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on October 6, 2015
I am so happy with this assortment. I was hesitant because the description didn't list what oils were in each blend, but they are wonderful.

Head ease- French Lavender, Peppermint, Wintergreen, Basil, Frankincense, Rosemary, Sweet Marjoram, Sweet Orange.

Breath- Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus.

Deep Muscle- Wintergreen, Peppermint, Chamomile, Eucalyptus, Camphor.

Health Shield- Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Rosemary.

Stress Relief- Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit.

Good Night- Chamomile, Clary Sage, Copaiba, Lavender, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Ylang Ylang.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 23, 2016
I selected this Best Blends Set of 6 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 6/10mL (Aromatherapy Kit - I paid $18.99) to use with my new Apriller 300ml Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser & Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Night Light. In my opinion, they work very well together.

I have only opened 3 of the six bottles so far: Breathe, Muscle Relief, and Stress Relief. I like them all and have already used each in my diffuser. These are the first aroma therapy blends I have ever purchased, so have nothing to compare them with. After reading previous reviews on this product, however, I would like to say the following:

In my opinion, they will be more than adequate and effective for use in a aromatherapy diffuser, cool mist humidifier. I feel they work very well and a reasonable time after plunging in my unit, can enjoy the calming aroma which begins to fill the room quite nicely (an open concept modest -sized combo living room/dining/kitchen in an apartment.

Some reviewers stated that they had to add 10 to 20 or more drops in order to smell the aroma. That is not my experience; adding 3, 4, or up to 5 drops is adequate. Another reviewer stated that after running her unit with one of the blends added to her water reservoir, she developed a bad headache and had to turn the unit off. THAT WAS BECAUSE SHE ADDED TOO MUCH OF THE ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND IN THE UNIT'S RESERVOIR. I know, because the same thing happend to me, after thinking "a little works good ... perhaps more will work even better. Not so! Too much is overkill, and can give you a headache or cause your eyes to sting - depending upon which blend you use. Does this mean that Healing Solutions oil blends are substandard, not pure, or at fault? No! It means that too much oil has been added. Empty out your diffuser reservoir according to the unit's instructions; rinse it out, wipe it, and then refill it with water and add fewer drops of the oil (3, 4, or 5 drops).

To me, the price was reasonable, and the quality of the product good and fragrance of the blends very pleasing. Would I purchase this product again? You bet! So, why did I give the Healing Solutions Best Blends Set 4 stars as opposed to 5? Although it was neatly and attractively packaged and came swathed in bubble wrap; although the perforated safety seal/rims (at the base of the caps) were all still intact (meaning the bottles were unopened) - some of the caps were nevertheless not screwed on completely tight (from the assembly line during manufacturing/filling of the bottles). Although I did not feel wetness or see signs of leaking - one bottle was not as completely filled as the others were, and the scent of the oil blend was very noticeable - very strong! - even before I lifted the cover of the box to view the bottles. I can understand why some consumers commented that there was leakage from the bottles. I felt fortunate that mine were not ruined and tightened the cap of each bottle straight away.

Reasonably priced
Pleasing scent combinations
Adequately and attractively packaged
Works well with my small sized aroma therapy diffuser

All the bottle caps were not screwed on tightly; the scent of the oils was very strong after removing the layers of bubble wrap, even before opening the box lid. Product leakage is a risk.
Just the recommended 2 or 3 drops might not be enough for most users; I use between 3 and 5 (BUT in the upwards of 10 or more drops some commenters say they use is overkill and can cause headache or stinging eyes, depending upon the blend being used. However, this would be an issue with any name brand of essential oils, not just Healing Solutions.)

JANUARY 26 UPDATE: I use my diffuser with these oils daily, and enjoy the oil blends even more now than I did at first. My favorite is the nighttime one (heaven in a bottle, and I set the diffuser bedside to enjoy through the night!), but all the blends nice and serve a purpose.

