Pho 54

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Egg Rolls
Gha gio
Fried Calamari
Muc chien
Bone Marrow Proteins
Chen xi quach. Small bowl of bone marrow proteins
Baguette with Bowl of Bone Marrow Proteins
Banh mi xi quach. Baguette dip with bone marrow proteins
Chicken Wings - 6 Pieces
6 Pieces. Canh ga chien
Chicken Wings - 12 Pieces
12 Pieces. Canh ga chien
Mini Crab Cakes
6 Pieces. Banh cua
Fried Shrimp
6 Pieces. Tom chien

Main Entrée

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
Bun bo hue. Comes with well-done beef shank, Vietnamese meatball, vietnamese sausage, pork hock an...
Pho Special
Pho dac biet. Pho with marinated steak sliced, flanks, fatty brisket, tendons, tripe and meatballs
Pho Custom
Choose up to any 4 items
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup - Special
Bun bo hue dac biet. Comes with rare steak slices and tendons in addition to the usual protiens
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup - Custom
Choose up to any 5 items
Baguette Bo Hue
Banh mi bo hue. A bowl of our bo hue broth with the usual protiens and a baguette to dip
Bun Bo Hue's Spicy Broth
32 oz.

Beverages / Desserts - Giai Khat

Vietnamese Coffee
Cafe sua da
Basil Seeds with Fruit Balls
Nuoc mat
Thai Tea with Clear Boba
Tra Thai
Green Milk Tea with Clear Boba
Tra sua xanh
Milk Tea with Clear Boba
Tra sua
Flan Cake
Banh flan. Choice of flavor
Fresh Squeezed Limeade
Da chanh
Nuoc ngot. 12 oz.
Bottled Water

About Pho 54

(281) 495-1000 • 10623 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072

At Pho 54, we offer food prepared with fresh ingredients and keeping the original Vietnamese flavors. Our noodle soups and egg rolls will delight your taste sense and make this food an enjoyable experience.