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on March 26, 2017
Need vacuum with motorized carpet head to pick up long white hair from my 2 Great Pyrenees dogs. The suction is exceptional on this vacuum, best of any brand I have ever used, from cheap to expensive. It DOES NOT throw anything out the back onto my feet from carpet or bare floor as every previous vacuum has, very important. It does suck up throw rugs, so I have to stand on them as I vacuum. All my floors are hardwood with a few large carpets. The only issue that I have with it so far is the amount of dog hair that stays on the roller brush. When I used it at the highest level, which sucked up an enormous amount of dirt, the roller was jam packed with hair. It didn't seem to affect its performance, but I did stop to clear the brushes frequently. When I used it at the first level not as much hair stuck to the brushes. However at this level it took many more passes over the carpet to get all the hair. The cup is small, but I knew that when I purchased it. Each time I emptied the cup there was not much dog hair in it, but it was full of dirt.
It is lightweight and self propelled and I have to hold it tight to keep it from racing across the floor. This is not a bad thing since I have been struggling with a heavy non self propelled Bissell Smart Clean upright for the past few years, which I thought did a great job, but this Shark is way better.
If anyone has a solution for the hair sticking on the brushes, I would appreciate hearing from you.
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on October 13, 2016
This vacuum has exceeded every expectation I'd had for it. I'd had an old (OLD) heavy canister vac that worked ok but literally weighed like 50lbs and one weekend tried my mom's original shark and thought it was great- light weight and maneuverable, but that it lacked power on rugs and the cup was absurdly small. When I read about this one on Shark's website it seemed to have addressed those concerns and then some. Since receiving it I've become that annoying friend tells you way too much about her vacuum and why you NEED TO GET ONE NOW.
I have mostly hardwood with large area rugs- it is so easy to switch from the different power levels. The different tools and power-head options mean that if I see a hard to reach dust bunny, I easily switch to a mode that grabs it without a pause. I used it the other day in my kitchen and I was getting crumbs out of drawers, dirt from the floor, and cobwebs from above cabinets without having to move from where I was standing. The suction is incredible for the size- the power head propels itself across the rug. I am vacuuming more than I ever did before because it's so simple to use and I've noticed a marked difference in how clean my house is. It blows my mind each time I empty the dust cup to know what was lurking in my rugs. The hand tools work well and you can clip two of them onto the vac itself (I'd like to have been able to have all 3 but it's a small unit- not much space to put anything else). If you are using it and need to stand it up you just pop the top off and it sits on the power head. You can also store it like this or hang it from the included hook. The dust cup could still be a bit bigger (I empty it about twice per floor of house), but again, that would add weight and bulk. Super easy on stairs and the long cord means you rarely switch outlets.
Like, seriously, I'm a little too excited about this thing. Buy it. You will become a happier, vacuuming maniac like me and end up talking way too much about it to your friends.
**Update: 1/3/16** So still love the vacuum- one design flaw, however: there is a sprocket (doo-hickey?) that holds the roller brush in place, that on my vac would eventually get hair/thread wrapped around itself and require me to dig it out. This sprocket (the red one on one side of the roller brush bushings) does not come off and in fact, when my uncle tried to unscrew it with a star shaped screw driver, it snapped, essentially breaking the floor attachment. I called Shark to inquire about purchasing a new floor attachment, explaining why we'd try to remove the piece but owning that it was my fault the piece had broken, and they immediately told me to send the WHOLE thing back and they would mail me a new unit. I repeated that it was really only the floor brush but they insisted on sending a new vac because they would like to "take a closer look at why it broke". They paid return and new postage and I should have the unit this week per my fed-ex tracking number. I'd almost shave off a star due to the piece being prone to clogging but inaccessible to cleaning, but this level of customer service is a rare bird these days and they've got my business. I'm hoping the new vac will have a tighter-fitting sprocket so that the issue is solved. Very pleased with the treatment I got. **Also, seeing some reviews saying it's noisy- I have not found it to be so. In fact, when I first plugged it in my 5 year old, used to my old behemoth, plugged his ears and then after a few moments took his fingers out and said "Oh, this vacuum is quieter!". So take that for what it's worth.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are so many SharkNinja vacuums on the market that it can be hard to determine which one is the right one. As for myself, I purchased the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) on Prime Day several months back, and have since then tested and reviewed two more. This Rocket Complete makes my forth SharkNinja vacuum. Unlike the other three, this one isn’t a standard upright vacuum, in fact, it can’t stand upright on its own at all. The motor and dust cup are too heavy at the top of the handle for the base to support it. If you need to change outlets or reach for a new accessory, you’ll have to lay it down. That said, thankfully, SharkNinja was smart enough to include a hanger bracket for storing. But of course, that means drilling into your wall. Ultimately, this Rocket Complete relates more to the Dyson Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum than the Shark Navigator. Of course, there’s one huge difference between this and the Dyson. The cord. Personally, I’d have liked to see this unit without a cord as well -- if only for the ease of maneuverability -- but at half the price of the Dyson, there is some room for forgiveness.

