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on June 16, 2015
My review is going to be a comparison between Adidas ClimaCool boxer, Under armour Heatgear Boxerjock, Champion tech performance boxer brief, and Reebok performance boxer brief.

I got tired of the cotton boxer briefs performance on a daily basis as they ride up, the legs expand, and they lack the ability to wick away moisture. I would constantly complain so my wife ended up doing research and buying me 4 pairs of the under armour boxerjock. I wasn't too happy with the price as a pack of two cost 35 dollars so I decided to go out and try to find a pair that might be just as great at a lower cost.

Adidas ClimaCool

The waistband fits comfortably as my wast is 35 inches and I have no issue. They do not ride up and they wick away sweat while also keeping me cool. I have not had any issues with chafing or experienced swamp butt while wearing these and participating in any mild to high activity. When one puts these on they are a little tighter around the legs then the other pairs but this keeps them secure and prevents them from riding up. I ordered them from Amazon when they cost 21 dollars for two pairs which puts them around 10 dollars a pair which isn't too bad. The material is thin, yet thick enough to wick away moisture and not easily breakdown. The only problem I would forsee when buying these is if your package is more than average it might be more compressed then you would want. I wear these on a daily basis and I haven't had any issues and the material seems like it will last a long time. They are more than comfortable enough for daily wear and protect your package during high activity, i.e. running or sports.

Under Armour Boxerjock

Out of all the pairs this is my favorite as they sit a little lower, have an ample sack area that doesn't compress my package yet provides support. The material is thin enough to breathe, yet thick enough to properly wick away the moisture. The legs do not ride up and the waistband is comfortable. You get two pairs for 35 dollars meaning around 17.5 dollars per pair. I have already gone back to the store to buy a fifth and sixth pair with a ten dollar off coupon at a sporting store. I wear these on a daily basis and I forget that I even have them on. I also just keep them on when I run or workout and they perform just as well. No matter what type of activity I put these through they keep me from chaffing and experiencing swamp butt.

Champion tech performance boxer briefs

If you do not feel like paying as much money for the under armour boxer briefs but you want something similar these might be what you are looking for. They sit higher then the boxerjock but the material feels almost the same. You can easily wear these on a daily basis and forget they are there. I have not had any issues with the legs riding up during everyday wear or physical activity. They wick away moisture without any issues. I don't feel that they provide as much support to your package as the boxerjock does but they do provide support. The product doesn't feel cheap and it feels like it will last a long time.

Reebok performance boxer briefs

I was able to get a set of 3 at a local store for 15 dollars so I thought I would take the jump on these. Everywhere I looked online they were around 22 to 30 dollars so I figured I got a great deal. After taking them out of the package I noticed that they were thinner then the rest of the performance boxer briefs I had bought. I started wearing them on an everyday basis to determine how I liked them and the first thing I noticed is that it didn't even feel like I had anything on. The legs were not riding up and they felt very comfortable. Wearing them on an everyday basis felt great but when I started utilizing them during physical activity that is where they failed. While running because the material was so thin it lacked the proper ability to wick moisture away from my package or butt. The main reason why I bought performance boxer briefs was to easily transition into physical activity without utilizing compression shorts. These failed to hold up during any physical activity including doing yard work outside. Don't get me wrong I enjoy wearing these but I only wear them on days I know I wont be doing any physical activity.

Through my search for a great performance boxer brief for utilizing in daily wear and during physical activity I ended up choosing the under armour boxerjock. Even though the price was a little more then I wanted to spend they provided the best support for my package and the best moisture wicking ability. If you do not want to spend that much money you will get almost the same performance from Champion or adidas just be away that if you have a sizable package the adidas ClimaCool might be a little too constricting.
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on January 20, 2016
Who gets excited from writing a review for underwear!? I DO! I've been searching for perfectly comfortable underwear for a very very very very long time and I truly believe I've found it.

I've worn Jockey, Ex-Officio and others...and it just felt never fully satisfying due to material, fit and most importantly riding up when wearing fitted jeans. From the # and quality of the reviews for Ex-Officio, I thought they'd be perfect, but are far from it. Of the 5 pairs, 3 of them did not feel the same and rode up every chance they had. I don't know if it's due to counterfeit or what changes were made, but for the most part, I've stopped wearing them.

My safe bets were always the Reebok Performance ones, but while they were comfortable, something was still missing. I took a chance on these and they are Godly! I have skinny and slim jeans that I wear daily and these underwear work PERFECT. I love it! You won't be disappointed!
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on June 25, 2016
I have been wearing Champion cotton boxer briefs for years, and while I detest polyester, I decided to try these in hopes of scoring a cooler, wicking summer boxer. These work great. They stay relatively cool, dry quickly, wick effectively, and don't ride up. Haven't noticed an odor yet, which is always a concern with synthetics. I machine wash warm/line dry. Only been through 5 cycles, but I'm trying to abuse them a bit and they still fit like new.

