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on May 12, 2016
I have kids with serious food issues/allergies. In order to cope with all of the things they cannot eat, we always eat at home and I always cook from scratch. As a result, I am always in the kitchen. I firmly believe in using the proper tool for the job whenever feasible so I purchased T-fal’s FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Professional Immersion Heating Element and Unique Filtration System for deep frying things like French Fries, Chicken, bread and taco shells. This fryer replaced the old model of the same thing I had purchased in 2005 and worn out.

WHAT IS IN THE BOX: The T-Fal deep fryer is a rectangular box shaped fryer with handles on either side. A fairly large rectangular stainless steel “box” holds oil and the removable heating element. An immersible stainless steel basket fits in the “box” over the heating element. The heating element attaches to a plastic unit which houses the electrical components and the knobs that allow the temperature to be set. Acting like a drawer under the stainless steel box is a plastic holding bin for oil after it goes through the filter when filtration has been utilized. A removable cord is also included as well as instructions.

WHAT I LIKE: Everything on this fryer, except for the heating unit component (and the cord) goes into the dishwasher!!! This is absolutely awesome for keeping the fryer clean!!! I think everything should be dishwasher safe in the 21st century, yet too few things are. Great job T-Fal!!!

The plastic storage bin for oil now comes apart (the lid lifts off). This is definitely an upgrade from the last model I owned. I discovered the lid on my last one was not removable when I stored some filtered coconut oil in the plastic holding bin in the winter and it solidified. I was unable to remove the oil until summertime. I am so glad to see this design change since coconut oil is the healthiest oil for frying and it is all I use. Now if I need to remove solidified coconut oil from the plastic holding bin, I can pop off the lid and scrape it into the fryer. It is much more hygienic to store oil in a closed container rather than the fryer “box” itself so I am grateful for the design change.

This fryer holds a lot of oil and a lot of food. I can easily fry 2 potatoes worth of French fries per batch with no issues.

I love the removable basket that can be hung on the side to drip. It looks like the ones seen in restaurants and functions the same way. Thus I am not dumping as much oil onto my plates with the food.

It doesn’t take a ton of oil to fill this fryer. I bought 2 large bottles of coconut oil from Costco and it only took 1 ½ to fill the fryer. I can store and reuse the oil over and over and over with this fryer so I can use the healthiest oil and not feel like I have spent too much.

The temperature readings on the dial are now etched into the plastic. On my last one the numbers were merely painted on and they came off within the first few months that I owned the fryer. I am glad T-Fal fixed this issue with their present version of the fryer.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: The actual frying space is not very deep. I tried to fry homemade tortillas into taco shells the other day in a mold that I own. I had to fry one side and then the other because I did not have the 3 inches of oil necessary to plunge the entire thing under the surface. I really think this fryer could be deeper. A couple more inches of frying space depth would make this a 5 star appliance.

The cord falls out of the fryer too easily. I suppose it is a safety feature, but it is a pain in the neck.

I purchased T-fal’s FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Professional Immersion Heating Element and Unique Filtration System at full price and am reviewing it of my own accord. All in all, I think it is a great fryer and would definitely recommend it.
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on January 19, 2017
I like the easy clean up of parts's real easy to make a mess with the oil if you aren't careful. Reservoir is not deep enough to do a decent blooming onion. It is nice to recycle the oil but be careful with the drain aspect. If you have cooked something with a lot of batter the resulting leftover will clog the drain screen so you must watch to be sure it's working right and clean it so it will drain correctly. Took me 3 screen cleans to get all the oil out. It does heat up nicely and using sunflower oil is the way to go with this. Overall I believe this fryer is over rated and over priced.

Feb 6.....Just had to update this review as I have had more time to use this fryer. It does a fantastic job of cooking. The filtration of the oil is an outstanding idea and has worked well with the sunflower oil I use. Yes, the oil reservoir is a little small so don't expect to cook for the multitudes with this. However it does a very admirable job for up to 3 or 4 people. So I upped my stars to a 4.
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on December 14, 2014
This is my first fryer, and I am really glad I chose this one. I've used others at my family's house, and the main issues are, of course, how many times can you re-use the same oil in the fryer, and when you have to dump it out and clean the cumbersome oily thing. This leads to not really using the thing... With this fryer, those issues are a thing of the past! The oil filtration system seems to work very well. I've only had this a short while and only cooked a couple batches in it so far, but I'll share my experiences.

First thing you do when you get it out of the box is disassemble the parts (oil-saving box with lid, main oil bowl, basket, and lid) and put them in the dishwasher. You just can't wash the control unit (part with the dial and the heating rods) in the dishwasher, but that is a small part really and easy to sponge off. I can get everything into the dishwasher except for the main housing - which is safe to put in the washer, but just won't fit vertically in my machine, so I sponge that too which isn't a problem since it's the outer-most part of the machine and doesn't come into contact with the oil. I realized right away that this was going to be a whole lot easier than my family's old machine.

