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There are three stories in this one and of course, Oliver the elegant Tom Cat is the star. Along with his friends Jumpy and Joey they are off on three more adventures. The titles are "Unhappy Dog', "Kite High" and "Butterfly Trouble".

I had a difficult time picking my favorite out of the three. I liked the first one with Barky, the dog because the friends all helped him have a day out of his pen. He was so unhappy being in there and they all had a wonderful time playing and even had a picnic. 'Kite High' has some absolutely spectacular drawings in it. This adventure takes them in a wooden carriage with a chute high into the sky. The adventure is on when they try to figure out how in the world they will be able to land. Oh my goodness. And the last one, ' Butterfly Trouble' is so unique. In this one, Bluey, a butterfly lands on Oliver's nose. The butterfly has friends that are in trouble and need help. Of course, Oliver rounds up Jumpy and Joey for assistance. Excellent solution and Bluey and the rest of the butterflies are so happy that a party is held. Who wouldn't be happy to be free again?

As I said previously, the drawings are spectacular. I have vision problems and this time I used the reader on the PC which really enhanced the colors and the writing for me. Excellent stories, excellent drawings and wonderful messages for the little ones in your life.

Most highly recommended.
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So having first been introduced to Stejskal's stories via an Amazon promotion some time ago, I have to say my younger kids are now fans. They enjoy hearing about Oliver and Jumpy, the irrepressable cat/kangaroo duo.

The stories in this latest collection are consistent with the previous sets. Artwork is apt to the story being told, and supported the story being read aloud to my younger (pre 5) kids. Please note that English appears to be a second language for Stejskal, and while the writing is good there are some awkward terms of phrase. Parents may have to do some slight rephrasing if reading this aloud.

Overall I do have to say these are delightful and imaginative stories for the younger set!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 9, 2016
The adventures for the good friends, Oliver the cat, and Jumpy the kangaroo. The first story is about an unhappy dog who barks at Oliver every time he goes by. Oliver approaches the dog and asks why he's always barking. The dog tells Oliver that as a dog, it's his job to bark at cats, also, the dog claims that he's bored. Oliver helps the dog out by helping him over the fence so the dog can come out to play with Oliver, Jumpy and Joey, the baby kangaroo.

The second story is about learning to fly. Or al least, learning not to fly too high. Attaching a parachute to their wooden carriage, the three friends were having fun until the wind kicked up and lifted the carriage right off the ground. Calling some pelicans for help, the three friends were rescued just in time. Story three is about a tiny blue butterfly who lands on Oliver's nose while he's trying to take a nap. The blue butterfly begs Oliver to help him rescue his fellow butterflies from a little boy who's catching them and locking them in his bag.

All good fun, and bright, colorful illustrations that illuminate the story. I'm sure kids will love the adventures of Oliver & Jumpy.
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on March 19, 2015
I like reading stories to my daughter, she is 18 months so the bright and colorful illustration by Maylee Ann Ryes is what captures her attention the most. The three stories have nice lesson to teach the kids, but while reading the story aloud to my daughter some phrases sounded odd and some felt repetitive. The book teaches kids important lessons of life but there are some points in the story where it felt like it is a dictionary explaining what a word meant, which ruins the mood of the story. So while reading it aloud I leave the explanation part as of now.
But I liked the gist of the story and sometimes just recite them to my daughter when she is sleepy without opening the book.
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Three new stories about Oliver, the black cat with a hat and Jumpy, the kangaroo and her Joey. Young children will enjoy them and even will ask questions about the deeds Oliver and Jumpy are doing, what they should.

In the first story, “Unhappy Dog” a Dog is barking at Oliver and he’s annoyed of the dog. So he asks him what is wrong. The dog is bored and likes to play with Oliver. Jumpy let him out and they have a great time together. They promise to play one day again.

In the second story, “Kite High” Oliver and Jumpy build a wooden carriage with a sail on it. They step on it and the wind, as it picked up the carriage flew high up. And then, well, you better read the story what happen next and how they got saved.

In the third story, “Butterfly Trouble” a butterfly lands on Oliver’s nose. He wakes up and find out that a boy was chasing it to catch it and to put it into a jar. The butterfly pleads Oliver to help him.

All three stories are wonderfully written with fantastic drawings and moral lessons. When annoyed by someone, ask that person what is wrong and they solve it together; when in trouble, ask for help; when another is in trouble willingly help.
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VINE VOICEon March 12, 2015
Are you considered a good friend? Are you helpful and friendly with your friends?

The author, Werner Stejskal, has written 3 fun stories that involve the on-going activities and lives of Oliver the Tomcat and Jumpy the kangaroo. They are lovely characters, trying to be helpful and friendly to everyone the meet. In this set, Oliver and Jumpy help a dog have a little freedom from his daily life behind a fence. They go flying high like a kite and run into a littler bit of difficulty. And, they help butterflies who are being caught and put in a box. When you read these stories, you will discover the rest of each story.

Parents/teachers will enjoy reading these books to their children. The children will have questions about dogs being fenced in, how to fly a kite, and why someone would want to catch butterflies. The illustrations by Maylee Ann Ryes are bright, vivid and colorful. They depict the adventures of Oliver and Jumpy and their friends. There are lessons to be learned, and that will be a good thing to discuss. Note: a complimentary copy of this book was provided to read and review.

