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on June 3, 2016
 I recently received, built and maidened the Target Hobby QAV210 kit. The frame is top quality and is definitely carbon fiber as it passed the conductivity test. Arms are 3mm thick and the top plate is 1.5mm thick. It looks very similar to the Lumenier kit. It comes with 2204-2300kv motors w/ guards and 12amp 2S-4S ESCs both with the bullet connectors already installed. It is also supplied with a really nice Matek 2S-6S input power distribution board with 5v and 12v regulated outputs. The frame and kit parts weigh 280g.

The assembly was easy as all the supplied parts of high quality and fit together well. I didn’t have any problems and it went together quickly. I completed it with a SP Racing F3 flight controller, 200mw transmitter, and a CCD board camera (it fits up to 32mm).

I test flew it using a 3S 1000mah 45C and 4S 1300mah batteries. With the supplied Gemfan 4045 props it hovers at about 50% throttle on 3S and about 30% throttle on 4S. Performance was excellent on both batteries but on 4S it will absolutely blow you away. ESCs were smooth with no stuttering. With all of the kit and my components installed it weighed 333g minus the battery. The power to weigh ratio is incredible…it is an absolute rocket. Punch outs send the quad to the edge of visibility within just a couple seconds. After running it hard, the motors and ESCs are still cool to the touch, even on 4S. As you can tell, I’m seriously impressed with this kit. Check out my unboxing, assembly, and speed run and punch out video and you will be too. Target Hobby did a great job selecting the right components that result in a stellar product at a very reasonable price.

Unboxing 0:00
Assembly 8:35
3S Maiden Flight 22:03
4S Test Flight 24:32
4S Speed Runs & Punch Outs 29:32
Cleanflight Configuration & ESC Calibration 31:28
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on August 25, 2016
this is a good kit for those starting out in the world of diy fpv. I use 5045 props with these motors, i would use the 4050 props in the kit with faster motors, maybe like 3000kv. it's too slow with these props on the 2300kv hobbymate motors in the kit, in my opinion, it does better with 5045 props, although they come closer to the body, yet still maintain clearance at all times. I have it hooked up to a devention rx701 7ch receiver using a devo 7e transmitter through the pwm inputs on an f3 flight controller, all power is distributed through the included matek power hub, i also have a 5.8ghz 32 channel 600mw video transmitter hooked up to a 1000tvl HD camera on board. I use a 5.8ghz 32ch receiver and 7 inch display in a case powered by 12v milwaukee tool lithium ion batteries and some cables I made. I use zippy 3s 1500 mah 40c li-po batteries with my 210, balance plug on batteries plugs into a battery cell checker strapped to the top with some rubber under the battery and the cell checker. I have led headlamps and 4 led strips zip tied to the bottom side. the landing gear is actually plastic spacers and plastic nuts in case I crash so it won't tweak the frame and just snap off the plastic spacer instead. very fun quadcopter, configured with cleanflight on my f3, it has some decent power and gains some good speed for what it is. eventually I want to upgrade to 3000kv motors and 16a speed controllers, that will give it some serious power, but it is a solid setup and it's definitely pretty durable too, I don't fly this quad with any self leveling... I've crashed it once or twice and it's put up with a good ground pound and roll a couple times, and nothing happened to it. it will cost you some to get this kit to fly, it's good if you have a lot of parts, tools, and experience already, not impossible without, but much easier if you have an idea of what you're doing before purchasing this kit. very solid and fun setup once it's up in the air.

update: so, I fly without auto leveling all the time, which makes for a much better flight experience and gives me ultimate control over my quad, but flying without self stabilization is dangerous if you don't know how to. it's very easy to make a mistake if close to the ground and surrounded by obstacles, practice makes perfect. I've already crashed my 210 twice, the second time it hit the ground really hard... I shuddered, every prop nut flew off and all 4 props were destroyed, but everything else was FINE. the quadcopter itself is extremely strong. if I crashed my walkera runner 250 like that, I can assure you that would've been the end of that quad as i know it. the motor protectors definitely do their jobs too, I smashed this thing into the ground and it was going fast aimed straight at the ground, got blindsided by a tree... so after the crash, I took it inside to look it over, absolutely nothing else happened to it, changed the props and I had it back in the air in no time. I am extremely pleased with the quality of this frame and the motor protectors. granted that I built quite a rigid setup, this is a very strong quadcopter kit and definitely my #1 top favorite UAV I've built now. it's not ridiculous fast for a brushless 210, but it's definitely quick with 5030 props. it's a good kit if you have limited experience, these parts are a good place to start for people getting into the diy aerial vehicle racing world. my f3 flight controller gives me such ultimate control of this machine, it is VERY responsive and nearly perfect with precision. after flying every day since I finished building this quad, i got a few sets of 5030 propellers, and even a few more sets of propeller nuts, since the props come off and the nuts go missing in the grass if crashed. pretty much anything that will suddenly stop the movement of the props will cause them to unscrew and come off, even my finger did it once by accident (I grabbed it out of the air instead of landing it, bad idea) so, overall, this machine is my favorite out of the hundreds of RC vehicles I've built and owned. I am not super impressed with the speed of it, but I expected this with 12a speed controllers and 2300kv motors. I am much more pleased with the 5030 props, the 4050 props were too small for these motors and with it is actually pretty fast now, like it should've been from the start. it is quick quick quick now with the 5030 prop.
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on July 28, 2016
So I got my kit yesterday and spent all night building it. Just did my first flight and here are my thoughts.
First off, great kit for beginners and people that are new to rc and electronics in general. Everything seems to fit together quite well and there were only a few hiccups/ dislikes along the way.
First off, the frame is great but I found that the standoffs for the top plate seemed to get in the way of the ESCs. The leads from the ESCs to the motors could definitely be shortened up to better fit the ESCs on the arm frame so that there wouldn't be any interference between the ESC board and the standoffs.

