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on October 1, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This vacuum cleaner both impresses me and annoys me.

What annoys me is that it doesn't stay upright! That annoyance is big enough that I will not use it as my go-to vacuum cleaner. At first I thought I was just doing something wrong when I couldn't get it to stay upright, so I looked through the manual again and saw that it clearly says "This vacuum does not stand up on its own, so when taking a break from cleaning, rest it against a piece of stable furniture or lay it flat on the floor. Using for an application where the unit lacks stability may result in personal injury." I called their 800 number and gave them the model number and the rep said it will not stay upright on it's own.
Even leaning it against something it still tries to roll away sometimes. So you risk it crashing down too if you lean it against something and aren't really careful. If I'm vacuuming and something needs my quick attention, I want to be able to put my vacuum upright and not worry about it or fuss with it. You can take the motor part off on top and hook it at the base and that is a cool feature but that is for storage. It's not something I want to do every time I need to pause for a minute vacuuming. If I have to quickly do something or pick something up off the floor, I do not want to have to do that each time. I've never had an upright vacuum that I couldn't just click into place quickly.

That was so disappointing because the rest of the vacuum is absolutely awesome. The suction is very strong. When I first turned it on and heard how quiet it was I was thinking this is going to be weak but it fooled me because it wasn't at all. It pulls up a crazy amount of pet hair and I vacuum regularly. I even threw down a handful of pumpkin seeds and it sucked them right up.
I would not call this a lightweight vacuum, but it's not heavy either.

+ STRONG suction
+ Works awesome as a handheld
+ Very long cord
+ Great variety of attachments
+ Comes with big bag to store attachments
+ Comes with Manual that gives detailed instructions and illustrations
+ Washable filters
+ Moves easily and gets under furniture well

- Doesn't stay upright.

