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on June 17, 2013
We purchased the GSE 5000 juicer June 4, 2013. I spent MANY hours watching videos (DO check out YouTube, you will learn HOW to Use and Clean all the juicers quickly and easily!!!), and comparing ALL the juicer models out there.

The Green Star juicers are the brand you want when you are SERIOUS about the QUALITY of your juice. Period.
"Fast" juicers basically obliterate the cellular structure of the fruits and vegetables. While this will give you juice quickly, it also destroys micronutrients through the brute force of the extraction, as well as the additional oxidation of the juice by the air introduced through the high speed blades.

"Masticating" juicers, particularly the currently popular "Vert" models, ARE better, but are still more gimmick than function. The reviews for these praise the better extraction, but MANY problems appear to occur due to the cheap construction of the devices, particularly the screen, which seems subject to breakage. These models have a LOT of plastic parts that are INTEGRAL to the machine, rather than just covers...

Now, the Green Star Elite GSE 5000 does have plastic, but the mechanical plastics are STURDY, DURABLE, and RIGID. The only thinner plastic part would be the unit housing cover. This, with reasonable care, should not crack, break, or otherwise fall apart easily. Since it IS an expensive piece of equipment, DO treat the parts with care, regardless how well constructed they are...

If you find this juicer "difficult" to clean or assemble, you simply should not be using any appliance more complicated than a spoon. Seriously. "DIFFICULT" IT IS NOT!!!

There are only SEVEN (7) parts to take off or put on. VERY EASY. Almost Idiot Proof.
The ONLY difficult parts to assembling it are:
1) making sure the augers are correctly aligned, with the "one dot" gear tooth between the "two dot" gear teeth of the other auger, and
2) Slightly rotating the twin augers when pushing them into the juicer body. They have to turn ever so slightly to align, but again, it is NOT difficult. Just gently "wiggle" them as you continue to gently push, and they will go in.

Do yourself and your juicer a favor, and cut your carrots into chunks no longer than about an inch. They will NEVER jam if you do. This goes for almost any vegetable. While the Green Star IS powerful, you purchased it to JUICE, NOT to cut the vegetables up and juice.
Also, if you take the extra time to cut the veggies before juicing, you will find that you will have to use FAR less pressure to push them into the juicer. (FWIW, I ALWAYS use the plastic, NOT the wooden pusher - It is DESIGNED not to reach all the way down to the gears, so you will NOT grind any plastic off - ignore that warning in the videos!!!)

Get a small bowl, and when the bowl is full, you have enough for a glass of juice.
If you are new to juicing:
1) Add ice cubes to your juice. The colder the better when you start, TRUST.
2) Add a bit of water to dilute it if the taste is too strong - It can take a bit of getting used to.
3) Keep a can of frozen Juice Concentrate in the freezer, and add a small spoon to juices that are too "green" to help make them a bit more palatable.

Carrots are your juicer's best friend. Put a piece or two after every soft veggie to help push the pulp through.

Every complaint about the Green Star screens is due to people NOT cleaning them promptly (within 30-60 minutes).
If you rinse and wipe your juicer FAITHFULLY and QUICKLY, you will never have a screen problem.
The Green Star 5000 comes with two brushes, and I have also found that a new toothbrush can do the job of them both pretty well.
The screen, which is the hardest part of the juicer to clean, collects fiber on the end where the pulp comes out. This is one reason cutting your produce into small chunks is strongly suggested.
Start by brushing the inside of the screen to loosen fibers. Then brush the outside of the screen to remove the loosened plant fiber. It shouldn't take more than a minute or two, tops.

For ANYONE who complains about the amount of time to use or clean this juicer, stop and consider the time and energy you would use to prepare and clean up after a regular meal. This juicer extracts MORE juice than any other model except the weird, cumbersome, and expensive Norwalk. And that puppy makes prepping your fruits and veggies into a religious ceremony...
And clean up for the Green Star is no more difficult than washing your blender or food processor. Easier in some ways, no sharp blades to look out for.

This juicer is an investment, and will change your life in regards to how you look at juicing. Grasses, leaves, even weeds are now part of our diet (Lamb's Quarters are so common, yet SO nutritious - my husband shakes his head, but knows to leave them alone when he sees them, so I can juice them!).

The additional cost will make up for itself in the LESS WASTE of juice from your produce, and the WIDER VARIETY of plants that you can put into this machine.

With a modicum of care, and a smattering of common sense, you should have NO problems, and YEARS of enjoyment with your Green Star. I know I am having a blast!!!

