Customer Reviews: Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
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on November 17, 2007
I will be objective and critical in my reviews.

This game is a true sequel to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance.

-An example of the game. Imagine: your forces (about 18) and your computer ally (about 20) vs. enemy (about 60). you have to defend the castle entrance (you have long range attackers) and the only way for the enemy to go there is through the stairs. You block off both sets of stairs with your strong melee guy with an archer/mage behind for long range support. The enemy is approaching, then both of you are at a stand still, but they attack the one blocking. Your HP is slowly draining from the close and long range attacks by melee, arrows, and/or magic. You need to heal him/her now (or you'll lose that character in the game). If you use a Vulernary (HP potion), you could get attacked by an enemy with 1 hp (which you could have defeated if you attacked instead of healed). If you have a priest heal you, an archer could shoot over your character and hit your priest (who has very low max hp and defense stats). If you attack, you may defeat one more, but what will take it's place? What would happen if I did this, or that, or... What would you do?

-Customize the strength, material, weight, and other stats of weapons
-Story, although not always presented well, is very engaging
-Even just reading the scrolling story is very interesting
-This game is really fun, it's gonna eat up your free time.
-Challenging strategy game. Really makes you think
-If you wanna keep all your characters, you will appreciate the challenge
-About 45 hours of gameplay, not counting the unlockables and how many times you will reset the game because you realize you made a wrong move. (this is a good thing by all means). So this means about 100 hours in real life. Great length and depth.
-Difficulty is appropriate, definitely not too easy and there are MUCH harder levels
-Gameplay is just as it was in FE:POR, it's simple, yet complex and very effective
-The cutscene movies are very well done
-Music is orchestrated, sounds great.
-Gamecube controller compatible

-Like I said, about 75% of the cutscenes are scroll and read types
-Not enough movie cutscenes, which make the game seem more sub-par
-I'm NO graphics-nut, I'm a GAMEPLAY-nut, but the developers could have stepped up the graphics to have more detail There's more graphics potential in the Wii than the Gamecube, and they didn't improve other than progressive scan and 16:9 support. I think the developers were just lazy in the graphics area.
-I have to reset the game to go to the main menu from the battlefield, come on, this is just poor development. Disappointing.

Those reviewers and critics giving this game a bad rating most likely aren't strategy-fans. Not everyone likes strategy games, but those who do should give this game high marks.
-If you like strategy games, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME.
-If you are new to the strategy genre, get the prequel to this game FIRE EMBLEM: PATH OF RADIANCE (ALSO WELL DONE) first.
-If you do not like RPG strategy games, I don't recommend this game because this is a true RPG strategy game.
-If you are a graphics-nut, this game will disappoint you.
-If you are a gameplay-nut, you will really enjoy this game. I did.
-If you liked FIRE EMBLEM: PATH OF RADIANCE, don't hesitate because of the other negative "CRITIC" reviews, it is really, really worth it.

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on November 12, 2007
I have been waiting for Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn to be released ever since I received a Wii. Finally, its here!

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn was worth waiting for! FE has "nice" graphics for the Wii (though they won't win any prizes...),the depth of the characters and storyline are quite good, and the game takes 40+ hours to complete the first time through. There is no using the Wii remote in a unique way in FE, but this type of game does not require that.

Yes, the game can be a challenge at times, but who would want to play an easy game that can be beaten in a few hours? And the "extras" music and image gallery-LOVE it! Even after my first play through, I want to play this game again and again. I highly recommend this game to anyone who is looking for a solid, challenging, enjoyable game for the Wii.
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on December 25, 2007
Let me preface my review by stating my background with these kinds of games: none! With that said, I am a very experienced RPG gamer--I've played every Dragon Quest game (Japanese and American), Final Fantasy games, Breath of Fire games, and a slew of other PC RPGs. So, this is the first time I've tried my hand at a strategy RPG.

Since I'm used to RPGs I felt that the story began slowly. I felt a little lost and somewhat bored because the story feels like a continuation from the middle of another story. From reading many Fire Emblem forums I have come to the conclusion that this is because the story is carried over from previous games in the series (unlike most RPGs). However, as the game progressed, the story became very involving and the characters became very well developed.

