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on December 29, 2016
The description drew me right in. Being my first book by this author I wasn't sure what to expect. But in the end I fell in love with this authors writing style.

Gage was such a smooth talker. He was sweet yet hard. I really like how his feelings for Katy evolved. She forgot what they share and my heart broke for him because he was fighting his own demons with out adding memory loss.

Katy was lost. That's the best way to describe it. She was stubborn but at the same time she had feelings for Gage and wanted them to evolve despite her accident.

This story was unique and had some unbelievable steam! I liked the flow of the story. It was fast, but at the same time I didn't feel like it went to fast.

Overall I really liked this story. We meet a lot of characters and one from past books by this author and I plan on reading other books by her. It was a cute quick read. 4.5 stars #2OCCJD
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on December 26, 2016
Somehow I missed Katy's book when I was reading this series the first time around. Might I just say, the things she has to deal with are doozies! The night of her life followed by an accident that leaves her battling to regain her memories with an unexpected pregnancy thrown on top. Throw in her douchey ex who tries to use her lapse in memory to worm his way back into her life and things are a little tense for a while.

Admittedly, Gage does his best to try to be there for Katy once he realizes the extent of her issues. The fact she doesn't remember being with him is just a hiccup he works around. Her ex being around complicates things, but Gage is determined and he's all in. Amnesia, unexpected pregnancy and all.

What can I say? I liked the guy.

It's nice to close out a series (yes, with the first book instead of the last, I KNOW!) and see all the pieces come together. Or...see the pieces laid out for the romances that come later. Those Thompsons, man. They love hard. I like that.

-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal
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on January 12, 2017
Interesting concept of a woman developing partial amnesia after an accident. Losing parts of your memory is bad enough, but having two men claim the baby you are carrying is totally mind-boggling. The plot is good, but for some reason, I just couldn't connect with the main characters. I think, more than anything, the author's writing style just isn't for me.

Language and sexual situations may offend some readers.
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on January 13, 2017
As pregnant heroine with amnesia and two guys claiming to be the father. It does not get much more complicated. This was a good romance between two ordinary people with real jobs, not a lot of money and the baggage that life brings. The twists and turns were intriguing and I will definitely be reading more. The only thing that never made sense was why one of them lied and went to such lengths. Enjoyed the book.
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on January 15, 2017
In Ride Baby Ride, the author’s style of writing was different from what I’m used to. The characters actually talked like real people.
What I liked:
1) The book seemed well-edited and without errors to stop the flow of reading.
2) Although the predicament of a last night together and then she gets amnesia might be a little far-fetched, I enjoyed the story.
3) Katy makes no apologies for the way she is. She’s been in love for Gage for years, but she has the self-esteem to stand up for herself and put him in his place when necessary.
4) Gage seems well-rounded between the terrible past he’s hiding and his hope for the future. He has needs like any guy, but he sets those needs aside to focus on Katy – this makes him a really likable guy. Instead of keeping a job out of town making tons of money, he’d rather stay in the home town and work as an auto mechanic if that means having a relationship with the woman he’s been crushing on.

What I didn’t like:
1) I didn’t like the ex and couldn’t figure out what Katy ever saw in him.

There was some ‘not so clean’ language, but it’s a story about real people and the flavor of this conversation at times only made the story more realistic.
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on March 25, 2014
It's hard to do amnesia well, but Vivian Arend makes it more than a plot device in this touching story about a good man and a woman overcoming tough circumstances with strength and love. I recommend it for anyone who likes their heroes kind and their heroines feisty.
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on January 14, 2017
A nice light romance that was well edited. The plot was okay, but I prefer romances without kids or pregnancy's. I know people that go to jobs in remote locations for a short term to earn a lot of money fast, so that part felt real and I can connect with it. And I've known lots of people that find themselves with child, so no stretch from reality there. But the timing of the accident and the convenient amnesia along with the jerk that tries to use it to get back a girl that he only wanted to dominate to begin with... Also, if Gage is such a macho guy, why does he never kick the jerks ass? In real life, all the brothers would have kicked his ass if Gage wasn't up to the task. You just don't mess with little sisters! Neither the story nor the characters really grabbed me, though I felt there was potential and I like the author's style.
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on January 9, 2017
Gage is such a sweet heart! What I love about this book is that we get Gage and Katy as a couple facing the obstacles TOGETHER. We rarely get that in romance books so it was nice and I enjoyed reading about the hero (Gage) and (heroine) communicating and working together to make their relationship work.

It didn't make sense how Katy has 4 brothers who are supposedly protective yet not once did any of them did anything to Simon for all things he put Katy through.

Overall, it's a good book. No big miss understanding. Third party involvement wasn't overly active in the story.
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on January 16, 2017
I liked that it started out strong and I liked both Katy and Gage. But for me it seemed like it started to fizzle out a bit as it went on. The fights between the M.C.'s not sure that they felt all that believable. Seemed a little forced, I can understand she's not quite herself because of the accident and her pregnancy hormones but still..
Simon, the ex-boyfriend does his best to cause trouble, just like it was promised). But I was amazed with the stuff he got away with. Especially towards the end. Some of it I questioned but hey, it was part of the story.
I liked Katy's best friend, Janey. That girl was a whirl wind of " I got Katy's back'' kind of person.
Several different times the descriptive writing made me smile. Like when Katy met up with Gage when she was still mad at him. He said Hi and "she lifted one brow in a perfect Vulcan imitation" and said Hi. There were just a few like that and each and every one made me smile. The author didn't overdo it, they were just sprinkled sparingly throughout the book.
It does have an Epilogue that ties up the rest of the story.
There is a quick look into the next book in the Series, "Rocky Ride." A book with Mitch Thmpson and Constable Anna Coleman.
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on August 23, 2014
Great story. Great writer.

Not a single editing error that pulled me from the story, hence, the 5stars.

Katy's Transformation might have been an alternative title to this story. Once shy, quiet and sweet, not even cussing, the new Katy is feisty, forward, artistic and cusses up a storm. Despite the change, there are actually remnants of the old Katy still lingering and it made like thus well-defined character even better.

Gage was the perfect man to help Katy see the gold she held in her hands. A stalwart soldier.

Great twists, unexpected underhanded manipulation and a very satisfying HEA.

I am waiting with baited breath for Jesse's story.
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