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on September 7, 2017
Before I bought the Epson DS-1630 Flatbed Color Document Scanner, Sheet-fed, Auto Document Feeder (ADF) and Duplex Scanning I reviewed 67 different scanners and even returned my first Epson scanner because it did not provide the features I required. I selected the DS-1630 for it’s 1200 dpi duplex scanning, the ADF, flatbed, and software features described by Epson. I knew in advance it was not a network scanner and would only work from on a single system, but Epson's on-line documentation said you could print from their menus and send the document to different systems. Both features are absolute necessities in my house.

Unfortunately, the scanner’s software was so bad Amazon made me remove the explicative originally provided here. Contrary to Epson’s on-line blurbs, the scanner’s software cannot use the system's default printer on my local network. When I tried the print button, it told me, "The printer driver is not available. Quit the application, then reinstall the printer driver." (See attached pictures)

I did exactly what this Epson application ordered and it repeated the error message. I called Epson and suffered over an hour's worth of aggravation before getting the bad news.

Epson finally told me I can only use an Epson printer attached to the system for this print application to work, NOT a printer on the network. Epson does NOT say this anywhere in any of their on-line documentation about this scanner, absolutely no where. It took me over an hour wading through their customer support to get this terrible information. They do not support generic PostScript or PCL printers. My current printer does both and has printed over 50,000 low-cost pages without a problem; I will not switch to a high operating cost Epson printer for this. One of the reasons I returned my last Epson printer was its operating costs; they were 30 to 35 times higher than my current printer’s costs, i.e., 15 to 18 cents per page vs. a half cent per page.

Worse, Epson installed a copy of Microsoft’s .NET for the purpose of accessing my local network, it should have allow them to spool print jobs to my system's network POST SCRIPT and PCL printer (it handles both formats). If my Microsoft box was not also our home's network DMZ, I would not have allowed this .NET installation because from my experience .NET is a giant security hole.

Thankfully, I bought the scanner from Amazon and got my return label just a few hours after I installed the scanner. Other Epson products were at the top of the list for other purchases I was considering, but this experience yanked Epson from those lists. And now I will waste even more time sending the scanner back and removing up Epson’s software mess from my Microsoft box.
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on January 4, 2016
Epson scanner sheet feeder saga.
From I purchased an Epson workforce GT 1500 scanner.
I wanted to use it on a Dell all in one touch screen computer running Windows 10.
Upon installing the software that came with with it I could not get the sheet feeder to work.
The drop-down in the properties did not present a sheet feeder is only presented flatbed.
This computer has USB 3 ports. Running the troubleshooter I got a message that claimed
it only worked with USB 2. Using the panel which had only international symbols (no text)
I could not force the scanner to use the sheet feeder. (The flatbed scanning works fine).
Being unfamiliar with this scanner and I am nearly blind this became a strong struggle.
So I went to and got a replacement scanner. This was very accommodating and
I can tell whether the problem was then in the original scanner or in the setup.
The new scanner worked exactly the same way. So I put the scanner on a HP dual laptop which has
USB 2 ports. I had the same situation there. I noticed that the icon in the control panel devices window
showed a flatbed only picture (icon). I went to and selected a driver with the options of
64-bit and USB. What downloaded was epson15561.exe driver. Which I put in 'Common\Epson Scan' at the disk path where my driver was. Upon installing this driver I got an icon which showed the sheet feeder and with enough poking around on the laptop configuration I got it to sheet feed.
I then went back to the original scanner and put it on the laptop it also performed well.
The way I scanned sheets is to open the device properties right click on the scanner icon and select
scan. Originally I had to lower the DPI to not get an error message.
If get the refurbished price for the Replacement scanner I will buy it for my Pastor as a gift.
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on February 11, 2013
I bought this scanner for my home office. About 9 months after my purchase, the scanner started putting a bright blue line through everything scanned in color through the sheet feeder. After an excessively annoying support process that lasted several days, Epson finally replaced the scanner under warranty. However, the replacement scanner that they sent me immediately put two purple lines through everything. Fortunately, the second warranty replacement scanner worked fine and is still going strong a year later. I do like the scanner, and most of the Windows software works pretty well. I especially like how easy it is to scan to PDF using the sheet feeder. And, I appreciate the Linux compatibility: I used the scanner for a huge photo archiving project after my grandma died, and because the Linux interface is solid, I was able to write my own software to simplify that process. However, I have to give the scanner 3 stars because I'm worried about long-term durability. My previous Epson scanner lasted 10+ years. Given the problems I've seen so far, I'm not optimistic that this one will last that long... and it's out of warranty now.
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on March 18, 2013
It was difficult for me to spend $200 on a machine that only scanned but I finally took the plunge. This scanner is a replacement for a HP 5180 all-in-one machine, which I was only using for scanning, it did print beautifully but cost too much in ink to be a high use printer like I need. I have an Epson Workforce 1100 with a bulk ink system for cheap printing. To say this is a scanner is a huge improvement is an understatement! I scan 100+ pages per week of homeschooling materials for my kids. This was a tedious and time consuming chore on the old machine but is almost fun on this one. Okay so scanning may not be fun, but being able to get the job done without any communication errors and literally in less than half the time (this baby scans fast) is great.

I use the ADF for 75% of my scanning and the flatbed for the rest. Both methods yield the same excellent quality. There are many scanning options which are simple and quick to change as needed. When scanning numerous pages into one file (45 is the most I have saved as a single full-color file) the save process after the scanning is complete is a bit time consuming but I just let it do its thing in the background, it doesn't slow my computer down at all.

