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on March 3, 2015
This fryer will solve basically every problem you have with frying. I hated frying because of the huge mess. This fryer is so easy to clean just use it and then put it all in the dishwasher. It doesn't get grease all over the counter either. The only piece that can't go in the dishwasher is the heating element part which cleans off easily in the sink. The features work as described the oil filtration works well and creates no mess. The fryer it self performs flawlessly I have fried frozen foods straight from the freezer, doughnuts, chicken etc.

Update 6/1/15
Fryer gets used at least once a week and is still going strong no complaints!
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on May 12, 2016
I have kids with serious food issues/allergies. In order to cope with all of the things they cannot eat, we always eat at home and I always cook from scratch. As a result, I am always in the kitchen. I firmly believe in using the proper tool for the job whenever feasible so I purchased T-fal’s FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Professional Immersion Heating Element and Unique Filtration System for deep frying things like French Fries, Chicken, bread and taco shells. This fryer replaced the old model of the same thing I had purchased in 2005 and worn out.

WHAT IS IN THE BOX: The T-Fal deep fryer is a rectangular box shaped fryer with handles on either side. A fairly large rectangular stainless steel “box” holds oil and the removable heating element. An immersible stainless steel basket fits in the “box” over the heating element. The heating element attaches to a plastic unit which houses the electrical components and the knobs that allow the temperature to be set. Acting like a drawer under the stainless steel box is a plastic holding bin for oil after it goes through the filter when filtration has been utilized. A removable cord is also included as well as instructions.

WHAT I LIKE: Everything on this fryer, except for the heating unit component (and the cord) goes into the dishwasher!!! This is absolutely awesome for keeping the fryer clean!!! I think everything should be dishwasher safe in the 21st century, yet too few things are. Great job T-Fal!!!

The plastic storage bin for oil now comes apart (the lid lifts off). This is definitely an upgrade from the last model I owned. I discovered the lid on my last one was not removable when I stored some filtered coconut oil in the plastic holding bin in the winter and it solidified. I was unable to remove the oil until summertime. I am so glad to see this design change since coconut oil is the healthiest oil for frying and it is all I use. Now if I need to remove solidified coconut oil from the plastic holding bin, I can pop off the lid and scrape it into the fryer. It is much more hygienic to store oil in a closed container rather than the fryer “box” itself so I am grateful for the design change.

This fryer holds a lot of oil and a lot of food. I can easily fry 2 potatoes worth of French fries per batch with no issues.

I love the removable basket that can be hung on the side to drip. It looks like the ones seen in restaurants and functions the same way. Thus I am not dumping as much oil onto my plates with the food.

It doesn’t take a ton of oil to fill this fryer. I bought 2 large bottles of coconut oil from Costco and it only took 1 ½ to fill the fryer. I can store and reuse the oil over and over and over with this fryer so I can use the healthiest oil and not feel like I have spent too much.

The temperature readings on the dial are now etched into the plastic. On my last one the numbers were merely painted on and they came off within the first few months that I owned the fryer. I am glad T-Fal fixed this issue with their present version of the fryer.

WHAT I DON’T LIKE: The actual frying space is not very deep. I tried to fry homemade tortillas into taco shells the other day in a mold that I own. I had to fry one side and then the other because I did not have the 3 inches of oil necessary to plunge the entire thing under the surface. I really think this fryer could be deeper. A couple more inches of frying space depth would make this a 5 star appliance.

The cord falls out of the fryer too easily. I suppose it is a safety feature, but it is a pain in the neck.