So if the fact that it doesn't stay upright is not a deal breaker for a person, I think they'll really like this vacuum and how well it performs.
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on March 26, 2017
Need vacuum with motorized carpet head to pick up long white hair from my 2 Great Pyrenees dogs. The suction is exceptional on this vacuum, best of any brand I have ever used, from cheap to expensive. It DOES NOT throw anything out the back onto my feet from carpet or bare floor as every previous vacuum has, very important. It does suck up throw rugs, so I have to stand on them as I vacuum. All my floors are hardwood with a few large carpets. The only issue that I have with it so far is the amount of dog hair that stays on the roller brush. When I used it at the highest level, which sucked up an enormous amount of dirt, the roller was jam packed with hair. It didn't seem to affect its performance, but I did stop to clear the brushes frequently. When I used it at the first level not as much hair stuck to the brushes. However at this level it took many more passes over the carpet to get all the hair. The cup is small, but I knew that when I purchased it. Each time I emptied the cup there was not much dog hair in it, but it was full of dirt.
It is lightweight and self propelled and I have to hold it tight to keep it from racing across the floor. This is not a bad thing since I have been struggling with a heavy non self propelled Bissell Smart Clean upright for the past few years, which I thought did a great job, but this Shark is way better.
If anyone has a solution for the hair sticking on the brushes, I would appreciate hearing from you.
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on October 13, 2016
This vacuum has exceeded every expectation I'd had for it. I'd had an old (OLD) heavy canister vac that worked ok but literally weighed like 50lbs and one weekend tried my mom's original shark and thought it was great- light weight and maneuverable, but that it lacked power on rugs and the cup was absurdly small. When I read about this one on Shark's website it seemed to have addressed those concerns and then some. Since receiving it I've become that annoying friend tells you way too much about her vacuum and why you NEED TO GET ONE NOW.
I have mostly hardwood with large area rugs- it is so easy to switch from the different power levels. The different tools and power-head options mean that if I see a hard to reach dust bunny, I easily switch to a mode that grabs it without a pause. I used it the other day in my kitchen and I was getting crumbs out of drawers, dirt from the floor, and cobwebs from above cabinets without having to move from where I was standing. The suction is incredible for the size- the power head propels itself across the rug. I am vacuuming more than I ever did before because it's so simple to use and I've noticed a marked difference in how clean my house is. It blows my mind each time I empty the dust cup to know what was lurking in my rugs. The hand tools work well and you can clip two of them onto the vac itself (I'd like to have been able to have all 3 but it's a small unit- not much space to put anything else). If you are using it and need to stand it up you just pop the top off and it sits on the power head. You can also store it like this or hang it from the included hook. The dust cup could still be a bit bigger (I empty it about twice per floor of house), but again, that would add weight and bulk. Super easy on stairs and the long cord means you rarely switch outlets.
Like, seriously, I'm a little too excited about this thing. Buy it. You will become a happier, vacuuming maniac like me and end up talking way too much about it to your friends.
**Update: 1/3/16** So still love the vacuum- one design flaw, however: there is a sprocket (doo-hickey?) that holds the roller brush in place, that on my vac would eventually get hair/thread wrapped around itself and require me to dig it out. This sprocket (the red one on one side of the roller brush bushings) does not come off and in fact, when my uncle tried to unscrew it with a star shaped screw driver, it snapped, essentially breaking the floor attachment. I called Shark to inquire about purchasing a new floor attachment, explaining why we'd try to remove the piece but owning that it was my fault the piece had broken, and they immediately told me to send the WHOLE thing back and they would mail me a new unit. I repeated that it was really only the floor brush but they insisted on sending a new vac because they would like to "take a closer look at why it broke". They paid return and new postage and I should have the unit this week per my fed-ex tracking number. I'd almost shave off a star due to the piece being prone to clogging but inaccessible to cleaning, but this level of customer service is a rare bird these days and they've got my business. I'm hoping the new vac will have a tighter-fitting sprocket so that the issue is solved. Very pleased with the treatment I got. **Also, seeing some reviews saying it's noisy- I have not found it to be so. In fact, when I first plugged it in my 5 year old, used to my old behemoth, plugged his ears and then after a few moments took his fingers out and said "Oh, this vacuum is quieter!". So take that for what it's worth.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
There are so many SharkNinja vacuums on the market that it can be hard to determine which one is the right one. As for myself, I purchased the Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) on Prime Day several months back, and have since then tested and reviewed two more. This Rocket Complete makes my forth SharkNinja vacuum. Unlike the other three, this one isn’t a standard upright vacuum, in fact, it can’t stand upright on its own at all. The motor and dust cup are too heavy at the top of the handle for the base to support it. If you need to change outlets or reach for a new accessory, you’ll have to lay it down. That said, thankfully, SharkNinja was smart enough to include a hanger bracket for storing. But of course, that means drilling into your wall. Ultimately, this Rocket Complete relates more to the Dyson Absolute Cord-Free Vacuum than the Shark Navigator. Of course, there’s one huge difference between this and the Dyson. The cord. Personally, I’d have liked to see this unit without a cord as well -- if only for the ease of maneuverability -- but at half the price of the Dyson, there is some room for forgiveness.

Other than having the cord in the way when vacuuming, it’s also annoying having to completely unwind it from the shaft before you can separate any of the parts. What I mean is -- for example -- if you want to remove the handheld vacuum from the wand (leaving the floor nozzle attached to the wand), you’ll have to unravel the cord first. The cord wraps and holds all the pieces together, which makes quick release a bit slower. One thing you do gain by the cord is more power. The Shark Rocket Complete has 600 Watts while the Dyson V8 Absolute Cord-Free only has 115 Watts. Another thing you gain is the absence of typical battery issues, such as it not having enough charge when you need it most, or wearing out over time.

Keep in mind that this vacuum is a compact solution. The motorized floor nozzle is about 2” shorter in width than the upright Shark Rotator Lift-Away Speed (NV601). You can clean your entire house with the Rocket Complete, but I don’t recommend it; will take you much longer. (Not to mention the small dust cup fills up fast.) I find it’s best for cleaning up quick messes. I also find it’s awesome to use on stairs. While the NV601 detaches for easy stair cleaning, you still have to lug around the base (which can be awkward and in the way). With the Rocket Complete, the base is part of the handle so it’s not in the way; thus makes cleaning stairs twice as fast -- and because the floor nozzle is smaller, it’s just the right size for each step.

