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on January 9, 2017
I'm going to go out on a limb here and say Chase is my very favorite Blakely boy! And that's saying something because she wrote my ultimate book husband in Brent Nichols. But oh Chase! He's just too adorable for words.

Full Package really is the full package. It's funny, sweet, and sexy- it'll have you laughing out loud one second and fanning yourself the next. Josie and Chase are #couplegoals. They're best friends whose friendship grows and strengthens throughout the novel, even as their feelings blossom into something more than merely friendship. I had so much fun reading this book- these 2 are so delightful and entertaining. The banter, the teasing, the innuendos...trademark Blakely brilliance! I could not get enough of it all.

If you're a fan of friends-to-lovers, brother's-best friend, best friend's-little sister romances, Full Package is seriously the book for you. Everything about this book filled me up with happiness and I didn't want it to end! I love that we got a chance to visit with characters from the previous books, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the books to come!
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on January 9, 2017
“My God. This woman. This amazing woman.”

A lump in my throat and tears–of utter happiness–in my eyes, I’ve just finished this book, and my god, this book! If the friends-to-lovers thing is your thing, then Full Package is necessary, required, essential reading. Truly, this is not one to be missed. I’m pretty sure that I haven’t hidden, like at all, my fandom for Lauren Blakely. I’ve been like Pacman chomping on those little dots with the way I’ve been devouring her work this year. I’ve loved every single book, each one, unbelievably, more than the last.

“This feels like something else entirely. Something I haven’t felt in a long time.”

But this book, this fabulous book, struck such a personal chord with me. It did something that generally doesn’t happen to me when I read romcoms—it moved me, it touched me, and it made me so very happy. You see, there are some parallels in this story to my life, and in the day-to-day living of it, I’d forgotten. But boy, let me tell you, while reading this book was I ever reminded of that long ago sweet time. That’s one of the things that reading is all about to me. It’s either to serve as an escape or, as in this case, a reminder.

“…something is happening. Something wild, and crazy, and undoubtedly incredibly foolish. But right now, it feels… like sailing, like flying, like soaring.”

Blakely has put out several male point-of-view romcoms within the last year, Full Package being the fifth. If you haven’t experienced the sheer talent of Lauren Blakely in one of her male POV books, what are you waiting for?! The woman is a genius when it comes to getting into these guys’ minds and conveying what’s going through them as they fall in love. She delivers these stories in such an authentic, realistic and unique voice, and it is unlike anything that I have ever read in any other book or by any other author. These books are magnificent, honest-to-goodness romcom magic. Honestly, I have no idea how she does it and, frankly, I’m not going to ask. I’m just going to enjoy the fact that she can do it, that she does it well and that she does it often.

“…it’s euphoric, it’s electric, the rush I get from smelling her, from moving against her, from kissing her.”

Being inside of Chase’s head as he worked through his thoughts, feelings and emotions about Josie was a delight. I had a perma-grin plastered on my face from cover-to-cover. Everything about this relationship’s build-up – from the incredibly ill-advised ‘friends with benefits’ stage to the brief but still slightly angsty and awkward period – made me happy. The friends-to-lovers thing is so totally my thing, especially, as it was in Chase and Josie’s case, when it’s patently obvious to everyone – except, of course, the hero and heroine – that they love each other, that they’re perfect for each other, that they’re meant to be. Chase and Josie were all of those things. Heart-racing, sometimes even aching, I read this book in sweet anticipation of that axis-tilting, world-shifting moment of realization and, oh boy, did Blakely ever give it to me.

“…the chance to be with the one you want—the one who wants you the same d*mn way—is worth the risk.”

This book was absolutely the full package—it was everything that my romance reading, happily-ever-after-seeking heart wanted this book to be. I loved it so very much. Lauren Blakely’s Full Package gets five smooches from me!
~ Danielle for Red Cheeks Reads
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on January 10, 2017
Lauren Blakely has another hilarious, spellbinding, delectable rom-com that is definitely the full package! Lines get crossed, feelings deepen, friendships are tested, witty banter ensues, and tasty treats are shared.