MAY 18, 2016 UPDATE: still enjoying my essential oils from Best Blends. Just 3 or 4 or so drops fills the surrounding air with therapeutic scent that enhances a relaxed, calm atmosphere. Will be buying more again, as hubby now uses a diffuser in his office at work.

NOTE: I paid full price for my Best Blends Set of 6 100% Pure Essential Oils; I did not receive them for free or at a discounted price in exchange for an evaluation. So, why did I take the time to write such a detailed review? Because I, like you, depend upon the comments and experiences of other consumers when making an Amazon purchasing decision.
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on February 22, 2017
I am extremely skeptical when it comes to oils and whatnot. Have many friends and family that use them every day. I decided to bite the bullet and buy this pack. I must say, WOW, what a shock. First off, the Head Ease? Read the reviews and literally laughed out loud. Yea, an oil will help my headache....ok. And faster than meds? Sure thing Bob. Nah, that was real...I had the start of a headache start at the ears of my head. I immediately went to the Head Ease, put some on each pointer finger and started rubbing it into my head. This is the honest to God truth, before my fingers were off my head, the pain was gone. Not lying!!! It was going away, it wasn't dissipating, it was GONE! G. O. N. E. And was gone for hours, if not more. I have friends who are like me, won't believe this oil BS. They tried the Head Ease and now they own this set. It's truly unreal. And I should know this, oils are Biblical. It's all they had. Why wouldn't they work. These are the best I have reviewed. Other friends have tried to buy other brands and we not happy with their results. The Goodnight blend? I have horrible issues falling asleep. The past week I have used this, I am out within 20 mins and I have had the best sleep of my life, simply because of these oils. I blend the Breathe, Head Ease and Goodnight and wake up feeling AMAZING! You must try these. It will truly change your life!
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on May 7, 2015
This set was a great value and I think the different blends included cover the most basic needs for aromatherapy as well as topical use. None of the blends were overpowering and each one was great for it's labeled use-
- Good Night is great in a diffuser, it's soft enough to not give me a headache before bed. I like how calming it is and I get great rest when it's on.
- Breathe smells much like Vicks vapo-rub but without the chemicals so next time I have a cold that's what I'll be using in my diffuser
- Head Ease is strong but relaxing, there's a slight mint smell but it's fresh and would be great in a diffuser for yoga or just sitting down a reading a book
- Deep Muscle smells like peppermint and it works WONDERFULLY for topical use. I'm on my feet 5-8 hours a day and my feet get very sore. I rubbed about 5 drops of Deep Muscle into 10 drops of Jojoba oil (carrier oil) and rubbed my feet for not even 5 minutes and they felt relieved and refreshed. It was incredible, I was actually surprised. I use essential oils for their intended purpose but I never expect miracles, I'll be using this instead of Icy-Hot from now on.
- Stress Relief is another soft scent, there's nothing stimulating in it like strong mint or citrus that will take away from relaxation. It has a gentle floral smell to it but also a soft musty or woodsy smell that smells like you're in an outdoor garden. I'm actually going to take some of this and make a spritz or air freshener spray out of it because it's a nice, clean smell that reminds me of spring. It's also one of my favorites in a diffuser.
- Health Shield smells almost like cinnamon to me, most people notice the patchouli smell most. It's a smell with a little spice to it, but it reminds me of going to someone's house where they bake a lot, along with the immune health benefits it's also a warming scent and is quite comforting.

Well there's my review of each smell described in the least technical way possible. I know when I'm reading reviews I want to read it in plain english so there you go! I hope this helped when discerning what the blends smell like or what they could be used for!
Also, the rumors that this brand dilutes or adds carrier oils doesn't matter so much to me because I think that it's better than the alternatives (Tylenol for headaches, sleep aids, Icy-hot, Vicks (which has very harsh chemicals in it)) but if it concerns you I'd suggest doing a little research and determining if you truly mind that or not. If you go through Young Living or doTerra you're going to pay about 3-5 times as much for the same oil scents so if scent is your only concern then Healing Solutions is great.
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on July 13, 2017
Kit contained 6 different essential oil combinations. Bottles were all full. Packaging was good.

