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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
We love this stroller. That should be enough to say about this stroller, but we do have a few comments about the stroller and its functions.

First, the one down side. The instructions leave something to be desired. Two of us hovered around the stroller to figure out how to raise and lower the seat (unsnap two side nets under the seat, and it goes right up). Then we could not figure out how to get the separate carrying seat to snap into place (the child's tray absolutely has to be in place). I am sure I am missing other things that we puzzled our way through. I could have wished for more clarity instead of trying different things to get the stroller to work.

As a part of the downside is the complexity of the instructions for the car seat base. Yes, it is important to make sure the rear-facing car seat base is properly secured and adjusted, but, dang, page after page of instructions? Then people wonder why most car seats are not properly installed and adjusted. To be clear, the reason is that the instructions are too long and complicated, and it seems as though it takes an expert to wend their way through the intricate adjustments and caveats.

Okay, moving past my rant about unclear and lengthy instructions, once assembled and adjusted, this stroller and its associated rear-facing seat is perfect for a new baby, as long as the baby is at least 4 pounds. The carrying seat snaps into a base that stays in your car, and then unsnaps by way of a handle so that the seat can be snapped into the stroller. No more lifting baby from a car seat and then lowering baby into a stroller, and reversing the process.

The stroller includes a parent tray, a child tray, and an under seat storage area, so there is a lot of space to hold diapers, wipes, drink cups, snacks, a small bag, etc.

The coolest things about this stroller are the ease of folding the stroller, one button and it all folds up, and it is light weight. The entire stroller and seat are oriented toward ease of movement and handling. Fold the stroller with one button, the stroller latches into the folded position, and pop the stroller into the back of the SUV or trunk of a car. The carrying seat easily snaps in and out of the seat base, which remains fixed in the car.

The stroller and carrying seat have lots of other features. Both have their own canopy to help protect baby from wind and sun. Both canopies can be used with the seat locked into the stroller, which gives baby a nice, quiet place to rest. The front wheels swivel, or can be locked into position. A heavy duty brake on the back keeps baby from taking off when mom and dad are looking the other way.

It may be that complex instructions will always be required for strollers and car seats. Car seats seemed like they were once easier to install. On the other hand, they may not have been as safe. We love how easily this stroller folds, which is a huge improvement over other strollers we have had. Being able to transport a baby easily from stroller to being secured in a car is a major plus. We were unaware that such a system existed. Storage on a stroller is a must, and this stroller has lots of storage. Fundamentally, other than vague and complicated instructions, this stroller is awesome!

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on January 3, 2016
We are expecting our first baby in a few months so I did a lot of research and read so many reviews and watched several videos. This stroller was on my top 3 list for a few weeks and I decided that it seemed to be the best fit for my requirements in a stroller for my baby boy.

-Somewhat difficult to put together.
---I tried and I gave up after about 20 minutes thinking Graco left out some parts, but hubby tried and it took him about 30-45 minutes total to put the stroller together. The car seat comes attached to the base and it also includes a separate snack and drink tray to attach later.
-The levers and the clicks are pretty stiff but hopefully will loosen over time.
-The visor part for the car seat only adjusts when you do both sides at once, if you try adjusting by the middle only then the sides won't be the same.

-Very affordable for a family on a budget! I think it was a great price for getting the stroller, car seat, and base with two snack / drink trays.
-It is super cute! I think it's a nice material with great colors. Almost a blue mint, just as it looks online. The color could pass as gender neutral too if we ever have a girl I would use it for her too.
-Easy to handle once you get the hang of everything.
-Very smooth and easy to maneuver.
-I love that the seat in the stroller reclines and clicks to sit up straight for the baby to nap or sit up in! Great touch.

Overall, it's a great purchase and aside from the difficulties putting it together and the stiffness of the "click and connect" parts, I think it seems very safe and easy to use and get the hang of. Also very very affordable compared to other Graco Travel sets! I'm very excited to bring my baby home in this set.
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on January 8, 2017
Bought this for my sister who visits every month or so and am so glad I opted for this brand. Very lightweight and easy to maneuver. I put 4 stars rather than 5 because it is difficult to clip in the car-seat at times, but other than that, I have no complaints.
Love the fact that the whole set (including the car base) was in one purchase!
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on March 2, 2017
I wanted a lightweight, affordable carseat/stroller combo for baby #3. I just put the stroller together and so far, I like it a lot. Very light and super easy to break down. The carseat seems pretty good, though, the head support is junk.
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on November 27, 2016
This is a fantastic baby system and the color is lovely. The car seat which is a click connect works perfectly fine. Considering the cost, it is slightly heavier when compared to other models but is worth the price. The stroller is good as well but very light. It would have been good had there been a handle to hang the diaper bag on the stroller. But overall its a great product
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on December 5, 2016
Lightweight stroller is easy to stow!
Would have liked if the neck/head piece was more sturdy. I ended up rolling cloths on either side to prevent excessive movement of baby's neck.
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on September 28, 2017

1) To adjust the straps (tightening and loosening the harness), you must do so from the back of the carseat!!! It is such a hassle. I just assumed it was like my previous GRACO... but NO... A giant headache.. Especially when you are in a hurry.

2) My baby gets so hot in it.

3) Wish I could review the stroller... But they did not include some parts. I contacted them and was told they would send replacement parts. That was over a month ago. So, I have to lug the car seat and my two kids everywhere I go.
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on October 10, 2017
Love, this was the car seat stroller combo I used to my first baby girl and it was a dream. Her dad did have to show me how to get it in and out of the car, but he would of had to do so with any car seat. We ended up 'upgrading' the car seat in my car to a bigger one when she was about 10 months old that she could grow into more and eventually be turned around in but we still used this one in his car until she a year old, and the stroller can continue to be used!
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on August 3, 2017
This is a wonderful system for our upcoming bundle of joy! My husband put together the stroller without much problem, and it rolls really well, even on a carpeted surface. The car seat is still snug getting it off the base or off the stroller, but others had posted about that, so I am not surprised. It should get easier over time. I am excited to be able to use both products fully once I have my little boy at the end of the month!
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on June 22, 2017
I just opened the box and assembled it. It looks very good quality and light. I bought it for my baby girl which we expect next month and we are happy with product.

I gave 4 star because the price description says "you save $52"is deceptive. This product is available less than this price even in Amazon and walmart. Amazon should take out the saving part, because it is not saving.
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