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on December 7, 2014
I've had several deep fryers through the years and this is the best one ever! The immersion type heating element heats the oil fast and keeps it up to cooking temperature even with frozen foods. I used pure peanut oil for my first test frying with this fryer as I've have such good results using that oil in the past. It costs a lot more but is well worth it. My wife commented that the foods I cooked tastes as good as some better restaurants we go to.

After the oil cooled, I just flipped the lever on the front and the oil was strained through the fine mesh stainless steel screen in the bottom of the stainless steel tank and into the plastic storage tank underneath.. There is a pour spout in one back corner of the plastic tank that makes it easy to pour the oil back into the jug it came in for storage. The plastic tank has a removable lid much like a Tupperware container making it easy to clean.

Everything but the power cord and the heating element/control unit can go into the dishwasher! That right there is one of the best features ever. So, there isn't really much of a mess at all.

The power cord is held on to the control unit with a magnet. I'm thinking it's probably a safety feature so if someone snags or pulls on the cord, it will just come off instead of dragging down the whole deep fryer.

I think it's the one to own! Get yourself one!
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on March 3, 2015
This fryer will solve basically every problem you have with frying. I hated frying because of the huge mess. This fryer is so easy to clean just use it and then put it all in the dishwasher. It doesn't get grease all over the counter either. The only piece that can't go in the dishwasher is the heating element part which cleans off easily in the sink. The features work as described the oil filtration works well and creates no mess. The fryer it self performs flawlessly I have fried frozen foods straight from the freezer, doughnuts, chicken etc.

Update 6/1/15
Fryer gets used at least once a week and is still going strong no complaints!
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on April 17, 2017
This fryer should pay for itself in a very quick time. The worst part about frying is what to do with the oil after using it. Usually the oil gets left in the fryer or pan until it turns bad and has to be thrown out. Cooking oil is very expensive and disposal is messy!
This fryer saves oil(money) and solves the storage problem after using it.
I tested this fryer on various foods and they turned out great every time. Like others mentioned, I'm not sure it gets the oil as hot as some foods require but I had no issues with soggy food. The best part is that after you are done cooking, you just turn a knob and the oil automatically filters itself while draining into a convenient storage box underneath. The filtered oil is free of particles that can make oil look and turn bad. It actually looks like brand new oil after the filter process and there is no need to sift hot oil or funnel it back into a jug or disposal jar. There is a cleanup process afterward but the inner tub basically needs to be wiped out with a paper towel on bottom and then almost every part (except removable heating element) is supposed to be OK in the dishwasher. This is one appliance that is efficient and functional. I figure that after about 10 uses I will have saved enough on oil to pay for the fryer!
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on October 29, 2017
 Everything preforms just as well as i hoped! My video will shows you everything you need to know about this deep fryer (there is a 4K version of it on youtube as well)
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on April 30, 2015
After WEEKS of reviewing deep fryers, there are numerous reasons I ordered the T-fal FR8000 from Amazon on Saturday night. It arrived, with NO damage, on Wednesday. Thank you, AMAZON! I read ALL enclosed directions on Wednesday and put everything in the dishwasher except the heating element that same night. Thursday morning, I ensured everything was dry, put the unit back together and set up for my first time EVER using a deep fryer. Unit is not heavy and easy to move around. Since the deep fryer had small rubber feet on each corner, I decided to place the unit on my ceramic stove top in order to have use of the hood vent (from another reviewer). Safety is another reason I chose this model. I made sure that the cord reached the wall plug with room to spare and had the unit set up so that I had access to the reset button, if needed (another reviewer). The stainless steel colander was lined with paper towels for the fried chicken to rest. The 8x8 glass dish for the french fries was lined with paper towels-ready and waiting. I even had a place prepared for the hot see-through lid whenever I need to remove it from the unit. One of the main reasons I chose this unit: I have a small family and wanted the basket to be big enough for 3 meaty drumsticks and two meaty thighs because I did not want to have to cook a second batch of the same thing. After pouring the vegetable oil in half way between the min and max lines, I was ready! DH entered the kitchen and decided that he did not like my set up. Even after telling him that the instruction manual stated NO extension cords, he pulled out a power strip and plugged in the unit and then the wall informing me that a power strip is not an extension cord. (I researched this after dinner and it's true!) Fine. No problem. I turned the deep fryer on and set the temp at 374. The red light came on. While it was heating up, I seasoned, egg washed and flour coated the five pieces of chicken and laid them flat in the basket. Perfect fit. Based on reviews, I made sure that there were no damp spots on the chicken after the flour coating. (I thought I heard the unit "beep", but as I was not looking at it at the time, I'll have to update the next time I deep fry.) The red light went off, I very slowly, lowered the basket of prepared chicken into the hot oil and placed the lid securely on the unit. Beautiful bubbling hot oil frying and everything was going along fine. Now, as I am watching the frying process, the unit is NOT holding that beautiful deep frying temperature. What is wrong??!!!! DH hears me talking out loud (from downstairs) and comes into the kitchen. I lift the almost done fried chicken out with the basket. (LOVE THAT BASKET!!!) The power strip had a surge protecter and the red light that was on is now OFF!!! My input is that the Operators Manual should also state Do Not Use Power Strips, for those who do not know. I plugged the unit into the wall, pushed the reset button on the deep fryer, waited for the red temperature light to go off and continued frying. Deep fried home-made french fries turned out great, also. Just make sure that your fries are cut at the same thickness for even doneness and coloring. All in all, the T-fal FR8000 has all that a deep fryer should have from safety features, large basket and temperature control. Easy, breezy clean-up, either by hand or dishwasher. Looking forward to "our" next deep fried adventure. UPDATE: Tonight I used my deep fryer for deep fried catfish filets. The filets were a little more than 1 inch at the thickest, so I deep fried them for 10 minutes at the recommended temp of 320 degrees. OMG!!! Easy Breezy from set up to clean up. See my pictures below.
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on April 25, 2015
Took a little time to get use to it. Still working on this, though!
I don't cook large quantities, maybe 1/3 the amount in most recipes. I've had to learn proper cooking times for these quantities.
Fresh sweet potatoes are difficult for me, up to now. I've found that coating the fresh potatoes with very light covering of cooking spray helps in cooking, and keeps the potatoes from sticking together. Fry style seem to cook better then chip style.
I have found that frozen fries are easier to cook than fresh, but I am making progress in this area.
Clean-up is easy. This product disassembles easily, and assembles quickly.
This is an "outstanding" product in my opinion.
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on July 27, 2016
What I like:
The T-fal FR8000 is well built, everything lines up nicely, there are no sharp edges.
It has a great heating element that heats up quickly and maintains temperature well.
There are rubber seals on the lid where the basket handle sticks out as well as at the base of the controls where the lid conforms around the heating element that help keep oil and steam from running everywhere during use.
The venting in the lid works without making a mess all over the unit.
The viewing window in the lid is a nice touch. I like being able to check the browning without having to remove the lid.
There are easy to see lines on the basin for the fill level, 1 gallon of oil puts it slightly above the max fill line.
The handle on the basket folds in so the basket can be stored inside the basin with the lid on when not in use.
The best part is the automatic filtering and built-in storage for oil, allowing for quick and easy cleanup! After letting the oil cool, I hand wash the heating element and just put the basin, basket, and lid in the dish washer.

