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Caribbean, Hawaiian, Mexican
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Sweet Plantains - Jamaica
Grilled slices of sweet plantain, served with crema and Tamarindo BBQ sauce for dipping
Catfish Po'Boy - Louisiana Bayou
Strips of juice catfish marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce, rolled in our Creole-spiced cornmea...
The Trini Big Burger - Trinidad
1/2 lb. Fresh beef patty, chargrilled and topped with tamarindo tango BBQ sauce, bacon, Swiss chee...

Small Plates

With big bites.
Adobo Satay - The Philippines
3 Chargrilled chicken satay skewers, marinated in our sweet and sour Filipino adobo. Served over t...
Sweet Plantains - Jamaica
Grilled slices of sweet plantain, served with crema and Tamarindo BBQ sauce for dipping
Great Balls of Fire
Our famous habanero cheese fritters!
Fear the Reaper
Our hottest challenge yet! You've conquered the balls, are you ready to beat the Reaper? Featuring...
Rasta Rings
Golden, beer-batter dipped, hand-cut onion rings with garlic-lime aioli
Cocos Bay Calamari
A generous portion of hand-cut calamari fried crisp in our secret spice blend. Served with Coral R...
Jalisco Guacamole - Mexico
Classic Latin recipe with chunks of tomato, onion & jalapeno. Served with white corn tortilla chips
Yuca Frita - Cuba
Crisp fried Yuca root tossed in garlic oil. Served with garlic Mojo sauce and our Roasted Garlic H...
Tamarindo Jerk Wings - Caribbean Islands
Smoky jerk wings, grilled and doused in our tangy-sweet Tamarindo BBQ sauce. Served with house-mad...
Coriander Chickpea Croquettes - Hanoi
3 Delicate grilled croquettes of chickpeas, peanut, red onion and zucchini with mint and basil. Se...
Shanghai Cowboy Rolls
East meets West in a Molly's style eggroll stuffed with pulled pork, black beans, eggs, sauteed ca...
Ajvar and Labneh - Turkey
Say Eye-Var & Lab-Ney. Creamy & cool house-made Labneh (Turkish-style yogurt) topped with olive oi...
Afro-Caribbean Bollitos
Crunchy fritters of black-eyed peas served with garlic-lime aioli, sesame-onion dip & fresh corian...

Soups and Salads

Peruvian Beet and Blue - Lima, Peru
Slow-rosated beets tossed with blue cheese crumbles and citrus-chile vinaigrette. Served over Napa...
Curry Dahl with Sweet Potato Soup
Richly seasoned red lentils with house-blended curry, a dollop of roasted sweet potato and a drizz...
Garlic Lime Chicken Soup
Not your madre's chicken soup! Packed with tangy tomatillos and veggies, topped with croutons, cot...
Calcutta Spinach and Mango - India
Fresh spinach, cucumber chow-chow, curry toasted coconut, red onion & mango chutney vinaigrette
Green Queen Quinoa - Peru
Our addictive tri-color quinoa salad spiked with aji and lemon, crunchy snow peas, baby green peas...
Yucatan Sunshine Bowl - Yucatan Peninsula
Cotija Caesar topped with black beans, rice, Yucatan chicken, cheese, salsa fresca, guacamole, cre...
Cotija Caesar Salad
Crisp romaine tossed with garlic Caesar dressing, cotija cheese, pickled onions & garlic-cheese cr...


Catfish Po'Boy - Louisiana Bayou
Strips of juice catfish marinated in buttermilk and hot sauce, rolled in our Creole-spiced cornmea...
Coriander-Chickpea Burger - Indonesia
Delicate grilled patty of chickpeas, peanut, red onion and herb-onion crunch salad on a toasted ve...
The Trini Big Burger - Trinidad
1/2 lb. Fresh beef patty, chargrilled and topped with tamarindo tango BBQ sauce, bacon, Swiss chee...
La Cubana - Miami
The Miami classic street combo sandwich of hand pulled pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, dill pickle...
Pele's Volcano - Ho'okipa Beach
Our slow roasted hand pulled pork, tamarind BBQ sauce and melted cheese on grilled garlic baguette...
Thai Fried Chicken Sandwich - Chiang Mai
Marinated chicken breast cutlet, fried crisp in seasoned rice flour, with sriracha ailoi and herb-...
Chicken Satay Sandwich - Bagu Beach
A simple take on a Thai street snack, chargrilled chicken breast, sliced and served on a toasted c...
Jerk Chicken and Mango Sandwich - Jamaica
Juicy jerk-rubbed chicken breast, chargrilled and served on a grilled ciabatta roll with grilled m...
Tinga Tofu Torta - Michoacan
Chipotle-spiced roasted tofu, grilled and layered onto a toasted telera roll with black beans, let...
BBQ Pork Sliders
Three mini mountains of hand-pulled tamarindo tango BBQ pork and coconut-mango slaw on soft slider...

