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on June 29, 2016
Early review from an early adopter... I'll update this later. This is a fantastic product, and such an improvement over the original Segway I purchased from Amazon back in 2003! I rode my first Segway to work for about 3 years, then sold it for what I paid for it to a 52 year old woman in Australia who had polio as a child and had never been able to leave her house on her own - not on foot, bike, car, bus, etc. - until she got her Segway and suddenly she was mobile for the first time in her life. Then I bought two more and rode those for about 3 years.

Unlike a hoverboard, these are EPAMDs - electronic personal assistive mobility devices - and in many states are legal to use anywhere a wheelchair is allowed, which is about anywhere. Here in Arizona, I was one of the people who helped get this law passed, and helped local malls, airports, zoos, parks, office buildings, grocery stores, etc., etc. understand the usefulness and legality of these devices. Again, these are legal anywhere a wheelchair is allowed in many states... including Arizona.

For people with mobility disabilities, this is an amazing alternative to a wheelchair... you're not at crotch level, you're not looked down to, people don't give you 'fake-nice' greetings or compassion conversations, etc. Unlike a wheelchair it can go through sand, gravel, grass, mud, really steep inclines/declines (while even keeping you level!), and even shorter steps and curbs pretty easily. And understand, there are a lot of people who refuse to use wheelchairs due to the social stigma, the hassle, the humiliation, the self-defeat... not just people who are paralyzed, but people with foot/knee/leg/hip injuries who just grin-and-bear pain.

Regardless if you're mobility-disabled or able-bodied, this is a great, great, great tool... not a toy, it's truly an alternative to transportation for many people. This is the Segway that was meant to be. Please, for the sake of those with mobility challenges, don't rag on this product... it has a lot of real world applications. It is not another hoverboard. This is entirely different, and it has the possibility to change the world for the better - we need to stop being addicted to knee-jerk negative reactions to new things and learn about them, think about them, understand them and embrace them. Please, for the sake of our fellow mobility disabled brothers and sisters, understand that this is a product that can change lives.
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on August 13, 2016
Like Benjamin here I am a Segway owner since 2003, and this here is now #4 for me. This is truly Sayway quality build right in to this unit. Unlike so many of the copy cats, this is a solid work of art. I a torn between my 2006 Segway and this new Mini Pro Segway because they are both build like a tank. I am sure that this unit will last just as long as my orginal Segway back from 2003, it just feels like it been well engineered. My first hours with it was a late evening after a long hard day, and really I wanted to go to bed, but with a newly release Segway sitting in front of me, I could not waste any time checking it out. So at 11:45 pm at night I took this for a good night time ride right in to the wooded trails and put 5 miles on it in the dark wooded trails and. It was awesome, built in headlights, build in break lights, even turn signals. It is under 30 lbs and easy to pick up and load in my truck and even a quick an easy way to remove the steering arm. It feels just like my first Segway which was awesome. This Segway they put some thought in to the little extras to make this better then ever, it is just awesome!

As you can imagine I had a number of people ask me about this and if they can try it, and for most it was surprising to see in just 30 seconds, people are adapting to this like they are riding a bike, and it becomes second nature to them in just minutes and for some it is seconds.

The price of this Segway is much more realistic compared to the big Segway and it does not weight in at 85 lbs, it is under 30 lbs and really easy to pack up and take with you anywhere. And you can bet this unit will be with me for most of my travels because of the weight which was an issue with my 2006 Segway because of 85+ lbs and size.

My only draw back with this and my other Segways, is that standing without really moving your feet can wear you out if you are on it for miles. You got to get off and walk a little to get the feeling back in to your feet, and then you are good to go again. You need to good feeling shoes on that you know you could stand in place with them for a long time, because that is just about what you are doing here on the Segway/NineBot!

If you are a camera buff, taking moving videos on this is awesome because you can keep the camera steady and you are not moving a walking pace, but much faster!

This NineBot/Sayway is going to make history I am sure simply because it is affordable, well built, safe and very enjoyable to ride. It will not be long before we see clones of this one, but they will not have the long solid history of a Segway, and I bet it will not last as log as this Segway. My investment on my 2003 Segways have been well worth it, and that is what drive me to buy another Segway item! My 2003 Segways are still going strong!
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on July 14, 2016
After few minutes of practice, I can quickly ride it around the neighborhood, going over the bumps, driveways,... I work 3 miles from home so I rode it to work today. It takes me 10 minutes to drive, 15 ride the bike, and 20-25 minutes with the Segway. This thing goes uphill effortless. Going down hill is very easy as well. It's amazing. I was able to get 7 miles and still have 52% battery left.
I like the way the white one work but if I have to choose again, I'd get the black version as the white one get dirty very quick.