In most RPGs you control where your characters go and how. This game does not allow you to control what cities/towns/places your characters will go to (not counting bonus material); you are limited to how the story progresses. However, this game doesn't center on exploration nor on adventure. If I had known that, I certainly wouldn't have expected it.

Many other reviews have mentioned the graphics and the non-existent use of "Wii" like controls. This game certainly has no need for those controls. The main gameplay involves moving your characters on a grid-like map. Battles are handled much like traditional RPGs with the computer doing all the work. I honestly see no reason for additional controls. The graphics, on the other hand, are ok. The colors are a bit drab and the battle scenes and characters could be rendered more fully. However, that does not deter from the overall gameplay and experience.

The greatest feature of the game (and the main reason I have fallen in love with Fire Emblem) is the ability to control the destiny of your characters. Your character development ultimately leads to the final battle of the game. Depending on what kind of strategy you want to use for this game (magic attacks, brute force, stealth) is how you will develop your characters: who you will use, who to give certain weapons to, and who you will never use; the choice is up to you. Because of this flexibility and control, I have found the game to be extremely entertaining and very involving. Also, replaying the game feels like a new experience because I'm using different characters and playing other characters than I did the first iteration.

Overall, this is a great game. I have enjoyed every minute of it and plan on playing this game multiple times. If I had the option to add anything to the game I would provide more control over where the characters can go by walking around on a world map. I would also have some kind of multiplayer capability. As far as subtracting things from the game I wouldn't take away any option or component.
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on November 20, 2007
I just got the Fire Emblem game from, and I can say truthfully I am a newb. But my friends are FE freaks, and seeing as how I'm one of the guys who dosen't want help. So rest assured, this game is hard. I have pretty much finished Part 1, and can successfully say as a FE newbie, this game is fun addicting.

From the makers of Advanced Wars, comes Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. A game which speculates the user into amassing the army which will begin and hopefully end the rebellion, depending on how well you strategically play. This game can become addicting, and overly exciting. I will not go into detail since most people have had played these games, seeing as how this is the tenth installment. But I highly suggest whether or not you never played FE games, or you have played games like Advanced Wars, Three Kingdoms, or other strategy games, etc. You will enjoy this game, along with wonderful gameplay, beautiful graphic cinematics, and just plain enjoyment.

Graphics- B+

Gameplay/Storyline- A

Sound: A

Visuals/Systematics- A-

Overall A
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on December 23, 2011
Let me put it straight for you guys. I ain't here to sugarcoat anything and defend any other. I'm just going to drop the cold hard facts about this game.

1. It's a very good sequel to Path of Radiance. If you haven't played part 1 for the NGC, you're gonna want to for the save data. You're gonna need it. Not at the start of the game like most video games but trust me, you're gonna want to have it.

2. This isn't a title for the faint of heart. If you can't function under pressure or have fun with a game you can't "have your way with", turn back NOW. I repeat, TURN AWAY AND RUN. Radiant Dawn has set the standard. It's a very rewarding game but it's very difficult. It's harder than Path of Radiance without a doubt, and is sure to give Fire Emblem vets a run for their money. This game is SERIOUS brain work but TONS of fun. A master strategy game.

3. The graphics suck. Ok well they don't suck lol, but if you were expecting a major upgrade to Path of Radiance you'll be more or less disappointed. It's pretty much the same, except for a SLIGHT improvement in combat and cut scene graphics and camera effects. And when I say slight, I mean it.

4. A story line to die for. I won't reveal any spoilers but I'll say one thing. Just when you get upset over buying this game, things are gonna happen that will make your jaw drop. Especially if you played the first one. Radiant Dawn has a way with suspense and surprises. Right after hating you bought it, you're gonna be glad you did. Trust me.

5. The controls are great, especially if you still have your old NGC controller, as the gameplay will be exactly the same. I can't speak for the wii remote and nunchuck, cuz once you plug that NGC controller and start, you're not gonna wanna use anything else. It does a good job of keeping the feel of the first one.

