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on August 19, 2016
I bought a T-fal FR800050 Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer and when I was unpacking it I found a piece of metal in the fryer bowl. At first I thought it was a piece of scrap metal from the manufacturing process but oil filter was loose and found 2 more pieces of the metal ring that holds down the oil filter to the rubber gasket on the fryer bowl. I called T-fal and was asked to email a photo of the parts(first photo). I was told to return everything to Amazon because the filter wasn't a user replaceable part.

I got a replacement fryer from Amazon a few days later. This time there wasn't any loose parts in the fryer bowl and the filter seemed to be attached tightly so I thought everything was okay. The second photo shows how the card board is packed around the bottom of the filter. As I was removing the card board 2 pieces of the metal filter retention ring fell out. The remaining larger piece of the clip was still holding the filter to the fryer bowl but obviously it was unusable and would cause oil to leak. I again called T-fal and was told if I had a copy of my receipt they would arrange for me to drop of my whole unit to UPS at their cost and once they got notice of shipment they would send out a replacement fryer. It was late Friday and I don't live close to a UPS drop off center so I figured it would probably take a week to 10 days for me to get a replacement depending on how quickly T-fal shipped my replacement. The other option and the one I wanted was for them to ship me a replacement fryer bowl but I was told it would take 3 or 4 weeks because it would have to be shipped from France. I ended up returning it to Amazon, but this time I didn't get an option to get a replacement. Only a refund.

The second time I called T-fal they didn't seem surprised I had this filter retention ring problem. I'm guessing there are some quality control issues with a certain production run of these fryers as another person who purchased one around the same time from Amazon also had the same problem. Both my units were shipped from the San Bernardino facility. I think I might wait a few weeks or months then try again and order another one...

So Amazon dropped to price to $79.99 so I bit the bullet and bought another one. The retention ring was okay on this one. We'll see how long it lasts. It's still not clear why these retention rings are breaking in the box or after a few uses. Could be they were installed with too much pressure at the factory or the rings themselves were made of poor quality metal.

First impressions:
1) It's huge. No way do you leave this on your counter top unless you have a massive kitchen with acres of countertop. You'll probably have a hard time finding space in a lower cabinet or pantry shelf for this fryer. I store it in my basement. The main reason for the big size is the oil storage unit under the fryer. It has to be large enough to hold 3.5L of oil. YES it uses a lot of oil and you don't realize how much until you empty a whole 2.84L bottle of canola oil and have to go back for a second bottle.

2) This really isn't a "deep" fryer. The min oil level is @ 2" and the max level is @ 2.5". The fryer bowl is about 6.25" deep. If you fill above the max oil level the oil storage unit will overflow when you drain the oil. The heating element rests on the bottom of the fryer bowl so you lose maybe 0.5" of frying depth.

3) If you fry battered foods it's possible they might get "caught up" in the heating element and temperature sensor. I've fried party wings twice now and both times I've had one or two per batch get stuck. You just have to be careful and patient while extracting the food item with tongs to avoid splashing hot oil all over yourself.

4) Although the manual doesn't say anything about removing the black oil box cap(back left corner) before draining the oil. Several people in reviews have recommended doing that. It makes sense because as the oil drains into the oil storage unit the air inside has to go somewhere. So removing the cap should allow faster drainage. If you remove the cap before drainage just remember that you can't move the fryer after the oil has been drained into the storage container until you replace the cap. Otherwise oil will spill. Just wait till the fryer bowl has cooled. Lift the bowl out and reach in and screw the cap back on to the oil storage unit.

5) Frying with the fryer basket will cause the oil to take longer to recover to the proper frying temperature than without the basket. I think the fine mesh on the basket is probably absorbing some of the heat.

Although the 3rd fryer I got didn't have a broken filter retention ring and the fryer seems to be working as expected. I will leave my review at 1 star. It's inexcusable to have 2 fryers that are defective right out of the box with broken filter retention rings. Much more importantly the failure of such an important part is very concerning. If a batch of rings were manufactured from poor quality metal then it might be a ticking time bomb that could fail at any moment and cause hot oil to leak all over your kitchen. Make sure to inspect the filter retention ring before and after every use so you can easily spot any changes or new defects.
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on August 19, 2016
Received the fryer in the mail and this wonderful piece of broken metal was sitting in the main basin. I tried to call T-Fal but they are closed the entire weekend, so no help there. Anyone have an idea if this is some extraneous piece of metal that doesn't belong or is it a pivotal piece of the fryer and I need to return the entire thing and get another one?