3rd days of ownership: Still love it! It had a creaking noise coming from the join. I sent the message to the Segway Distribution - North America. Within minutes, a rep (A+ for Shawn) called me on his cellphone at 7:00 PM and we were able to fix the noise issue minutes later. Great customer service!!!!
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on May 18, 2017
Let me share some of what have I learned since purchasing my minipro during Summer of 2016:

This has been a great way to improve my quality of life. Being officially disabled means I can use the minipro to roll to Dr appointments and to get my dog some exercise. Is practically no-impact for my joints.

It weighs 28 pounds, goes 11mph, and allows me to feel the wind in my hair again.

FYI it ships with tires at a low PSI (about 30). You'll want to inflate them to somewhere between 40 and 45psi. They are tubeless tires, so leaving them flatter makes them more likely to lose air. The tires are inflatable with a Schrader valve nozzle (just like cars and traditional bicycles use). Changing out the tires on your own can break the warranty and looks like a great way to break a sweat too. If the wheels ever develop any slow air seepage issues, Segway approves of and recommends trying a silicon sealant product called Slime to seal the tires from within.

If you buy the Segway from Amazon in the US, and the tire pops or has a puncture or stem valve problem, SegwayUSA will provide warranty service in the first year (at their expense... but who knows how long it would take to get your ride returned if you send it in for service). Also, if you send it in for service, there is the chance Segway could update your minipro's firmware: FYI.. some riders insist that older versions of the internal software are preferable to the 'latest and greatest' software updates. (The newer software is generally 'crippled' with safety features and improvements that hopefully prolong product life by lessening stress on the motors). It is a newer product so there are regular tweaks being made to both the device's internal software and to the phone-based companion apps.

The ninebot batteries are not approved for transport on commercial airliners.. AKA so much for bringing your Segway on every vacation.

Once the initial setup is complete, the minipro can operate with or without a smartphone, which relies on bluetooth connectivity. The Ninebot app is a battery hog (even when not riding) so consider finding an obsolete iPhone or Android device to dedicate to your Ninebot minipro excursions.

Long story short: these are a load of fun, easy to learn, and designed to be ADA compliant (use them to get around stores instead of using those awful motorized shopping carts... but you may need to show your Disabled ID card to security at some places).

Also, you can enable an artificial speed limit for anyone who doesn't want to break the 10mph barrier... or for friends who are curious and want to try your machine.

Wishing you all smooth riding... It is a fun way to get out and about, provided your round trip is 14 miles or less.

And oh yeah: it even has headlights that automatically turn on when ambient light gets low, and there are what amounts to turn signal indicators on the rear. As long as you aren't TOO heavy (am 230 lbs here... which is 10 over the official limit), and don't need to tackle hills steeper than 15° you are good to go!

PS. Some people say the same unit is available from China for cheaper... but THIS unit has been thoroughly tested by UL and doesn't require overseas shipping for delivery and/or service. No flaming from this 'hoverboard' (or should I call it a personal transport device?)

My segway fits well in a duffle bag, requires minimal spine and hip motion to drive, and continues to impress; both myself and the people who look and wonder 'Did that guy come from the future!?"
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on July 23, 2016
Love my units.., I have 2. Other than the fact the speed limiter is very unsafe and stupid (I really should rate 4 stars instead of 5) It's very dangerous when it tilts you back too far almost to the point of going full speed to slamming it in reverse. it's almost thrown me off. I now have 90 miles under my belt and it still gets me. I consider myself an expert on the miniPRO now.. I'm very good.. I can thread a needle with it. I've ridden it for miles around obstacles, tight maneuvers, inside stores, pushing grocery carts (this is very easy and more fun when doing it). Some stores bitch, but I have a knee brace on because of knee issues, so I pass as an ADA device. It's the greatest tool for someone that has trouble walking to get around. Just love it.
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on June 30, 2016
I honestly didn't think I would keep it. I figured I wouldn't find a good use for it, and I would end up returning it. However, the experience has been quite pleasant that I decided to keep it. The setup experience was quite simple: connect knee control bar to base, download app, and that's it! I've never been on a hover-board or a Segway before, so I was worried about the learning curve. It really just took me less than 30mins to feel comfortable on it.

It did take some calmness and confidence, but the end result was great (YMMV). I am a very discerning customer when it comes to electronics, but the quality of materials is top notch, and I was impressed as soon as I took it out of the box. I have been riding it around the local park, and around the neighborhood of my office location when I need to move between buildings for meetings. I took into my office building, and I think everyone that tried it out wants one now.

I highly recommend it if you've been curious about electric scooters or hover-boards.
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on July 7, 2017
Problem: I have bad knees and walking is bad for me
Solution: Segway MiniPro

Problem: I have chronic fatigue and walking wears me out.
Solution: Segway MiniPro

Problem: The Segway MiniPro has a design flaw that tired to injure me when I go more than 75% of the claimed top speed
Solution: flip the knee control attachment from inside to outside and move the knee pads about 2" forward with no additional parts and only two tools. (Drill and 2.5mm hex wrench)

I drilled four holes through the angled back of the stationary post of the knee control bar.