There is a print feature on the scanner that will print the scan to the printer of your choice rather than having to save the file first. This is the only feature I have found that doesn't work like I had hoped, which is why I took 1 star away. When using this feature the scan takes a very, very long time in comparison to regular scanning. I thought I may have some settings wrong, but so far I haven't been able to speed it up which is bummer because lots of my scans don't need to be saved just printed. If I am able to remedy this problem I will change my review to 5 stars.
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on October 23, 2012
I will start off by saying that this is a great scanner; I purchased one and was so impressed by its ease of use and image quality that a second one was purchased for another computer. It warms up almost instantly and scans quickly. The image is clear and there are numerous file formats you can save an image as. The included software is also some of the best I have used. It is easy to sort and file documents and images with the software, and the purchase includes a full version of editable text software, which is usually included as a trial only period with other scanners that you have to purchase separately once the trial period expires.
However the reason it only received four stars is one inconvenience that would have been so easy to fix in the programming. When you open the scanner software a screen comes up that you specify the file format and location you want to save it to, this is normal for scanners. However you cannot change the default setting for where the image is saved. Every time you open the scanner it will default to your pictures folder. To change it to another location only requires clicking on the folder where you want it but about 90 percent of what I scan are shipping documents, that all go in a folder called shipping documents. Other scanners I have used would remember where the last place something was saved and would automatically use that as the default. This scanner would definitely be a five star scanner if it had this capability. A minor annoyance but still a fantastic scanner.
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on January 13, 2012
with some twenty file drawers of papers, mostly business documents, I went on a quest to reduce the volume by archiving those documents where permanent paper copies are not needed. A document scanner looked to be my best option. The GT-1500 fits the bill. I loaded the software in my MacBook Pro which took quite a bit longer than I expected. At times I thought the installation failed, however by being patient and not aborting the installation, I was rewarded by a complete install. Then it is simply a matter of connecting the cables and turning on the scanner. (BTW the directions say not to connect the USB cable which is incorrect. You need to connect the USB cable.) The document feeder operates at about 20 ppm (in the 300 dpi and B&W mode), which is great. With this setting it takes about 1 meg of memory per 20 pages. You can also select grey scale and color settings, however with those settings the scans take longer. The alignment is not always sharp so some pdf scans can be a bit off, you just have to be careful in loading the pages. If the pages have dog eared top edges due to staples being removed, you can reverse the feeding and go bottom first. Then after scanning of the document is finished, click on the edit icon and flip the pages before saving the document. For lengthy documents, after the first batch is run through the scanner, click on the add pages icon and continue batch after batch until the entire document is complete. You can also change settings for individual pages in a document, for example if one of the pages has a color image, you can select color for that page. It just has to be a separate scan rather than in the middle of a stack of pages. The completed scanned document can go wherever you chose in your computer. The default on the Mac is the document folder.

I also like the relatively small foot print and light weight of the scanner which make for portability.

My only concern is how well the document feeder with hold up long term. So far I have no problem after feeding about 1500 pages, however the feeding mechanism has plastic parts which has me a bit nervous.
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on September 19, 2012
I don't review many products. I have a Macbook Air running Lion. I unboxed the scanner, removed the protective tape, etc. powered it up and it was immediately recognized. I didn't need to use the DVDs that came with it (they are still in the original wrapping). My first scan was a 35 page document and this scanner flew threw the pages (I set the resolution to 96 dpi) and it performed perfectly. I have yet to work with any advanced functions like using the flat bed for pictures, etc. but that's not what I bought it for. I don't need to scan pictures, just documents and receipts.

This was to replace one of those cheap all-in-one machines. I can't believe I waited this long. I didn't time it but I say that it took less than 4 minutes whereas the old set-up would have taken at least 30 - if it actually made it to the end without something going wrong which was about a 1 in 4 proposition. That thing was torture and I only kept it around to scan because the printer ink was continually drying up from infrequent use.

Next I will by a moderately priced black & white laser printer to complete the replacement of the old all-in-one. The total cost may be higher but I'm done paying the price of messing around with what I consider to be a boat anchor with substandard speed and durability. If you mainly work with documents this is the way to go.
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on April 19, 2017
I'm really happy with this new scanner. It was easy to learn how to use and so very fast! Lot's of good options, like auto feed or place a sheet on the scanning bed. It's been very handy.
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on April 13, 2013
I bought this scanner back in 2010 because I needed a reliable scanning solution for my work needs. Bottom line is that this is one of the best functioning office products I've ever purchased. I've had no issues, not problems, no second-thoughts about this item. This scanner blows away the "all-in-one" office scanners for sure. I am normally very critical with my reviews, but Epson did virtually everything right with this product. I have recommended this item to others, and would purchase it again without thinking twice. I bought this for $300 and it is one of the best small office investments I've ever made. I absolutely love this product!
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on June 24, 2015
I'm writing about the refurbished version of this product. It's nothing special in terms of speed or imaging capability. And Epson technical support leaves a lot to be desired: it's clearly outsourced to a country where English is not the primary language with personnel who can't do much besides read their scripts.

However, it's a good value if you need a document scanner -- albeit one that can be a bit prickly at times with very light pieces of paper. I purchased this as replacement for an HP scanner that was more robust in terms of paper handling, and -- for its age -- not much slower than this product. But you can't beat the price for a similar product from HP or anyone else (again, assuming that you're buying the refurbished version).
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