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on August 26, 2016
I'm 65 And having a great time with my 9 Bot. A tad spendy for a toy but never to late to have a happy childhood. The center column loosens rather quickly and steering the Bot gets tricky so make sure you tighten the two small hex bolts just under the column clamp I have had to tighten twice next time will use lock nut
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on November 12, 2016
First, I want to say I love the mini-pro, and have over 200 miles of experience with it at this point. But I wanted to alert potential buyers about a control problem that has cause me to have two serious crashes so far.

When traveling down a steep hill, there is a definite "shimmy" in the way the Segway manages braking. It is severe enough that it has caused me to either lose control or get thrown off it. While descending a steep grade, the Segway can make uncommanded small turns to the left or right. This in turn, can cause the rider's knees to bump to steering bar, which then causes an even larger sudden turn in the opposite direction.

In one case, I have been forced off the side of the path I was traveling and hit a tree. In another case, I was thrown off the Segway resulting in a fall where I tumbled downhill head-over-heels.

Another annoyance is that Segway has not upgraded their mobile software to support Android 7.0 (Nougat) - it just crashes; leaving me unable to take advantage of any firmware updates.

Complaints to the company have gone un-answered.

Correction: The Android App now works on Android 7.0 as of October 2016.
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on March 24, 2017
Fantastic product with exception to the speed limiting method. It's a constant battle when you reach the maximum speed. Rather than limiting the speed to 10mph, the unit tilts backwards as you're tilting forward and continuously beeps. As youre leaning forward to achieve maximum speed, the steering bar is moving rearward, causing you to lose steering control because your knees are now in front of the steering pad rather than straddling the pad. It would be much better to limit the speed to 10mph and allow the unit to ride vertically without pulling rearward. Stopping the annoying beeping at10mph would also be a huge improvement. How annoying to constantly hear this beeping noise. I just want to maintain the constant max speed without all the headache. It really is a battle to constantly slow down to stop the beeping while maintaining a fast constant speed. It's near impossible. Too many attorneys involved in the production of this product. Why not allow us to sign a waiver that eliminates the beeping and rearward pull so we could ride at a constant steady pace (10mph) and not have to worry about the pulling and beeping. Other than this huge annoyance, this is one fantastic, well built product. We now have two of them.
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on December 16, 2016
This thing is super easy to ride and it's pretty awesome. Took me about 5 minutes to figure it out and ride around safely. The thing about this thing is their safety features are actually death traps for the device. I was crusing along when my battery got low and the Damn thing snapped backwards and I fell off. I broke my rib because of it. It's an awesome device and I love it but Damn, don't make the thing lean back going full speed because the battery is getting a little low. Pretty sure I'm getting a lawyer due to their "safety precautions" .
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on December 1, 2016
My friends and I have hours of fun on this. Parents with kids might want to buy some knee pads ahead of time and use bicycle helmets as the urge to want to ride it out of the box is a hard thing to fight. My friends and I both got scraps on the arm and knee from 2nd and 3rd day of riding this. I even ripped my jean from the fall. The program does requires you to go through 1 kilometer or training (0.6 miles) before it unlock to a faster speed. Also don't forget to apply the firmware update, easily done via your phone or tablets. The older firmware keeps beeping at you while trying to maintain constant top speed.

Improvement: I wish Ninebot would put a physical loop for a bike chain lock. It's almost impractical to take this anywhere unless it can be physically secure to a post or a bike rack. I know you can lock it via your phone and it has an alarm, however that still will not prevent idiots from physically stealing it. Having a simple physical loop will make this Segway more popular and visible. Would like to ride it to the movie theaters and stores but simply can't do it because I can't take the Segway inside or leave it unattended outside. Would have given it 4 stars if it has this.
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on November 30, 2016
It comes gimped out-of-the-box until registered online. People should be aware that the app is packed with Chinese spyware that will fingerprint your device, log usage and report it to third parties. I don't see any notification about this and certainly no way to opt out of it, so the privacy concern is significant. There is no way to link the Segway to the app without going online, and until completed you won't be able to use it fully. It will beep constantly and limit the speed, as well as being unable to access app features like customization.

Bottom line is they're trying too hard to control the end user experience--leveraging the app as way to sign us up as a 'userbase' and push social features and other fluff that isn't integral to owning one. But artificially, they've made it so. We shouldn't need more than a manual and an "on" button to enjoy these, so stop shoving the superfluous app experience down our throats.
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on September 25, 2016
I love this machine, the speed limiter is not an issue for me, actually I believe it is a very good safety feature my main problem with it is the stick that is like a turning wheel, in the beginning like the video on line iI had precision turningturning as I took it to the park to ride it I suddenly realizedrealized I could not turn right or left like I used to, I was about to ride into a person at the park had I not immediately stopped I would have been in big trouble I realized the stick was wobbly, I'm glad I can return it but before doing that I will see if they can fix it if they can I will change this review to a 5 star, I will update you'
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on May 15, 2017
Great ride and probably deserves more stars, but I am a bit disappointed that it leans back dangerously as soon as you hit 5 mph. This forces the rider to slow down even though the speed limit has not been reached. I searched if this was dues to some settings, but I could not find anything. Regardless, I love it.
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on October 22, 2016
Very mixed experience here. I rode a friend's one time and so much fun that I simply had to buy one. I did a lot of research first and I found most of the reviews to be fairly accurate compared to my experience, in both the positive and negative aspects so I'll go over a few of the more important ones on both sides.

Initial impression was that it seems to be a case of mostly great engineering/design (a few clear exceptions noted below) with serious concerns about poor quality control and/or manufacturing processes. It's brilliant in many ways: it is as smooth as riding on a cloud and the controls are intuitive and easy enough that I felt extremely fluid and graceful after only a little practice. On the other hand, it feels cheap and fragile in many ways.