Something else I ran into was that the bullet connectors for the motors are not soldered in very well and can break if you pull on them too hard. I ran into this when I was trying to switch the bullet conectors between the motors and the escs to flip motor rotation direction. So my suggestion, make sure the first time you plug the ESCs to the motor you make sure the front left and back right have a switched connection, otherwise you may end up breaking off the motor connectors when you try to disconnect one of the ESC leads.

Next, was that it would have been great if the kit came with a couple plastic standoffs for the power distribution board and your flight controller(not included). I ended up having to purchase some extra plastic standoffs to stack the distribution board and the flight controller.

I also ran into an issue with the screws on one of the motors actually being too long and touching the motor windings and shorting the motor. Luckily this didn't cause any damage, just caused one of the motors to continue to spin after bringing throttle to 0.

As far as flight goes, I was using the suggested 1500mah 3s battery and a naze 32 flight controller and after raising the proportional and the rc rate a bit the quad flies amazingly. It's extremely stable and very responsive. With the supplied 4045 props, the quad seems a bit under powered on 3s but I imagine on 4s would just rip. I have yet to try 5045 props but will add more after my test flight with those. When fully loaded with fpv gear, the quad gets off the ground at about 50% throttle leaving enough to still pick up some good speed.
The supplied props are very strong and even after 2 crashes look as good as new.

Aside from those small things, the kit flies amazingly, looks great and was a lot of fun to build. Also it was only $100 so you can't beat the price. This is definitely a great deal and you get a lot of bang for your buck. It's a thrill to fly, quick to build, and with a few modifications could be a killer quad.

Update: Tested it with some 5046 props and man does it punch. Lifts off at about 40% throttle and definitely kicks when you give it some juice. The motors got slightly warm after some aggressive flying but nothing to be worried about. The escs actually managed to stay completely cool as well. I was quite impressed. Battery life is a little shorter, as expected, but the speed is worth it.
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on June 13, 2016
I've receive this kit within 2 days of ordering it, fantastic compare to ordering stuff from China...The kit comes with almost everything you need to get started minus a flight controller and receiver. Here are my thought/review of the kit.

1. Frame - Great frame, this is my second QAV210 and I love it. It's simple and the 3mm carbon fiber frame is strong

2. ESC - The kit came with 4 BLHeli 12A esc with bullet connector and are rated for 2S-4S with BEC. This makes it great for first builder who does not want to solder and as you get more experience you can switch over to 4S and it's a blast!!

3. Motors - These 2204 (2300kv?) motors are very smooth so far, no whiny or grinding noise even on 4S. On 3S it's nice enough for someone to start out and practice and once you switch over to 4S there's plenty of power....

4. PDB - This PDB has a 12V out so it's perfect if you want to run your FPV gear or LED on it..

5. Propellers - Kit includes a set of Gemfan 4045 bullnose for you to get started. This frame can easily clear a 5" propeller if you want to swap it out for more thrust but be careful as you might be maxing out the ESC running on 4S on 5" props....

Final thoughts:
This is a great kit for someone who just want it fast and start building. I've seen many on the forum (rcgroups) asking to check if this esc will work with this motor and such. With this kit you don't need to worry about that, everything works right out of the box for me. I was running a Naze32 and even on stock PID it flew great. Please see my video below from the unboxing to the maiden flight and hit me up if you have any questions.
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on August 3, 2016
I have to say that this 210 is legit. I am loving this thing. Install was very easy and straight forward, and this was my very first build. I thoroughly enjoy this quad, great one to start with. The frame is superb, true carbon fiber, tested conductivity. Thank you hobby king for truthful and straightforward advertising. I couldn't be happier and neither will you. I am not obligated to say that or anything in this review but I had too, this things quality. I'm running 4s 1300mah batteries, carries GoPro with ease right out of the box. A must buy, shoot buy two I wish I could get another one and would roll different components and review it as well. All in due time I guess. Anyways go get one!
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on December 20, 2016
I got this kwad to see just what kind of cheap cheap build I could come up with. I have a few friends that wanted to get into FPV flying and I just had to try this one out.
I can say that I am pretty impressed with the quality of parts included with this kit, it is not a $500 kwad but I would put it up next to just about any kwad out there and for the tiny investment made it is hard to beat. It comes with everything but a flight controller and camera so you can get it in the air quickly with what comes in the kit plus a flight controller.

