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on September 21, 2017
This does exactly what it says it does, it permits you to limit the flow to your showerhead. What's irritating is that we need this sort of thing at all. Not sure how the modern shower pressure balance valve was designed to allow control of temperature but not flow. That's not an improvement to me. My older shower valve you could control both flow and temperature. Regardless, this fixes the problem of making the shower head the flow control. I took the restrictor out of my showerhead and WOW it was just too much. I was getting blown over by the flow and wasting tons of water. The all or nothing approach is rather dumb in my book. This valve solved that problem.
As some have asked, it does indeed reduce the flow even in the wide open position. There are four constrictor vanes that close when you wind it shut so it is to be expected that you would lose a little flow. However, even at full open, it's too much for me so I don't see this as any problem. Also note, that because of the restriction, it does make noise. This also, does not come as a surprise.
All in all, a good piece, it's all brass except for the internals; what did you expect for eight bucks?
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on June 21, 2015
Nice, not much more than the cheapo Home Depot versions, but these use sliding ceramic plates and provide complete shutoff. Sometimes that may not matter - since they're mostly for temporary shower pausing - but if you do need full shutoff, say to divert from showerhead to handspray (as I did) these are the ones to go with.
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on June 3, 2017
So, the big question is does it decrease a full flow. Well, if you are using a water saving shower head, the flow will NOT change. The opening is more than adequate. However there was definitely a slight- but just slight- decrease in flow with the restrictor removed. With a limited amount of hot water (tank size) and when there are multiple people that need to shower, it's great to be able to trickle down the water while soaping up without having to turn it all the way off.
This is definitely a hand tighten piece- if you try to over tighten, the washer pops off the rim into the arm pipe! With a hand tighten, there was NO leak.
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on June 14, 2015
I received shipment in two days. The packaging was appropriate and the item was in perfect condition. I purchased this shut-off valve because I live in California...we need to conserve water! It took less than a minute to install (no exaggeration) and functions perfectly. I have arthritic hands, so I bought this model with the big over-engineered lever...the entire unit is solid and heavy for size...the lever is smooth as melted butter. In case you're worried about the size...this unit fits unobtrusively right at the supply for the shower ( we have hand-held) and functions exactly as advertised. This is a wonderful example of an inexpensive product that performs at the highest level and is manufactured at an even higher level.
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on October 9, 2015
Just what I needed to update and improve my 22 year old handheld shower system. This little device can either reduce or totally shut off the water flow from whichever showerhead it is attached to, saving literally thousands of gallons of water annually without requiring any drastic efforts or changes on your part. Using only the included rubber washers and making sure not to over-tighten the threaded connections [ because when threaded too tightly, the washer may become overly compressed or distorted and not maintain a complete, waterproof seal ] resulted in an effective, inexpensive shower system which doesn't leak or drip at all! Installation of this all metal, solid brass valve was fast and easy, and it looks like it should last for many years to come..
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on June 19, 2015
Excellent product. Helps save water with the drought in California, but you don't need a drought to benefit from it. You can shut of the water flow and then turn it back on without having to adjust the temperature. And, unlike other models, it shuts off the water flow completely. Get one - you'll like it. I bought two and have recommended them to my friends.
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on June 27, 2016
Works great! Turned down my speedy shower with knob control. With nozzle open full blast it did not slow my shower down as some stated before, but after using the control knob I was able to adjust the speed down to a comfortable shower for my kids. It also stops the flow of water when need to turn around in shower avoiding you to shoot water towards the curtain onto the floor if shampooing hair with a hand held shower head. I recommend this big knob shower control for kids and yourself to easily adjust flow.
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on April 8, 2018
My wife wanted to turn off the water easily to soap up and wash her hair without having to readjust the water temperature. This works perfectly. We've had it for several months now, no leaks, works fine, ended up buying three more for relatives.
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on December 15, 2015
I live in a slummy bad apartment. It's honestly the worst place I've ever lived. And, one day, the handle to the shower popped off the stem and flooded my apartment. After that, the shower has dripped considerably and loudly. I mention this to maintenance. I speak to the front office. Nothing for months.

I buy this, and the drip is gone with the push of a lever. It's a stop gap, but... It's not my building, and... I just want the drip to stop.
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on November 7, 2016
Works for my needs. Quick and easy to install. I have an underpowered on demand water heater, which is fine in the summer but in the colder months the incoming water is too cold heat up. I installed this unit in line with a "water amplifying" showerhead and I can now slow down the flow of water to allow it to heat up for showering. Perfect.
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