I purchased T-fal’s FR8000 EZ Clean 3.5 Liter Oil Capacity Stainless Steel Deep Fryer with Professional Immersion Heating Element and Unique Filtration System at full price and am reviewing it of my own accord. All in all, I think it is a great fryer and would definitely recommend it.
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on April 30, 2015
After WEEKS of reviewing deep fryers, there are numerous reasons I ordered the T-fal FR8000 from Amazon on Saturday night. It arrived, with NO damage, on Wednesday. Thank you, AMAZON! I read ALL enclosed directions on Wednesday and put everything in the dishwasher except the heating element that same night. Thursday morning, I ensured everything was dry, put the unit back together and set up for my first time EVER using a deep fryer. Unit is not heavy and easy to move around. Since the deep fryer had small rubber feet on each corner, I decided to place the unit on my ceramic stove top in order to have use of the hood vent (from another reviewer). Safety is another reason I chose this model. I made sure that the cord reached the wall plug with room to spare and had the unit set up so that I had access to the reset button, if needed (another reviewer). The stainless steel colander was lined with paper towels for the fried chicken to rest. The 8x8 glass dish for the french fries was lined with paper towels-ready and waiting. I even had a place prepared for the hot see-through lid whenever I need to remove it from the unit. One of the main reasons I chose this unit: I have a small family and wanted the basket to be big enough for 3 meaty drumsticks and two meaty thighs because I did not want to have to cook a second batch of the same thing. After pouring the vegetable oil in half way between the min and max lines, I was ready! DH entered the kitchen and decided that he did not like my set up. Even after telling him that the instruction manual stated NO extension cords, he pulled out a power strip and plugged in the unit and then the wall informing me that a power strip is not an extension cord. (I researched this after dinner and it's true!) Fine. No problem. I turned the deep fryer on and set the temp at 374. The red light came on. While it was heating up, I seasoned, egg washed and flour coated the five pieces of chicken and laid them flat in the basket. Perfect fit. Based on reviews, I made sure that there were no damp spots on the chicken after the flour coating. (I thought I heard the unit "beep", but as I was not looking at it at the time, I'll have to update the next time I deep fry.) The red light went off, I very slowly, lowered the basket of prepared chicken into the hot oil and placed the lid securely on the unit. Beautiful bubbling hot oil frying and everything was going along fine. Now, as I am watching the frying process, the unit is NOT holding that beautiful deep frying temperature. What is wrong??!!!! DH hears me talking out loud (from downstairs) and comes into the kitchen. I lift the almost done fried chicken out with the basket. (LOVE THAT BASKET!!!) The power strip had a surge protecter and the red light that was on is now OFF!!! My input is that the Operators Manual should also state Do Not Use Power Strips, for those who do not know. I plugged the unit into the wall, pushed the reset button on the deep fryer, waited for the red temperature light to go off and continued frying. Deep fried home-made french fries turned out great, also. Just make sure that your fries are cut at the same thickness for even doneness and coloring. All in all, the T-fal FR8000 has all that a deep fryer should have from safety features, large basket and temperature control. Easy, breezy clean-up, either by hand or dishwasher. Looking forward to "our" next deep fried adventure. UPDATE: Tonight I used my deep fryer for deep fried catfish filets. The filets were a little more than 1 inch at the thickest, so I deep fried them for 10 minutes at the recommended temp of 320 degrees. OMG!!! Easy Breezy from set up to clean up. See my pictures below.
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on August 19, 2016
I bought a T-fal FR800050 Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer and when I was unpacking it I found a piece of metal in the fryer bowl. At first I thought it was a piece of scrap metal from the manufacturing process but oil filter was loose and found 2 more pieces of the metal ring that holds down the oil filter to the rubber gasket on the fryer bowl. I called T-fal and was asked to email a photo of the parts(first photo). I was told to return everything to Amazon because the filter wasn't a user replaceable part.

I got a replacement fryer from Amazon a few days later. This time there wasn't any loose parts in the fryer bowl and the filter seemed to be attached tightly so I thought everything was okay. The second photo shows how the card board is packed around the bottom of the filter. As I was removing the card board 2 pieces of the metal filter retention ring fell out. The remaining larger piece of the clip was still holding the filter to the fryer bowl but obviously it was unusable and would cause oil to leak. I again called T-fal and was told if I had a copy of my receipt they would arrange for me to drop of my whole unit to UPS at their cost and once they got notice of shipment they would send out a replacement fryer. It was late Friday and I don't live close to a UPS drop off center so I figured it would probably take a week to 10 days for me to get a replacement depending on how quickly T-fal shipped my replacement. The other option and the one I wanted was for them to ship me a replacement fryer bowl but I was told it would take 3 or 4 weeks because it would have to be shipped from France. I ended up returning it to Amazon, but this time I didn't get an option to get a replacement. Only a refund.