There is also an interesting arsenal of accessories you won’t find on the uprights. From the Under-Appliance Wand to the Hair-Removal Tool. While the latter is really a simple hooked razor blade, it’s conveniently located just above the brushrool (and I find I take it out to use on my other vacuums; works better than a scissors). And while the Under-Appliance Wand was too thick to fit under my stove and washing machine, it can get into tough places that other tools cannot. I also like the TruePet Mini Motorized Brush; it can be used on furniture and does a great job of reaching into my dog’s kennel; can clean pet hair out of the pad without having to remove it.

I found that the floor nozzle works decent on non-carpeted surfaces, such as tile, but not quite as well as Shark’s Dust-Away Hard Floor Attachment found on other models. It’ll pick up most things on the hard surface, but might kick a few things up too. The nice part is that the light in the front makes locating small debris easier.

There are two brush speeds for the motorized floor nozzle. The first has a soft spin and the second a much faster one. When the faster mode is on, I find that I have to fight the vacuum a bit. It pulls and tugs my arm, trying to move forward more quickly than I want it to. But at the same time, it’s doing a mean job at beating debris out of the carpet. So it’s effective.

Another nice use of this vacuum is that you can turn it into a small handheld vac. Makes cleaning tight and confined places a simple task, such as the seats of your car.

Overall, I do like this vacuum. Personally, for a compact solution I’d have preferred no cord, but it does work well, especially for cleaning up small messes and stairs.

Note on support: On one of my SharkNinja vacuums (not this one), it arrived with a broken dust cup. I called Shark’s support number and the rep was able to send me a replacement dust cup free of charge. It took maybe 20 minutes over the phone, providing serial number (located on the plug) and order details, but overall I was happy with their service (7 days later the replacement part arrived in the mail).
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on December 21, 2016
Ok right out of the box the spinner won't spin and the red light goes on. I call the 800 number it says to call if this happens. "Sue", a condesening rep for SHARK, tells me they will only replace the motor head and it will take up to one week to send it and I must pay for shipping. Not a chance am I am going to pay for anything else regarding this machine I paid over $200 for and doesn't work. I asked to speak to a manager or supervisor, got put on hold and she came back saying there was no manager or supervisor there today. Now you know that's not true! Am I stupid? I want to vaccume my house for family coming over for the holidays and I can't wait this long and maybe the part will work or maybe not. Would not send a replacement item, would not send head overnight and didn't care in any way that they wasted my time in dealing with the entire unpack, pack back up drive it to the UPS store and NO VACCUUME to clean my house. Thank goodness for amazon because shark will only replace part by part. I want a fully working machine and not be a tester for each part of this inept machine. The function without the spinner on hardwood floors (this is selection #1 on the machine) did not work really at all well. It won't pick up much and low suction. Really bummed about the product, SHARK customer service and all around waste of time experience I had while I am trying to host Christmas. Don't count on these people SHARK to back their product in any way, at any time. There is always the fine reading they will pull out that will make it YOUR problem their machine doesn't work. What a bunch of liars. And I can't figure out how to spell vacuume and I don't care.
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on December 7, 2016
We LOVE it! First I would like to say, we do not have a lot of carpet because we live in Florida and the sand seems to collect in the carpets (as well as everything else!!) We replaced the carpeting with tiles, thinking it would be easier to clean. Needless to say we've purchased just about every product they have on the market to keep hard floors clean and still never feel like the floors are truly clean unless we mop (or wet jet!) I was hesitant to buy a vacuum for the hard floors, even though it seemed as others felt it did a good job. However, I wasn't sure how many of them had to walk on tile floors all the time with the impossible to remove sand particles. In all honesty I was torn between the DuoClean shark and the shark that has the hard floor attachment with the washable pads. With all that said, I cannot be happier with my purchase. The DuoClean went from cleaning up around the kitty litter box to cleaning up a glitter explosion with ease. The floors feel just as clean as they do after being mopped. While it was out we also vacuumed the small area rugs near the doors and the sink. It's an amazing machine!