Molly's Global Flavours

Heartbreak Fettucine - Lonely Street
A big bowl of fettucine tossed in a creamy, zesty sauce of white vermouth, fresh cream, tomato and...
Baja Saba Fish Tacos - Baja, Mexico
Moist, flaky, Vietnamese Saba dipped in our signa- ture beer batter, fried crisp. Served on white...
Molly's Hot Tamales - Venezuela
Ta- Molly's! How it all began... Large hand - made tamales steamed and served with crema, cotija c...
Bulgogi BBQ Tacos - Korea
Thinly sliced beef pan-seared with scallions on our Bulgogi #5 sauce, served on flour tortillas wi...
Tsunami Surfer Tacos - Baja, Mexico
Kalua pork, jerk chicken, Yucatan chicken or tinga tofu on soft white corn tortillas with garlic-l...
Louisiana King Jambalaya - New Orleans
Smoked creole sausage, large shrimp and marinated chicken simmered in our zesty house-made creoe s...
Drum Pan Jerk BBQ - Jamaica
Juicy roasted split half chicken, finished on the grill. Topped with grilled mango chutney, served...
Seoul Chap Chee - Korea
A big bowl of fresh noodles tossed in a lightly spicy Korean sauce with red and green bell peppers...
Kalua Moja Pork - Hawaii via Cuba
Our Cuban twist on a Hawaiian favorite! Slow-cooked, smoked, hand-pulled pork grilled with sweet p...
Patong Beach Fish Cakes - Phuket, Thailand
Crispy grilled Thai fish cakes over our spicy-sweet-creamy Coral reef sauce. Served with coconut-m...
Tamarindo Tango BBQ Ribs - Indonesia
Big, juicy pork ribs, rubbed in garlic and brown sugar, chargrilled and slow-cooked. Finished with...
North African Chakchouka - North Africa Coast
Crisp African-style polenta, topped with lightly spicy Harrisa braised vegetables, crowned with a...
Tamarind Mint Shrimp Curry - Southern India
Richly spiced, house blended tamarind mint curry with onions, spinach, sweet peppers & large shrim...
Pampas Chimichurri Steak - Argentina
Fire grilled steak topped with our citrus-herb chimichurri sauce. Served with jamma jamma greens,...
Barbados Mac - Barbados
Classic elbow macaroni, fresh cream, sharp cheddar, fire-roasted tomatoes and a hint of chilies, t...

Molly's Queso Poutines

Gluten free. All one generous size, serves 2-8 people depending on appetite! Served with wedges of yukon gold potato.
Bajan Mushroom
Aji-queso sauce, sauteed mushrooms, crema, scallions
Carne Asada
Aji-queso sauce, grilled steak tips, crema, cilantro-onion mix
Memphis Blues
Aji-queso sauce, BBQ pork, crema, scallions


Yellow Rice
Spicy Black Beans
Hurricane Garlic Fries
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries
Roasted Sweet Potatoes
2 Slices
Grilled Chicken Breast
6 oz.
Extra Burger Patty
8 oz.
Sauteed Mushroom
Dirty Garlic Mashers
Coconut-Mango Slaw
Green Queen Quinoa
White Corn Tortillas
3 Tortillas
Small Flour Tortillas
2 Tortillas

Kids Menu

All kid's menu items come with jungle animal cookies for dessert. For kids & kids at heart.
Kids Caesar
Crisp romaine tossed in a garlic Caesar dressing, with cotija cheese and garlic croutons
Kid's Quesadilla
A giant tortilla folded around oodles of melted cheese and grilled. Served with white corn chips
Dino Nuggets
Crispy dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets with curly fries
Mini Molly Dogs
Crispy mini corn dogs with curly fries
Jessica's Burrito
A giant flour tortilla stuffed with black beans, yellow rice and lots of cheese, topped with more...
Kid's Surfer Taco
One Yucatan chicken or pork taco on white corn tortillas with cabbage, crema, cotija cheese and sa...
A bowl of wheel-shaped pasta in made-to-order cheddar cheese sauce. Served with garlic toast
Viva Elvis
Bacon, banana and creamy peanut butter griddled in between 2 thick, buttered slices of egg bread....
Grilled Shrimp
Five big grilled shrimp, with yellow rice and fresh cucumbers. Your choice of plain, teriyaki or g...
Uno Fish Taco
One batter-fried fish taco on soft white corn tortillas with cabbage, crema & cotija cheese and sa...
Grilled Chicken Fingers
Five strips of grilled chicken breast, with yellow rice and fresh cucumber. Your choice of plain,...

About Salvador Mollys

(503) 293-1790 • 1523 SW Sunset Blvd, Portland, OR 97239

At Salvador Molly’s, we offer food prepared with fresh ingredients and keeping the original Latin American, Caribbean and Hawaiian flavors. Dishes such as Great Balls of Fire and Rasta Rings will delight your taste sense and make this food an enjoyable experience.