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on March 26, 2017
Need vacuum with motorized carpet head to pick up long white hair from my 2 Great Pyrenees dogs. The suction is exceptional on this vacuum, best of any brand I have ever used, from cheap to expensive. It DOES NOT throw anything out the back onto my feet from carpet or bare floor as every previous vacuum has, very important. It does suck up throw rugs, so I have to stand on them as I vacuum. All my floors are hardwood with a few large carpets. The only issue that I have with it so far is the amount of dog hair that stays on the roller brush. When I used it at the highest level, which sucked up an enormous amount of dirt, the roller was jam packed with hair. It didn't seem to affect its performance, but I did stop to clear the brushes frequently. When I used it at the first level not as much hair stuck to the brushes. However at this level it took many more passes over the carpet to get all the hair. The cup is small, but I knew that when I purchased it. Each time I emptied the cup there was not much dog hair in it, but it was full of dirt.
It is lightweight and self propelled and I have to hold it tight to keep it from racing across the floor. This is not a bad thing since I have been struggling with a heavy non self propelled Bissell Smart Clean upright for the past few years, which I thought did a great job, but this Shark is way better.
If anyone has a solution for the hair sticking on the brushes, I would appreciate hearing from you.
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on March 11, 2017
Had about 2 weeks. We have a 1500 sq.ft. house with mostly hardwood floors, some carpet. I was a little concerned it might not be "enough" vacuum for us, but it works out just fine. Replaced a Riccar RSL4. This Shark is VERY light (about 9 pounds). It's very versatile – it's easy to use as a hand vacuum (which is the vacuum power element) with many supplied tools, and then use as a stand up vacuum for carpets and hardwood floors. Excellent on both, especially hardwood floors; gets the little stuff with 2 motor settings. Great for cars and boats, etc. It is relatively quiet - you can talk on the phone if it is near. CONS-- If you are sensitive to dust you probably won't like this vacuum. The stuff that gets vacuumed goes into a "cup" (their term), you unsnap it, take it to a garbage can, open it up and dump it. There is no bag. For me, it's okay, but some will not like this dusty procedure. You easily attach (snap in) the motor at the top of the power floor (rug) attachment. It's very easy to take on and off, but when it's attached it cannot stand upright by itself like a regular floor vacuum. The weight of motor head tips it over. If you leave it attached you have to lay it down. However, it's not as bad as it sounds. You can disconnect the motor head and they have a way to attach it just above the floor power head so that it will holster and stand compactly. It's a little hard to describe, much simpler to see it. Another thing, if you have a bad back and can't bend over a lot, this probably isn't the best vac for you; it requires more bending than a typical upright vacuum. Overall, we're very pleased and recommend it highly. Consumer Reports says the frequency of repair is very low compared to others. They rated the Shark highly which is why we bought it. Frankly, I'm glad I don't have to keep buying vacuum bags anymore and I like the versatility and light weight. It comes with a bunch of tools to use for narrow suction, vacuuming drapes, a brush head, etc. Get the model that comes with the POWER brush head for the hand vacuum. That means when you vacuum your car you actually have a powered spinning vacuum head #2 - one for the floor standup vac and the other for use with the hand vac.
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on December 12, 2016
Finally! This was the third vacuum I purchased and the first one that performed as advertised. After our Dyson died a second time, I decided to purchase a vacuum that would better suit our family's needs.
My must have list was:
-easily maneuvered or light weight(ish): I have an old wrist injury which doesn't bother me unless I do something crazy to it like push a 30lb vacuum for an hour.
-performs well on hardwood floors and oriental rugs
-doesn't break/clog/gasp/or quit when it encounters my dog's or my long hair

I kind of thought the Shark was gimmicky and didn't consider it at first (who knows why), but it really does everything it says:
-It's super light weight
-thoughtfully designed (controls right on the handle! attachments that work and solve cleaning problems I didn't know I had!)
-POWERFUL - I feel like it just leads me to the dirt rather than me tugging it along
-Works great as upright, handheld, or extended wand.
-Lights the way (a feature I didn't know I needed until I tried, but clearly do!)
-Solves the hair getting wrapped around problem by putting a handy little razor right next to the brush (a breeze to clean out, though obviously doesn't solve the problem of the hair getting stuck there in the first place)
-Great for stairs and under furniture
-Great on hardwood floors and fancy rugs. For the rugs' fringe I just use the wand attachment rather than the brush.
-Easy to dump canister in garbage and don't need a chopstick to unclog the darn thing like on other vacuums!

No it won't stand up with the motor attached to the top, but one click and it's off and easily slides onto the wand to stand up. I find this pretty effortless, and it doesn't bother me at all as it seemed to other reviewers.

