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on April 28, 2015
This author is new to me, but I am glad I picked "It Had To Be Him." as my Kindle First book. Meg is a strong yet weak woman from a very small town. When it came to her child she was extremely strong and would do everything in her power to protect.her. She loved her daughter and at times, I think she felt her daughter was the only person that loved her. Meg had a somewhat rowdy and uproarious childhood who happened to be the town prankster. Her Father owns and runs the town and along with one son who is the sheriff, another son is a doctor and a daughter who manages the hotel where they live. Meg doesn't work for her Father mainly because he feels she is unreliable and the two of them clash. And that was one of the reasons she left home, but always ended back home after she ran into some kind of problem. Those problems would bring her back to Anderson Butt until something happened and she was gone again. This time is different - she has a child - and the father wants to be in her life. Meg runs home to Anderson Butt and when Josh finds her, he meets Meg's Grandma caring a shotgun with his name on the bullet. I loved this woman, she reminded me of my dear departed "Mama" (that's what we called our Grandmother.)

Josh is ,well umh every woman's dream man. He has told Meg a lot of lies - his job for one - and when she finds out will their relationship survive? Josh does not want to live the rest of his life in lies or without Meg. He fights hard to keep her, even when Grandma wants to shoot him.

This book is well written with great secondary characters like the foster child and loved loved loved the horse. (I hope to read about some of these wonderful people, Like Mac and Grandma). There are a few twists to this story that actually help Meg. Two secrets she learns about her life is sad, but she turns it around to a positive that helps her to mature and become a more responsible (sometimes) and loving person.

The ending was great. DID. NOT. SEE. THAT. ONE. COMING. But I was glad I didn't guess the ending . It was sooooooooooooooo much more than surprise as it showed just how far Meg had matured and come into her own person. I remember reading some of the reviewers talked about to much sex,in this book, and must say this book was more Vanilla that sex. I thought they were done very tastefully and were not erotic in any nature.

Look forward to reading more books from this author.
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on April 3, 2015
This book was written on the level of a High School Senior or College girl level. I found it to be a little to immature for me taste. The main character, although 28 years old and on her as a single mother, finds it hard to make sound decisions and depends on others to help her along. She is immature and questions every decision she makes. Not a positive message for a young person reading this book. I finished it, but knew, at the beginning, when 'He' entered the picture, how the story would end. Good book for a young, starry eyed girl, not yet familiar with the real world.
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on May 15, 2015
One thing about this romance and family feud story, it's not boring! It's full of emotions which tend to flair within families, and it's worse when you live in a small town where everyone knows you and secrets. Meg Anderson is a single mom raising sweet two and one-half-year old daughter, Haley. She's left Denver, Colorado to spend the summer with her family at Anderson Butte, Colorado. The reason? The man who fathered her daughter, the man who abruptly left her when she became pregnant, is now wanting to meet with her after three years. Her first fear is that he may try to get custody of Haley. That will not happen. Anderson Butte is where her entire family lives, her dad is the mayor; her second oldest brother is the town sheriff; her oldest brother is a doctor; and her sister runs the only hotel in town. Josh Granger is the man Meg had fallen deeply in love with, and who had heart broken her heart when he walked away from him. He wants only to meet and be a father to Haley, and if time is on his side, to reveal the truth to Meg as to why he had to leave her. Meg was a wild child growing up and many in the community would rather she not return. But Meg is a different person, and she's determined to make amends. She will also belearning the truth about many family members beside Josh. This story is very engaging, creatively written, and one that grabbed me from beginning to ending. I loved it.
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on March 24, 2015
I wasn't sure this book was going to be great, mostly because I don't really like the cover. :\ It looked pretty plain to me, so I was surprised when the writing turned out to actually be really fantastic. This story is all about Meg, whose family thinks she's a total screw-up. Everyone is disappointed in her and has been her entire life. She's trying to turn things around for her and her daughter, but when her ex-boyfriend walks back into her life, things get a little crazy.

This book was sweet and romantic without being over-the-top. I loved seeing the character development and growth in this. I also loved that Josh, while not perfect, wasn't your typical jerk of a boyfriend. He was actually really likable. I would definitely recommend this book as a fun, relaxing read that isn't going to stress you out. It won't necessarily keep you on the edge of your seat, but it's never boring and each character has their own uniqueness that makes the story a lot of fun.
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on March 10, 2015
Until the hero, Josh, is physically introduced to the story I absolutely saw no way I was going to like him at all. Boy was I wrong. I loved Josh! And, due to the circumstances, I couldn't even fault Meg for thinking so poorly of him.

It seemed the characters in this book were either wonderfully quirky or downright mean and annoying. Of course there was a reason for those mean and annoying characters. What fun is a story that has no discourse? But, man oh man, did they have to be such terrible people?