All in all, the good outweighs the bad by a landslide. The only Con there's gonna be while playing this game is the difficulty, but you can always set it to easy. The only other Con there can be is that the graphics haven't improved much but I doubt the Fire Emblem crowd are the ones who can't enjoy a game unless it's graphics are ridiculously gorgeous. If that's what you want, leave this game alone. If you want good graphics with a fantastic everything else, however, you've come to the right place.
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on May 4, 2015
Most of the new copies of Fire Emblem - Radiant Dawn being sold recently here on Amazon are NOT the original rare 2007 release with the instruction manual in the box, but rather the 2014 reprint in one of those super cheap flimsy boxes with NO MANUAL. I should have known better when so many "new" copies of this game started appearing for around $80. Funny how none of the sellers bother to clarify that you will be getting the 2014 reprint, and not the 2007 original release. Very shady tactics.

As for the game itself, it is a Fire Emblem, so it gets 5 stars.
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on November 23, 2007
Alright this is my second review for this game and apparently the first one was too short. Gameplay is a combination of srpg and "rock-paper-scissor" sword beat axe, axe beat lance, and lance beat sword. Nice character designs and is a direct sequel to the gamecube game. You gain new character throughout the game but be careful because once they're dead they're gone forever. Game save features allows you to load your gamecube saved data and transfer over to the wii version. Overall much hasn't change from its predecessor but thats a good thing, if it ain't broken don't fix it. Highly recommended, please buy this game and spread the word. Fire Emblem needs to be in the top ten wii games sales chart.
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on September 5, 2009
Let me tell you, my teenager asked for this game after I picked up a Wii with the Fit Board. I thought great he is going to be tied up playing this game and I am not going to get to do my hula hoop or running in place with my Wii Fit. After watching him play through the game a couple of times, I thought how hard can that be. Not realizing that he has been playing Fire Emblem for the Game Cube and that hand held thingy (okay not video game smart here). Needless to say, I started the game on a day off from work and got hooked and played all day. The last time I played a video game was Ms. Pacman on an old Atari, so I really got hooked on this game. I have tried other games since really playing Fire Emblem but can find one I like as much.For an old person like me the easy game play of this game is idea. I like just pushing a few buttons and then watching all the action. I love the movie clips built into the game, sometimes I skip these and sometimes I watch them. But at least I have that option. That is one of the things I really like about this game is the ability to skip conversations and clips. I also enjoy taking different characters and building them up and then picking new ones the next time I play. I have mastered all but the hard level, which I am currently working on and as previous posts stated this game is pure strategy. I have even called in sick before just to finish a battle! Well in the beginning of playing the game!

But to add to this review, my husband decided one day while he was home he would see what all the fuss was about. Seems everytime he wanted to watch the plasma t.v., either I or our son was playing Fire Emblem. He is now hooked and he has no, I repeat no experience with video games. But with this game he can just sit in his recliner and enjoy. I have to say that I have not been doing any of my Wii Fit exercises in some time. I would love to see another Fire Emblem somewhere down the line.
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on March 19, 2008
If you like turn-based rpg's, this is a must-have title. I saw this on the lightning deal on Amazon and had to pull the trigger quickly. I'm glad I did - this has become one of my two favorite games. I find myself playing this game for hours at a time and not being able to walk away from it - the storylines and the battle strategy keep me coming back from more.
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on May 29, 2012
It kills me that the are no other Fire Emblem games for current generation home systems. I love the genre and this is a great example of it.

The Good:
Challenging game play where every move counts
Epic battles that are deep and meaningful, no filler or grinding.
Characters that are meaningfully specialized, but not overly complex (no jumping through hoops to release the secret class e.g. FF Tactics)
Interesting story with characters you become attached to
Good user interface for battle
Enough variety in the battles so as to not feel repetitive

The Bad:
Not enough voiced cut scenes, the ones that are there are great but most have text that needs to be read
Challenging game play where every move counts (if you a noob to the genre play on beginner like the instruction book says)
Resources are too scarce, items wear down and you really need to manage you money/resources more than I would have liked to

The Rest
Graphics could be a little better, but never bad
Death is permanent and you will want to re-do battles if you lose a named character save every time you can.
This is not a drop in type of a game, each battle takes time and doesn't lend itslef to playing for 10 minutes here or there.

Great game for a strategic RPG fan. Tough game for everyone else.
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