Chase Summers, also known as Doctor McHottie, has been friends with Josie Hammer for what seems like forever. So when he was in needs of a new place to rent and Josie is need of a roommate, what's the worst can happen when they start to live together?

I fell in love with Josie's frankness in telling Chase exactly what she wanted and how she wanted. You wouldn't have expected that from some as sweet looking as her. Her mastery in the kitchen and quick wit makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Chase is undeniably sexy, but there is more to him than his good looks. He's smart, comical, a lover not a fighter, and always willing to help his fellow man. His loyalty to his family and friends is admirable. It's easy to fall for his heart and his 'package' doesn't disappoint.

I seriously could not put this book down that staying up way past my bedtime was something I couldn't have cared about. I laughed, I cried, and I swooned. The tasty recipes included were a delightful addition that paired perfectly with this couple.

Lauren brings us another friends to lover that's charming, delectable, and entertaining. Full Package is a lighthearted must read that brings fun, passion, heart, laughs, and finger-licking treats. I highly recommend you run, not walk, to pick up Full Package today!
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on January 9, 2017
Lauren Blakely never ceases to amaze me. She has done it once again with Full Package. I absolutely love friends to lovers romances and this one is right there at the top of all of them. This book was so fun and lighthearted, sexy and endearing. Full Package is told in the male POV which is so much fun!!

What do you get when you mix a super sexy doctor with a gorgeous Baker? You get two best friends who couldn't be more right for each other. Their chemistry was off the charts, but can their attraction to each other turn to more or will it ruin their perfect friendship?

If you love a romantic comedy then this book is for you. Get set to do nothing but read for a few hours because you won't be able to put this book down!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 12, 2017
FINAL DECISION: Enjoyable, sweet and funny friends to lovers romance. I really liked these characters as people and their concerns and fears about losing their friendship felt real and I liked that they had problems but were not stupid. Made me smile and sigh.

STORY: Chase and Josie have been friends for years. Chase has also had a thing for Josie for years but refuses to act upon it because he doesn't want to destroy their friendship. When Chase is looking for an apartment and Josie is looking for a roommate, the two decide to share an apartment. The close quarters bring the two together, but how do friends become lovers and still remain friends at the end?

OPINION: I found this story very enjoyable. For me, it is central that the characters maintain my interest. Chase is a doctor and a genuine good guy. But not too good a guy! A doctor, he likes to entertain Josie with funny cases that come to him. I liked his humor, his good nature and his real desire to keep a relationship with Josie.

Josie is a baker who concentrates on desserts. As the book begins, she is online dating -- even though she has been burned before. She is quirky and very physical and just adorable (especially to Chase).

I appreciated that Chase and Josie were not stupid in their problems with one another. I felt their real desire to keep their friendship. Their deep feelings for one another send them astray as they fear trying for something more because they risk the friendship that they have. Their genuineness and honest deep feelings for one another made me accept even when these characters needed to talk to one another. Fear of losing one another makes them both afraid to confess their feelings.

This book is about these characters. There is not real external plot.

WORTH MENTIONING: The book has a number of Josie's recipes included. Not only are they actual recipes, but Blakely uses them in a creative way to further the storyline of the book.

CONNECTED BOOKS: FULL PACKAGE is the sixth book in the series of books (unnamed by Blakely) that I've called the Holiday/Hammer series. Each book can be read on its own, but there are connecting characters.

STAR RATING: I give this book 4.5 stars.
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on January 14, 2017
"Full Package" is by author Lauren Blakely.
My Rating: 5
Book Cover Rating: 5
Published: January 9, 2017
Read: January 9, 2017

No matter what's up next on my TBR, that will get bumped when Lauren Blakely releases another in her Men of RomCom series. Told in the heroes' POV Full Package is a friends to lovers" trope. This romantic comedy tells the story of Chase Summers and Josie Hammer. Josie is the younger sister of Nick and Wyatt whose stories were told in Mister O and Well Hung.

