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on August 19, 2015
It's incredibly hard to find any specification on this light before actually purchase it, so I bought it and will share the specs with every one.
1. Voltage: AC 100-240V input DC 12V 1.5A output.
2. LED: 27 LEDs, 3 rows 9 LED for each row. 2 outer rows are white leds while the center row is yellow led.
3. Power consumption: 5-11W depend on brightness
4. Lumen: 530LM (I assume at max brightness)
5. Color Temp: 2500-7000K
6. 4 modes: (5 brightness for each mode)
Reading: 4300~5300K (all yellow & white LEDs equally on)
Study: 6000~7000K (mostly outer row white LEDs w/ little center row yellow ones)
Relax: 4300~5300K (mostly center row yellow LEDs w/ a little white LEDs)
Sleep: 2500~3300K (only center row yellow LEDs illuminate)

The light is mostly good except the light can only be opened up and down and doesn't rotate sideways. Say if you wanna use it on a piano, you'd want the light head to be able to rotate.
1x 1A USB charge port on the side, which is pretty much useless since most cell phone or tablet require over 1.5A to charge in reasonable time.
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on September 19, 2014
This is a very good lamp. I have had zero issues. I have one on my desk and one on each night stand in my bedroom. Works great charging our phones while we sleep. I also love the sleep mode function. I get into bed, push the sleep mode, turn the tv on and boom off to sleep with everything turning off in an hour. Shameless plug = See my review in its entirety on you tube. Just search Isaiah's Reviews and enjoy them all. Remember while you're there to like and subscribe. Thanks!
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on August 1, 2014
UPDATE 09/26/2015
UPDATE 09/26/2015
This lamp is actually excellent for a crafter or someone who sews. I actually bought this for artwork, painting and drawing, and it ust does not light up enough of an area and that is because only 530 lumens. BUT, I now own two. Gave one to Mom for crochet and then months later realized perfect with my sewing machine, I have a Singer computerized 8780 and it has a really small light. This has a small footprint and you can move it in any direction in order to get the light where you need it.

Now, I would NEVER pay $150 for it, but I was able to buy both here on AMAZON for $50 each or a little less. Plus you get free shipping.

11/10/2014 REVISED:
Taking this back up to 4 stars as I have given this lamp to my Mom for her to have a good light when crocheting. She LOOOOOVES this lamp. For her it lights up with enough clarity for her to see her work even when using dark and black yarn. She is 84 and wears bifocals so for her she is very pleased. The one hour timer also reminds her to take a break every hour to let her mind rest, which she needs due to a brain injury, so that is very helpful for that, if she remembers to turn the timer on (LOL).

BUT, I still would not pay more for the lamp that I did, which I think was about $30 and I have seen these on line and in stores for over $100 which is just stupid as it is cheap plastic and does NOT light up a large area. Also, it is a strand of itsy bitsy lights and not one powerful bulb, so there is NOT an accumulated brightness by number of lights as they would have you believe, so only 520 Lumens.

Works for Mom, not for me.


08/03/2014 REVISED
Taking down to 3 stars from 4 now that I used it since it lights up only a small area at 530 LUMENS. Not a good lamp for artwork, but good by bed or as a study lamp only. Would not pay over $30 if needing replacement. I will instead buy an adjustable arm lamp that can take any kind of bulb and buy bulbs instead and swap them out. You can buy a bulb up to 2,800 lumens and 5,000 - 6,500 Kelvins for about $9 or less if on sale and it will light up my whole desk. I doubt this lamp is at 6,000 Kelvins ait's brightest as it is not as bright as my lamp with an actual bulb at 5,500 Kelvins, but not a scientific fact, just as seen through my eyes.


Lots to say, will try to make it short... Bottom Line If this lamp is $40 or under I would buy it, but not for much more than that because of the Lumen Rating of 530, the only saving grace is the CRI rating of 90+ which is why I am keeping it but also keeping the box it came in, in case it breaks down.

I am going to discuss it from an artists' point of view. For us "true" light, like the light outside is what we need when doing artwork indoors and to be able to see actual true color of color and shades. But first about the price and who is selling it, I paid $32.99. YES ONLY $32.99!! Also to note, I bought and returned the lamp by JEBSEN, the A2 listed @ $140 and priced at $32, which is a joke, because it was really small, lit a small area and was not very bright and cheap feeling, and decided on this lamp over the JEBSEN A4 larger one listed at $140 and selling for $50.