Also, after my first two failed vacuum attempts, I went straight to Shark's customer service team to tell them what I was looking for and ask which product would be best. I received quick and excellent customer service, and they clearly steered me in the right direction based on the info I gave them. I'd recommend that approach for anyone deciding between models!

For anyone interested, the failed vacuums were: 1. the Bissell canister - didn't even work on one room the first time without clogging and needing 20mins of digging dirt out with a chopstick to get suction back. 2. the Bissell pet hair eraser (recommended by Bissell who told me that the canister wasn't for people with long hair (what?!?)) - SO clunky and cumbersome. It was a nightmare on wheels to try and vacuum with. I'm in good shape and in my early 30s and I was totally exhausted by the thing.
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on May 31, 2017
We love this vacuum cleaner! One of the best features is that the pop-out brush roller is so easy to clean. With four cats in the house, one that sheds velcro-like fur, vacuuming the carpets with this is quick. The pivoting head allows me to get under the sofa and around furniture. Emptying the dirt tank is easy too. I also like that the top hand-held part pops off easily so I can vacuum the stairs.

We live in a small 1890s rowhome with little storage space and few closets, so being able to hang it on a wall makes storage convenient. It's lightweight enough to carry up and down all three floors. It's powerful enough to scoot across the carpets sucking up dirt without much pushing, but somehow manages not to eat the area rugs.

Only one small complaint: this vacuum is so top-heavy that it can't stand up by itself. If I try to prop it up, it often falls over. You have to hold it up with one hand and wind the cord up with the other hand. It has crashed to the floor a number of times, but hasn't broken.
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on March 4, 2017
Not quite what I expected for a "pet" vacuum. It has good suction and easy to get under beds to clean but instead of ending up in the vacuum cup the majority of the pet hair winds around the brush and has to be manually removed. My dyson does the same thing, was just hoping the Shark would have figured out a way to eliminate the problem.
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on August 17, 2017
This tool is amazing, incredible, and indispensable to me. Even though I was a bit skeptical at first because of the price, I splurged and bought it with the idea that I could always return it for something else. Once I tried it out on my major carpets and compared the cleaning quality with my old Shark and also with two other older canister vacuums, I became a believer!

Then I discovered the utility and ease of removing the rotating brush head and using the various tools to get clumps of dust and dander under furniture and beds, clean the blinds, and suck up unreachable dirt and dead flies. I bought a third party appliance tool and used it to further extend my reach into untouched virgin dust under washers, dryers, and refrigerators and freezers and pulled up old socks, kid's missing toys, and other miscellaneous junk lurking under crevasses. To my happy surprise the LED light is really bright and allows me to focus on the task at hand under the furniture without having to use a flashlight in my other hand!

This well thought out tool comes apart for cleaning so easily and quickly that I was amazed at how well it was designed for ease of use. The 3 filters also come out easily and clean up fine. The small capacity dust container has to be emptied more often than other units, but this is the tradeoff for light weight and compactness. The only thing I would spend more time on is an easier way to support it upright without toppling, but again it has to be top heavy since the small but efficient motor is at the end of the handle.

I find my self enthusiastically looking forward to vacuuming and am seriously pondering dumping my older canister vacuums. The future of floor cleaning is now at hand with this latest truly disruptive technology.

As far as suggestions for future designs - how about allowing it to really clean up dirt on tile and wood floors, instead of just picking up loose dirt?
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on March 23, 2017
Have had this for about a week. It is amazing! I had considered a Dyson but was not happy about the short life of a charge. This is heavier and will not freely stand up as it is pictured here because it is top heavy, but it cleans!
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on March 8, 2017
I was expecting a fantastic, super duper vacuum, but instead got an okay one. It does have some nice features....the stair/hand vac attachment is great, and it is small/flat enough that it runs under beds and dressers with ease, but that's about it. It does an just an okay job on the carpet (I didn't notice any difference from my old Shark), and I was not at all impressed with the hard floor certainly didn't pick up the crumbs from between my tiles. It is also ridiculously loud, and makes a whining sound that I don't remember with any other machine. I haven't decided whether I'm keeping it yet or not, for the price-and what it's advertised as, it should be better.
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on April 15, 2017
I recently moved into a new condo with hard floors and knew my loud bag upright wouldn't do. After lots of research, I bought my first Shark. I've been using it for about 3 weeks and so far so great! It's way quieter than the old upright but still cleans my floors well. I just tried it on a brand new area rug after easily removing the brush. Overall it's a great allaround vacuum and I absolutely love all the accessories!
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on March 9, 2017
Love, Love, Love this vacuum. Lightweight, awesome power, and super easy to clean. It is top heavy, but if you remember to lean it against something, you won't have a problem.
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