The wheels and wheel covers feel cheaply made and too reliant on flimsy plastic giving it an air of fragility.

The part where the steering knee bar attaches to the base is not very securely fastened and the friend's that I had rode to test it out was already broken in that spot so that it kept falling out and it made me a little wary to begin with before I'd even decided to place my order.

The height adjustment for the knee bar is secured by a simple screw that could easily get worn out or stripped and become worthless if you are not gentle with it (DO NOT pick it up at the top by the knee bars, pick it up from the base or this will likely happen quickly).

Those orange and grey screw covers that look like spokes also just pop right off very easily if you hit a bump. There is nothing to really make them secure, they just snap into place and the plastic is a little flexible so they definitely will pop out sooner or later unless you keep it under 2 mph and never go over a bump. Most of the time I noticed when they fell off and I could go back for them, but I still lost two in my wake on the first day (the grey one was a hopeless search after dusk), burning through the supply of replacements in a matter of hours.

I started to notice that it was odd that they were mostly popping off one side. After riding for a while longer I also began to notice that it seemed a little uneven in the way it rode over bumps, which I don't think I could have notice until I started to get really comfortable on it. Well I put 2+2 together and I inspected the tires and sure enough one was flat! Yes, after just my initial tutorial phase and within my first couple miles of riding on paved streets I had already gotten a flat! I'm not sure if it was even under pressure out of the box because I didn't think to check the tire pressure before riding it. I had decided to take it out for a long ride to "break it in" so I was about a mile from my house when I discovered the flat. Fortunately the tires have pretty rigid sidewalls and I could have been riding for a while before I noticed the flat and it didn't seem dramatically worse on that side.

Not wanting to mess it up any worse, I walked it home after I discovered the flat. Which I also discovered to be a total weak point and another design flaw. The pull-out handle is nice, but is too short so if you are pulling it behind like a typical rolling carrier bag your heels will get clipped repeatedly unless you hold it far out to your side which is of course awkward and makes it hard to control.

On something of a side note, the app seems to be a massive battery killer (bluetooth the main culprit I guess), my phone battery went dead faster from monitoring the speed than the miniPro did carrying my 200 lb frame around. It also seemed a bit rough (a few bad instances of engrish in the menus), like a hastily developed translation/adaptation of the original ninebot app, and it deserves a facelift/update.

The speed limiter is a reasonable and understandable safety "feature" to have, but it is extremely annoying and I don't think it is well implemented and actually creates more danger than it prevents due to this. Instead of simply limiting your top speed, it actually tilts itself backward when you exceed the speed limit, and this has been the only thing that has caused me to fall off. I was riding at top speed and about to make a turn when it kicked in and leaned back, pulling the knee bar out from between my knees so I couldn't really steer at the crucial moment I needed to in order to negotiate the turn smoothly. I had to quickly lean back and try to steer and knocked the knee bar causing it to go into a clumsy speed wobble that sent me off and to the ground (pro-tip: if you think you might crash, just hop off. don't try to ride it out or try to step off and back on like a skateboard because it will probably go a bit wonky if you shift your weight on and off like that. It will balance itself so unless it heading straight into an obstacle it will just harmlessly roll to a stop remaining upright). I wasn't injured or anything, but it wouldn't have happened without that speed limiter function. Hopefully future firmware updates will address this and improve the implementation. Preferably they would just let us override this feature, I'll sign a waiver and/or void my warranty by loading cracked firmware if that is what it will take. It really should be optional, or at least let us set disable the way it leans back and slows you down, I'd settle for a simple top speed hard line if you could just hold that speed without fighting it back and forth. As it is the best thing to do is try to get very close to the limit and hold a steady pace right there to avoid it kicking in, but that is tricky (especially up and down hills of any size) and requires concentration as well. It would be better if you could simply hit max speed and just be in cruise control mode at a steady rate.

Riding it around in public will definitely draw lots of attention which is a combination of added fun (you will leave a broad swath of smiles in your wake) and also obviously a bit of annoyance since it can be a distraction and not everyone is making friendly comments. On the positive side, I rode up to a store and the cute girl at the door of store greeted me with a smile and said, "Well hello, Man From The Future!" but you also get a lot of weird stares and asinine comments about making sure that you don't blow yourself up or catch on fire when the battery explodes. I'm already really tired of explaining that it is not the same thing as the hoverboards that have had those problems.

So while I remain heavily skeptical about the durability and reliability of these, I still really think it is a great product that I want in my life, so I've sent mine back and once the refund is processed I will give it another shot and I will update my review accordingly—if everything goes ok with the process and the new one is ok then I'll definitely need to up this to a 4-star.
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on August 18, 2016
Love the MiniPRO just got it took it downtown to play Pokémon Go.... lots of head turns, I also have a hover board that has not caught fire yet knock on wood... my friends all ride that and I ride this, so much easier to ride that a hover board... and people notice that it is a Segway brand and they all come up and ask me about it! I am thinking about buying an other one for my mom and of course my friends! I'm a big guy over the weight limit of 220 and this thing rides like a dream! I didn't worry about the weight limit because I know it can hold way more than that and I am a pretty good rider! Anyone that is thinking of buying DO IT! Great high quality product and much much much sturdyer than all my hover boards and I have had 3. And a side note the little headlights actually help a lot at night in the dark! Good job Segway! I have been riding segways for years and they have never let me down! Plus you get a good leg work out!

UPDATE: brought my review down to 3 stars got my second miniPro and the box was re taped letters were missing off logo on knee bar and a bunch of scratches like someone wrecked it and returned it. Not happy!!!!
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