The manual recommends vegetable oil - I went with peanut oil. After frying some hot dogs (you gotta try it - roll in a hot pan after frying to dry/blister them) and some breaded cheese-stuffed jalapenos as a test run, I turned the heat off and switched it to oil filtration mode. The machine knows the oil's temperature, and will automatically begin filtering into the oil box on the bottom once the oil is at a safe temp (took ~2 hours for it to start - manual says ~3 hours.) When it was done, I pulled the oil box out to look at it and was amazed (the box holds the oil pretty well... there is a plug on the back end that you can unplug to pour the oil out, but the front hole the machine filters the oil down into stays open, so it will spill just a little if you shake it around too much - I lost a couple drops, no real problem, just a note. If you leave it in the machine and keep it upright, you will have no leaks/problems.) - the oil looked as good as new! But that was an easy test for it... My next run (re-using the filtered oil) was double-dredged (flour/egg/panko) oysters. They were awesome in a po'boy, by the way! After filtering the oil this time, it is clean in the box, but very slightly darker and does of course now have that seafood smell. I would use it again, for more seafood, but would want to change to fresh oil if I went back to chicken or something else. They recommend changing your oil after around 8-12 uses, so I don't want to throw this oil out yet. It is pretty easy to poor the filtered oil into some other container marked "seafood", but it would be nice if I could find a spare oil box of the same type so that I could have one for seafood, and one for other foods, and just re-use the appropriate oil box. I looked at T-Fal's site, but can't find an exact match - they do have spare boxes for a different model though (unsure if it would fit this model) so I am holding out hope. I'll ask them and see what I can find... It would just add another layer of ease to the process.

In summary, this fryer takes most of the hard parts of frying and throws them out with the wash. It is easy to use, and makes it a pleasure instead of a nightmare to fry quick side dishes with a meal, for example. I am very happy with this purchase.
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on January 1, 2015
I'm only giving this four stars because it's wonderful, I LOVE the self-filtration system, it is VERY clean, but the only place I can use it is outside! (In the garage while it's cold)
I got it in the mail, called my sister, cleaned it out, poured 13cups of Crisco brand Peanut Oil and let it warm up. Lemme tell us- we made some of THE BEST Panko-Crumb-Chicken Strips and Sweet Potato Fries. Holy damn people.. They were delish! I want to fry everything now, haha.
Sorry I didn't think to take pictures while cooking, but the oil does bubble a tish (with frozen food) and fills the room with that smokey oil aroma... My advice? Use outside or in the garage! It's perfect=o) good luck and enjoy!!
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on January 11, 2016
I decided to write a quick product review of the new deep fryer I acquired a few weeks ago. I do not do a lot of deep frying, but I've always wanted one for the home kitchen, because, well, why not? I've had the opportunity to use this new one about 6-8 times and so far, I am very pleased. The only place I was able to find it was on Amazon, where 87% of almost 600 reviews were four or five star.

I initially had a number of concerns, including the amount of oil allowed in the cooking tank (seemed like not enough), the cleanup (I am neurotic over a spotless kitchen), and the accuracy of the thermostat/heating element.

The main thing that drew me to this particular model was the self-cleaning/filtering oil system. To my knowledge, it is the only one of its kind that exists in a household grade appliance and I am not yet ready to have a commercial fryer in the house. Oil handling is accomplished with a lever. When you are done cooking, you flip the lever and as the oil cools, it filters down into a holding tank, ready to be used again. I thought this might be a gimmick and a great way to create a huge mess, but the reviews online seemed to indicate that it works pretty well. Lo and behold, it works as advertised.

The heating element is controlled by a rotary temperature selector. Using an infrared thermometer, I have found it to be very accurate. At maximum temperature, the oil will reach 384F which is more than adequate for at home frying. At intermediate settings, temperature accuracy is within 5 degrees of target, which at those temperatures, is very accurate. I like to let the oil heat up for a while (15-20 minutes) before use because temperature does tend to plunge when you drop a full load of frozen items into the oil. I've seen it drop from 385 down to 330. Fortunately, this is quickly sensed and the heating element recovers temperature quickly and does not seem to affect food quality.

The unit has two minor drawbacks, both relating to the fry basket. First, I would have preferred to see the unit come with a total of three fry baskets – one large one and two smaller ones so that you can cook two different items at the same time. The second is that the “hook” for the fry basket is at the front of the tank which makes it difficult to see when you pull the basket out of the oil and want to hook it up. It would be nice if it were at the rear of the tank so you could see where you are hooking the basket. A minor inconvenience, but a properly designed item should not require the average user to overthink its operation. I find that I repeatedly check to make sure the basket is seated in the hook because the last thing I want is for the basket to splash into the hot oil which could result in a nasty burn.

