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Size: 24-Inch|Style Name: with FreeSync|Change
Price:$259.99+ Free shipping
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on February 29, 2016
EDIT: I changed the response time settings in the OSD from Ultrafast (which is the max setting btw) to 1 step down to Advanced, Mainly because i observed reverse ghosting artifacts especially when moving windowed folders in the desktop of Windows. You can clearly see a trail of shadows left if the response time settings is set on Ultrafast. Dialing it back down to Advanced fixed the reverse ghosting effect. Also I changed the Bluelight Filter setting to 80 (default is 100) in the manual image adjust OSD menu to give the screen a nuanced warm tone to help alleviate my eyes from too much strain since I usually dim my room and game and browse at least 6-8 hrs a day. These changed settings helped a great deal and i'm loving the monitor even more.

ORIGINAL:Purchased this a week ago. TBH this is my first 144hz monitor. I owned a Benq 24in but that was only running at standard refresh albeit a faster gtg of 1ms since it was TN, just like this monitor.

My settings were: color: usercolor (left all at 100 R,G,B) viewmode: normal, response time: advanced, low input lag: ultrafast, brightness 35, contrast 55, sharpness 75, black stabilization 5, smartsync off, amd freesync off, advanced dcr 0, dynamic contract unchecked, ecomode standard, bluelight filter 100 (this is default- its supposed to be 0 but the OSD writes it as 100, when you move it to lower values then bluelight filter is gonna be used. essentially 100 means its Off. Weird right?!)

I connected this monitor to drive my Asus G751JY via mini displayport/thunderbolt port to full size DP in the monitor to support the max refresh of 144hz. I was really curious how it would play since most games I run on my laptop is able to exceed 60fps and would very much benefit this monitor's hz. True enough, I wasn't disappointed. I now wished I could have gone with the much powerful GT80 titan dual 980m during that time but that one would further cost me my other arm *sigh*.

I played witcher 3, far cry 4, crysis 3, dota 2, metro last light, bioshock infinite, middle earth SOM, madmax and this monitor makes those games run smoother. I can objectively observe that even if the FPS say for example Witcher 3 on my laptops native ips display is running 50 and obviously it runs 50 too on the monitor but somehow it made the experience much smoother and quite faster. Maybe (well highly likely) that the gtg response time of 1ms coupled with the very fast 144hz made the experience faster in my eyes. It's like the monitor is somehow cheating and giving my laptop an extra kick in horsepower wherein reality its just displaying the exact amount of FPS on the laptops display. Frankly, i didn't expect that to happen and I was relatively surprised of the monitors ability to provide me the perceived smoothness in game. Further, I have yet to try the freesync feature since obviously my laptop is running an nvidia 980m. I'll update this review once I get my hands on one.

For the price I paid of $383 plus taxes vs msrp of $459 it is certainly a must buy! comparing prices to similar products and seeing this monitor was just recently launched in Jan. 2016. It incorporates the newest technologies of a TN panel might have and oh boy don't get me started on the ports. It has 2 usb 3.0 and another 2 usb 2.0 hows that for good measure? 2 HDMIs and 2 Displayport (1 is mini btw) and a 3.5mm audiojack. Viewsonic really thought of everything. Stand is able to swivel, pivot, rotate with height adjust. cable organizer and a little headphone hanger at the rear. All that's left is the kitchen sink.

review image review image review image
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on June 21, 2016
For the few days I have had it, I am absolutely loving the monitor. Having replacing the a BenQ RL2455HM for my computer, this monitor is in every way superior to my old monitor.

As a quick backstory: I had a 60hz TN gaming monitor with a R9 390. I wanted to ascend to 144hz and Freesync. So for around the same price, you can get either this monitor or the AOC G2460PF monitor (which is listed cheaper), which both satisfy the 144hz and Freesync conditions. Between those two monitors, there is really not much differences. Both have a full adjustable vesa mount stand, 144hz refresh rate, 1ms gtg response time, flicker-free lighting, AMD's Freesync technology, average quality OSD controls, included speakers, and other little features.

THE ONLY FEATURE the AOC has over the Viewsonic is the Freesync range of 30-144hz vs the 48-144hz. With my 390, I get 90+fps so I don't ever have to worry about the 48hz minimum Freesync range, so that doesn't really bother me.

What made me choose this monitor over the AOC came down to reviews that pointed out the better display colors (after calibration, kinda sucked at stock settings) and better quality control. A little more expensive, but worth it to me.

Now to list the PROS:

144hz Refresh Rate: You really have no idea how smooth it is over 60hz, until you switch back and forth between the two. Awesome for games too.