Other than having the cord in the way when vacuuming, it’s also annoying having to completely unwind it from the shaft before you can separate any of the parts. What I mean is -- for example -- if you want to remove the handheld vacuum from the wand (leaving the floor nozzle attached to the wand), you’ll have to unravel the cord first. The cord wraps and holds all the pieces together, which makes quick release a bit slower. One thing you do gain by the cord is more power. The Shark Rocket Complete has 600 Watts while the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free only has 115 Watts. Another thing you gain is the absence of typical battery issues, such as it not having enough charge when you need it most, or wearing out over time.

Keep in mind that this vacuum is a compact solution. The motorized floor nozzle is about 2” shorter in width than the upright Shark Rotator Lift-Away Speed (NV601). You can clean your entire house with the Rocket Complete, but I don’t recommend it; will take you much longer. (Not to mention the small dust cup fills up fast.) I find it’s best for cleaning up quick messes. I also find it’s awesome to use on stairs. While the NV601 detaches for easy stair cleaning, you still have to lug around the base (which can be awkward and in the way). With the Rocket Complete, the base is part of the handle so it’s not in the way; thus makes cleaning stairs twice as fast -- and because the floor nozzle is smaller, it’s just the right size for each step.

There is also an interesting arsenal of accessories you won’t find on the uprights. From the Under-Appliance Wand to the Hair-Removal Tool. While the latter is really a simple hooked razor blade, it’s conveniently located just above the brushrool (and I find I take it out to use on my other vacuums; works better than a scissors). And while the Under-Appliance Wand was too thick to fit under my stove and washing machine, it can get into tough places that other tools cannot. I also like the TruePet Mini Motorized Brush; it can be used on furniture and does a great job of reaching into my dog’s kennel; can clean pet hair out of the pad without having to remove it.

I found that the floor nozzle works decent on non-carpeted surfaces, such as tile, but not quite as well as Shark’s Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment found on other models. It’ll pick up most things on the hard surface, but might kick a few things up too. The nice part is that the light in the front makes locating small debris easier.

There are two brush speeds for the motorized floor nozzle. The first has a soft spin and the second a much faster one. When the faster mode is on, I find that I have to fight the vacuum a bit. It pulls and tugs my arm, trying to move forward more quickly than I want it to. But at the same time, it’s doing a mean job at beating debris out of the carpet. So it’s effective.

Another nice use of this vacuum is that you can turn it into a small handheld vac. Makes cleaning tight and confined places a simple task, such as the seats of your car.

Overall, I do like this vacuum. Personally, for a compact solution I’d have preferred no cord, but it does work well, especially for cleaning up small messes and stairs.

Note on support: On one of my SharkNinja vacuums (not this one), it arrived with a broken dust cup. I called Shark’s support number and the rep was able to send me a replacement dust cup free of charge. It took maybe 20 minutes over the phone, providing serial number (located on the plug) and order details, but overall I was happy with their service (7 days later the replacement part arrived in the mail).
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on March 11, 2017
Had about 2 weeks. We have a 1500 sq.ft. house with mostly hardwood floors, some carpet. I was a little concerned it might not be "enough" vacuum for us, but it works out just fine. Replaced a Riccar RSL4. This Shark is VERY light (about 9 pounds). It's very versatile – it's easy to use as a hand vacuum (which is the vacuum power element) with many supplied tools, and then use as a stand up vacuum for carpets and hardwood floors. Excellent on both, especially hardwood floors; gets the little stuff with 2 motor settings. Great for cars and boats, etc. It is relatively quiet - you can talk on the phone if it is near. CONS-- If you are sensitive to dust you probably won't like this vacuum. The stuff that gets vacuumed goes into a "cup" (their term), you unsnap it, take it to a garbage can, open it up and dump it. There is no bag. For me, it's okay, but some will not like this dusty procedure. You easily attach (snap in) the motor at the top of the power floor (rug) attachment. It's very easy to take on and off, but when it's attached it cannot stand upright by itself like a regular floor vacuum. The weight of motor head tips it over. If you leave it attached you have to lay it down. However, it's not as bad as it sounds. You can disconnect the motor head and they have a way to attach it just above the floor power head so that it will holster and stand compactly. It's a little hard to describe, much simpler to see it. Another thing, if you have a bad back and can't bend over a lot, this probably isn't the best vac for you; it requires more bending than a typical upright vacuum. Overall, we're very pleased and recommend it highly. Consumer Reports says the frequency of repair is very low compared to others. They rated the Shark highly which is why we bought it. Frankly, I'm glad I don't have to keep buying vacuum bags anymore and I like the versatility and light weight. It comes with a bunch of tools to use for narrow suction, vacuuming drapes, a brush head, etc. Get the model that comes with the POWER brush head for the hand vacuum. That means when you vacuum your car you actually have a powered spinning vacuum head #2 - one for the floor standup vac and the other for use with the hand vac.
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on December 12, 2016
Finally! This was the third vacuum I purchased and the first one that performed as advertised. After our Dyson died a second time, I decided to purchase a vacuum that would better suit our family's needs.
My must have list was:
-easily maneuvered or light weight(ish): I have an old wrist injury which doesn't bother me unless I do something crazy to it like push a 30lb vacuum for an hour.
-performs well on hardwood floors and oriental rugs
-doesn't break/clog/gasp/or quit when it encounters my dog's or my long hair