The second time I called T-fal they didn't seem surprised I had this filter retention ring problem. I'm guessing there are some quality control issues with a certain production run of these fryers as another person who purchased one around the same time from Amazon also had the same problem. Both my units were shipped from the San Bernardino facility. I think I might wait a few weeks or months then try again and order another one...

So Amazon dropped to price to $79.99 so I bit the bullet and bought another one. The retention ring was okay on this one. We'll see how long it lasts. It's still not clear why these retention rings are breaking in the box or after a few uses. Could be they were installed with too much pressure at the factory or the rings themselves were made of poor quality metal.

First impressions:
1) It's huge. No way do you leave this on your counter top unless you have a massive kitchen with acres of countertop. You'll probably have a hard time finding space in a lower cabinet or pantry shelf for this fryer. I store it in my basement. The main reason for the big size is the oil storage unit under the fryer. It has to be large enough to hold 3.5L of oil. YES it uses a lot of oil and you don't realize how much until you empty a whole 2.84L bottle of canola oil and have to go back for a second bottle.

2) This really isn't a "deep" fryer. The min oil level is @ 2" and the max level is @ 2.5". The fryer bowl is about 6.25" deep. If you fill above the max oil level the oil storage unit will overflow when you drain the oil. The heating element rests on the bottom of the fryer bowl so you lose maybe 0.5" of frying depth.

3) If you fry battered foods it's possible they might get "caught up" in the heating element and temperature sensor. I've fried party wings twice now and both times I've had one or two per batch get stuck. You just have to be careful and patient while extracting the food item with tongs to avoid splashing hot oil all over yourself.

4) Although the manual doesn't say anything about removing the black oil box cap(back left corner) before draining the oil. Several people in reviews have recommended doing that. It makes sense because as the oil drains into the oil storage unit the air inside has to go somewhere. So removing the cap should allow faster drainage. If you remove the cap before drainage just remember that you can't move the fryer after the oil has been drained into the storage container until you replace the cap. Otherwise oil will spill. Just wait till the fryer bowl has cooled. Lift the bowl out and reach in and screw the cap back on to the oil storage unit.

5) Frying with the fryer basket will cause the oil to take longer to recover to the proper frying temperature than without the basket. I think the fine mesh on the basket is probably absorbing some of the heat.

Although the 3rd fryer I got didn't have a broken filter retention ring and the fryer seems to be working as expected. I will leave my review at 1 star. It's inexcusable to have 2 fryers that are defective right out of the box with broken filter retention rings. Much more importantly the failure of such an important part is very concerning. If a batch of rings were manufactured from poor quality metal then it might be a ticking time bomb that could fail at any moment and cause hot oil to leak all over your kitchen. Make sure to inspect the filter retention ring before and after every use so you can easily spot any changes or new defects.
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on January 19, 2017
I like the easy clean up of parts's real easy to make a mess with the oil if you aren't careful. Reservoir is not deep enough to do a decent blooming onion. It is nice to recycle the oil but be careful with the drain aspect. If you have cooked something with a lot of batter the resulting leftover will clog the drain screen so you must watch to be sure it's working right and clean it so it will drain correctly. Took me 3 screen cleans to get all the oil out. It does heat up nicely and using sunflower oil is the way to go with this. Overall I believe this fryer is over rated and over priced.