AMD Freesync: Seriously, I can't imagine playing games over 60fps and not have some sort of adaptive sync like Freesync or Gsync. On my R9 390, I usually push all my games anywhere from 90fps to over 144fps at the highest settings. So on older games that can play at 144fps, you can use v-sync, and newer games that can't go 144fps will have TEARING (which sucks!). But with that Freesync, don't ever have to worry about that no more. YOU MUST TURN ON DISPLAYPORT 1.2 in the monitor's Setup Menu for Freesync to fully work.

Adjustable stand: Coming from a stand that only allowed a very small angle adjustment, this stand rocks. Specifically the height adjustment and the stand base being able to swivel.

Non-PWM lighting: My old monitor also had it, and can't be considered a con. Apparently helps with eye strain.

Colors: Apparently this monitor has some pretty good colors after calibration and some of the best contrast levels among TN panels. Viewing angles are a con on all TN based panels, but I look at the monitor straight on, so not relevant to me. Also non-glare display.


As I mentioned above, the monitor has a minimum 48hz for Freesync, compared to the similar AOC monitor. But this is not relevant to me as I never go to that low of an fps in any of the games I play. The con is so minuscule for me that this product is still a five star rating and probably doesn't affect that many people's decisions.

My display settings: Contrast (55), Brightness (25), Color Adjust (User Color: R97, G97, B100), Sharpness (75), Dynamic Contrast (off), Eco Mode (Standard), Blue Light Filter (100), Viewmode (Standard), Smartsync (off), Freesync (on), Response Time (Advanced), Low Input Lag (Ultra Fast), Black Stabilization (4), Advanced DCR (0). Then I used Windows Calibrate Display Colors to lower the Gamma value to ~25% from the bottom, because it is way too high. Other than that, you can tweak it to whatever is most comfortable to you.
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on February 19, 2016
I was in the market for a new gaming-friendly rotateable monitor, and while the features list and manufacturer claims looked promising, I was a little bit uncertain about taking the plunge before any comprehensive reviews had been published. Luckily, my fears were for nothing, because this monitor fully lived up to my expectations.

As someone who plays a lot of arcade shoot-'em-up games, low input lag is extremely important, just as important as in a fighting game. As such, the first thing I did after setting the monitor up was go into the settings menu. There are three levels available for both the Response Time and Low Input Lag settings: "Standard," "Advanced," and "Ultra Fast." Naturally, I turned them both to Ultra Fast, but I can't tell what drawbacks that involves (if any) or why you would ever want to choose a lower setting. No difference in picture quality was apparent when I changed the settings, but it's possible that there's some subtle difference that I didn't notice.

Anyhow, after setting everything to Ultra Fast, I did a few test plays of different games, both on Windows via DisplayPort and on Xbox 360 via HDMI. Across the board, things felt great, latency-free and smooth. Pivoting the monitor into portrait orientation was pretty simple, though not as effortless or "snappy" as my old Dell UltraSharp. It doesn't really "lock" into place too much, so there's a slight bit of "give" from side to side if you touch it with your finger. It stays put just fine when you're not touching it, of course.

Setup was very fast and easy. The display is bright and crisp, though the color balance, contrast, and other picture settings could probably benefit from some calibration out of the box, as you'd expect. Pretty much the only downsides I could name are:

- Typical TN panel issues with viewing angles, especially in portrait mode where the picture can get noticeably darker and lighter if you move your head from side to side, even a little bit. You know that it's a TN panel going in, though, so it's expected.
- The rotation mechanism feels a little mushy and doesn't lock into place, but otherwise works fine.

Overall, easily recommended if you're looking for a nice big low-latency gaming monitor, especially one that can rotate.
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on May 2, 2016
So far everything running great! Picture is amazing! I had some issues being able to read the text when using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. The picture was great, but the side panels and frames were REALLY small. I thought I was going to have to live with it since it seems to be a common problem with 4K monitors and Adobe products. I was wrong!!! There is a fix. Amazon won't let me post a link so Google "adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays-fix" and Dan Antonielli will show up with a thread on how to fix it in Windows.
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on March 21, 2016
It's a really nice looking display for my modest desktop. The 144hz seems excessive, but everything moves so smoothly on screen. The stand is easy to put together and looks nice and sturdy.
The picture is great. I tested it with Rocket League. Everything looks very good. Nice clean lines and smooth objects. If my other monitor burns out, I'll get a matching ViewSonic XG2401.
Using displayport with Nvidia GTX 970
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on June 15, 2016
I was looking for a new monitor and looked at several from other companies.I wanted a 144hz monitor going up from a 60hz plus I wanted free sync to enable the new RX480 coming out at the end of the month.The only complaints I saw was on the controls and some saying the colors were washed out,so I decided to take a chance and ordered it.This is a nice monitor,it works well and the controls are not half bad.A lot better than the old monitors I remember from the 90s and once calibrated it looks great.The colors are a little washed compared to a IPS panel but great compared to some LT panels I have.For the money it really cant be beat.
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on March 5, 2016
First thing I should let you know is I am coming from a IPS panel at 60hz.

