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on September 10, 2017
Had it 13 month. It was in the rain for a day or two and the rain penetrated the controls. Still works, but the button covers crumbled away and now I have to press little plastic sticks and guess which button is what. On top of that, when I went to use the remote control after the rain ruined the buttons, I discovered it didn't work! On top of that, it really doesn't smoke enough. You have to use supplemental smoke from a smoke tube, but I would have been happy with it had the button issue not happened and the remote worked. All in all, I wish I didn't buy this and had bought something else, perhaps a Traeger, instead. BTW, this only comes with a 90 days warranty. I've emailed Masterbuilt customer service to see if they stand by their products If they end up taking care of me, I'll update everyone and let you know about Masterbuilt's customer service. If you're reading this without an update, assume Masterbuilt was not interested in making me a happy customer.
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on December 11, 2017
This is my second electric smoker. My first is a Smoke Hollow. This smoker is essentially a large toaster oven. It is made very cheaply. The rack, trays, water pan, and inside parts such as the heating element are much flimsier and lighter than the Smoke Hollow smoker. One of the brackets that holds the water pan popped off the first time I used it. I anticipate that this device will not last me a long time. No wonder it only comes with a 90 day warranty.
Even more annoying, when you fill out the form to notify them of the problem, the send button keeps spinning and never sends the message. When you call, you get the recording "wait times are longer than expected."
I advise to purchase a different smoker than this one.
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on December 6, 2015
When it works, this smoker is a bad mofo. I'm on my second one however and it's having the same electrical problem as the one I exchanged (painstakingly through the mail). The electrical panel will spontaneously malfunction, shutting the power to the heading coil off, and start making an audible repetitive clicking noise that won't stop until it's unplugged. That said, with some supervision (significantly less than a charcoal smoker), it can produce some good quality smoked meat.
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on December 16, 2015
Super conveinent, but I am having trouble getting good smoke at lower temperatures. It seems anytime I smoke under 250 Im lucky to get a minute of smoke every 10 minutes or so. I have read its because these ovens are super efficient in retaining heat, which means the burner doesnt have to be on very frequently. I can tell that the smoke "turns on" whenever the burner is on, and thats kind of a big deal. Besides that, this thing is a dream come true!

Overall, the product is constructed well and appears to be very durable. I might consider buying the cold smoker kit that you can attach to compensate for the smoke, but I am uneasy given my experience so far.
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on April 4, 2015
Assembly was quick and painless. Unit thermometer is 25-30 degrees off. Temp is HIGHER than whats displayed. I gave this unit a few go's and I am very disappointed with it's ability to generate smoke. When you first go, the chips smoke perfectly. Once the smoke fades, you start dumping more chips in. The smokes picks up but again fades, faster this time. More chips. Soon, no smoke and the chips are piled up inside. So basically, you have to crank this thing up past 250 for it to really burn up all the chips or you are opening and dumping which defeats the purpose of the side loader. There is a Masterbuilt 20070112 Cold Smoking Kit you can buy for $70 that will fix this, but yeah no thanks. I bought the extension kit to raise it up off the ground so the kit wont work without either mounting it or putting something underneath it. This is too complicated and beyond what I should i have to do IMO to get this thing to smoke. Shame. 2nd Masterbuilt Smoker I tried. The first never worked out of the box. This one doesn't do its job. Masterbuilt doesnt seem like a good brand.
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on June 30, 2010
TL;DR version = I think my unit is defective and produces no smoke, although it cooks alright. Manufacturer's customer service (via email) was not helpful. I am sure it is great for people who have a properly functioning unit.


I purchased this unit (20070910) from Amazon. Assembly -- what little there was -- was a cinch, the instructions for usage are very clear as well. In general, I'm pretty disappointed with my purchase. My main issue is that the unit produces no detectable smoke. Like I said, the instructions are pretty clear and I'm not an outright dunce, so I am pretty sure that I'm using it correctly. I just don't get any smoke.

I browsed some forums and watched some videos on youtube, and I am pretty sure I just got a bunk unit. In the youtube videos you can easily and clearly see smoke very soon after wood chips are added. As an outdoor oven it functions nicely, but I purchased it specifically for the capability to smoke meat.

I have also written to the manufacturer. In their response, they focused on my mention of the top vent and gave me instructions on how to set the vent to best cook different types of food. Not exactly useful. I had honestly expected a lot more because I had read multiple places how awesome their customer service was.

