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Sabor A Cafe Colombian Steakhouse

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Calamar a la Plancha
Grilled calamari
Chicken soup with gizzards, with arepa
Fried pork skin choice of arepa, potatoes, green plantain or cassava
Chorizo con Arepa
Arepa with sausage, choice of arepa, potatoes, green plantain or cassava
Home-made sausage
Fried pork skin
Empanada de Pollo
Pastry stuffed with chicken and rice
Empanadas de Carne
Pastry stuffed with beef and rice
Empanada Vegetariana
Pastry stuffed with vegetables and rice
Arepa con Queso
Traditional drink prepared with corn and milk


Ensalada de Calamar
Arugula salad, with grilled calamari, roasted corn, red peppers, cherry tomatoes, lemon garlic dre...
House Salad
Iceberg lettuce, avocado, onions, tomatoes, house dressing
Ensalada de Camarones
Arugula salad with grilled shrimp, avocado, red peppers, onions, tomatoes, lemon garlic dressing
Ensalada de Pollo
Grilled chicken salad

Vegetarian Dishes

Plato Vegetariano
Red pepper with vegetable, cassava, and potatoes in creole sauce
Quinoa Salad


Cazuela de Mariscos
Creamy seafood soup
Ceviche de Camaron
Shrimp ceviche
Mojarra Sarandiada
Grilled whole mojarra, rice, salad, and green plantain
Mojarra Frita
Fried whole mojarra, rice, green plantain, and salad
Ceviche Mixto
Calamari, shrimp, and white fish marinated in a citrus lime juice roasted corn and green plantains
Filete de Pescado
Breaded fish fillet, white rice, green plantain, and salad
Salpicon de Mariscos
Sautéed seafood mixture marinated with our chef's signature sauce
Coctel Caribeño
Mixture of seafood with our house-made cocktail sauce
Camarones a la Plancha
Grilled shrimp with rice, green plantains, and a delicious house-made sauce
Camarones Apanados
Fried breaded shrimp with rice, green plantains, and a delicious house-made sauce

Our Grilled Meats

Los Compadres
Char-grilled chicken breast, grilled top sirloin, and sausage, baked potato, cassava and sweet pla...
180 oz. grilled top sirloin, baked potatoes, cassava, sweet plantain, and chimichurri sauce
Carne Asada
Grilled sirloin tip steak, cassava, fried sweet plantains, rice and salad
Filet Mignon Caribbean Style
White rice, cassava sticks, and a delicious homemade salsa
Pechuga al Carbon
Grilled chicken breast, white rice, fried sweet plantain, and salad
Antojito Caleño
Grilled top sirloin, green plantains stuffed with pork skin, salad, french fries
Pinchos de Carne o Pollo
Skewer beef, chicken or combination adorned with red peppers and onions, served with baked potato...
NY Strip Steak
Garnished with arugula salad and fried potatoes

Traditional Plates

Bandeja Paisa
Traditional Colombian dish, grilled sirloin tip steak, white rice, pork skin, sausage, beans, frie...
Mixture of pork and chicken wrapped in plantain leaves with creole sauce, rice and corn cake
Pollo con Vegetales
Grilled chicken with vegetables, white rice, fried plantain and salad
Carne Encebollada
Grilled sirloin tip steak with grilled onions, french fries, white rice, fried plantain, and salad
Sobrebarriga a la Criolla
Beef brisket in creole sauce, baked potato, white rice, fried plantains and salad
Bistec en Salsa Criolla
Sirloin tip steak in creole sauce, baked potato, white rice, salad, and sweet plantains
Bistec a Caballo
Sirloin tip steak in creole sauce, green plantains, rice and fried egg
Fried food platter, pork ribs, sausage, pork skin, cassava, green plantain and arepa
Chuleta Apanada
Breaded pork loin, white rice, sweet plantain, and salad
Costilla con Yuca
Fried pork ribs, cassava and salad
Lengua en Salsa
Beef tongue in creole sauce, white rice, salad, potatoes, and sweet plantain

Friday Special

Sancocho de Res
Beef rib soup with rice and avocado

Saturday Special

Sancocho de Bagre
Catfish soup with rice and avocado

Sunday Special

Sancocho de Gallina
Colombian hen soup with rice and avocado


Maduro Frito
Sweet plantains
White rice
Fried green plantain
Papitas Fritas
French fries
Yuca Frita
Fried cassava

Natural Juices

En Agua
In water
En Leche
In milk
Aguapanela con Limon
Sugarcane drink with lime
Fresh lemonade
Chocolate con Leche y Queso
Hot chocolate with milk and cheese
Aguapanela con Queso
Hot sugarcane drink with cheese
Water Bottle
Colombiana Soda
Colombiana soda, apple soda and orange
Coca Cola
Hot tea
Te Helado
Iced tea
Jugo de Naranja, Cereza, Piña
Orange, cranberry, pineapple juice


Mousse de Maracuya
Passion fruit mousse
Arroz con Leche
Rice pudding
Brevas con Arequipe
Figs with cheese and caramel
Platano Maduro con Queso y Dulce de Guayaba
Sweet plantain melted with guava paste and cheese
Fresh, vainilla, chocolate. Ice cream
Flan 3 Leches
3 Milk flan

Kid's Menu

Papitas con Carne
Grilled steak with french fries
Papitas con Pollo
Grilled chicken with french fries
Croquetas de Pollo
Chicken nuggets with french fries
Deditos de Queso con Papitas Fritas
Cheese sticks with french fries
Fried sausage and french fries

About Sabor A Cafe Colombian Steakhouse

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