Chase and Josie have been best friends for years. It takes them sharing an apartment to realize they have "more than friend" feelings for each other. These two have an off-the-charts scorching attraction to each other. They are not just physically attracted; there is so much more to their feelings. At first they both try very hard to keep their attractions hidden. The fear they each share of destroying their friendship by acting on their attraction is palpable and almost always at the forefront of their interactions, no matter how innocent they are. Simply watching TV or cooking together was a task at survival. Even though this is most definitely a trope we have read many times before, in my opinion, Lauren Blakely took this several steps further by integrating humor and intense sexual tension. I was completely engrossed in this book. I fell in complete love with the adorable couple that Chase and Josie developed into.

Chase is an ER doctor at Mercy Hospital in NYC. He is gorgeous, sexy, smart, sweet, and so so considerate of Josie. He always puts her first. There is no question in my mind how easy it was for Josie to fall in love with Chase. The perfect man. Definitely book boyfriend! I want to add that Chase, of all the men in this series, is by far and away my absolute favorite hero. Unquestionably.

Josie owns a bakery in NYC. She is fun and loyal and quirky. I just adored her character. Although we did not have Josie's POV, there are hints of her true feelings "written" in her recipes. You'll have to read to understand what I mean.

I couldn't believe how quickly I gobbled up this 300 pages that was Chase and Josie's romance. So sad when it was over. It was fun and funny. There were sweet and tender moments as well as a significant amount of sexual tension and witty dialogue. Did I mention there was a lot of sexual tension? Oh yes!

I am looking forward to the next book which will feature Chase's older brother Max, who is a sexy-as-sin custom automotive shop owner.

**Five stars to Lauren Blakely**
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on January 11, 2017
Once again Author Blakely has hit it out of the park! Chase and Josie have been friends forever. He is her brothers best friend. They both had chemistry from the beginning and circumstances put them living together and it became impossible to resist the sexual chemistry between them but Chase was burned in the past and was afraid to put himself out there and Josie as well as Chase didn't want to loose their friendship should this "chemistry" not work out so they agreed to room mates with benefits! They agreed to call it off when it ends it ends and they would go back to being great friends. Chase realized he couldn't do it that he loved her but felt she wanted it so he pulled the "band aide" and went back to being friends. They were both miserable without each other but were both afraid to go for more because they didn't want to loose each other and didn't want to get their heart broken. This book was full of humor and emotion as well as cameo appearances from the characters in the other books. You will not be disappointed and I look forward to Max next!
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on January 10, 2017
Ok I love Lauren's books bot going to lie. This one is no exception! Love the banter and the Best Friends to Lovers and how they finally come to realize they can have it all! Chase is Dr McHottie and Josie knows her way around sweets! These 2 BF's both need a roomie and see no prob with living together as friends BUT they soon realize that they that they have to decide where their friendship/relationship is going to go and can they have it all?? You KNOW its going to have HEA but you still want to shout at them sometimes and say HEY WAKE UP lol you want it to go faster and not end all at once . Trust me you will enjoy this book! Go now and get it
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on January 9, 2017
I have read and loved every single one of Lauren's books. I knew I would have some laughs, feel all kinds of hot and bothered, and shed some tears but really does amaze me how she could write so many books and never falters. Never. I adore her, her characters. And her beautiful and magical words. Ok...Full Package. It's a standalone but of course in Lauren fashion, there are connections. Josie is Wyatt (Well Hung) and Nick's (Mister O) sister. Chase is Wyatt's buddy from Well Hung. BTW: if you haven't read those books, you totally should. They rock. Anyway...back to Chase and Josie's story.