This lamp is sold by numerous vendors on AMAZON with prices from the $32.99 to a list price of $280!!! AND IT IS THE SAME LAMP, just stamped with a different name as in:

Diasonic DL-91H $130 - $165
Softech $99
Softech $90
Tao Tronics Elune TT-DL02 $65, list $199
Cocoweb Smart TT-DL01 $49
Lampat $50

Let me also say that there is NO WAY I would EVER pay any of those prices, it's worth no more than $50 due to cheap plastic housing. You can check other vendors as it is the EXACT same lamp and also comes in white. One drawback is I do not think you can swap out the bulbs, so when it dies you need to buy an entire lamp again and about 20% of the buyers complained it breaks or quits working within the first few months.

About Light:
Looking for natural lighting you need to look at Lumens and CRI. I will not use WATTS which is the amount of energy the lamp uses and is NOT about how bright something is, or the term RADIANCE which is how much energy it emits.

CRI is Color Rendering, how well you can see the actual color of things with 0 being the worst and 100 highest. Most bulbs rate at 70-80. You want 90+ to see actual color of things and medium used as in paint or coloured pencils. This lamp is rated at 90+ which so, it is has a VERY GOOD CRI rating and the ONLY reason I am keeping it.

LUMENS is how bright the light actually is and how much it will light up an area. One lumen is equal to the amount of light a candle lets fall on 1 square foot of area, 1 foot away. So to gauge this consider that a 60-watt incandescent light bulb produces 890 lumens, which is soft home lighting. A 75 watt bulb =1,200L and 100w =1,700L and 150w = 2,850L. 1,000L is a typical overcast day outside so you always want something at 1,000 or more when working. Description states this is brighter than a 120W regular bulb which is bright but NOT TRUE!!!

IT ONLY HAS 530 LUMENS<<< which is really, really low and less than a 60 WATT regular light bulb. This makes no sense to me whatsoever, they went through all the trouble and expense on CRI and Kelvin ratings and totally dropped the ball on how much this light will illuminate!

KELVINS is the type of light being produced, as in cool or warm. It is measured in 1,000's. The lower the number the warmer the light emitted and the higher the number up to around 7,500K the cooler the light, with Daylight at Noon at around 5,000K. Fluorescent and LED's range between 2,700K - 6,500K, maybe a little more.

PURE WHITE: 6K - 6,500
DAYLIGHT WHITE: 5k - 5,500
WARM WHITE: 4k - 4,500
YELLOW LIGHT: 3k - 3,500

The lamp has a total of 27 small LED bulbs in 9 rows, 18 white/9 warm; lots of separate lights = multiple shadows depending on the alignment of the lamp to your work, so consideration must be given to the shadow casts on fine details of an artists' work in progress (drawing or painting). It is a good sized lamp standing 18" tall and 14" long, with the ability to move in most directions and up and down. It remembers the setting at each type of light as long as you do not unplug it, if you do it resets to level 3 on all light types.

This lamp has a total of 20 settings, 4 different types of light and 5 strength settings within each type. I need at least 5K or more and the ability to light up my entire desk. The breakdowns of the types of light are:

1. Study Mode: 6000K-7000K, PURE WHITE, COLD LIGHT - increases attention & concentration, high range color temperature, blueish in tone as 18 white LED's are at 100% and the warm at around 50%.

2. Reading Mode: 4300K-5300K, DAYLIGHT/NATURAL LIGHT - stimulates concentration & reduces eye strain and is within the mid-range color. ALL bulbs are used and while the Kelvins are lower than "Study Mode" it is the BRIGHTEST MODE to the eye and the one I use the most.

3. Relaxation Mode: 2500K-3300K, YELLOW, WARM LIGHT - promotes relaxation & improved mood with low-range color temperature. The warmer lights are at 100% and the white lights at 50%. Good for flipping through a magazine or reading in bed.

4. Bedtime Mode: 2500K-3300K: YELLOW, - encourages a deep sleep with comfortable soft light, only the warm coloured LED's are used. More of a nightlight or if you wake up it will not strain your eyes or make you squint turning it on.

But, for any large pieces of art I either need a different lamp or 2 lamps, one on each side to light up my work space properly.

I also bought natural light bulbs for my other lamp to try. The bulbs were expensive at around $8 but I think well worth it. Also, it is a great way to decide on what light you like to work by and try out different types of light before investing in an actual lamp. The bulb I bought comes in two types listed below and both work well:

GE Lighting 71765 Energy Smart Spiral CFL 26-Watt (100-watt replacement)
5,000K, Natural outdoor light
Medium base, Shape T3
1600 Lumens

GE Lighting 89095 Energy Spiral CFL 26-Watt (100-watt replacement)
6,500K Daylight/sunlight
Medium base, Shape T3
1660 Lumens

So, for me this was a somewhat great lamp at a great price and I probably got the last one at the $32.99. Would I pay $100 or more for it? NO WAY!!! I would rather buy more bulbs to try out with a regular housing lamp like the one I already had.