Feb 6.....Just had to update this review as I have had more time to use this fryer. It does a fantastic job of cooking. The filtration of the oil is an outstanding idea and has worked well with the sunflower oil I use. Yes, the oil reservoir is a little small so don't expect to cook for the multitudes with this. However it does a very admirable job for up to 3 or 4 people. So I upped my stars to a 4.
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on June 25, 2017
WOW Used it 4 times then the metal ring that holds the drain in broke from the heat. Hot oil ran all over the Kitchen and on the floor. Thank God there were no kids here today. This is a bad SAFETY ISSUE ...I will be calling the Maker about this ticking Hot oil bomb....What a mess

Update: Great customer Service from T-fal - I'll have a new Pan in 2 to 3 weeks. Had to send them a picture so here it is. When this retainer ring breaks the oil runs out of the pan so keep a eye on it when you clean the pan.
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on August 19, 2016
Received the fryer in the mail and this wonderful piece of broken metal was sitting in the main basin. I tried to call T-Fal but they are closed the entire weekend, so no help there. Anyone have an idea if this is some extraneous piece of metal that doesn't belong or is it a pivotal piece of the fryer and I need to return the entire thing and get another one?

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on May 15, 2016
Does not get to temperature. I could tell something was wrong so I verified using two independent and highly accurate thermometers and this piece of crap is almost 35 degrees under what it claims. Yes, the oil filter is great but inaccurate temps make this item useless.
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on March 7, 2017
My unit will not bring the oil up to 374 degrees as indicated on the control dial. When set to 374 degrees, the oil only comes up to 344 degrees. So I contacted T-Fal customer support. Here is the correspondence:

Me: "I have set my unit to 374 degrees, but after 1/2 hour it only comes up to 344 degrees. Is there was a way to calibrate the unit so that the oil will come up to the desired temperature?"

T-Fal Customer Support: "The temperature is read at the heating element, not the oil. When food is placed in to cook, it may alter the temperature of the oil slightly."

Me: "My recipe calls for the oil to be at 375 degrees, not the heating element. Is there a way for me to get the oil up to 375 degrees?"

T-Fal Customer Support: "No, that is the way the unit works. Very sorry but there is no way to raise the heat."

From that correspondence it is clear that the unit will not heat the oil to 374 degrees. If you need to deep fry something above 350 degrees, be aware that the unit does not support it.
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on July 27, 2016
What I like:
The T-fal FR8000 is well built, everything lines up nicely, there are no sharp edges.
It has a great heating element that heats up quickly and maintains temperature well.
There are rubber seals on the lid where the basket handle sticks out as well as at the base of the controls where the lid conforms around the heating element that help keep oil and steam from running everywhere during use.
The venting in the lid works without making a mess all over the unit.
The viewing window in the lid is a nice touch. I like being able to check the browning without having to remove the lid.
There are easy to see lines on the basin for the fill level, 1 gallon of oil puts it slightly above the max fill line.
The handle on the basket folds in so the basket can be stored inside the basin with the lid on when not in use.
The best part is the automatic filtering and built-in storage for oil, allowing for quick and easy cleanup! After letting the oil cool, I hand wash the heating element and just put the basin, basket, and lid in the dish washer.

What I dislike:
The basket hanger on the basin is very narrow. Sometimes I miss when I try to hook the basket on the hanger.

Don't try to tilt the fryer forward to drain the last little bit of oil into the storage reservoir, the reservoir will leak oil all over your counter top if you do!
The drain mechanism is slightly recessed below the bottom of the basin but the basin is flat so the oil does not drain entirely. T-fal, adding a slight slope in the basin would help with this. The screen filter in the drain is very fine so dirty oil does not go through, which is a good thing, but expect to lose a small amount of oil (about 2 tbsp) every time you drain and clean the unit. Keep extra oil around to top it off next time you use it.
Don't overfill the basket. It is a wide basket with a single, light-weight handle. I feel like it might bend or break if I overfilled the basket and shook it too hard (like when you bang the basket to drain excess oil, putting stress on the handle).

I fry at least once a week so I spent some time researching new fryers before settling on this one. I replaced a Presto unit that lasted over 6 years, but the heating element connections finally quit making contact. I would have gone with another Presto unit but oil storage was always an issue. I almost opted for an air fryer but I'm not convinced you can achieve the same deep fried taste without using oil. So far I have been very happy with the T-fal FR8000. I have owned it a week and used it four times before writing this review.
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