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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Less Than Nothing
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on March 15, 2015
I’ve read hundreds of books in my life, many were wonderful, some okay, but my favorite type of books are the ones that blow me away. This book was one of my favorite books of all time because I can say I’ve never truly read a book like it before. Reading about Sage, the main character, trying to survive in the streets, alone and struggling to survive really opened my eyes. I love reading about tough subjects that touch the heart, and this book is a beautiful example of that!

Sage is living life on the streets in San Francisco day to day. Some days are better than other, but some days are too much for a seventeen-year-old to handle. There are simple rules to follow to survive her new world: work hard during the day to make money, dodge the police and predators, and don’t trust anyone. She seems to be following all the rules, until she meets Derek—the handsome street performer that makes her want to take a leap of fate and dream of a better future.

So the adventure begins to reach their dreams. Sage will travel from coast to coast with her new friend Derek to chase their dreams. But sometimes, you can’t run away from your demons. No matter how far or fast you run.

Will they reach their dreams of stardom and safety? Or will their demons catch up with them and ruin everything?

Besides the storyline, I also loved Sage. Sage was such a strong character and she brought tears to my eyes with her bravery. It’s odd that I couldn’t hear her voice, but every time I read about her singing, I felt as if I could hear the emotion coming from her. I can’t describe it. The book is simply amazing and the characters really touched my heart.

I highly, highly recommend this book!

My favorite quotes:

“It’s like, bad days are the universe reminding us how good most days really are.”

“New, improved idiots. Now with twenty percent more idiot.”

“And maybe two broken people can somehow fix themselves together.”

“Sage, there are a few moments in life you’ll always remember. Most fade, but those are the standouts, the ones that stay with you.”
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on June 13, 2015
I have read so many books that sometimes I feel so jaded when I start a book, 'like been there done that' kind of feeling. Not for this book. Sage, the heroine's plight grabbed me by the throat, and it never lets up for the duration of this book. It is not that I have not read a book about a homeless heroine before, in fact one readily comes to mind. This author though wove this tale like I have not seen before. Throw in Derek, the hero and am a goner.

All through their journey, both literal, physical and emotionally, my heart was in my throat. Will they make it? Will they be alright? Jeremy and Melody added the spice needed. I love this book. It is relatable. I don't know how many twenty something eligible (not looking like a toad), billionaires are out there, but there are a lot of Sages and Dereks out in our world. Too many to count. So, I totally get this. I dig it. Five awesome stars.
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on June 1, 2017
"I’ve always loved coming-of-age novels as well as road books. Some of my favorites have been novels that combine both elements -a main character who’s on the road, in difficult circumstances, and through the journey discovers important lessons about herself and the world around her." Author R.E. Blake

Seventeen years-old Sage lives on the street in San Francisco. She plays guitar and sings in an area she calls "my spot" for tips (this is called "busking"). One day, as she is playing, she notices a young man (she describes him as being "hot") standing before her — holding a cardboard guitar case and applauding her when she finishes her song. When he moves close to "her spot" and takes out his own guitar, she gathers up her few possessions and confronts him. She is supposed to be p*ssed off because he is encroaching on her spot, but she stands there "checking him out"...

Derek takes her for a cup of coffee and he has a proposition for her. They will play and sing together as a duo for a few hours — if they do not make twenty dollars each, he tells her he will make up the difference and leave her to her block. Sage decides that she wants a day to think about it, so he leaves to find himself another "spot"...

The next day, the couple meets at Sage's spot and play together — they make more money by 1:45 than she usually makes in a day. After lunch (which Sage buys), they continue. By 6:45, they had made one hundred and eight dollars and forty-six cents. After spending ten hours with him, she is not as nervous as she was when she first saw him that morning...

This book is a great "coming-of-age novel". You immediately fall in love with Sage and Derek — you are part of the story as you will follow them across the United States as they work to make their dream come true. The reader is almost instantly immersed in the storyline and you feel as though you have a front row seat as the story unfolds. You can feel everything the couple goes through, good times and bad — and you pull for this couple to "make it". There will be ups and downs and lessons learned — some of them the hard way...