Also, buy only from AMAZON or if fulfilled by AMAZON because if there are issues they take care of you, regardless. Most other vendors just ignore you if your item falls apart after the return window is closed, which does happen all the time with products. So, just make sure to use AMAZON!!!

If this lamp is $40 or under I would buy it, but not for much more than that because of the Lumen Rating, the only saving grace is the CRI rating which is why I am keeping it but also keeping the box it came in, in case I send it back if it breaks down. Hope this lengthy review helps.
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on December 1, 2014
I read about this lamp and thought it was such a great item to have in my room, but after setting it up, I soon regretted purchasing it. The most glaring offense, pardon the pun, is the bulb arrangement, which are NOT recessed into the bulb housing like my $15 IKEA desk lamp utilizes (you know, the cheap-o $15 desk lamp that heats up like a frying pan?). The non-recessed bulbs are painful to be near, because you are forced to directly look at them, and the non-swiveling bulb housing does not offer any solutions. There is no way, unfortunately, to direct light at the object I need illuminated without having a giant bulb-housing arm in my way, or without having the bulbs in my direct line of sight. I am forced to return this lamp, which is a very fine idea theoretically, fails spectacularly when put to use.

tl,dr: bulbs are placed on periphery of housing, forcing the user to look directly at them. bulbs should be recessed into bulb-housing. very stupid design flaw.
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on November 9, 2014
Nice design but poor durability. The controls stopped working after 5 days. Only one of the five settings still switches on, sometimes, and the lamp spontaneously jumps from one brightness setting to another.
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on March 27, 2015
The Good: Lighting quality is great. I love the 4 available light modes and the ability to brighten/dim the selected modes.

The Bad: The USB 1.0 charger is a nice feature but with modern phones requiring more output this one will not charge my phone.

The Ugly: I don't know if its my lamp in particular but this this is CHEAP. I have to "Over set" my desired location/angle I want the light to sit at due to the immense amount of wiggle in the joints. All of the screws have been checked and tightened but this thing wiggles and wobbles like a car driving on square wheels.

The center base joint does not twist 180* it only goes 170*. While some of you may think this is obnoxious, I personally have mine butted against a wall and when it cant even line up with the wall, it bugs the heck out of me.

Final thoughts: Is this worth the $60 price? FAR from it. At best, $25. Am I going to keep it? Probably.. All other similar models or lamps between this price range ($30-60) look like the same cheap build. Not worth the hassle of a RMA..

These photos show the amount of movement before it get "tight" to adjust
review image review image
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on March 8, 2016
This is a great lamp! I have it sitting next to my computer, and I use it almost every day. I like that the arm can be moved so much without moving the base. I can bend this down close to my work (wood whittling, mostly), or provide lighting for taking macro pictures of small projects.

I tend to not use the different lighting modes, but I do sometimes adjust the brightness. The controls are fine, but if you have clutter, like me, it can be a touch difficult to turn it on.

I have had no issues with this lamp, and all the LED's are working. The base is heavy enough to keep the lamp in place, and is nice to be able to set stuff on.

The USB plug on the side is a great addition to this lamp, and I use it frequently to charge my phone or camera. The USB plug has the same output power as USB 3.0, not the old low amp USB 2.0 standard. This means that you can charge your phone in a hurry, just like the charger that comes with your Samsung Galaxy s4/s5 (at least my s4 came with a high amp charger).


1. The LED's stick down a little bit from the face of this lamp (see image). The problem is that it ends up shining light directly into your eyeballs. I built a shield that drops down and stops the light from hitting me in the face, so this is no longer a problem. Would be nice if they were recessed a bit.
2. The base only pivots about 180 degrees. Not a huge deal, but it can be annoying, since the range of motion is limited to 90 degrees in either direction.

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on October 13, 2015
easy to use
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on May 26, 2015
This product arrived soon after the order was placed.
very easy, can be done in 1 minute
very easy, a few touch buttons and you can adjust the lights from several modes
the base is relatively solid, but other parts are made of very light (I guess one advantage is lightness) plastics (disadvantage is it may break if force is not exerted in the right direction). Also, when you turn the lights into different direction, the joint is slightly shaky, that alone makes it look very cheap. Therefore, I agree with some other posts here that it probably does not worth $60. If or $30, it is a great buy.
this is a nice product, one disadvantage is not sure how to replace the bulbs if any of them goes out. Other than that, you may have to wait to see how long it can last.
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on January 5, 2015
This lamp differs from the equivalent Taotronics version (I tested them both) by having a much gentler relax/study mode, a more mellow light for low-light when you're not working directly under the lamp. I've bought and returned a zillion LED desk lamps, only to return them and go back to my beloved, white hot halogens. Not this time: this is the one I kept.
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