabytes through my cable internet provider. All the needed upgrades when I first turned on my console took maybe 15 minutes. It all depends on how quick your internet is.

I finally got my Xbox One. I am fully aware that on May 13, 2014 Microsoft made the announcement that they would sell on June 9 the console without a Kinect for $399. I like the move because some do not have the need for a Kinect attached to the console. Although, I found out that it is actually pretty awesome to have one.

Microsoft is not dictating that some of us have to buy the Kinect sensor anymore. They always had a certain attitude that it is their way or no way. Therefore, I was just sitting on the sideline. I did not like the bullying and all the rules because it did not make any sense. I did not like their attitude from the start. As a consumer I felt this was very arrogant but they finally listened to the consumers. Microsoft did their mea culpa so to speak and I bought the Xbox One Titanfall bundle with Kinect based on their actions. My thinking was for $499 you get a game. Basically, it is like paying $50 or so extra on the $399 for a camera plus a game included. Not too bad pricewise.

Microsoft has listened to us. A bit late but nevertheless they did. In addition, they announced that starting with June they will offer free games for Xbox live Gold members on Xbox One as they already did for Xbox 360. This should have been done sooner because this did not make any sense why you could get 2 free games on one console and not on other one with Xbox Live Gold. My Xbox Live membership is active for both consoles and work flawlessly on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Note: One thing I noticed is that the Xbox 360 has more APPS than the Xbox one. I am sure that this is a work in process. Also, everything is nicer now on the homepage for Xbox one compared to Xbox 360. Less confusing you could say.

The installation was pretty easy. The Xbox One connects straight to your TV and replaces the connection from your cable box. The nice thing is at least it does not require an extra HDMI port on your TV. That HDMI cable from your cable box goes now straight to your Xbox One. The Xbox one Kinect allows you to change the channels by voice e.g. "Xbox watch CNN" or of course by remote. It is up to you. It is pretty neat and I am sure Microsoft is going to improve on any issues. Another feature I like the best is that you can split your screen for a game you are playing and watch live TV at the same time. Under your Xbox One "options" it gives you the ability to control the volume for your game and TV. If you want the volume to be higher for your game while you are playing you can do that and whatever you are watching on live TV will have a lower volume or vice versa. It is up to you. This is really the feature I like the best on Xbox One. I can do 2 things at once. It gives you plenty of choices. If you want to split your screen with Skype and a game you can.

I have not played Titanfall yet. The only game I played so far is Tomb Raider Definitive Edition. The graphics are awesome and the game is extremely fun.

I get back from work. I say: "Xbox on" and everything turns on such as my cable box, TV, Xbox One console and surround sound. The Kinect signs me automatically in once it sees my face, click on my game that I played last and within a second I continue where I left off.

All in all, I am pretty satisfied because this is a pretty awesome console. The console is always powered on in the background when you watch TV and connects within seconds to your favorite games. The console stays quiet and does not heat up.
One last thing I would like to mention. The controller for Xbox One has to same sensations as the Xbox 360 to me. They are both excellent controllers.
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on December 12, 2014
The Xbox One- especially paired with a Kinect- has served me very well. The cable TV passthrough is great, can pause and play DVR stuff without even touching my cable remote. I use the YouTube app to watch Let's Plays in bed before I fall asleep. I play Halo, Destiny, Titanfall and Forza on this console and all of them work great (with the exception of Halo.... but it's the game that's broken there, nothing to do with the platform.) Honestly, if you only get one next-gen console, make it this.
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on May 27, 2015
As of 2015 it works great, games not so much. It works worse than the 360 since it's 2 years almost since launch.

Pros: Titanfall is fun and its dedicated servers from Azure actually make it more playable than MCC, UI is great when it works, Kinect is fun when it works, controller is fun to use more than the 360 controller, that's it really.

Cons: The Kinect does and doesn't work, they provided a accessory that sits on the top of your television that you yell at for either listening to you wrong or picking up idle conversation like just saying XBOX will activate it, it doesn't matter if it was in the middle of a conversation. Controller is the best of the Xbox line, it's never let me down, maybe except for the time I've charged it up and it'll lose connection in the middle of a Crota Raid on Destiny, so I always keep it plugged in for fear of that happening again. Microphone is a piece of poo, I tried to save it from being one but it kept on surprising me with how poorly made it was, it broke after a year of using it day in day out, when I don't want to buy a new one it's kinda bad for it to break when it did because don't even think about using Kinect or you'll be yelling at your friends instead of talking to them. The USER INTERFACE is the worst thing I have ever had to experience in my entire life, it's slow buggy on every single app ever developed day one for the Xbox One, the Friends app/Xbox Live has always gone down for maintenance like once a day, like what did I pay $450 for (at the time)?

The games were hyped up to be more than they were worth

Destiny:For being the Halo Killer it was pretty boring, I got to level 29 just as everybody else as quick as possible. the most fun in that game was the loot cave which was patched out, boring levels after having to trek through them over and over again.

Halo MCC: This will be more of a Halo 5 wishlist, than a MCC cons list, it was hyped to be the seller of Xbox's, well we saw how that turned out, Halo 5 better play and work well in order for me not to sell the Xbox One for being such garbage, because Halo got me an Xbox Original and a whole bunch of games after that. It has to have dedicated servers for both Custom games and matchmaking working as they promised day one that MCC didn't have the chance to, it has to have and amazing story with a flawless save system unlike MCC, lots of armor we can actually customize instead of the static armor sets and pallets we get in MCC, a party system that doesn't crash or kick your party members out for having a worse connection than you unlike MCC, and over all not having such a heavy burden to actually play the game.

Over all the console isn't that bad, it's more of what do you pay for and what actually works. Does the Kinect work, do the games work as advertised, in all honesty a PC works way more efficiently than a Xbox One ever could hope to achieve in it's 7 year console lifespan.
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