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Build Your Own

Rice Bowl
Rice and choice of protein(base calories 314)
Salad Bowl
Seasonal greens and choice of protein(base calories 12)(max calories 63)
Quinoa Bowl
Protein packed quinoa and choice of protein(base calories 207)
Barley Bowl
Barley bowl and choice of protein(base calories 480)
Baked Pita
House-baked pita and choice of protein(base calories 280)

Chef Creations

Grilled Steak Pita
Pita, grilled steak, spinach, red cabbage salad, cucumber and tomato salad, feta, tzatziki(base ca...
Vegan Falafel Bowl
Falafel, brown rice, hummus, cucumber & tomato salad, spinach, pickled red onions, roasted red pep...
Greek Chicken Salad
Grilled chicken, spinach, cucumber & tomato salad, tzatziki, marinated olives, herb vinaigrette, p...
Moroccan Turkey Bowl
brown rice, turkey & mushroom meatballs, tzatziki, carrot salad, pickled onions,spiced chickpeas,...
Savory Quinoa Bowl
quinoa, grilled chicken, cucumber tomato salad, pickled onions, red cabbage salad, tzatziki, spicy...
Spicy Lamb Meatball Bowl
brown rice, spicy lamb meatballs, charred baba ganoush, red cabbage salad, pickled jalapenos and c...
Summer Grilled Chicken Salad
Kale salad, grilled chicken, corn salad, pickled onions, charred baba ganoush, roasted red pepper...
Summer Shroom Bowl
barley, spicy lamb meatballs, sautéed mushrooms, corn salad, kale salad, spicy red pepper hummus(b...
Falafel Power Bowl
Quinoa, falafel, kale, corn salad, eggplant relish, pickled jalapenos and carrots, spicy red peppe...
Spicy Halloumi Bowl
Brown rice, seared halloumi, sautéed mushrooms, cauliflower rice, eggplant relish, marinated olive...

On the Side

House Made Sauces on the Side
House made sauces to compliment your meal(base calories 24)(max calories 189)
Pita Chips & Hummus
Baked pita chips and house-made hummus(base calories 383)
Dip Trio
Baked pita chips with house-made hummus, tzatziki and roasted red pepper sauce (contains walnuts)(...
Mediterranean-spiced medium-cut fries(base calories 187)
Four falafel balls made with fresh chickpeas, herbs and spices(base calories 270)
Pita & Hummus Plate
House-made hummus, fresh baked pita bread with herbs, za'atar, and spiced chickpeas(base calories...
Pita Bread
Side of house-baked pita.(base calories 280)


Fountain Drinks
(base calories 0)(max calories 111)
Fresh Pressed Drinks
(base calories 80)(max calories 189)
Mexican Coke (bottle)
(base calories 150)
Diet Coke (bottle)
(base calories 0)
Mexican Sprite (bottle)
(base calories 160)
Spindrift Grapefruit
(base calories 15)
Spindrift Lemon
(base calories 3)
San Pellegrino Sparkling
(base calories 0)
San Pellegrino Aranciata
(base calories 140)
Dasani Water
(base calories 0)
Fiji Water
(base calories 0)


Tahini Brownie
Baklava Brownie

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