The one saving grace is that it *does* function nicely as, basically, an outdoor oven. I ordered a Smoke Daddy cold smoke generator and I'll be using that for my smoke. That, however, is running me an extra $125. On the plus side, I should be able to use the SD to cold-smoke cheese as well.
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on December 31, 2010
I wasn't sure what this was going to be like. There are many reviews that say this is not a good product, but many that say this is a decent product. Thus far, after smoking 2 ducks and a pork shoulder, it's been quite good. I've noticed that since it sits out in the cold, when I go to start it, I'll get the EAAF error message on the device. I've learned online that if you take a hair dryer to the internal components for about 30 seconds the thing will start heating as normal (it has to be at least 40 degrees to start, apparently).

- start it up and let it go, no feeding it charcoal or checking propane
- seems to regulate the temperature well
- smoke is produced well and the wood chips and heating element are secured well (provided you follow all directions and make sure to always have the water pan and grease pan)

- I seem to have trouble getting it to level properly so the grease drips out into the grease tray. It seems to end up dripping on my concrete patio out of some other seam I've not yet found.
- starting it in colder climate means pulling out a hair dryer
- wish you could use the Bradley smoke bisquettes that Amazon pairs up with the smoker (you can't). I was disappointed because I'd already opened the bisquettes package and it wouldn't be worth it to send them back.

We used the smoker on and off for the past 2 years and the racks began to rust. We don't use it all the time, and, unfortunately, I expected it to be more like a grill, so I didn't clean the grates regularly. That's fine, it's my fault; however, there is nowhere on the internet to buy replacement grates for this thing. If I knew I was going to commit to smoking meats as much as we do, I would have bought the Bradley smoker, in the first place with the replaceable grates and automated briquettes mechanism.
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on March 7, 2016
Before buying this smoker, check out the reviews on [...] Lots of complaints about smokers that failed after just a few uses, like mine did. My initial impression was positive, but after less than six uses, the heating element failed. After more study, I am replacing this one with a gas fueled smoker. Hopefully, it will last longer than six uses.
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on January 17, 2016
The smoker does basically what it says, and my first experience made some good pulled pork. However, there are two downsides which make the product not worth the premium over the other MES options without the added remote, window, and controller:
1. The meat probe is not accurate at all. It is likely due to the thick metal used on the probe that heats up via the smoker and makes it seem as if the meat is cooked far more than it says. Therefore, the remote management of temperature is impossible with this probe as the reading is clearly inaccurate.
2. The smoker does not regulate heat clearly throughout the inside. The heat shoots up the back of the smoker out of the vent rather than circulating throughout, causing a huge hot spot. This can be adjusted to by the user by spinning your meat throughout the cook periodically. You will likely not get a great smoke on the meat in the front of the smoker unless you rotate, and the meat in the back will cook too quickly.
3. The smoker does not burn the wood chips slowly, but rather burns through them too quickly to create that "thin blue smoke" that we're all looking for. Even with soaking the chips this is the reality.

Overall i would suggest going with the cheaper MES model as the meat probe and window are not worth it (the window is worthless). The remote control feature is also not really a benefit without being able to monitor the internal meat temp. However - you can make decent food in this smoker so it does do it's base job.
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on October 12, 2016
Have not used this but maybe 5 times. First off it's dangerous! Had a couple of pork butts in there smoking during the day and as I happen to be walking by it, I noticed some flames on the inside and opened it up to find that the whole back wall had caught on fire from grease. I can't help but wonder what would have happened if this had been an overnight smoking and I didn't catch it early? Secondly, already within the first five uses it broke and I needed to figure out what was wrong in a hurry because I needed to use it the next weekend for 100 people expecting to eat some smoked brisket. But the part was on back order so it would take a month to get it replaced. Finally got the heating element back, and installed it only to find it was the thermostat that had gone out. So, after only 5 uses this thing is already falling apart and malfunctioning not to mention down right dangerous. The heating element sits at the bottom where all the grease will drip eventually. Yes it has a little hood over the heating element, but you know that grease is going to eventually splatter onto the heating element, and when it does your going to be "flame on" baby! The window looks nice in the photos when its new, but after a couple of smokes that window is black. Then there is the cleaning issues. The grease that drips down gets into places that it shouldn't and in about a week your going to wonder where the decomposing corpse is. The answer is, just follow the ants, they'll show you! There is a little pull out drawer where you are supposed to get the grease drippings. But if you look at the thing, you can and should be able to put 4 pork butts into this thing, this little drawer doesn't hold but a few ounces and then it's all over the ground and all up in the cracks and the joints of the plastic bottom. This is a good concept, but they need to get the burners off the bottom, get better grease catches, and buy better critical parts from China. Or at least buy a few containers of the parts themselves so that it doesn't take a month to replace it.
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