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So as far as product description, this item does as advertised. It expands and grips to your phone via a sticky adhesive. The adhesive is covered by a plastic protector and you may or may not have a little difficulty removing it, just be aware that you gotta remove it.

Things to take into consideration:
You may have the experience of having to re-position it multiple times, to find a position that is comfortable to you.

The adhesive can lose its stickiness, but a little water and air drying will help clean it off and revive it.

If you re-position your pop socket, I highly recommend slowly pulling from the base where the adhesive is, and not at the top where your design is, because you can run the risk of damaging your pop socket.

Depending on the size of your hands, especially if you have larger hands, you may find that the socket does not expand enough for your liking.

Personally, I could not find a comfortable position for my pop socket while my case was on my Samsung galaxy s4. I decided to try it without the case and the socket was much more comfortable to use. This could be an issue for many, because obviously a case serves a very important purpose of protecting your device. I know people that use it on their case and find that it is not a issue for them.

Depending on what device your originally bought your socket for, you may find you like it better when paired with another device. I originally bought the pop socket to go with my phone, but I actually found that I prefer it better when used with my kindle.

If you are buying this to use as a stand for tablets, it won't work as well the larger the tablet is. I tried my 1st gen kindle fire laying horizontally and it held up fine, but then I tried my Samsung galaxy 3 tab, and it would not hold it up because it was too tall (even laying sideways) and too heavy.

Hope this all helps you make a more informed decision on your pop socket! :)

Edit* I wanted to add since buying this product, it has become more comfortable to use in general and over time to use with my phone with case on. Also, I mentioned that you will have difficulty using one to hold up larger tablets, but I dont know if having two popsockets would make a difference.

*May 2018...Also (after reading reviews that other had received fakes) I wanted to add that this popsocket I bought was sold and shipped from The official popsocket site recognizes as one of it's authorized sellers. I'm no expert in popsockets, but I believe the one I received was genuine. Just be aware of the seller names to reduce the risk of buying fake products and check out the popsocket site yourself to see their authorized sellers.

I've also finally added pictures of my pop socket since buying it. I now have it paired with my Note 8. I've had it a little over a year now as of May 2018 as I bought it March of 2017 and it's still going strong.
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on April 6, 2017
the popsocket was nice and all but it came dirty! it was fine because all i had to do was wipe it down with a baby wipe and it came off like that! 🙂 highly suggest because it closes really loudly like the real popsockets, overall a great item to buy! 👍🏻
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I'm new to this whole pop socket craze so I'll just let you know what I discovered so far. I know some people have been unsuccessful in a first attempt to place a popsocket on their phones. This has led to adhesive issues. Here's the thing, where you place your popsocket depends on you. Are you right handed or left handed? Do you have a big phone or a small phone? Simply putting the popsocket in the middle of your phone doesn't mean it's the best spot.

My daughter first got a popsocket for her phone and it was awkward at first because she put it smack dab in the middle like many of these pictures show. However, her phone is small enough that she quickly adapted to it. My wife has the 6S iPhone so we came up with a little trick to make sure we get the popsocket on the right spot the first time.

She held her phone naturally with the popsocket between her pointer and middle fingers. We DID NOT REMOVE THE ADHESIVE PLASTIC until we knew for sure how she wanted to hold her phone. As a result, when we found the right spot, the popsocket was slightly lower and offset to the right a bit. Now it's completely natural for her to grab her phone.

Even though the popsocket is slightly off center, it still angles and supports the large phone when rested on a flat surface. On a personal note, I thought popsocket were a stupid fad. That is until I grabbed my wife's or daughters phone and naturally slid my fingers around the popsocket. Even with my larger hands, it felt natural holding both a large phone and a smaller one. I don't think these are a fad anymore. I think we're going to see more attachments like these to make life a bit easier.

I hope this review helps when making your choices. I'll update if anything changes, positive or negative.

Update: with a little more time to play around with this thing, we’ve found that the extra weight a protective case has will diminish the capacity to use the pop socket as a horizontal stand. It simply doesn’t have enough “pop” I suppose to support that extra weight. This is also on an iPhone 6 Plus. Still, on smaller phones, the stand function seems to be working just fine.
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on March 13, 2017
I love popsockets and I love Giraffes so I absolutely love this product! This is my second popsocket and it doesn't disappoint. I love being able to use it as a stand so I can watch videos without holding my phone. I also love using it as a grip for texting or just holding onto my phone when I'm laying down so I don't drop my phone on my face like we are all guilty of doing.
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on February 14, 2018
Let me do a little educating here. I'm almost positive these reviews are fake. Or, by people who don't know what an authentic Popsocket is. I would say maybe 1 or 2 people who posted pictures on here, got authentic Popsockets, the rest .... no. See pictures I've attached. I compared the junk/knock-off I received from Amazon next to my authentic Popsocket I bought at Wal-Mart.
1. The size of the facets that hold the plastic disc in place are wrong. My authentic Popsocket has smaller facets.
2. The size of the disc is wrong-it is too big. My authentic Popsocket has a smaller disc.
3. The shape of the rubber-y collapsible socket is wrong. It has a round, dome-like shape. My authentic Popsocket has a more uniform, bell-like shape.
4. Not pictured: the fake Popsocket disc moves. I can turn it around 360. My authentic Popsocket disc does not move.
5. Not pictured: the sticky on the back of the fake Popsocket is just pathetic. It wouldn't sick to any surface for more than a few seconds. My authentic Popsocket has been moved 10+ and still has amazing hold/stickiness. I would know-considering I'm back to using the authentic one as I type this on my phone.
I'm contacting Amazon. This is a scam. ****BUYER BEWARE**** but your Popsockets in a store, or directly from the website. This is a cheap knock-off! See pictures I posted.
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I don’t hate it but I don’t love it. I’m referring to the image on it, I took my time choosing one with an image that I really like.

The image itself seems like a low quarlity print, it looks a little blurry and slightly pixelated.

Not a deal breaker but, I’m not pleased with the quality of the print. It’s....meh. Please, step up the image quality.

::side note:: The background looks like a dark blue starry night, for those wondering if it’s black or blue.
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on August 28, 2017
It looks really nice and is very helpful when I have a hand full to items. However I've had it less than a month and last week while I was using it the top popped off and I noticed the rubber around to secure the flat top piece has already broke. Now I have to glue it together, Very annoying since I haven't had it for a very long time.
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on December 20, 2017
As far as I can tell I have an official Popsocket and it looks and works great! The hard plastic disc has a matte surface and while smooth, has a good grip on surfaces if your using it as a stand for your phone. Picture quality is very clear and the design I chose(galaxy cat) has very vibrant colors that pop. The suction part is holding extremely well to my case and even was a bit hard to take off when I had to re-adjust it. Also I love the fact that it has enough space to sit between my fat fingers without struggling. I'll update this review in 3 months time to see if it's still holding up but for now works great and I love it :)
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on April 20, 2017
I read so many reviews before I bought this... went back and forth afraid I'd get a knock off. Worth every penny! Comfort was my first priority in ordering this. Feels more secure when handling my phone! I'll be purchasing a couple more for my husband and for my daughter
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on September 5, 2017
I love this pop socket! I've bought an off brand pop socket before for cheaper and it didn't last more than a week. It sticks really well and can be removed and re-used. I've already had to switch it to another case and it has been staying on perfectly fine. It doesn't use suction to stay on so it's very secure. I will say the picture is a little more faded than what the picture on here shows but you can still see it really well. I would definitly buy one of these again (if I'll need another one). I don't know how I would be able to hold my iPhone 7 Plus without it.
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