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on May 15, 2016
Does not get to temperature. I could tell something was wrong so I verified using two independent and highly accurate thermometers and this piece of crap is almost 35 degrees under what it claims. Yes, the oil filter is great but inaccurate temps make this item useless.
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on March 7, 2017
My unit will not bring the oil up to 374 degrees as indicated on the control dial. When set to 374 degrees, the oil only comes up to 344 degrees. So I contacted T-Fal customer support. Here is the correspondence:

Me: "I have set my unit to 374 degrees, but after 1/2 hour it only comes up to 344 degrees. Is there was a way to calibrate the unit so that the oil will come up to the desired temperature?"

T-Fal Customer Support: "The temperature is read at the heating element, not the oil. When food is placed in to cook, it may alter the temperature of the oil slightly."

Me: "My recipe calls for the oil to be at 375 degrees, not the heating element. Is there a way for me to get the oil up to 375 degrees?"

T-Fal Customer Support: "No, that is the way the unit works. Very sorry but there is no way to raise the heat."

From that correspondence it is clear that the unit will not heat the oil to 374 degrees. If you need to deep fry something above 350 degrees, be aware that the unit does not support it.
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on November 20, 2016
I was very excited to have this product. Had great dreams of easy cooking for south asian/indian battered food with primary objective of making earth shattering stuff like Pakodas, Vadas, Pooris. What a let down.
Primarily for South asian cooking you need very hot oil that stays hot as the battered food is dropped in. The battered food ( usually Dal based as opposed to only flour based american food) needs to fluff as soon as they are dropped in the hot oil. Even with the Immersion TFal well heated to the top farenheit, the batter doesnt fluff like a tradiotional gas burner based deep frying pan.
Enclosing the pic of medu vada[...] that we made using the regular gas burner, oil pan versus the T Fal using the same batter at the same time. The T Fal medu vada looks nice from outside, great shape, but hard and not very good inside. The traditionally made medu vada is way better inside, more porous, more crunchy and much more flavor.

On the up-side, if you are going to make all purpose flour based stuff, or stuff that can cook slow or simple french fries, then this device is for you.
As a suggestion to the manufacturer, if they are listening and want to cater to the growing south asian market, then they need to up the temperature setting to 425.
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on May 8, 2017
I purchased this for my parents for Christmas as this was something they wanted. Once they finally tried it out after the holidays they couldn't get the oil to heat up over 300 degrees. I went over a few weeks later to give it a try and we made sure everything was connected, knobs were turned to where they needed to be and still could not get the oil to heat up over 300, we pulled out the cooking thermometer to check. We contacted T-fal and after a few calls have been told they need for us to send the item to them to inspect it and after they review it they will let us know if we will be able to get a new one or if they find nothing wrong with it they will return the item back to us. I explained we have not been able to use the item it is still under warranty that something is wrong we need a new one this one is faulty if it is not working the first time we tried it. We are still waiting on the results.
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on June 3, 2016
We have an older T-fal fryer that has lasted for over a decade. Somehow the cord was misplaced, and since the company doesn't sell replacement cords we ordered this model to replace the old fryer. With anticipation to make some good old fried food, we lightly wiped out the new unit and filled it with oil. The light came on for about 5 seconds and then shut off - did not heat up. The unit died within the first few seconds of using it. Now completely filled with oil - we had to empty the oil out and clean it up for return. That was no small chore since this unit doesn't have a removable pot for cleaning. A very frustrating experience. We ended up returning the unit and opted for a different brand. It's a shame...since the unit in itself is very attractive, but the quality or at least our experience with this unit/model was poor indeed.
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on April 3, 2017
Although it is not new now we used it 5 times since purchased. DIED !!!
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on September 23, 2016
The fryer piece of this works great. But the entire reason to buy this one is the filtration part. It filters pretty well but it leaks oil everywhere after you drain it. Doesn't leak during operation but after you've drained it expect a mess. The plastic reservoir is terrible, it leaks and the mechanism on the top of it doesn't seal so expect leaks
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on July 14, 2016
Extremely disappointed with this fryer. Even with oil filled to the max mark it wasn't deep enough to half cover a chicken breast. Also the temperature markings does not show 350 degrees - the most common temperature for deep frying. Once I was finally finished using it and turned the knob to filter and drain the oil, I found oil had leaked all over my kitchen counter. I had NOT overfilled the unit with oil but the draining box was apparently not large enough to hold the maximum quantity. Now I'm stuck with an appliance I can't use and can't return because I bought it a few months ago but didn't use until yesterday.
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