Recommended. prisrob 03-12-15
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Australian author Werner Stejskal was born in Vienna, Austria but now lives in the paradise of Perth, Australia. He worked for many years in the printing industry and later for the United Nations in Vienna. Now retired he devotes his time to writing children's stories, having them illustrated through Odesk and published as eBooks on most platforms. Eventually there will be 17 books with three stories each in English, before being translated into several other languages. Werner's dream is to see "Oliver and Jumpy" animated as a TV series. According to his bio, `There are lots of fairy tales and bedtime stories around and many of them quite violent. This made Werner decide to write something different. On a flight from Europe to Australia he watched the movie Magic on Belle Island with Morgan Freeman, where Freeman teaches a little girl to have imagination and write her first story. This inspired Werner as well and the first stories with his two characters Oliver, the elegant tomcat, and Jumpy, his kangaroo lady friend, made their appearance. All of these stories are illustrated by Maycee Ann Reyes - a truly gifted artist

Story 10: Unhappy Dog - Oliver encounters Barky the dog who is fenced in and sounding mean. Oliver asks why the dog is always disturbing others with his bark, and Barky confesses he is sad because he cannot leave his yard - he must protect it. Oliver brings Jumpy and Joey (Jumpy's little male kangaroo) and together they leave the yard, play ball, have a picnic and Barky is happy - until a car passes them by and Barky and his friends love being out so they plan future days together.

Story 11: Kite High - Oliver and jumpy and Joey build a carriage and float in the water, but a wind comes up and they are airborne. All is well until the wind gets stronger and pelicans alight on the craft causing the flight to be threatened, but the pelicans and fly and guide the craft down to the ground where the craft is broken - but what a great flying adventure while it lasted!

Story 12: Butterfly Trouble - A butterfly lands on Oliver's nose, making him sneeze, but the butterfly asks for Oliver's help. Oliver gathers Jumpy and Joey and together they confront a little boy who is out catching butterflies and putting them in a cage. The trio frees the butterflies, the little scoundrel boy flees and everyone is happy.

More fun, entertaining and beautiful stories that carry important lessons. This continues to be an excellent series from Werner Stejskal. Buy the entire set! Grady Harp, April 15
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on May 4, 2015
These books are fantastic! I love that with Oliver and Jumpy there is always a wonderful life lesson by the end of the story. In this installment of Oliver and Jumpy we get three new lessons along with meeting some new friends along the way In the first story "Unhappy Dog" we meet Barky. He barks at Oliver every day when he walks by the yard. This greatly annoys Oliver who finally decides to confront Barky. He finds that his new acquaintance is unhappy and then he enlists Jumpy's help to help Barky have fun. This book teaches a great lesson. If someone is doing things to annoy you, it could just be to get some attention. Confront them and find out what is going on and if you can do something to make their life better.

In "Kite High", Oliver, Jumpy and Joey decide to build a carriage with a sail. In the beginning they are zooming along having lots of fun. Suddenly the wind picks up and they are taken high into the air. This proves to not be nearly as much fun. With the help of a flock of pelicans they make it to safety. This book teaches that if you are in a position that you can't handle that there is nothing wrong with asking for help.

The final story is called "Butterfly Trouble". Oliver meets a beautiful blue butterfly who asks for help to escape the little boy with the net who is collecting him and his friends. With Jumpy's help they manage to make the boy release the butterflies so they can continue to live their lives. This book teaches about being willing to come to the aid of someone who is scared and in trouble.

These books teach powerful life lessons to small children in a way that is easy for them to understand and for parents to discuss more in depth with them when they are finished reading. The illustrations are gorgeous and look more like a TV cartoon than a book. They are vibrant and well written stories. My children and I love sitting down to read them together. We have read these books over and over! Looking forward to the next installment of this wonderful series.
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on December 9, 2016
Werner Stejskal has really put out some great books, this one is just as good right along with pictures to show what the message on the page is about.
The first story is about a dog that likes to bark, the second how high a kite can fly, and the third is about a beautiful butterfly.
The more people that read and then do a review will get the word out to others that will also have the same enjoyment that you had.
Please read and enjoy along with the kids an then please let the author know, now is the time for you to put into a review what you got out of the books and what you know your kids also got out of it.
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on March 26, 2015
Given To Me For An Honest Review

Oliver and Jumpy, Stories 10-12 by Werner Stejskal is another book of the adventures of the two best friends Oliver and Jumpy. This time they have three new adventures. The in the first one, they make friends with Barky the dog. In the second one they have an adventure on a hot air balloon. The last adventure the save a family of butterflies. These stories teach the value of friendship, being aware of surrounding, learning about giving and sharing. The illustrations are bright and colorful. The writing is very bold and easy to read. I gave this book 5 stars but wish I could give more. The would make a good gift to give a child. It would look good in your child's library or in any library's bookshelf. I highly recommend this book to everyone. It is a very good read along, read to or read alone. I look for more from Wener Stejskal.
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