*Good Night---Lavender seems to be the predominant odor in this mixture.
*Stress Relief--Smells familiar, like the air at the peak of Spring when everything is in bloom.
*Health Shield--Has a sweet cinnamon smell that reminds me of cinnamon chewing gum.
*Deep Muscle--Reminds me of the smell of over-the-counter muscle rubs. More for medicinal use than aroma therapy. I would add a few drops to an Epsom salt bath or foot soak.
*Breathe--smells like eucalyptus.
*Headache--This has a warm, minty smell.
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on April 14, 2018
So disappointed! I bought this set because it includes the Stress Relief blend, which I've been borrowing from a co-worker and love, and it seemed like a reasonable way to try out several other oils I was interested in at a discount over buying them individually. Unfortunately, the ingredients in the Stress Relief blend I received in this set are ENTIRELY DIFFERENT from the ingredients listed on my co-worker's bottle and on the Amazon listing for the individual bottle. Similar issue with the Good Sleep blend, though it at least has ingredients in common, just fewer of them.
Stress Relief Blend, individual bottle: Bergamot, Patchouli, Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, Grapefruit

Stress Relief Blend, part of set: Cananga, Geranium, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange

Good Sleep Blend, individual bottle: Chamomile, Clary Sage, Copaiba, French lavender, Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, Sweet Marjoram, Ylang Ylang

Good Sleep Blend, part of set: Clary Sage, Copaiba, Lavender

As you can see, these are quite different scent profiles, and I'm very disappointed that I did not receive what was advertised. I'll be returning these, but I'm hesitant now to order the individual bottle of Stress Relief that appears to have the "correct" ingredients, since I lack faith in the manufacturer/seller to accurately represent the product. It's a shame; my co-worker had only good things to say about the Healing Solutions brand. Perhaps if I can find it in a brick and mortar store, I can try again.
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on February 25, 2017
Best Blends Set of 6 100% Pure makes a great set for the first time user of essential oils in a diffuser or as gift for someone, or even the seasoned user. What I like most about this set is that it takes the guess work and education of learning the blends of oils out and allows you to focus to target your needs specifically. This gift arrived wrapped perfectly in bubble wrap and in a beautiful glossy white box and appears exactly as seen here. I have smelled all six and have used two so far, just received the product one day ago. The good night blend is perfect to send yourself into sweet dreams! I arrived at my vacation home and brought my smaller 200ml diffuser with me, I enjoyed deep and rejuvenating sleep. Due to the travel, I felt it would be appropriate to use the Health Shield this morning and WOW - not only can you appreciate on a cellular level that this is accomplishing great things for your health - it smells wonderful, my home has the cinnamon scent throughout. A little bit, goes a very long way - just a couple of drops into the purified water and you are set. In terms of a gift, I would suggest using the white space on the box to write a handwritten message. This is such an exciting kit (I've purchased many to draw the comparison judiciously) because you pick your need (good night, health shield, breath, deep muscle, head ease or stress relief) and you can rest assured your needs are met. I have tried other brands costing much more and they simply do not compare to Healing Solutions Best Blends Set of 6 in terms of perfect selection, superior quality blends or artistry of healing quality. I highly recommend this product and provide 5 stars. I have not been asked or compensated to provide this review. Get this & enjoy!
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on August 4, 2016
OK, I admit it...I'm a skeptic when it comes to all the "oooh and ahh" about essential oils. I've had friends swear by all the "big names" but never really bought that they did anything more than smell nice. I actually bought this set because I wanted the "Health Shield" oil which smells like "thieves" -- a spicy, cinnamonish smell. The reason I'm reviewing, however is the "Head Ease." Last week I woke up with an awful headache I knew I needed serious meds, but didn't want to take them on an empty stomach and had to run an early morning errand before I could eat and medicate. On my way out the door, this boxed set caught my eye. I figured a little bit of oil couldn't hurt, and laughingly thought it might actually help. I rubbed a few drops of head ease on my temples and hit the road...within about 2 minutes I noticed a marked improvement in the headache. It wasn't GONE but it was significantly reduced -- to the point that when I got home I decided I didn't even need the meds I originally planned to take. I'm a skeptic, though, remember? So I chalked it up to the power of suggestion or some kind of fluke and went on with my day. Around noon, after working outside in the heat for awhile, I came inside and washed my face and neck. Within minutes I realized the headache had come back full force and reached for medicine -- then stopped. Wait a minute. I put the oil on my temples -- the headache stopped. I washed the oil off -- the headache came back. No way...I have to try this again. I put a few drops on my temples again -- again, within 5 minutes the headache was markedly improved...and I was sold. I'm a convert.
Now..that said :
Breathe -- a nice spearmint/eucalyptus smell -- works well in a diffuser to open sinuses, I guess -- or make the room smell fresh.
Good Night -- one of my favorites - a true lavender scent. I can't say it's a magical sleep drug, but it smells nice. I don't have problems sleeping generally, and this certainly doesn't hurt.
Head Ease -- Miracle oil. I'd buy it just for this single bottle.
Muscle Relief -- I haven't used it, but my gymnast daughter has used a few drops mixed in olive oil and says it made a noticeable difference in her sore muscles. It smells a lot like icy hot
Stress Relief - it's a "masculine" scent if that makes sense -- Bergamot and patchouli. Smells kind of medical...I'm not sure how or where to use it...
Health Shield -- this is the one I actually bought the set for-- The scent is cinnamon and clove, with a touch of eucalyptus to make it more penetrating. It's smells like "fall."

