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on November 13, 2016
I was a little skeptical of buying a brand I wasn't familiar with. But then I looked at the features and mostly positive reviews and decided for $500, why not. After I bought it, my brother tells me this is the one he'd been eyeing at the store- said it had a picture better than all the Samsungs and Sonys with quantum dots and all that... even looked almost as good as OLED. I wondered how this was possible, but I had to admit the picture did look excellent.

Apparently this Hisense uses a VA panel which allows for super dark blacks, which is partly how it achieves such an amazing picture. VA panels have their drawbacks- you sacrifice viewing angle (which is why reviews cite picture degradation when viewed from an angle) but if you're sitting directly in front of this TV, it looks absolutely amazing. I never have a whole group of people watching with me anyways, and certainly never from an angle. But it is something to note- if you plan to have people watching from 30-45 degree angles (or more), check it out in a store first and see if you're ok with how it looks. I am no videophile and even I can see the degradation from sharp angles (tends to start losing a little color as you pivot to the side) but, if you plan to watch it straight on, take advantage of this VA panel that gives you near-OLED level blacks without the baggage of OLED (like temporary image retention and larger input lag).

The HDR... need to talk about that. So ok, the TV interprets HDR10 format, which is what most HDR sources use. You update the TV via wifi and it gets patched in. But just know that the official Ultra HD Premium logo for "true HDR" requires 1000 nits peak brightness while this TV only hits around 440 (which is still good mind you- 1,000 is just an insane number and because this TV has such incredibly dark blacks the contrast ratio is really good) and the new wide color gamut, which uses rec2020 color spectrum while this TV still uses the traditional rec709. Honest opinion though, if you're an average Joe user like me, the wide color gamut isn't really a big deal. This TV does indeed use a 10 bit panel though, not 8-bit. So while you won't get HDR that takes it to such extremes like a $1200 Samsung, you do get a moderate taste of it, all in a $500 package which is basically unheard of. I've tried the HDR on my PS4 and it's definitely noticeable. I mean, the colors pop more and you can see detail in areas otherwise too bright and washed out... even if it's a toned down HDR it still makes it look noticeably better. And honestly, after all the horror stories of HDR making games look worse from being too dark and bright in areas, I rather appreciate a more toned down effect that enhances rather than taking center stage.

As for other features... the local dimming doesn't have that many zones. But still, any local dimming at all is appreciated. I watched Civil War last night and the black bars on top and bottom, they looked so black it matched the black border of the TV itself. It was crazy. When the TV is on but has no signal, you can't even tell it's on. Which is just incredible. There are 4 HDMI ports, but only 3 and 4 are HDMI 2.0 which support 4K @60Hz. I only need one for my PS4. And next year when Scorpio releases it will get the other one. All normal HDMI like Wii U and Switch can use HDMI 1 and 2 with a splitter.

All in all, I'm very satisfied with this TV. For $500 you won't find a better deal. The blacks on this TV are incredible, and without the $2,000 OLED price tag. The 4K image is crisp and clear- even Netflix looks sharper than 1080p BluRay. You can see the pores on people's faces like you're standing right there. I'm just blown away, and even my brother, after coming to check it out yesterday, has decided to go buy one of these. Will update if I experience any issues. But usually if a TV has issues it's right out of the box in my experience
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on October 23, 2016
I decided to revise my review in detail, to better inform others about this tv as I feel for the price it is one of the best products out this year! Upon shipping arrival, the tv is neatly packaged. In the box, you have the tv, instruction manual, remote with batteries, and warranty card. You get peg legs for the tv to stand. The back is also vesa compatible in case you would like to use a stand or wall mount. When first turning on the tv, you will go through a setup screen. It will give you options on setting up network through wired or wifi. After that, the tv will download a firmware update before getting started. There has only been one update released for this set so far. Once connected to the network, make sure to register for the 4 year warrant which the information code is stored on the warranty card that came in the package.