This is a very touching and heart-warming novel. I am looking forward to MORE THAN ANYTHING and BEST OF EVERYTHING.

When I started the LESS THAN NOTHING series, I did not know what to expect. I am a H-U-G-E Russell Blake (aka R.E. Blake) fan and I have read all of his books: JET series, BLACK series and ASSASSIN series — as well as his latest book A GIRL APART — but this is a different kind of book from him. Mr. Blake has succeeded my expectations — once again! I hope he decides to add more books to this series.
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on March 20, 2015
This is book #1 of the "Less Than Nothing" trilogy. I am a super fan girl of homeless teens, and this was Blake's debut novel! Sage left home at 17 - her mom is a hopeless drunk, her dad walked out on her years ago, and her stepdad likes to use her as a punching bag. With nothing but her ratty backpack and her old Yahama guitar, she earns a living busking at her spot on the street. She sleeps from place to place, constantly moving after an hour or two to avoid all the creepers. Sage has learned how to grow up fast and not trust anyone. But when super hottie Derek encroaches on her busking spot, he proposes a deal. If they can make less money singing together than by herself, he'll leave. But when they rake in some extra cash, Sage can't help feel herself pull towards 18-year old Derek. Derek is on a two-week timeline to trek from California to New York, his last shot at entering a singing competition with a half-million record deal. Reluctantly, Sage goes with him. Life on the road can't be any harder than what they've already dealt with, right? Sage can't help feeling safer (and super attracted) to Derek, although Derek is the epitome of a gentleman. The way the author paints life on the streets - adding tons of sugar and cream to coffee just to get some extra calories, having to do laundry, exhausting days and nights - was eye opening. I absolutely loved this! 5-star.
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on July 11, 2015
This book deserves more than what it's getting!

At first, I thought it was cheesy and all the crappy things like 'oh he's so gorgeous!' or 'he's so handsome I'm gonna die!' thing. It maybe but not really.

The author's style had me hooked and sent me butterflies everytime some big thing's going up. Their performances sent chills to my tummy and I felt like I was there with them, or maybe make me feel what they're feeling.

I'm also proud to say that the story made me feel like I'm watching (or reading) someone as she grows. From literally nothing to something. It's like I was really there.
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on January 26, 2016
I typically don't read books like this, but I found this one to be a good read. My enjoyment was mostly fueled by Sage's character and voice. I really liked her, and I enjoyed the writing style. I was slightly bothered by how Sage seems to "splurge" on everything, and despite buying three hearty meals per day--and probably eating more than I do--she still seems to complain about how hungry you can get on the streets and you never know where your next meal is coming from. Sadly, I didn't find the ending as satisfying as I'd hoped. Overall, it was a good read that I'd recommend if you're interested in the genre.
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on October 27, 2014
No matter what name Mr. Blake chooses to use, his ability as a great storyteller makes reading all his material more than an enjoyable experience. This genre is not my usual favorite but after reading book one I immediately purchased book two and am looking forward to the final chapter of this trilogy. Blake rocks; both Russell, and R.E.
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on March 9, 2015
This book was free on Facebook. Free means if I hate it I haven't lost anything. I love it. I have read books about almost everything including singers. This one has a different beginning and had me hooked immediately. Of course I bought the next 2 of this trilogy. It is one of the best I have ever read. It is a romance but so much more. And if it matters to you, it is not explicit.
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on October 16, 2016
This is a little bit different romance than I am used to. Sage and Derek are homeless teenagers looking to make it big in the music industry. I greatly appreciate this book being only from Sage's point of view, however, some of her inner dialogue was a little much for me. I haven't decided whether I will continue reading their story.
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on March 17, 2015
What a crazy story! I've never heard of R.E. Blake before, but I will definitely start reading his books now! I could not imagine what Sage had to go through in order to get to where she was in life. What a crazy emotional roller coaster she went on trying to figure out who she was and what she wanted out of life! I cannot wait to see where this path in life is taking her and to see where she ends up! Great book!
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