Cleans small and large particles from hard surfaces (and doesn't just fling them around the floor!)
Easy to switch between hard floors and carpeting
Super long cord
Light Weight
No need to bend over
Moves along very easily (practically drags it's self across the area rugs)
The head of the vacuum swivels to fit into tight spots
Both roller brush agitators are easily accessible (and it even comes with a hair remover tool!)

Top heavy (it's an easy fix to lean it against something when not in use. With the motor part of the vacuum hanging back it's easy to lean over a couch armrest or the back of a chair. When you are done emptying the canister there is a neat hook on the front of the machine to hook the motor onto. Stores away nicely!)
It could use a hose so we could put the machine down to vacuum the furniture (another easy fix-they have a hose available for purchase!)
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on July 14, 2017
There is very conflicting information on this Amazon page as to what accessories come with this vacuum. The model I received is *NOT* the true pet model. It does not include any of the "bonus" attachments such as the under appliance wand, accessories bag, or motorized mini brush.

The conflicting information comes mostly from other Amazon users that said they received the motorized pet brush as well as the under appliance wand. These reports, plus the price of $289 price tag, match up with the "Duo Clean Rocket with Pet Smart" on the Shark website. As you can see from the pictures attached, the model I received only has the base level attachments.

I am confused as to why Amazon is selling this for $289 when this model is only $199 directly from Shark ($180 if you search for the 10% coupon). If you order from Shark you get some bonus attachments. Essentially you are paying 50% more money for less product.

I jumped on this on Prime Day because it was supposed to be a super sale at $180. If it was the Pet Smart version, it would have been a great deal. Since it was the base model, without bonus attachments, this heavy Amazon discount is still more than buying from Shark.

I hope this clears up the confusion for anyone looking to purchase the vacuum from Amazon. I'm still excited for the product, so I am forced to return this to Amazon and purchase else where.
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VINE VOICEon October 9, 2016
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wonder if you hate vacuuming as much as I do? I despise doing it because I have to haul the vacuum out of the closet and carry it from room to room with a loud noise and lots of heat -- well, guess what? I found a new toy that is actually a great vacuum and it helps alleviate my pain and frustration when I have to clean the carpets and flooring.

This Shark Ninja vacuum is nothing short of amazing. I have probably reviewed at least 10 other products like this on Amazon over the past few years with varying results, but this one puts the others to shame. I have a house that has 3 different levels and hauling a vacuum from floor to floor is not the most fun thing on my list of activities. I'll tell you why this is better. For one thing, it is QUIET -- do you hear me? The sound level of this vac is so much less than any other I have ever used whether on level I or II. The other thing is -- it really cleans well. From the swivel head to the fact that it is so lightweight, and to the long cord that allows me to go through almost my entire upper floor without having to find another plug-in -- well that is quite a few plusses. I can get under my dressers and other furniture easily. The smaller front end that swivels allows me to get into nooks and crannys that before required me to switch out accessories. BUT, I could. This vac has two modes, the upright and the hand carry. You can easily detach it from the frame and carry the vac with a couple of the included accessories to go UP or do stairs or drapes or whatever. It has the ability to get things clean.

OK and the suction power -- another great feature. The dual brush system with the roller and the spinning brush heads get out all kinds of debris, hair and dirt. Everyone tracks things into the house, but this vac sucks it all up into the little cannister. Sure it's not that big and you may have to empty it a lot if you don't vacuum often, but it is easy and quick to do. It was really a shock to see so much inside when I didn't really think the carpets and floors were that dirty!

The only negative I can see with this, and it has been often mentioned, is that this vac does not stand up on its own. If you leave it, you have to prop it against something as it is top heavy and will topple. Can I live with that? Yeah -- easily, because it sucks so well. When you store it, take the top off and stick it in the inset on the bottom and put it away. I love that the accessories can all be put into a little bag that is included in the box -- except for one long tube!