I reinstalled the base of the sliding post of the control bar on the outside of the bent main base of the knee control bar.

There are three similar if not identical screws just below the knee pads and a similar might work there as well.

It works perfectly for normal at-speed riding. Now rather than the knee pads being at the edge of going out behind my legs they are centered almost perfectly.

Trade off is when hard braking they end up forward of my legs but at that point I'm usually going less than 1mph (1.6kph) so it's not dangerous.

They being said, should you choose to copy my modification start slowly until you re train your legs to the new location of the knee pads or you may end up taking a spill. It only took me about 500' of riding to completely re learn the new position and I'm very happy with the results. My particular Segway MiniPro no longer hobbled by company lawyers. I have mechanically achieved restoring using the claimed top speed of my Nine Bot.

I will try to add some before and after pics of the leg alignment if Amazon will let me add more pictures.

I just added a video of me driving on the shore of Lake Michigan.
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on July 2, 2016
I've owned a Segway i2 since 2008, but haven't ridden it in the last 2 years or so (dead battery). Instead of investing in a new battery, I opted for this MiniPro.

So far I've used it indoors most. It took me a little while to get comfortable stepping on the platform without grabbing onto something.

In the freight area of my building, there are long hallways and small slopes. Gliding down the slopes is equivalent to the i2 in that you feel upright and comfortable (not like you're leaning into a face plant). However, gliding up took more effort.

Next, I took it outdoors in NYC. The sidewalk was perfectly paved and uncrowded. A moderate wind started pushing me slightly toward an oncoming pedestrian. I was able to push away but the brief experience made me nervous. I went back indoors to practice more.

It's heavy to pick up. I don't see myself carrying this anywhere up/down stairs -- only rolling on ramps.

I'm not a gamer, so maybe that's why it's a challenge for me. I was crashing it into everything :)

The MiniPro isn't supposed to be equivalent to the i2, I'm sure, but there are awesome similarities. Being able to turn in place and the feeling of just gliding around is really nice and fun. Outdoors so far, I still feel more comfortable with my lean steer, but that may change with time.

I believe that the smaller MP is pedestrian-friendly, so I am optimistic about local use regulations *fingers crossed*

I'm happy with the MiniPro. It has exceeded my expectations. I don't see it as a replacement for my big Segway, but it's a keeper.

I'll revise my review over time after I've ridden outdoors longer.
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on August 4, 2016
Heck of a lot of fun, but this device will make life so much easier for my spouse, who suffers from PAD. We put it together last evening and had it out in the driveway. It takes a bit of getting used to when getting on and off - can't seem to find a way to make it hold still while we get on or off. Needs a parking brake! The starting slow speed is plenty fast - i don't think we need it to go 10 miles an hour. The dog hates it, but we love it. The wife took it to work today, first time. It will make the parking lot walk for her so much faster and without the typical pain in the legs she suffers. As long as she doesn't fall off the thing... Kudos for such a useful transportation device!
A couple months later...
She fell off. Was she doing what she was supposed to be doing with her Segway MiniPro? Oh, no she wasn't! She was dragging a wheeled case behind her. Did she navigate the wide cracks in the sidewalk as instructed in the practice instructions on her cellphone? Nope. Flat on her back. Advice to all you who would poo poo the instructions, too - don't. Do do what they tell you, namely, navigate uneven surfaces carefully and don't, for gosh sakes, carry or pull something that will put you off balance. This thing is great - a godsend for those who cannot walk long distances without serious pain - but can be unforgiving if you should depart from Segway's intended uses and purpose and advice. Do yourself a favor. Heed the practice instructions on your cell's Segway app and continue to do so after they lift the governor on your machine's speed limit. May you never prove me right.
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on December 3, 2016
Ok... this is my follow-up after three weeks on my mini pro.

The good news is I fell only once (hurt my pride more then my body). I am now into my 2 week of using it. I drove it out to San Diego to use on Coronado Island. I have cruised the bay and drove around the island several times now and am having a blast. It is a lot of fun. The problem is, everyone asks me if it is a hover board. They don't believe it is a Segway. The battery has never worn down and have several miles on it. My 250 lbs does not seem to be a problem. My feet are sore after using it from the continual balancing on it. The calf mussels and feet need the expercise! Strongly recommend this thing for lots of fun.

Just got my Segway yesterday. Opened it up and charged it. Lots of fun and works great. I must admit I exceed the weight and age limit!!! 66 years old and 250 lbs. does not seem to be an issue. I got on right away and was cruising down the street within 30 minutes. It says it has over a 15 mile range but my weight probably limits it. I plan on taking it to San Diego to ride on the board walk. So far so good. My wife and son also rode with no issues. Unfortunately I may be required to buy two... my wife wants one also!
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