4 stars only because they were the silver medal out of 3 pair I tried. Ex Officio Sport Mesh is a distant 3rd place, and the record-setting gold medal winner went to Wool & Prince 78% merino wool / 22% nylon boxers (not available on Amazon). They are amazingly comfortable. If I could afford the $38 price tag, I'd buy a week's worth. But frankly, you could probably wear the same pair for a week and get away with it. Wool is an amazing fabric, and they've really perfected the soft touch to take care of your special bits. At $10, these Champion Tech Performance are a great compromise.
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on May 8, 2017
Dry by the next day after washing, comfortable, supportive, and in the same 10 day trip that these were cycled with a pair of ex officio briefs, the ex officio's starting pilling like crazy, and these held up great!
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on May 30, 2015
Like I read from another reviewer, I was looking for support without crunch... The picture seems to indicate more of an actual pouch which sparked my interest. Per some other reviews they indicated these do provide more support without crunching everything up so I ordered. Wore them for the first time today for a 8 mile run and at this point I like them a lot. They do indeed have a simple indent which provides just enough room to let things sit more naturally, yet supported, without simply crunching everything together. As a varicocele sufferer this is critical to help prevent pain. As a man in general, it is simply much more comfortable. I have mostly been a boxer guy all my life, but for running or other physical activities the need for support has become apparent, especially with a varicocele.

These sit lower on the waist which I like a lot. The material is extremely light, smooth, and breathes great. The downside, they don't feel particularly durable considering how light and thin the material is. If you want light and breathable I think you're always going to sacrifice some durability. Time will tell. I only hesitate to rate 5 stars because I feel like the price is steep for a one pack. On the other hand as far as I can tell anything comparable from other brands are going to cost twice as much. Champion does offer some seemingly comparable athletic clothes for more reasonable prices. I've been buying other champion products lately and have been happy with them.
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on May 14, 2016
I've tried many boxer briefs. These briefs are NOT soft at all. They are quite rough which becomes apparent after a few hours of wearing them. If someone says they are soft, I can virtually guarantee that they haven't tried many other briefs. I assume this roughness has to do with the choice of polyester. It is simply a BAD fabric for a brief.

On the positive side, the fit is very good - it is not too tight or loose, and conforms well. They also are better than cotton in terms of staying relatively dry in warm weather.

If you are looking for a dry fabric but want the softness of cotton, I suggest that you look for a modal fabric brief (modal is a type of rayon). Calvin Klein Micro Modal has the same outstanding fit as these Champion briefs, but they are VASTLY more soft and comfortable. Downside is that they are twice as expensive (to me, they are worth it).
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on November 21, 2016
The product (if this is what you are looking for) is a good product. It seems well built and frankly a nice pair of clothing. The problem is not with the product itself, but with the description "Body 58% Cotton/37% Polyester/5% Spandex" was exactly what I wanted. Instead the item I received was 92% polyester / 8% Spandex. From prior experience I knew I did not want those materials for everyday normal use, I have a few pair with those materials that I use for specific activities, but not general use. So, again, my 1 star review is not for the product itself, but for the wrong description, if you are looking for something with a 92% polyester / 8% Spandex make up, then this is a good product.
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on November 22, 2015
A few years ago I had picked some similar boxer briefs made by Starter. They were a great product, they kept me dry when working outside during the summer, they didn't ride up and the legs didn't stretch throughout the day and cause rubbing or chafing. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and the fabric began to tear away from the waistband (I got a few years out of them, so I can't complain about them falling apart lol). Problem was, Starter didn't make them anymore. So I began to hunt down other alternatives and everything at the store was garbage or over priced.

Then I found these, I bought 2 pairs to try them out and immediately bought another 6 pairs after 1 day of wearing them. They stay in place, the fabric isn't a heavy cotton and they fit perfectly. The increased room in the front is even better than what I had before, making them 100x more comfortable. I highly recommend picking these up.
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on April 29, 2015
Updating my review on these. After wearing them for awhile and trying several other brands these are the best value by far. They wick moisture really well. In hot sweaty conditions you can come inside and your boys will dry off fast. No sticky ballies at all. Brands I have tried and my opinion: Under armour are very nice, but they don't fit me as well as these (According to the UA size chart I'm a large though in every other brand I am a medium. One day maybe I will try a medium. Large fits, just slightly looser than these.) and they aren't cheap. The main reason I haven't stocked my drawer full of UAs. Duluth Trading makes my favorite ones, but they aren't cheap either. (I'm sorry but $20 a pair for underwear is insane IMO.) Hanes X temps fit nice, but are cotton so moisture wicking isn't much different than regular cotton. Jockey Life are also nice performance briefs, about the same material as these without a flap. If you are a flap guy these Champions are for you, personally I've never used the flap. BOTTOMLINE: Overall these are the best briefs I have found in terms of fabric, fit and price!
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on July 6, 2015
I bought these on advice from a bodybuilding forum. I had outgrown all of my briefs because my legs and butt are getting bigger from squatting. Now I wear these all day and I'm very comfortable whether I'm sitting at my desk at work or lifting weights at the gym. For the most part, I don't even notice they are there.

More info: I'm 6' 215lbs, 34" waist. I actually bought the LARGE size and they fit perfectly. Note that the sizing chart would have me buy a medium, but I rolled the dice and went one size larger. Medium would have been too tight, for sure.

I say they fit as expected, but that's because I expect all underwear to be tight on me nowadays.
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