I like to clean the whole thing when I am done using it, so the process is a bit more complicated than throwing a switch and putting it away. I filter the oil into the reservoir, scrape the residue out of the cooking tank into a ziploc bag, and then run it through the dishwasher, along with the wire basket and lid. While you can store the oil in the reservoir, I like to pour it into a gallon container and store it out of the appliance. All the pieces are dishwasher safe except for the element. I clean the element using a sponge and hot soapy water and then wipe the whole thing down with stainless steel cleaner to eliminate fingerprints.

In conclusion, the T-Fal FR8000 gets the best reviews of all deep-fryers and I can see why. It is well built and works exactly as it should. The fact that it makes the messy task of oil handling a very simple process is all the better. So far, I can honestly say I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
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on August 7, 2016
I bought this to deep fry fish, which my husband loves crispy. It does a great job of that. The only problems are that it's a bit bulky and a tad bit of oil always ends up on the very bottom after I remove the oil collection pan. Unlike other reviewers, I don't have a problem draining/straining the oil using the lever on the front. It works just fine, you just have to give it some time to work because the oil drains slowly. It is very effective though. Also, this isn't a big deal, but this T-fal FR8000 take a while to heat up. I don't mind because I use that time to prepare the food I'm frying. Once it heats up, the temperature stays consistent and it only takes about 3-4 minutes for me to cook fish all the way through.

One tip - be sure not to put more oil in the fryer than is indicated by the markers on the side of the stainless steel inner pan. The marks are easy to miss if you don't look carefully. The first time I used the fryer, I didn't read the directions and wasn't paying attention and put in too much oil. This was a big mistake! The fryer worked fine but when I drained the oil, I made a huge mess because I put in more than the lines indicated. I didn't realize that the lines were directly matched to the capacity of the plastic storage container underneath the fryer - the container into which the oil drains. So, when I turned the lever and strained the oil, a huge puddle of it leaked out onto the counter and then onto the floor. It was a real pain to clean up! Fortunately, I learned my lesson and now pay close attention to the "full" lines and everything works well.

Overall, this is a very good fryer and I would buy it again.
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on October 8, 2016
Love this item! We are using light olive oil, so it cost us a lot to fill it, so its great that we can reuse the oil several times. The only thing that would make it better is that there is nowhere to put the top after the food is cooked and the basket is on the portion that holds it above the oil to drip. It would be better if the lid was on a hinge or folded back somehow. For now we get out a cookie sheet and put the lid on the cookie sheet to cool down. Other than that, this works exactly how it says it does and is a really nice simple, well made machine.
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on January 15, 2016
I still love the "Emeril" line better. This doesn't have the strong filter. Although it does have a filter. I can still smell the scent of food and oil burning! Oil seem to burn up faster in this one. Not to mention oil goes stale really fast if you store oil in this. I never had that problem with the Emeril line of this deep fryer. Im assuming T-fal wanted to cut cost? Parts are a bit cheap. It does work the same at draining oil into a container. As the Emeril. No oil change indication on this one? Huge for me. If I knew all this I would have bought another Emeril. I still give 4 stars cause it does what it says. Which is fry food at the correct temperature. It is deeper than the Emeril. And I've noticed I can't quite fry as much as I used to. It's also not as wide. Hope this helps someone else.
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on February 2, 2017
We've had this about 3 weeks now and have fried shrimp, mushrooms, haddock, cod, french fries, and chicken. (can't wait to try doughnuts!) I love batter dipped frying but I wouldn't recommend it. It sticks to the basket and makes it very hard pry out and to clean afterwards. I also have an issue with making french fries with real potatoes. In order for them to be cooked in the middle they end up coming out too dark. Oil too hot? Wrong kind of potato? Oh well, practice makes perfect. I've never owned a deep fryer before so I have nothing to compare it to, but this machine is easy to use and clean up is a breeze (aside from the batter fiasco) whether I hand wash the parts or put them in the dishwasher.
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on June 25, 2017
WOW Used it 4 times then the metal ring that holds the drain in broke from the heat. Hot oil ran all over the Kitchen and on the floor. Thank God there were no kids here today. This is a bad SAFETY ISSUE ...I will be calling the Maker about this ticking Hot oil bomb....What a mess

Update: Great customer Service from T-fal - I'll have a new Pan in 2 to 3 weeks. Had to send them a picture so here it is. When this retainer ring breaks the oil runs out of the pan so keep a eye on it when you clean the pan.
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