I kind of thought the Shark was gimmicky and didn't consider it at first (who knows why), but it really does everything it says:
-It's super light weight
-thoughtfully designed (controls right on the handle! attachments that work and solve cleaning problems I didn't know I had!)
-POWERFUL - I feel like it just leads me to the dirt rather than me tugging it along
-Works great as upright, handheld, or extended wand.
-Lights the way (a feature I didn't know I needed until I tried, but clearly do!)
-Solves the hair getting wrapped around problem by putting a handy little razor right next to the brush (a breeze to clean out, though obviously doesn't solve the problem of the hair getting stuck there in the first place)
-Great for stairs and under furniture
-Great on hardwood floors and fancy rugs. For the rugs' fringe I just use the wand attachment rather than the brush.
-Easy to dump canister in garbage and don't need a chopstick to unclog the darn thing like on other vacuums!

No it won't stand up with the motor attached to the top, but one click and it's off and easily slides onto the wand to stand up. I find this pretty effortless, and it doesn't bother me at all as it seemed to other reviewers.

Also, after my first two failed vacuum attempts, I went straight to Shark's customer service team to tell them what I was looking for and ask which product would be best. I received quick and excellent customer service, and they clearly steered me in the right direction based on the info I gave them. I'd recommend that approach for anyone deciding between models!

For anyone interested, the failed vacuums were: 1. the Bissell canister - didn't even work on one room the first time without clogging and needing 20mins of digging dirt out with a chopstick to get suction back. 2. the Bissell pet hair eraser (recommended by Bissell who told me that the canister wasn't for people with long hair (what?!?)) - SO clunky and cumbersome. It was a nightmare on wheels to try and vacuum with. I'm in good shape and in my early 30s and I was totally exhausted by the thing.
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VINE VOICEon September 24, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I am very stingy with the stars, so seriously... I think this vacuum is incredible. From its power, to the attachments.

First off, you know when a vacuum has enough power to pull you when used on a carpet? This thing could pull a sled. Never felt anything like it. And I did the "Use the old vacuum, then this one" test. Insane how much extra dirt I pulled out.

Two brushes?! Is this going to be the new razor blade thing? No... they are different brushes for picking up different sized "dirt". Works great.

Huge factor that you can pull it apart to reconstruct into a vacuum for stairs, higher places, furniture, and even under appliances.

Love the smaller powered head, and the under appliance attachment. Also, the power cord is very long! I was going room to room, and suddenly realized I hadn't moved the plug yet. Looked back, and there was still slack. 30 feet? That's far and away the longest cord I've had on a vacuum.

A light on the roller base that switched from green to red when the rollers are stopped. Nice

Cons? Yes... What makes it so versatile is also what can make it a pain. It is power by, and collects the dirt in the handle. This is what makes it the most functional vacuum I've used... It also makes it very top heavy, and nearly impossible to even lean it on something without falling over. Never mind leaving it standing in the middle of the room. Also, it doesn't allow for a very large dirt bin, meaning you will have to empty it mid vacuum. Possibly a few times.
(Pro tip - Don't forget to pull the handle/motor/dirt bin off for storage. It fits onto the base for storage, so at least you don't have to worry about it tipping over when not using it)

So probably a 4.5, but the Pros are so outstanding, I had to go with a 5 star review
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on December 1, 2016
Update: So I gave this little vacuum another try today. I was baking, and when I bake it is something like a cross between a Lucy episode and a drunken Julia Child episode, so when I opened my spice cabinet and a brand-new bottle of Cardiman that I bought for some inexplicable reason, came crashing down onto the counter, shattering and dropping piles of Cardiman and glass all over the counter and porcelain tile floor, I didn't panic. OK I did swear a lot, which is to be expected and does not qualify as panic, and then I grabbed this vacuum. Well, guess what? It sucked up that Cardimon from every grout crevice (just like in the promo video), then I used the attachment for the counter and it even got the powder up in that crack between the stove and counter. I am really impressed. Once I cleaned up the cardimon mess, I decided to try it on the hardwood floors again. It still does a pretty good job, just not an awesome job. The upside is I no longer have to go over the floors with a dust mop after vacuuming. Maybe I should, but I'm not going to. So I have revised my review from a three-star to a four star. I would actually give it a 4.5 star and maybe by the next time I use it I'll bump it up to five.