As for the wonderfully quirky people, they made this book. Sure, the concept of the town and how it operates is a bit out there. I mean, how weird to be basically related to everyone in your town yet try to keep the town from outsiders. But they all love and look out for each other, even when it seems they don't.

Tamra Baumann was extremely smart when writing said characters. There are so many possibilities of stories in this small town, she could keep a series set in Anderson Butte going for a long time. I'll be there to read them for sure.
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on April 13, 2015
I read several novels a week, and a good novel stands out for me when I can lose myself in it, shelving disbelief or scrutiny. This book wasn't ever engaging enough for me to do that. The uniformity of the town shunning the H seemed ridiculous --as did h's granny who actually shoots people rather than just threatening them. The h's father was too much of a jerk to be believable, and I didn't buy that the h or her siblings would tolerate him the way they did. Josh the H was wonderful, but the h was immature and a sucker for punishment, especially from her "friend" Amber. I found myself cringing reading this book. It didnt feel escapist. In fact, it was almost a DNF for me (which rarely happens) because all the storyline were so trite (and it borrows from every storyline imaginable)
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on March 20, 2015
I choose this book as a kindle first book, more because I didn't like any of the other books being offered than something I would have picked out on my own. I am so glad I chose it! I haven't read a romance book in a quite a while, but this one made me want to read more. The book was interesting from the first chapter, but drew me in more and more with each page I read. It left me wondering what would happen next and rooting for certain characters in the story. I read some reviews that criticized the story for be an unrealistic small town setting. I do think the description of the Anderson Butte was unrealistic, but isn't that what fiction is all about? The story pulled me into the small town and me falling in love with some of the characters, admiring others, and wishing others would get what they deserved. A fun read that will bring me back to read another of Tamra Baumann's books.
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on March 8, 2015
This book had it all—it was a funny, emotional, heartwarming read with a strong heroine working hard to overcome her past and be a great mom to her adorable daughter, a hunky hero with a heart of gold, and enough crazy characters in the Colorado town of Anderson Butte to keep you laughing all the way. Between the humor and the emotion and the twists and secrets and surprises, I honestly could not put this book down.The perfect book to forget all your troubles and get entrenched in the lives of these great characters. I loved the bonds of family and friendship and cannot wait to revisit this town with Tamra Baumann’s next book!
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on June 16, 2015
This book is so good! The beginning is a bit frustrating because meg makes herself seem like the worst person because everyone hates her but it really deals with her insecurities because although people dislike her she shouldn't let that have any effect on herself now. The whole town is so small and it sounds really cute but they never explained anything about the celebrities besides the fact that they visit AB often. Meg keeps so much distance throughout most of the book and all it does is make her look insecure which shows her level of maturity versus Josh's and she has a lot of growing up to do.

Besides the small things that I noticed when I reached the end and put it all together weren't a big deal. I would have liked more description because from the few details they give in the beginning I started thinking of the crack/meth head chick in Orange is the New Black who has brown hair and the raspy smokers voice and is kind of crazy. When she came to my mind I couldn't shake it so she was who I saw as Meg She's not really someone who I would want to be like or to imagine as this character as; so more details would have been nice so I would be able to imagine her better and not end up putting the meth head's picture in my mind.

Overall, the book was actually great. It may seem like I hated it from what I said above but I didn't. I thought it was really good and sweet and really makes me wish I could have someone love me like Josh loves Meg. I'm sure there are guys out there that are like that (or at least I hope) and in that hope I know that the perfect guy would be anyone who could truly love me like he does. So cheesy, I know, but seriously, you should read this for a light-hearted love story that will not make you regret buying it. Get it! it's wonderful!
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on April 20, 2015
I enjoyed this book. Meg has her work cut out for her, trying to prove she's grown up, and not a trouble-maker anymore, to her small-town neighbors. I liked the rough time the townfolk gave Josh, though at times I really didn't "get" how Meg could have known his real name, known he was an undercover agent of some type, and yet believed he'd abandoned her and their daughter. Not only that, but she'd told her family he walked away from them too. I'm sure if he'd simply told her he had to leave for her safety, and that of their baby, she'd have understood...so it's either goofy that he never said it to her when he took off years ago, or it's goofy that she forgot he'd told her and instead lived life like a woman whose ex was a deadbeat, running-from-responsibility dad. Also, sometimes it seemed like their daughter used language much more advanced than a toddler/preschooler her age would.

I'd be interested in reading stories about Meg's siblings.

The book was fairly well edited, although I can't believe "all of the sudden" made it past proofers and editors. Some awkward wording choices here and there, where a bit of tightening-up during edits would have made for smoother reading.
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