I have been using this for a couple of weeks since I got it and I love it. I've used Dyson vacs before but this is more lightweight and it is definitely a competitor in the vac world. I'm so happy to have it and was quite surprised by how well it worked. Definitely it's a winner.
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on August 27, 2017
If you have long hair and a dog that sheds, do NOT bother to buy this product. I would be returning it now, but my return window closed. it was awkward to use in the first place, so I put it away and just decided to try again. That's what I get for procrastinating.

This is a toy, not a vacuum. The plastic bin that holds the dirt and hair is so small, made even smaller by the "max fill line", which is just half of the container. It fills up so quickly that you will be dumping this thing every five minutes, and you might as well stop anyway, because in those same five minutes you will be cleaning the felt and brush rollers, since they become jammed with both pet and human hair so quickly, I spent more time with dirt on my hands than dirt in this vacuum. The "true pet" accessory is a joke, and is what I spent over $229 on this thing to begin with. It is nothing but a smaller version of the power head, and the same thing happens; jam ups with hair, and rollers that get clogged. I really wanted this to work, as an alternative to dragging out the hose for my central vac, or my over 30 year old Electrolux, which still works great. But as I said in my first line, buyer beware. If you are bald with a short haired dog, you may love it. Anyone else, probably not.
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on March 14, 2017
March 14 2017
165 One Genesis Way
Suite 100
Spruce Pine NC 28777

Dear Customer Service

I believe that my letter will explain why I am returning my SharkNinja. When I first received it, I was excited. However I would like to give some cons and pros to the product. Unfortunately the list is lopsided. It is not a bad vacuum, but there is room for improvement.

1. The suction power is low. It is lower than my old $120 hoover. I normally had to sweep my floors after vacuuming because it leaves so much debris flying out the back on hard floors. This picture shows what I swept up after vacuuming a fairly small area (laundry room and hallway) for almost 20 minutes. It was very frustrating to sweep after vacuuming.
2. The vacuum design is clunky and you cannot stand it up or safely lean it on a wall because it will fall. It must be completely laid down to move furniture or other objects.
3. The dispensing cup is messy and I always got dirt and dust on my arms when trying to empty the cup. Because of my allergies, my arms have been itchy and rashy since I have used this vacuum.
4. The vacuum has a cord keeper in an awkward place that would constantly scratch along my base cabinets when vacuuming the kitchen.
5. Finally to prove to myself that I was doing the right thing by returning he vacuum, I conducted an experiment. I vacuumed all of my wood floors and my bedroom with the SharkNinja. I then took a picture of the contents of the dirt canister. I vacuumed for approximately 40 minutes. And by the way – this vacuum gets very hot when it is used for that long. Here is the picture. As you can see in the picture, the vacuum picked up a great deal of hair and debris. I focused heavily on the bedroom, because we have three small dogs that shed. I will normally vacuum this room and my main living area including the kitchen, every day. I had just received my replacement vacuum in the mail before conducting this experiment and I wanted to do a comparison. I put together the new vacuum which is significantly lighter, and seems to be easier to maneuver. I will admit that I paid about $209.00 more than the SharkNinja, but I still believe that the SharkNinja is even inferior to my hoover, which I regret selling recently in a garage sale to purchase a new vacuum. So here is what my new vacuum did in 10 minutes just in the bedroom! And this picture was taken after thoroughly vacuuming the bedroom (16x13) with the SharkNinja. I felt like I had done a really good job vacuuming with the SharkNinja. I made an honest effort to show you that it left a lot of dust and fur in the carpet.

Pro’s of the SharkNinja vacuum:
1. It is lightweight
2. Has lots of handy attachments and a great wall mount
3. Is easy to take apart and put back together
4. Switches easily from hardwood or tile floors to vacuum with a flick of the switch
5. Has a futuristic modern look

I apologize that my pro comments are superficial. A vacuum has a job. Your vacuum is not doing a very good job.

Thank you for honoring your return policy.


Tina White
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