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on September 11, 2016
The speed to this Segway MiniPRO is too slow. Right when I'm riding a good speed, it beeps and leans back. The navigation leg stick needs better support it doesn't have a good grip. A good idea would be that the app would allow you to turn the mini PRO on and off.
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on October 10, 2017
We received it today and we can't seem to get it to charge or turn on
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on October 1, 2016
Mine lasted exactly three days before it would not turn on at all.
While it lasted I was very impressed with the balance and ease of use.
It is not very powerful so pay attention to the 200 pound limit and even then it has trouble going up a hill.
I suggest you wait on the next version that hopefully fixes these shortcomings
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on November 17, 2016
It is defiantly picky on who is riding it. I weigh 160lbs. and it seems to work fine for me but for my wife (120lbs.) and daughter (85lbs.) it doesn't like them. It beeps constantly and tries to stop for no reason. One stop was about 5 miles an hour and "bucked" my daughter off and impacted hard on the ground causing cracks in the headlight cover and tore the knee padding. Also had a pricing issue that the price dropped 4 days later and they wouldn't do a price drop guarantee which most retailers have in place. Was going to ship it back but Amazon is charging me $40 return fee. Be careful on this unit.
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on September 18, 2016
Bigger motors, bigger battery, bigger tires than the Chinese hoverboards, and only lets you go 10mph. And even then, it fights you by tilting back and dropping the speed to about half that when you get up to 10mph, so you end up fighting it the whole time speeding up, slowing down, speeding up, slowing down. It would probably get 20 miles per charge if it wasn't fighting you the whole time. This action also removes the steering mechanism from between your legs, often getting hung on clothing as it slides back into place, making for a dangerous situation that can throw you off by suddenly turning unexpectedly. Great job Segway lawyers, you killed a potentially groundbreaking travel option.
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on August 28, 2016
My only complaint is the speed limiter that I consider dangerous since it abruptly tilts you backward. It is very annoying and turns what should be an enjoyable ride into an effort to keep from being thrown off backwards. I sincerely hope Segway will correct this obvious flaw in what is otherwise a good product.

Uldate: After adding the handlebar kit the sudden tilt back is even more severe perhaps due to the leverage. The Segway mini pro is a huge disappointment due to one flaw that a software update could fix. As it is I consider it not only annoying but dangerous to ride.
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on July 30, 2016
SO CLOSE TO 5 STARS. It's well made, attractive and seriously fun to ride. But... And it's a big but... Some, I assume misguided lawyer, decided to force code written into the programming that stomps this sled into reverse when you exceed 10 miles per hour, or if you excellrate too quickly. Now, once you get used to riding this... Which is very quickly since it's so intuitive, you'll be able to both excellerate quickly and with ease, and hit 10mph within seconds. I know for a fact, they could write code and update this so that instead of beeping and slamming on the brakes at 10mph, it could just get to the allowed top speed and then maintain a soft cruise at that speed. Imagine getting to 70 in your car and then instead of being able to set the cruise, the car just repeatedly braked everytime you hit 71, pulling you back to 60...then you must gas it until you get back up there and repeat this for your entire commute, forcing you into this weird dance of constant excelleration and deceleration. And this board doesn't allow you to set a cruise speed at say... 9mph, so it expects you to intuitively "know" that you're approaching 10mph... good luck with that, especially on Hills. You must think, so consistently, about what speed you're at in an attempt to not exceed 10mph and get thrown backwards that it ruins the entire experience. No joke... Change this one GLARING and unnecessary issue and this unit is 5 stars across the board. The only other small issue is that it requires an app to run correctly. It works well though, tells you distance, speed, battery, allows you to use the board remotely... The issue is that it sucks battery on your phone, and it's REALLY difficult to pay attention to the app and still ride safely. But considering the speed issue, you're constantly staring at the app to see what speed you're at to avoid the punishment delivered when exceeding 10mph, so much so that you never watch the road. Bad mojo. You should be able to bypass the app entirely and just use the board once you've passed the initial practice trials. (assuming you haven't locked the security alarm obviously). Now in all fairness, you can start the app, Mount the board, turn the screen off on your phone and put it in your pocket and everything works as usual... But the app is still running, bleeding phone battery at a frantic pace and cranking my phones internal temp to 200 degrees. That's just a small issue though, and would not reduce my review of the board. It's good looking, well made, fun and easy to ride, stable... Everything you'd want... Fix the nonstop back/forth dance from 6mph to 10mph that I have to do and just let me cruise at top speed and I'll change this to 5 stars. Come on Segway... Everyone has the same complaint. It's going to get someone hurt.. As a career Advanced Life Support Paramedic I can tell you this is really bad, dangerous programming. Send out an update allowing a consistent cruise at the top speed allowed, and make your product perfect!
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on May 5, 2017
Came today, rode it for about 15 seconds to get through the tutorial, and it felt "squishy". Turns out, a tire was flat, which is hard to self-diagnosis as you need the weight of a rider while someone else observes the tire. I tried to put air in the tire, but it gushed out faster than it goes in. I googled lots of people having tire pressure issues, but it turns out mine came with a clearly faulty valve stem (see picture).

I called Segway, giving them a chance to provide support but they are M-F till 5pm Texas time. Of course, mine arrived Friday evening and I don't want to wait 3 days to receive support (defeats the benefit of using Prime) for something that is clearly going to need a return. I'm going to return through Amazon, and (after reading about other tire issues) may consider ordering an EPIKGO.

Frankly, I'm disappointed in what I feel is a reputable brand having such a poor quality issue. There's no way this thing held air when it left the factory.
review image
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on August 9, 2016
the international mini pro version is much better than the amazon segway version.
-18 mile range vs 14 mile range
-11.2 mph max speed vs 10 mph

these 2 little details actually affect the enjoyment of rides immensely. with a 18 mile range i can go muuuuch further without draining the battery to 1 bar and damaging the it's lifespan. (i have the chinese ninebot mini and it's battery is already noticeably weaker cuz i've drained it to 1 bar so many times. lithium batteries hate it when u deplete it completely)
the 11.2 mph also means way less tilting back during rides, huge plus.
and lastly, the amazon segway version actually cost a little more after tax, thumbs down for a smaller battery and slower speed but more money.
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on December 7, 2016
Nice product but Segway support is non existent. They don't return calls or answer emails. Have a broken part that should replaced under warranty. Just be aware before you make a purchase. Maybe I will just return it since it's only a week old rather than be aggravated over a $2.00 part.
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