The smoothness while playing games, especially counter-strike is absolutely amazing compared to 60hz. I will never be able to go back to the slower monitor now.
Everything about this monitor is great.

Coming from a IPS panel, the colors aren't "bad" per say, but you definitely prefer a IPS over this panel for color/viewing angles.
None other than the color/viewing angles, but you know that buying it.

The only thing I would change is make it so it can be rotated both ways instead of just one way, however it is not significant enough to remove a star, just feel I should mention that.
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on August 7, 2016
For the price you get what you pay for. I mean that in a good way, because this has everything you would want for a monitor in this price range. The quality is great, the freesync range is great, colors are great despite being a TN panel and LFC works.

So for those who may be wondering if there are any special quirks to be concerned with this monitor, rest easy, because I had the same concerns and found nothing. I looked around for multiple sources claiming support for LFC, for example, and found nothing but the one spot on AMDs site claiming that the xg2701 supports LFC. It not only supports it, but i was also able to change the lower freesync range limit to 30hz with the CRU utility, making the effective freesync range 30hz-144hz. I haven't tried setting it lower, but it's possible that isn't even the limit!

I plugged it in and without needing to dig into or change any special hidden settings, I was able to get freesync working within minutes and in my opinion it definitely lives up to the hype. Now I can play my backlog of old games without worrying about screen tearing or stuttering.

Coming from a 1440p korean ips 120hz monitor, I notice this monitor feels much more responsive then the ips, with a slight loss in color accuracy and the usual annoying viewing angle issues that come with all tn panels. the colors are still great, but still slightly off compared to the ips. Honestly though, I find it acceptable, and i'm one that hates compromising when it comes to quality.

Everyone seems to hate the menu and button placement, but I really don't see why it deserves such colorful and descriptive hate. I don't have any issues with it. The menu is responsive and it works, that makes it get a thumbs up from me, even if the first few minutes of use the buttons take some getting used to.

So, to summarize and to point out any additional pros and cons:

-Freesync range (default 48-144hz, 30-144hz capable with CRU tweaking)
-LFC support
-No backlight bleed
-No dead pixels
-Great colors, well calibrated out of the box (lower gamma with windows color calibration)
-Speakers sound good (only when compared to other built in monitor speakers)
-Plays well with multiple inputs
-Everything just works straight out of the box.

-Pixel density on the 27 inch model slightly annoying coming from 27 inch 1440p, but not too much so. I "re-adjusted", so to speak.
-Color accuracy comparable, but just not quite as good as ips.
-Vertical viewing angle can be annoying if your viewing position moves up and down (mine doubles as a tv at the moment and my couch sits lower then my desk chair, causing the screen to appear darker when sitting on the couch)
-Ghosting when setting response time to ultra fast. Leave on advanced for minimal ghosting.
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on October 7, 2016
I love this monitor for use with my Macbook Pro. Originally I was using a 2013 MBP with it and I was only able to achieve 30Hz refresh rate. But I had another MBP that was the 2014 model. Once plugged in, it was able to drive the monitor at 60Hz rate with the included mini-DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. The monitor has a very sturdy stand, a matte surface (so minimal glare) and a configurable blue-light filter. I found the blue-light filter to be very useful, as I tend to work late at night and have to go to bed right after. The screen's color is well balanced. The default backlight level was very bright, so I had to turn it down. I am using 10% brightness for the night, and 40% brightness for a sunny day. That gives you an idea how bright it is at 100%.

Now comes the criticism. The monitor's OSD menu is clumsy and outdated. Took me a while to figure it out, and the Get Started guide was minimally helpful and mostly geared towards Windows users, even though the product would work perfectly with Mac. It really subtracted from the whole user experience. At one point, I was so frustrated, I started wondering if I should return it because it seemed designed for Windows. Glad I held on to it and got it set up successfully.

With the matte surface, the right color tone (using the blue-light filter), the right level of brightness, and the absolutely crisp text, my eyes are thanking me for making this purchase. Originally I was very hesitant and somewhat skeptical about moving to a 4K monitor; now I am glad I did.
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on March 30, 2016
excellent quality, sturdy as a tank, has options to change response time among other things, the ASUS of equal specs that I bought is cheap compared to these monitors, could not recommend more highly, like the other reviewer here says "never heard of viewsonic so I was skeptical" well, take it from him and me, it is an excellent monitor, have purchased two, the ASUS we recently got was cheaper, but.. it's also cheaper quality, would recommend this monitor any day of the week over the ASUS!

also, this comes with all cords you could need vs asus only coming with a DVI...
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