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on December 9, 2016
Please give this book a chance to show you what a great author Werner Stejska can be for your children, Oliver can really get himself into some strange places but they are good ones
In this one again three different places he managed to get. The pictures that go with the story are bright and very good.
The main thing about this book and others will give you so much time with your child or children, as you know kids need this one on one time and with the way the world is, it just doesn't happen and it is so sad. I am 76 and I was introduced to these books and there are twenty different ones to choice from, I have no kids to read them to but I am working my way threw all of them so that I can write reviews about each one to be able to encourage parents to do this and have that extra time at night to read to the child or children, can you imagine what happy dreams those kids are going to have when they fall asleep. Then in the morning they will wake up thinking my Mom or Dad or both read to me before I went to sleep last night, how they must love me for doing this,
Now before I stop, I would like to ask you to take another minute or two drop a message to the author letting him know how much you enjoyed being able to spend this time with you child. Also let your friends know that you talk to about this series of books.
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VINE VOICEon September 10, 2014
Do you have a cat or do you wish for one? Have you ever seen a kangaroo? After you read this book, you will want both a cat and a kangaroo!

The author, Werner Stejskal, has written a marvelous fun series of the adventures of Oliver and Jumpy. This series contains 1-3 stories. Oliver is a black tom cat with a white top hat. Oliver tells us he loves himself, and that is good. He knows who he is and is proud of himself. His best friend is Jumpy a kangaroo. She takes Oliver for rides in her kangaroo pouch, everyday. They have many adventures, and run into all sorts of characters and animals on their daily adventures. Parents/teachers will have such a good time reading this book to their children. The children will enjoy the adventures of Oliver and Jumpy. They will have many questions about the animals Oliver and Jumpy meet along the way. The illustrations, by Marvin Alonso, are colorful and vibrant depicting all the joys and sorrows of Oliver and Jumpy.
You can see in Oliver's eyes, the mischief he intends, and Jumpy's pouch opens for us to look inside.

I really liked this series of books. The characters, Oliver and Jumpy, are positive and fun, and this is an excellent series for children.

Recommended. prisrob 09-10-14
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on October 30, 2015
The books was well done and very colorful. The artistry was just as impressive as the tales. While reading aloud from the books, I found that the writing flows from me like a song. The characters are fun to portray while reading as they are a curious creations. I love the idea that the cat is “fancy” and wears fine cloths and won't eat mice, but hunts just for exercise.

The 2nd book introduces, Ducky. He is a cute little baby duck that needs help, and out protagonists Oliver and jumpy helps protect and save him as he gets in to trouble. The story is dramatic as Oliver and jumpy need to jump in to action to save the cute baby duck.

In the 3rd story we find out that jumpy has a little baby all her own that needs to be looked after. It is a fun tale that introduces the reader to the care and attentiveness that is important for a young child. I found it fun the correlation of Jumpy's secret is that she is a new mother. It is very common that our friends can hide these kinds of life events from close friends as jumpy as done. We learn that baby is a new addition to the family and the friends have to be careful around baby.

It was a pleasure to read aloud, and was feels very natural language and easy to follow by children. My son loved it. I would definitely recommend this book.
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Oliver is a tuxedo wearing cat(which I really appreciate in our pajama-wearing-dress-down world) with lots of class, whose best friend is a lady kangaroo named appropriately, Jumpy. Everything Oliver does is a class act, from graciously turning down a meal of worms, and bugs from a mole, to rescuing a baby duck from a hungry eagle. Oliver even has to confront a cigar smoking boar(appropriately named) and does so by putting out the fire in a fun way.

The best thing about these three short stories, is that they teach kids how to deal with situations that could get ugly if handled wrong, and although I don't think pouring water on a smoker would be the best way to handle that particular situation, it was funny. That's what great about book, they're like dreams where we can try out new situations to see the consequences of our actions before we do something we'll regret.

Oliver is even forced to deal with his friend Jumpy's new baby which can allow a child to learn about sharing someone's attention, and realizing that things change, and that change is not necessarily something to be afraid of.

The illustrations are bright and cheerful which is something I always look for in a children's book, along with a strong moral component.
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Vienna born author Werner Stejskal has worked in the printing industry and for the United Nations and now is retired, living in Australia where he pens children's books. The series thus far favors Oliver, the elegant tomcat, and Jumpy, his kangaroo lady friend and will eventually be 17 books in toto. The illustrations are by Marvin Alonso.

In the initial story we meet Oliver and Jumpy formally and learn that the genteel Oliver likes to ride in Jumpy's kangaroo pouch. While out for a stroll they encounter a hole with a mole. Molly the Mole explains she cannot see because she lives in the dark underground. But the Molly wants to make friends so she offers some delicacies (worms and bugs), which both Oliver and Jumpy decline, but at least they have made a new friend.

In the second story Oliver explains his allergy to birds and mice and he must eat only crunchies, but he can eat fish. He and Jumpy go fishing and encounter Ducky and a family of ducks who are threatened by the presence of an over flying eagle. Of course Jumpy and Oliver save the ducks - and the day!

