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on December 25, 2015
I was so impressed by the packaging and the presentation of this cube when it arrived, that I was left stuttering and saying very articulate things like "dude... Wow! Whaaat, woah, dude. Wow. (etc.)" for about a minute while flipping the sides around and realizing the name brand rubik's 3x3 that I've had for a decade is a slow and clumsy brick compared to this one. I'm no professional cube solver or anything, but I was very pleased with this product, especially for the price!

My only criticism would be the color palet chosen for the sides, but that's not a very big deal, and I could imagine several reasons why the manufacturer might have picked what they used (copyright perhaps?).

This is a great gift! I originally ordered this for my eight year old niece, but decided to start her off with a 2x2 instead, and keep this one for myself for now. ;)
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on January 30, 2016
My son asked for "R" cubes for his birthday. I found these gems on Amazon. First thing he says when he opens the box (which is a really nice package) is, "Wow, this is a lot easier to turn". Well made and will definitely last a log time. Absolutely happy with this purchase. The owner was even so kind as to follow up to ensure I was satisfied. Who does that anymore? I am impressed!
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on June 3, 2015
I have an old Rubik's Cube that was my grandfather's that we played with when I was a kid. It's got a ton of sentimental value and sits on my desk, playing with it while on calls. I wondered why I couldn't crack the pattern to solve it, having played with it for hours on end (albeit mindlessly most of the time), so I downloaded a guide on solving it.

Following the instructions, I quickly realized that some of the stickers had been moved over the years, making it impossible to solve. So I figured I'd leave that as a memento and get a new one that I could actually solve.

The SpeedCube is such an upgrade over the old one I've been using, rotating smoothly and quickly. The packaging is really sharp and the supporting website with guides is perfect.

I know that some low reviews complain about this being more expensive than the same cube without the packaging or support, but I think it's totally worth it, especially since it amounts to $3 at this point.
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on April 24, 2016
This cube is great. It flows with no effort at all, and is extremely satisfying to solve. Add to that the rather unique look of the blocks and stickers, this cube is Grade A.

This cube is slightly lighter than traditional Rubik's Cubes. It takes a teensy bit of getting used to, but not much. This makes the cube feel fragile, almost, but it is definitely not. I am not gentle with my toys and this has held up.

The stickers seem durable, and I love the colors. Very bright neon colors. Each side is very distinct and easy to tell the difference of. I haven't had any peeling/fading with the 15+ hours of playing with it so far, and I'm not gentle.

The turning action on this cube is great. It flows. You can cut corners and manipulate the cube at will. After ~15 hours of use it has degraded somewhat, but it is still better than a traditional cube, and I bet that with a little cube lubricant it would be back to top state. Apparently there are tension screws on the inside, but I haven't dismantled it yet.

Overall, I recommend this cube for both experienced cubers and newcomers. A+ If I were to ever lose this cube I would definitely buy another.
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on December 12, 2016
This cube is terrible, I got this cube because it had over 2k positive reviews and I was curious. Upon opening and doing first turns, it felt a lot similar to my YJ GUANLONG. I then compared the two, took the edge piece and corner piece out of "The Cube" and the "Guanlong" they are BOTH IDENTICAL! the core is the same and even the color. Basically this is a $3 cube repackaged into a $12 cube. Shame on you.
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on June 24, 2016
This is a very reliable Rubix cube! I am an intermediate cuber with a person best time at around 40 seconds. When I got this cube my time was over two minutes. This cube helped me improve by over a minute. If you are a beginner with a time over 1:30, I would highly recommended this to you. If you are an intermediate cuber, I wouldn't get this because it locks up and has bad corner cutting.

Pros: Can't come apart so no lost pieces
Fast turning
Comes in a cool package

Cons: terrible corner cutting
Slow compared to more expensive cubes
Locks up sometimes
Hard to beat 50 seconds with

If my review and pictures gave you some insight into whether you might like to purchase this product, please click the YES button at the bottom when Amazon asks you “Was this review helpful to you?” Thank You!
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on January 7, 2017
This cube is so great!!😀 I bought it for my daughter and she really loves it. Her regular rubicks cube locks up and doesn't corner cut, however The Cube does. The cube spins so fast and her rubicks cube does not spin fast at all. I recommend the cube for kids or adults and I think the cube is a great buy. Also the stickers are high quality
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on August 1, 2016
I just received my Cube in the mail. The company sent me two emails before I even received their product to make sure I was satisfied with my purchase so, it is apparent they care very much about their customers. The Cube came neatly packaged in an interestingly designed box. The Cube came solved and it just a few quick movements I had it all jumbled up! It is a pleasure to hold and spin all the sides. The whole thing moves very smoothly and it's obvious the company took the time to create a really great product! I've never been able to solve a rubik's cube before so, I immediately went to their online guide. Now, it's time to get busy solving it!
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on September 20, 2016
So when I first ordered this cube, I was a little worried about the quality. I've had bad luck with cheaper cubes before, but I have to say, I'm very impressed with this one. Right out of the box it was insanely fast. I was usually around 1:30 with my old cube. This one, I'm right around 1:05 on average with my best time (so far) being 50 seconds. This thing flies. It looks great and feels great to the touch.

I ordered the one that has the black carbon fiber stickers, so the colors are only on the outside of the stickers. It was a little weird to get used to, but it only took like 5 or 10 minutes of playing around to get used to the colors.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone that wants a fast cube for a good price
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on October 26, 2015
I want to first note that there is 100% money back guarantee so you can't lose! This also states that it turns easier than the original and it really does. It turns very easily. Although I am scared to turn it too much because I have never been able to make the colors match up again. My son has the original and can make them all match back up, so I am excited to give this to him. He will love how easy this is to move.
The colors are great and very bright. The box it comes in is very cute, and I am going to encourage my son to store the cube in the box. It is almost a shame to take it out. I love the little box.
I think every kid should have a Rubik's cube. Get the kids off the computer and video games for a bit and challenge their mind with this great 3D puzzle.
Disclaimer- I received a discount on this product in exchange for my review. I will happily purchase more at full price to use as gifts.
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