What I dislike:
The basket hanger on the basin is very narrow. Sometimes I miss when I try to hook the basket on the hanger.

Don't try to tilt the fryer forward to drain the last little bit of oil into the storage reservoir, the reservoir will leak oil all over your counter top if you do!
The drain mechanism is slightly recessed below the bottom of the basin but the basin is flat so the oil does not drain entirely. T-fal, adding a slight slope in the basin would help with this. The screen filter in the drain is very fine so dirty oil does not go through, which is a good thing, but expect to lose a small amount of oil (about 2 tbsp) every time you drain and clean the unit. Keep extra oil around to top it off next time you use it.
Don't overfill the basket. It is a wide basket with a single, light-weight handle. I feel like it might bend or break if I overfilled the basket and shook it too hard (like when you bang the basket to drain excess oil, putting stress on the handle).

I fry at least once a week so I spent some time researching new fryers before settling on this one. I replaced a Presto unit that lasted over 6 years, but the heating element connections finally quit making contact. I would have gone with another Presto unit but oil storage was always an issue. I almost opted for an air fryer but I'm not convinced you can achieve the same deep fried taste without using oil. So far I have been very happy with the T-fal FR8000. I have owned it a week and used it four times before writing this review.
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on August 16, 2017
Excellent Deep Fryer. Just the right size for doing enough chicken wings for a big feed for two to three people. I like how easy it is to clean. Because you can put parts in the dishwasher the deep fryer always looks like it is brand new. Also, I love that this deep fryer filters the cooking oil and safely stores it below in the storage tray. I would say that this must be the best deep fryer ever built because the quality is SO good and I can not think of a feature that it is missing or could be added.

It is a know brainer purchase for those on a Banting, Dr. Atkins or Ketogenic diet. Cheers.
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on June 15, 2016
If there was such a thing as 6 STARS, I would give it! GREAT. Very easy to operate. Food comes out crisp and not greasy. Love the pan at the bottom which is clarified oil. I put it in the refrigerator to preserve the oil until I am ready to do it again. Super easy to clean. I am not a dishwasher person, but this was just a simple hand washing job. Easy to assembly. So many uses. I fried fish fillets, cauliflower , onion rings, and chicken tenders. Just dipped them in seasoned bread crumbs. You have to make sure that the food is dry, but there was enough moisture for the bread crumbs to stick. Yummy. Even fried frozen shrimp. So fast. So delicious. So simple. A must for every household. When the company designs the next generation model, I suggest a timer.
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on November 22, 2017
Worked perfectly. Filtered oil into reservoir well at end after cool (3 hours). If you wait long enough, all the oil will filter into reservoir. Using 3 sheet pans helped with keeping organized and safe and for easier cleanup. No picture of the french fries we made from russet potatoes because they were so good they were gone before I could find my phone. Fry at low temp for 5 minutes, then cool, then fry at high temp until brown.
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