In the third story Oliver is bothered by a cigar smoking boar pig and pours water form his tree to make the pig leave. He then cleans up and looks for Jumpy - but Jumpy has a surprise: there is a new baby coming along hiding in Jumpy's pouch.

These are adorable little stories, beautifully illustrated, and carry solid messages about friendships and the responsibilities of friends to each other and to the new friends they happen to meet. Very worthwhile series, this. Grady Harp, September 14
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on August 28, 2014
This is a very appealing children's book with good dialog to read and intrigue children. The illustrations are colorful depicting happy creatures (most of them...). Let me introduce Oliver, a very handsome, elegant black and white cat who likes to wear a white top hat. He likes to talk about himself, as he thinks he's really cool! His best friend is Jumpy, and she's a kangaroo. Oliver likes to jump into her pouch when she goes hippie hop down the trail. The first of three stories in this delightful book is titled, "Molly the Mole." Do you know what a mole is? Oliver learns the hard way when he falls out of Jumpy's pouch and lands smack dab on top of Molly. Holy Moly!!! The second story is "Saving Ducky." Oliver likes to eat fish, but not birds or mice. He hears the chirping of a baby duck while a hungry eagle flies overhead and wants to eat the duckling. Oh no! Jumpy is off to the rescue! She has clout! And the last story, number 3, is "Jumpy's Secret," so ... I can't give it away! These are thoughtful tales which will stimulate children's learning. There are many more books of continuing tales and adventures of Oliver and Jumpy. I think you and your children will love them all.
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Top Contributor: Bakingon September 17, 2014
Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 1-3 by Werner Stejskal
Agreed to read and review this story. Found introduction to be full of color and a place where a child's imagination could grow.
Very colorful illustrated children's book with Oliver and Jumpy pairing up to bring another good children's story to life.
The first one is about Molly the Mole. Besides giving you information about the animals there are educational facts included. They stop by to visit with the mole and have some food.
This next one is my favorite. Next story is about Davy the duckling. Love how all the animals, new and old come together to help.
Third story I felt was a bit much for young children as it deals with birth of an animal. Although it doesn't go into too much detail the fact is the baby is born which I feel would bring up more questions than answers.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 12, 2014
Oliver and Jumpy by author Werner Stekskal make good read along or bedtime stories as the stories are written at an adult level using an adult vocabulary. Some of the tales seem a bit implausible but imaginative and young children probably won't notice the slight disconnect from reality. Also, there is one minor grammatical error to be found.

The illustrations are probably the best part of the Oliver and Jumpy book. Most of the images are well drawn and colorful.

Overall, the stories are cute and do try to teach good manners, morals or ethics.

Recommend as a bedtime story book as the book is for written for adults to read to their children.
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on January 28, 2015
Oliver and Jumpy is a wonderfully cute series of books that reinforce positive morals in children. Kids will learn that even if you are different there is no reason that you can't be friends with everyone.

Oliver is a quirky elegant black and white tom cat who wears a top hat. Jumpy the kangaroo is his friend. They go on wonderful adventures together and make some new friends along the way.

In the first story we meet Molly Mole. Molly explains to Oliver and Jumpy that she can not see outside because she lives underground where it is dark. She tells them that she wants to be friends and offers them some worms and bugs which Oliver and Jumpy very politely decline. They have met a new friend and show her that they don't mind that she is different from them.

In the second story Oliver and Jumpy decide to go fishing because although Oliver does have several food allergies (to mice and birds), he has no problem eating fish. They encounter a duckling who is afraid of the Eagle that is flying over head. Oliver and Jumpy run to help the little duck and Jumpy bats the Eagle away to save him. They reunite him with his family and they all enjoy the afternoon together.

The third story is Jumpy's Secret and you'll just have to read the book to find out what that is!! I don't want to ruin the surprise!!

These books are wonderfully written and they have extremely beautiful illustrations. My one year old didn't care about the words so much but he loved the bright and colorful pictures. My 9 year old loved the story lines and the pictures. I'm sure that she will read these books over and over!!

This is a very worthwhile series to purchase for your child. They teach great lessons about friendship and responsibility. I look forward to the release of the next books by Werner!!
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on September 6, 2014
Oliver is an elegant tomcat whose best friend is Jumpy the Kangaroo. In the first story we find Oliver riding in Jumpy's pouch as they jump through the countryside. Jumpy stops abruptly and Oliver goes flying out of her pouch. He lands on a mole. Molly the mole is not hurt and offers to share her lunch with them. In the second story, Oliver and Jumpy save a baby duck from an eagle. We learn that Oliver chases mice but doesn't eat them. In the final story we learn abut Jumpy's surprise. She has a small baby Joey in her pocket and Oliver agrees to help her take care of the baby. This is a cute book for ages 2-4.
I received a copy to help facilitate my review. The opinions expressed here are my own.
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