I have this one built and ready to FPV for less than $150 all up.
Components used are good quality and so far after about 60 flights I have not had to do anything but change out a few broken props. I have hit the ground at 40 plus MPH and nothing was broken, bent or cracked on the frame. The bottom plate is 3mm and is very stiff so I think it will be a fairly durable little kwad.
You will be hard pressed to find another kit with the quality hardware and electronics in this price range and I guarantee you will have fun with this one and not have to worry about breaking the bank to get it in the air.
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on August 31, 2016
I like this kit allot. This was my first ever build. I never had a fpv quad and after looking at the reviews of other kits an this I went with this one. I like that the motors and escs have bullets to connect instead of a straight solder. Frame was allot smaller the I thought but thats ok. I like to run smaller scale rc cars like 1/18. Problem is that i got it all setup using a qq super thunder flight controller. After a manual calibration of all the motors and ESC I hooked up my flight controller and the one motor and esc would not spin up. I tried to re-calibrate but no go. I took off the motor and swapped them around and same thing. Would not spin up with different motor with same ECS. Seems its an issue with the ESC. Contacted amazon support and they are sending me a new ESC. Will update when i have the new ESC and test it out. For now taking off 2 stars.


I received the replacement ESC. Got it all soldered up and connected. Everything is working great now. Took it out for a test flight worked awesome. I would definitely recommend it for a first build. The kit was easy to put together. I used it with a CC3D, the FC setup was no issue using LibrePilot. Again this a great kit.
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on July 16, 2016
 This is a great kit for someone who wants to build their own quad, but doesn’t want the headache of locating compatible parts. The motor and ESC are Hobbymate branded (they are known for high-quality electronics) and come with pre-soldered bullet connectors. The Carbon Fiber frame came pre-assembled (and it sure looks sharp). The kit has both Deans and XT60 lipo connectors (use what you prefer). It includes a Power Distribution Board (also known as PDB) and one set of CW/CCW GemFem Props. Plus, my package was shipped from the US and I received the QAV210 kit within 7 business days using Amazon's free shipping option.

This QAV210 kit would be a good fit for a hobbyist who is still learning to build custom quads.

As a reminder, this is a kit and you will need a Flight Controller, Receiver and Lipo battery to go fly. I have made a quick unboxing video that you can watch on Youtube:" " and will make another follow-up video when I finish building my quad.
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on July 26, 2016
So far the kit is well selected for a starter quad, the frame is very nice. The motor and esc selection is solid. If you are looking to get a kit that is sold by a trusted store and comes with the basics. Once you find what else it is you are going to need you can piece it together and start your flying. I have not been able to test mine out yet, still waiting on some other components. When I get it completed, I will leave more information. This would be my first race drone or really any buildable/flyable hobby craft. Target Hobby makes good stuff, and offers good products. The company is quick to respond to issues and questions and more than willing to provide solutions to issues.

**So far I have been able to get it together and motors tested in clean flight. I have chosen an SP Racing F3 Acro Flight Controller, and the FlySky i6 with the FS-ia6b receiver & data cable. I have already flashed the firmware with the "10 channel mod" and had no issues. The motors sound good, the PDB seems to be creating a noticeable audible "humbuzz". Not sure if that is normal but its testing just fine. Will be getting my receiver setup in the next few days.

**Ok so I have been able to fly this a few times and it is really nice! First time flyers make sure to set up your Flight Modes through clean flight and start with Angle Mode... my suggestion anyway if you wanna save a few props. The frame is solid and the motors work great. I love to fly this thing!!
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on June 8, 2016
I have just finished building and flying this quadcopter. I am so very impressed.

First, yes - this is genuine carbon fiber, not glass fiber (I checked for conductivity). Second, no - this kit does not come with cheap quality motors or ESC's. This kit is one of the best values for the money out there. Third, there are a few more items you will need to buy to finish this kit.
Battery - 3s 1500mah 40c
Flight Controller (Naze32 6dof rev6)
Radio and receiver
m3 standoffs for mounting the PDB and FC

With a stock tune and settings I was able to fly this quad in wind with gusts over 10mph. It never shook or oscillated.

The kit itself is really well put together. The screws are hard and do not strip easy. All the aluminum pillars were straight. The frame was clean and truly carbon fiber. The power distribution board has 5v and 12v outputs as well as vtx and camera +/-. The bearing on the motors were as smooth as any motor I have ever used. Much better than EMax. The esc's and motors came with wires shortened and bullet connectors already soldered on.

I simply couldn't be happier with this kit. I chose not to use the landing gear feet as they looked like they might bend in a crash.

I flipped the quad over and slammed it into the ground from about 15 feet up on grass. Not a scratch on it!

Very nice components.
True carbon fiber.
Builds fast (4 hours)
Very tough/strong

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