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on July 27, 2015
HELP!! I fell in love with this diffuser on the first night of use. It went perfectly, and I think I even slept better! Then I went to use it the 2nd night, and no mist came out at all!! Today, I've had it plugged in for 6 hours straight, and not one drop of water was used. So disappointing. Who do I contact about returns and exchanges??

8/7/15 UPDATE!!! The company saw my review and sent me an email letting me know that a replacement diffuser was on its way to me. It arrived only a few days later! We've been using it, and are very pleased with it. Also, very pleased with how the company didn't even wait for me to request an exchange - they just took charge and did it. Every single diffuser I looked at out here has issues occasionally - it happens. Thank you for fixing the problem so quickly!!
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on July 7, 2016
 This is the first diffuser I’ve purchased after considering doing so for quite awhile. I opened it as soon as it arrived, set it up, added water and a few drops of essential oils and turned it on. Wow! It started diffusing immediately and I’m not talking lightly either. The mist is very fine but it diffuses a lot of it and fills the room with the nice scent almost immediately. Since my condo is rather small, I set it for intermittent use that diffuses for 30 seconds and then shuts off for 30 seconds. I’ll attach a video below so you can see how much it mists.
It’s nice and quiet but since there are several reviews about the lights (even just the on light) being too bright at night, it’s unlikely that I’ll use it in the bedroom as I also like a dark room for sleeping. If I find I like diffusing oils, I may look for another type for the bedroom. Since I’ve only been using this today, I can’t comment on how it holds up over time but I will come back and post an update later if I begin to notice diminishing operation and especially if it stops working.
I like the smaller size so it will fit anywhere but did not like that you have to unplug it to turn it off. It should have an off switch. Overall, I’m very pleased with this. It was a great price and a nice way to test if this is something I’ll enjoy continuing. Even if I decide it’s not something I wish to use every day, I am looking forward to diffusing some nice holiday scents around Christmas.

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on December 4, 2015
I'm always leery of products that have a ton of fantastic reviews, but when you read them, most are from people who received the item for free or at a discount, in exchange for their honest opinion. Not that I think they weren't honest, but I just feel that maybe they weren't as critical as they could've/should've been, because they got it for free or highly discounted. This review is not one of those. I paid full price for this diffuser about a month ago, have been using it almost every night, and I love it.

We use ours on the intermittent setting and get 8+ hours of action. The claim about shutting off automatically when it runs out of water? Absolutely true. And the fan is so quiet, you wouldn't think it could fill the room with fragrance as quickly as it does.

The only con for me is the light feature. It's insanely bright, no matter what color you choose. If you want a nightlight, then perhaps you'll enjoy it. But I prefer a dark room to sleep in. Heck, even the green and red status LED's are bright enough to light up the entire machine in a dark room. Thankfully, just turning the LED's toward the wall makes for a much more enjoyable atmosphere.

My wife keeps moving it around the house so I'm going to buy another one. AT $27, you won't regret it!

BTW, I had asked the community what the warranty was on this item because it wasn't listed in the description, but I never received a response. So for those of you who are interested, it comes with a one year warranty.
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on June 1, 2017
I had been hearing a lot about the benefits of diffusing oils, so I decided to see what the hype was about, and came across this gem. I was aesthetically drawn to its neutral unique look and small size. I also love the fact that you have 3 different options for the lights--off, one steady color of your choice out of 7 (well actually 14 because each color has a bright and dim option), or continuous changing lights. Moreover, you can chose to have a intermittent or steady stream of mist. Very versatile! Anyhow on to the really works!! My primary intention was to use it for relaxation purposes with the addition of lavender oil. So about a hour before bedtime, I add a few drops of lavender oil and let it flow. Literally about 15-20 minutes in, I begin to feel a bit more calm and relaxed, then before I know it, I'm off to La La Land. BONUS--I forgot to add that it has an auto shut-off option, which is great, b/c you don't have to remember to turn it off. Aside from bedtime use, lately I have been using it as an air freshener (a mix of lavender/lemon/pink grapefruit essential oils is my favorite blend). All in all, I am beyond satisfied with this diffuser, it really is more than I had bargained for, and I highly recommend it!!
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on December 28, 2017
I bought this because I had a really bad cold and was having a lot of trouble sleeping. So much trouble in fact that I broke down the day after ordering it and bought the similarly priced Sunbeam Filter Free Warm Mist Humidifier from WalMart to get me through. I regretted it. The Sunbean was bulky, hard to fill and leaked water during refilling plus it lasted only about 6 hours despite a big reservoir. Disappointed I waited eagerly for this InnoGear to arrive.

