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on March 30, 2015
we were really excited to get a baby seat we could take with us to our relatives' houses and easily slip onto various tables.
but we've run into two big problems, which have lead to this chair just being permanently mounted in one place in our house.

1) the mount requires a vertical under bar to slide way deep under the table, to put pressure up into the the top grip, to hold it all snugly. this means it won't work with tables that have a lip underneath (a "shield" ? "flashing"? what do you call that ornamental design? seems like all tables have this couple inches of wood lip which prevent us from slipping this chair onto them at all).

2) the canvas cloth ends on one side of this vertical pipe loop. while the table butts into the opposite side of this pipe loop. so there's almost an inch of gap (the width of the pipe) right there in front of the baby. by design. which means baby takes every food things we put in front of him and slides/throws it through this gap - onto the floor.
We've tried to put a makeshift mat or trough in the gap, to catch things, but it's never worked. Insead we've just gotten used to a lot of floor clean up after every use. very frustrating
3?) another annoyance is that it has a velcro flap right in the crotch, to cover the snapping belt lock mechanism. baby is instantly fascinated with this and peels it back. and then rubs food into the velcro area. which is very hard to clean out. maybe this is just our especially curious baby. and this product does let you take the canvas covering off completely, so it can be washed (in a washing machine). which is nice. (it came fully assembled, so we didn't know this at first).
just a minor gripe that i wish this velcro flap was longer, or had some way to better secure so baby couldn't peel it up and gum up the works underneath.

edit: my wife took a couple photos, and sent this additional text along:
"I do think it's pretty easy to put on tables and counters that don't have an apron or skirt. And it does fold up nice for travel. I feel that it is sturdy and safe, if the table accommodates it.

But, yeah, the space between the belt and table is super annoying!
+ note:we tried the Summer Infant Tiny Diner. I didn't like how the sides had to flop over or go under the arms and I couldn't get the suction cups to hold on our table so it didn't lay flat."
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on October 23, 2014
We use our "Fast Table Chair" every day. We don't have a lot of extra space in our home but do have a center island that we can hook our chair up to. This chair is very secure, comfortable for our daughter, and even though the fabric gets pretty mucked with food - it can be easily wiped clean with soapy water and a dish towel. You can see in the photo that we also use a "tiny diner" mat that fits well with the chair and catches a lot of the food that would end up on her lap otherwise. Our daughter is now 7.5 months old but we used this chair as soon as she was able to keep her head up. She started with a folded towel behind her back. She really loves to watch me in the kitchen and with this chair she has a front row seat. This is a must-have in my opinion.
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on September 3, 2015
This weekend we experienced a scary accident with this chair when our 9.5mo fell several feet to the kitchen floor from this chair despite being buckled in. She was able to tuck her feet under her and jump out while my back was momentarily turned. I was standing no more than 5 feet from her, but she was able to shimmy out of the chair incredibly quickly. After a visit to the ER and a few days of observation, we are relieved that she is fine.

Photo included from Inglesina's website with conflicting instruction that the chair can be used from 6-36months or up to 37lbs.

Upon reviewing the instructions for this seat, however, we were surprised to learn that there is a disclaimer for discontinued use for babies once they are able to stand. This information, however, was fairly buried in a long list of general disclaimers found only on the product manual. We were dismayed that the up-front callouts on this package highlighted that the seat usage limits were from 6mo-37lbs. For us, like many parents we know, was a sell point. Being able to use the seat for an extended period of time was compelling. Given the disclaimer, this useful life of this product would be from 6-9 months for most children. I have been contacting Inglesina to point out that this is highly misleading, but have been receiving only messages that they appreciate my concern. Further, the product website has no mention of this ‘discontinue use when standing’, other than via a download of their product guide (which was unavailable on my Mac). There is a conflicting note of information on their instructional video that states that the chair CAN be used from 6-36 months or up to 37lbs. We can assume that most babies are able to stand well before the 36mo limit. This safety call out is not mentioned in their product page or the FAQs that accompany the page. My primary concern is that Inglesina will hesitate to call out this safety disclaimer as it will significantly dampen sales based on consumers’ perception of this chair’s useful life. Reading the positive reviews on Amazon, it seems most parents believe that this seat can be used for an extended period of time.
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on February 12, 2015
love this chair and so does my son. I love that he can hang out while I cook dinner or make lunch. It works perfectly on our kitchen island and since we are tight on space, a great alternative (at least for a while) for a high chair. Recommend the Sassy suction toys to keep them busy as well.
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on April 5, 2015
I LOVED this highchair!...despite having to throw it in the washer constantly because it can't be wipped down. But once my little man turned 11 months he got into the standing phase. It only has a belt to go around his waiste. No matter how tight we make it, hes still able to stand up and then get out. This product needs a 5 point harness system.
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on June 26, 2016
I bought this for my 18 month old daughter, 23 lbs. it was a hard decision since it may not be for long use (until 36 lbs) we love the chair, it attaches to our island in the kitchen and she can see everything!! She sometimes gets upset when we take her out! Anyways, we bought the suggested clear tray to go with the chair. It's POOR design. First of all, there is a fab between the chair itself and the table so she constantly pushes food to the floor or drops it because it's right under her from eating. (Look at picture attached, with her bib) then the tray either ruins the rubber handles it attaches too or if you attach it to the bar, the tray does not pay flat so any juices flows towards her which then creates more of a mess. I'm a little annoyed with how it's not that functional wit the chair. But we love the chair. Hope this helps with your purchase...
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on June 28, 2014
Feels really safe, love the color, and baby loves it. The trouble is baby LOVES it and likes to suck and chew on every area of the chair. She's also only 6 months old and experimenting with food is happening and messes are an everyday thing. I wish the chair came with a slip cover - or was easier to disassemble for easier deep cleaning. A simple wipe down hasn't worked for us.
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on June 12, 2014
This chair is beautifully styled. That being said it didn't fit on three different tables we tried. If the table has a standard 4 inch lip underneath it is almost impossible to get the chair to attach and even when you do it takes away from the whole "fast" aspect. Even though we did not really get to use it because of the fit issue I still love it and am considering a new table!
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on December 8, 2016
I wish I could give this no stars. No matter how tight I tighten the belt buckle on this, my 1 year old daughter can easily wiggle her way out. I hate this seat, it's so dangerous. The clean up is horrible, food gets stuck between the seat cushion and the base of the seat and mushes into all the corners. I cannot believe the seat has not been recalled.
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on January 23, 2015
Does 173 positive reviews mean much to you? It did to me and so I thought I fell into a $$ waste until it showed up and I used it at a restaurant. It is freaking awesome! No more rough, dirty wooden chairs. This chair come up all the way to LO's neck. Very soft with offing on the seat and supportive. Even the hubby who hates spending $$ insisted this was one heck of a buy. Be kind to yourself and your baby. But this and dine at restaurants and at friend's homes knowing your baby isn't hurting their backs. Note -read the instructions thoroughly. And the first 2 times will take a bit longer to instal but soon you'll be a pro at installing it.
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