Disclaimer -- I know a number of people have said they received broken bottles. I ordered a bottle of health shield separately first, and it did arrive broken -- basically the flat very top of the bottle just broke right off. That's how I knew I liked the smell, but ordered this set instead of the single bottle. Mine arrived just fine -- the bottles on cotton inside of a box wrapped in bubble wrap. Hopefully that means they've adjusted the shipping to prevent breakage. From my experience -- I would DEFINITELY recommend this set.
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on September 9, 2016
I just received mine, so this will be my review for the first day. I will update as time progresses.
The oils were packaged perfectly and sealed tight with no leakage. Of course, being the excited person I am, I opened them all to smell them. They smell amazing! I instantly applied the Deep Muscle to my back (I used a moisturizer for the carrier oil because it works the same. However, I do not have sensitive skin.). I am in constant agonizing pain in my lower back from all the issues I have with it. I have already noticed it's not hurting as bad. And the smell is amazing! When I got home, I took a bath with that same oil and Epsom salt and it was so relaxing. I now have Good Night in my diffuser! Super excited!
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on October 9, 2017
I usually LOVE to give 5 star ratings, but I have to give this a 4 star. The main reason is because many have complained that the bottles leak. How people must complain before this packaging problem is fixed? I to had a bottle that leaked. Now, let me first say that the oils seem pure, but NEVER is it good for almost 0.5 ml of essential oils concentrated outside of the bottle. Using 2 to 3 drops of this is plenty especially in a diffuser. These oils have a very strong potency. Therefore, when I opened the amazon box I had an instant headache and everything in my box had to be wash and aired out. After getting over this, I am very pleased with these oils. My friends swear by young living, but I didn't want to pay for those and I know how much money you are paying for with consultant commissions and marketing cost. Those cost can equal 1/3 to half of the price paid. So I knew I could possibly find a product out there that had less cost in the product but still the purity of the oils. Ding ding ding winner!!! Healing solutions gets the prize. The health shield smells exactly like young livings and the potency is the same! I haven't been able to compare the other oils yet, but I love this set. I feel confident it will last me for a while.

review imagereview imagereview image
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