When that is done, you can now use your tv! The back of the unit has 2 4k@60fps hdmi ports which is where you would want to hook up your ps4 or xbox one (S version if you have it.) or an ultra blu ray player. I recommend getting a couple of amazon basics hdmi cables that are the latest standard if you have a ps4 and a regular xbox one not the s, as the regular ps4 does support HDR through update 4.0, and the xbox one does has a higher degree of color once you activate it in the settings. You also have the components outputs in the back along with an optical port. On the side, you have a usb 3.0 port for use with pictures from a usb drive. This tv supports HDR10 so if you have images from a DSLR camera, you can view them. Also on the side, you have 2 4k@30fps hdmi ports. This is good for ps3 or xbox 360 if you are a gamer, or any other hdmi enabled device.

There also a line in port for 3.5mm cables which outputs audio through an RCA splitter. 2 usb 2.0 ports and a regular coaxial port for cable. On both sides in the back, you will notice the speaker grills. These speakers provide great sound and are pretty loud. Compared to other tv's this size, these are the loudest and one of the best as the speakers don't sound cheap or does not sound distorted or crackly. The picture itself is awesome! On default settings, you may or may not want to adjust the picture. By pressing the cog button on the remote, you bring up the settings quick menu on the side. You press the right cursor to bring up the full menu. First options is picture where you adjust the picture mode. If you select picture mode, you have a few options. Vivid, standard, theater, energy saving, game, and sport. Below that you have brightness, contrast, color, aspect ratio which has, normal zoom, wide, and cinema. Below that you have backlight, advanced picture settings where you can adjust ultra smooth motion, noise reduction, adaptive contrast, and white balance.

Its good to play around with these settings to see which is best for you. Also a plus, every port setting has their own setting. So you can swtich from tv, to game and the settings change for that port. No need to re-adjust every time. The tv has built in apps as well. Netflix with ultra hd if you have the premium subscription, youtube with uhd, amazon video, and vimeo are standard. Opera os is built in which includes a web browser, and an app store to download more channel widgets. Standouts are, TED talks, and gamespot. There are also many more channels available with unique features for everyone. Hulu is absent which would have been a big plus but does not take away from this tv. When switching ports, you can also edit the name to know what device is connect to what.

While the tv has 4 hdmi ports, you can get a splitter and hook up more devices. I have a splitter with my xbox and pc connected into the same port. Anywhere cast is also a nice feature on the tv. You can stream audio, and video along with pictures to the display by a wifi network. I do not use this feature much but it is a good addition. There is some lag present when navigating the menus which I thought it was a little annoying. It also happens when raising and lowering the volume but I was not to worried about it. Overall, this is the best tv I have ever bought. 4K with HDR, apps, and good speakers and amazing picture, this is one of the best products to come out this year and you will not be let down. $499 is a great price for this and that is money well spent.

As of today, (10/25/16) Hisense released a new firmware update for the tv which improve picture quality. In the setting menu got to about tv, and choose check firmware upgrade and select it. The tv will then download and install the update.
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on December 16, 2016
Let me just say this is the best t.v. i have ever owned, i have a sony xbr810c, a samsung ku6300 and a Vizio P series 2015 and this Hinsense blows them all out of the water once the settings are calibrated correctly. I actually returned a Vizio M55_d0 for the Hisense. I cant lie, i was nervous about purchasing the Hisense because of the unfamiliarity but boy im glad i did. I purchased a bundle package which includes the 55h8c, Philips BDP7501 4k player, and 4 4k blu ray movies all for a grand total $826.00 you can not beat that. Dont be fooled by or any other site bashing Hinsense 55h8c. The pictures i post will speak for themselves. U must use these calibration settings:
Picture Mode Theater
Brightness 52
Contrast 40
Color 42-46
Local Dim On
Backlight 40 This was at night Up to You
Tint 0
Sharpness 4
Ultra Smooth Off Noise Off Adaptaptive Con Off
Color Temp Standard
White Balance Offsets R-3 G0 B4 Gain R-2 G0 B5 10 Point Level 10% R0 G2 B6 20% R0 G1 B1 30% R0 G1 B0
40% R0 G0 B2 90% R2 G1 B3 100% R4 G4 B6