When I checked the mail yesterday all that was waiting was a small box. I had no idea this humidifier was so tiny! I thought "there is NO WAY that this thing will produce continuous mist for 9 or more hours" especially after my two days with the Sunbeam. So I plugged it in and BOOM! Small and compact yes but mist you can actually see, cool to the touch and yes: it lasts for 9 hours on a ridiculously small amount of water. Well played InnoGear.
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on March 29, 2018
This diffuser has a lot of reviews already but I though I would add mine in case it helps someone. I love this diffuser. I have two others. One is too big, the other is too small. This is a perfect size. It's super easy to fill. You can hold it under the sink or use the little container it comes with to fill. I also like that the cord fits snuggle underneath so I don't have to worry about it tilting. There is a little grove for the plug and a little area for the cord to slide in so it is completely flat. The oil I used was from BargzOils. Together it created a wonderful experience. At first you run it with out the oil. My cat loved watching the mist! Then I put the oil in. It was so nice. The best part, since I'm crazy about color changing lights, was the beautiful light it gives off. The changing pattern is perfect and it can also be set to a single color, or no color at all. It can be set to mist coninuoulsy or 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. It also shuts off automatically. The buttons are on the front and easy to read and access. It uses pure oil so it's perfect!
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on January 20, 2018
Revised: After having the below issue with my diffuser I was quickly contacted by the seller. They gave a possible fix for it as well as offering to replace the diffuser. I received the new diffuser very quickly and they also followed up to make sure it was working properly. They were fantastic to work with!!

I’ve had this for a little over a year. It is used in my son’s room mainly when he has a cold so it is used occasionally, not daily. It worked great until last night. My son has a cold and I added my water and oil to help his stuffy nose. Went to turn it on and it doesn’t work. Right now it’s only use could be as a nightlight. So disappointed it stopped working since it wasn’t used that much. Before last night I would have given it 5 stars.
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on March 24, 2018
 I have been in the market for a small oil diffuser for a few months now and I stumbled upon this one from InnoGear. I figured the price would make it at least worth trying it out. It holds a good bit of water and last for a fairly long time. One of the features I really enjoy is the intermittent 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off mode which makes the water last much longer. The different lighting modes are a nice added touch because you can choose from cycling all colors, one color dimmed, one color bright, and off. One of my biggest drawbacks is having to click the button to cycle through the lights to get it to the off mode, if from the beginning it is around 16 clicks from the first lighting mode. For my taste it is also a tad bit louder than I expected, but by no means overly loud. My favorite thing about the InnoGear oil diffuser is how it diffuses the oil fragrance around the room. I can set it on my fireplace and smell it from across the room. Overall, I would rate this little guy a 8.5 out of 10.
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on July 8, 2017
**Update. We are out on worst enemy sometimes. The inner cap that clips inside the lid fell b out during unboxing and rolled under the bed. We found it later and installed it. Now it works likes a dream. Go figure...

I really want to love this product. I do love the light and how quickly it works and starts filling the room with amazing aromas. However, at first use, we noticed it leaking out of the sides even when using less than the maximum water level (80ml). We have to put a towel under it in order to run it and after one use the towel is soaked through. It only works for 8-10 minutes before it shuts off because the water compartment is empty from all the leaking. Upon investigation, the water shoots up and hits the top of the cover then runs down the sides, ultimately leaking out of the bottom of the cover. Some of the water actually shoots out of the small hole on the top where the mist comes out. This is disappointing. :(
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on March 7, 2018
I have owned this since November 2016, and after a year and a half of constant use it still works just as great as the day it arrived.
I have this set up in my daughter nursery and start it every night on intermittent mode when I lay her down for sleep at 7pm. When I fill it to the max line, it will continue to diffuse until the early hours of the morning.

There are two buttons on the front. The right button (mist) has two settings. Click it once for intermittent diffusing where it runs for 30 seconds then off for 30 seconds then repeat. Click it twice and it will run constantly, until it runs out of water and auto shuts off. Click a third time to turn it off completely.

The left button (light) has a variety of settings and can be used as a nightlight even when the misting portion is not on.
Click it once and it will self-cycle through all the colors, fading from one to the next. Or click it again to select a specific color you want it to stay on without changing to another (just keep clicking away until you find one that you like. There's around 15 choices to pick from if I'm not mistaken). We like purple ☺

We use tap water in ours and have never had a problem with it plugging up or having hard calcium build up, and we have very hard water where we live. No problems with the performance whatsoever.
Overall, I love this little machine, and for the price I have definitely got my money's worth out of it and will continue to do so nightly.
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