Another thing I really like is the ability to clean the roller and remove all the cat hair that gets tangled up relatively quickly with the handy little tool that is included. That's a great feature and the fact that you can pop the roller out and clean that crap out over the garbage can, rather than while sitting on the floor with the vacuum turned upside down, creating piles of gross hair that you have to pick up, handy indeed. Finally, the under appliance wand is awesome. It also works really well as an under bookcase wand when the aforesaid cat throws all of his toys underneath it and makes you get them back for him. The dust cup is plenty big enough to do my entire downstairs before I have to empty it. So, yes, I think 4.5 stars is warranted.

Original review: My house is a vacuum graveyard. Right now, I have 3 Dysons (handheld, upright and canister), one Shark Rocket, Oreck upright and a Kenmore canister. Why? Because I have hardwood floors that NONE of them would adequately clean. I have a dog and a long haired cat who shed a lot, but probably not as much as I do. I have some larger area rugs, so I need a vacuum that cleans both. I have had my hopes dashed before, so I wanted to give this new Rocket a fair chance before I posted a review.

This vacuum claims to make your hardwood shine and to get up all the fine dust others leave behind. It is true that virtually every one of my other vacuums left behind that fine layer of dust, requiring me to dust mop AFTER vacuuming. Nothing like cleaning the floors twice, before I have to wash them! This vacuum does a better job than any of my others (including the Shark) on the hardwood floors, but I don't think it is quite as great on my floors as it is in their promotional video. I still had a fine, albeit less so, layer of dust that this vacuum left behind. Not necessarily visible to the naked eye (believe me, I looked), but when I went over the floors with the steam mop, I saw that indeed some dust had been left behind. Is it enough for me to send back this vacuum? I'm honestly not sure yet. Plus, the wall edge cleaning is not as great as the video (sensing a theme here). Maybe if I got the vacuum free, like a lot of reviewers here apparently have, then I'd think it was a lot better than it actually is. I paid for it, so I expect it to at least live up to the video I watched before purchasing. I have some time yet by which I can return it, so I'm going to give it another couple of tries to see if I change my mind. So far, it is better... just not that great.
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on November 12, 2017

I called Shark tonight asking about purchase of the under appliance attachment and the motorized pet tool and they are sending both plus an attachment bad to me no charge. I have changed my review to 5 stars. Thank you shark.


Works very well. Is not a noisy as I had feared from some of the reviews. Appears to be well built. Suction is strong almost too strong. Very easy to maneuver. The front lights work very well in illuminating the area. Connecting and disconnecting the attachments, base and head units is easy and fast. 30 ft cord is great, 40" would be even better.
Removing and Cleaning brushes is easy and the supplied Hair cutting tool is nice.


Hand get tired after a few minutes of use since most of the weight is at the top. Find myself switching hands often.
Does not come with under appliance wand as the same model from QVC does and at cheaper price.
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on March 26, 2017
Absolutely love my Shark! There is not one thing about it that I do not is light weight, yet it cleans like a heavyweight, love the bright light at the floor enabling you to see something you would prefer not to go into the head, easy to change tools, picks up pet hair in ONE swipe, small enough to get under furniture, extremely maneuverable, around furniture and small spaces. I've been married 52 years, have gone through many sweepers of different brands during this time period and all I can say is Shark Rocket is the very best sweeper I have ever had. I intend to buy a second shark for the upstairs. I now look forward to running the sweeper as I know it will be clean when I am finished with the chore. Thank you Shark for a wonderful piece of equipment, too bad I had to wait 52 years to get the best!
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on November 18, 2017
I've used it twice now and I love it! It works well on carpets and floors! Some have said it was heavey or awkward, I didn't find it to be at all. I'm 59 yrs old and not in great shape and I found it light and I really like that it propels itself! Using it for hand held wasn't a problem either. HOWEVER, I didn't get all of the attachments. Amazon had me return the first one they sent another and it didn't have all the attachments either but when I called the second time the Amazon representative knew that I needed to call Shark. I called them and told them the parts that were missing and they have ship them out to me. If I have any further problems with that I'll update. PS Shark customer service was extremely nice and helpful! They registered my vacuum while I was on the phone too! Shark customer 800-798-7398.
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