Color Tuner
Hue Sat Bright All Zero on all Colors Except for Flesh Tones Saturation -4
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on July 10, 2016
picked mine up at best buy due to amazon not having shipping inventory just yet. Purchased the 50" for use with a gaming PC to act as a secondary monitor and of course to play games in 4k! Unlike almost any other tv in the price range this set actually managed to do proper 4:4:4 chroma with full 60hz support. Some folks might be concerned about the lack of 120hz but I was fine with 60hz for my purposes as my main concern was proper support at resolutions above 1080p. So far I have had no issue pushing 1080p 2k (1440p), and 4k at 60hz but it can also be video card dependent. In my case I am using a GTX 1070! Out of the box only 1080p and 4k worked properly, 2k or 1440p requires custom resolution to be set at least with nVidia cards otherwise you will get stuck at 30hz (yuck). Color and contrast is great, black levels are really surprising given the price point. The local dimming and led array really give great uniformity that is right up there with my LG that cost twice as much. I went in with pretty tempered expectations and at this point and just floored that this tv only cost $500. The smart apps work great (netflix and amazon are my primary go to) and having dedicated buttons on the remote is a nice touch. Built in speakers are also surprisingly loud. This thing isn't a threat to high end LG or Sony tv's but LG and Sony value lines should probably be shaking because they cost more and do less! Would I put this up against a $1500 samsung? nope, but it absolutely crushes Samsungs entry level models.
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on February 17, 2017
You can't beat this TV for the price! The picture is amazing and it has enough back light to be clear with all of the lights on and the windows open. The built-in speakers are clear and get pretty loud! The smart function is fast and easily programmable. This TV comes with a factory 4 year warranty so no reason to pay extra for the square trade option.
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on November 4, 2016
This TV replaced a 42in Samsung.that hung in my bedroom. The reviews on this TV were overwhelmingly positive. For the price it was worth the risk of buying a TV I had never heard of. I have since heard that Hisense used ot be Sharp. First off UPS driver said it was the best packed TV he had ever delivered. It had foam around ever corner. Setup was a breeze. The TV is so clear and bright that watching newscasters with heavy makup is a little disturbing. You will not regret this purchase.
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on February 28, 2017
While I was initially hesitant to purchase a TV from a brand name I had never heard of before, I decided to take a chance on it due to the surprisingly cheap price it was offered at at the time of purchase. And I'm so glad I did, the picture is crazy sharp, it has all of the modern features I was looking for such as 4K video, HDR, and smart apps. The ability to play Youtube videos and Netflix directly on the TV with nothing hooked up to it is a convenience I never knew how much I needed, and HDR is a game-changer, once you try it it's hard to look back. Turning HDR off on Final Fantasy XV feels almost as drastic as going from color to black and white. Definitely the first brand I'll look at the next time I upgrade, which won't be for a while!
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on October 13, 2016
I bought this tv based on the reviews on Amazon and I am not disappointed in any way. The sound quality is really noticeable. We dont have it hooked up to any external sound source so it's just the tv speakers and they are surprisingly good. Also, the wifi signal is very consistent. I use this tv with an antenna, and wifi for apps like Netflix, Hulu & YouTube. While I am not an expert, the color is very bright, the HD is excellent and I have zero negative comments to make.
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on November 17, 2016
I have researched tv measurements on rtings, and have decided that for 500 bucks, this is the best 55 once tv for most people. The picture is absolutely beautiful. Grey and black uniformity is nearly perfect. Blacks only fall noticeably short of oled in a dark room, and when nothing very bright is on the screen. Colors are rendered well, and I greatly appreciate the 4k 60hz 4:4:4 support. The only big thing missing is plex, but roku's aren't too expensive
As far as reliability, my sister has owned a a 43 in h7 for months and its working fine. I'll update if we have any trouble.
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on July 25, 2017
Got to say I was a little nervous about the name brand, but all I have to say now is WOW!!
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