Josie needs a roommate. Chase happens to be looking for an apartment. So why not live together? Just because Chase finds his best friend sinfully sexy, sweet as sugar, and loves Swedish fish, doesn't mean he can't live with her. In a six-hundred square foot apartment. He can resist her. He has been doing it for years. He is the master at it. That is until she needs help falling asleep after an emotional night. He is screwed. The line has been tip-toed on and he wants to walk over it but he doesn't want to ruin what they have. He can't lose her. He can't imagine a life without her in it. But, if an agreement is formed between them. Roommates with benefits until it has to end, then back to be the best friends again. What could go wrong?

He's got this. He isn't falling for her. Nope. Not at all. Except it's all a lie. He wants her and all of her delicious desserts. Except the ones with raisins. But, at this point, he would eat those too. Chase is afraid that if he tells Josie the truth that she would end this. He is also afraid that she doesn't feel the same way about him. Yes, they have wild sex. Make love even. They even Netflix without the chill. They play scramble. They have everything to make for the perfect couple but it's at risk if they fall apart. Chase is a smart as hell doctor but what he doesn't see is that Josie wants it all too. The sex and friendship were always supposed to be in separate boxes but when they mix, it was explosive. The chemistry of it all is too real. They always knew there was going to be an end to it. Can they go back to being friends without the benefits? Can they be in the same room without wanting to rip each other's clothes off? Can Chase go back to being Josie's taste tester for her sweets without wanting her for dessert? Can they move on from the full package if they knew they still had the friendship?

I love Chase! He really is the full package but doesn't know it. He isn't overly cocky but he totally could be. He is smart, sweet, loving, loyal, funny, sexy as hell and a Doctor. He is also a giver. Then there is the icing on the cake: his innuendos. On point. Always. I loved Josie too! She is beautiful, smart, sexy, and makes me want to bake. Together...they are the ultimate package. They are so much fun, flirty, and beautiful.

Overall...I didn't want it to end! I laughed. I mean really laughed. I cried more than once. And I definitely felt hot all over more than a few times. It had all the ingredients for a perfect friends to lovers romance.

P.S I need to go buy a boob friend! And more of Josie's recipes.


“I want to grow up to be a stuffed crocodile.”

“What other glorious life-giving veins are you hiding? Let me see your arms.”
“Is this some kind of doctor porn?”
I nod, and my eyes are surely sparkling. “You have the cupcake tin and icing smoother. Hell, I saw the way you eyed that rolling pin, too. You had your fun. Let me have mine.”

“Josie, you could eat tuna fish and I’d still be turned on.”
She brings a hand to her chest and bats her eyes. “I think that’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever said to me.”
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on January 9, 2017
Full Package is The Full Package! If someone would have told me last year that I'd be hooked on romance as a preferred genre, I would have laughed in their face. But, once I stumbled upon the writings of Lauren Blakely, life for my reading palette changed for the better.

I've never been disappointed with anything that Blakely has written. Her characters are full of life and character, you can't help but get involved with the story. What I love most about Full Package, and the preceding novels, is that the characters aren't new to the reader. We've met them over a period of books and in that time frame, we've already fallen in love with who they are. And that brings me to Josie and Chase.

When we met them, we got a glimpse of their familiarity with each other, and with high hopes, I wanted to see more of them. I got what I asked for. The chemistry was already stirring in Well Hung. Chase, the successful doctor, completing his residency at Mercy Hospital finds himself in a bind. Josie, the successful business owner is also in a similar predicament. The two of them decide to give the roommate thing a try and what happens next gives a new meaning to "if you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen." Better yet, "if you like the heat, stay in the kitchen."

I love how Blakely wrote this particular story. Usually, we see the stories written in the male POV with shared POV'S from the female. This was so different in that Josie didn't have full chapters, she had snippets. And because I want you to enjoy how her POV was presented, I'll just say it's tasty and such a refreshing concept.

Full Package was full of everything you want, need and expect from the Queen of Rom-Com. And I was so happy to unwrap the package. Chase has advanced and taken over as TBLOML (The Blakely Love of My Life) and Josie just does it for me. If you enjoy a friends to lovers romance, that leaves you begging for more, then you'll want to dive right in and let your heart embrace another Blakely Super Couple!
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