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on March 21, 2016
This is the second Green Star I have purchased. I have a GS-1000 and loved it also. I decided to check the 5000 out due to the difficulty at times of pushing carrots through the chute. You definitely need arm strength for some of the hard vegetables. With the GS-5000, it is much easier to use. I don't know if it is from the gear change they made, but I have no problems at all with anything. I love this new machine. It is not difficult to clean or use. I make juice daily sometimes, or I make enough for three days, 32ounces/day. The juice is great and I can't say enough how wonderful and easy to use the
GS-5000. I did have a Norwalk back in the 70's and tried to use it, but just too messy and not easy to use. I finally gave it away. When I purchased my new Green Star, I actually went back and took another look at the Norwalk, but after watching the videos, I decided it hasn't changed much and if I purchased it I probably would not use it. So Gren Star was
my choice. The results of their nutrient testing of the juice was also a helpful deciding factor. Great juicer, nutrient dense juice and easy to use and clean. What more is there????
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on November 20, 2015
Pros: gets the juice out of tough cabbages to help treat ulcers. One cabbage can give you 3 full glasses which you can refrigerate for a day or so. Disassembly is easy and working instructions are easy. Despite a lot of cons, I still don't mind this machine as it does its job. Just wish it were faster. However, it is my first double geared masticator which is different I believe from a regular juicer (which incidentally I have never tried before either). The pulp is fairly dry but don't screw in the setting for the driest pulp or it will take forever; rotate the screw halfway or so.
Cons: you have to cut the cabbage into fairly thin 1cm or smaller strips (kind of like making coleslaw) to feed into the chute and not too much or it will clog it up. Do not force the plunger too hard or the machine will break. Try to remove the really hard cabbage veins or they will get stuck in the masticator and chop those up smaller and feed separately. It is very slow going and requires patience as this is not a regular juicer but a non heat producing way of crunching down the veggies to preserve nutrients. It takes about 45 min. to fully juice a full cabbage and wash up. Cleaning the machine is a bit of a pain especially the fine filter as the pulp is sometimes hard to dislodge with the brush. If particles get stuck in the chute, and don't grind, reverse the button and I usually fish out the larger pieces with a small pair of tongs and re feed softer leaves. Don't run the machine non stop for more than 15 min. at a time to protect the gears.
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on May 24, 2013
I had been using a Jack LaLanne juicer for the last 10 years. I decided it was time to upgrade to something that I could get more out of my leafy greens (and my first one was falling apart).

-You get more out of your juice!! In the long run you WILL save money on fruits and veggies
-Your juice is EXTREMELY smooth! I have never tasted a smoother, richer juice, from a juicer than this one! Your leafy greens taste better, everything tastes better. I was really amazed at how smooth and refreshing the juice is compared to my past juicer.
-The juicer parts are much smaller than my previous juicer, the machine is very easy to take apart! I was kind of taken back when this arrived because the juicer itself is much larger than my Jack LaLanne. Once I read the directions and took it apart to wash it, I felt much more comfortable with it.
-You can't beat a 12 year warranty!!

-The screen takes a little bit of time to clean (even if you clean it immediately)
-The gears don't always pop in the first time you try (it is metal though!)
-It is a little on the pricey side (but so SO so worth it!!!)

The juicer doesn't come with a container to hold the left over fruit/veggies that it spits out, but I find this actually really cool! It is one less thing to clean up. I can use an old container from something. I also like to use the pulp to blend with honey and make fruit role ups for my daughter.

Do note! The juicer makes a squealing/squeaking noise. I panicked because I thought I had a defective juicer. However, it is completely normal (you can look it up on their website)
review image
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on June 25, 2016
I waited for half a year before I submit a review of this juicer because I wanted to see if it is durable. The juicer works well and do produce a much drier pulp than other expensive juicers I owned before. The only problem I noticed is that the parts do not last and they are expensive to replace. The seal on the housing leaks after a couple of months of usage and I used all my juicers daily. The fruit knob mysteriously broke only after a month. Metal part of the screen showed wear and tear after a couple of months. I wonder where did the metal shavings went. I am now stuck with a expensive juicer and need to save extra money to buy (expensive) replacement parts in the very near future. I don't mind the amount of time I spend cleaning the parts after each use. I just wish the manufacturer can produce durable parts or make the parts more affordable.
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on October 14, 2014
I started juicing about 6 months ago. I went with a Breville juicer to start. I figured it was a good starting point and not too exspensive in case I didnt stick with it. After 6 months, I'm going strong but I got tired of the Brevilles poor performance with Kale/Wheatgrass/ Celery. I started looking around at other options. I weighted the options and I couldnt justify spending $1300 on the all stainless steel Angel. I used it as soon as I unpacked it, I'm astonished at the performance. When compared to the Breville, I get 2.5 times the juice from the same recipe. The pulp is almost fully dry. When making the Mean Green recipe, the Breville would produce 32 OZ and about 4cups of pulp, The Tribest produces 85 oz of juice and 1 1/2 of pulp. The juice also tastes much much better.
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on April 10, 2017
We purchased this juicer 5 years ago when my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. We have made a pitcher of juice everyday for the last 5 years and this juicer is still going strong. I can't recommend it enough! And my husband is winning his battle with cancer. No chemo, no radiation just building up his body to do what it does best....Win!
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on January 13, 2017
How did I ever live without this? I've been using the GSE-5000 daily for about 4 years now. The volume of juice I get from it is terrific. The pulp is very dry, so I feel confident that I'm getting the maximum possible amount of juice out of each fruit or vegetable I put in. I also make wonderful sorbets out of frozen fruits and they are delish! Even my teenager loves them! It also does a terrific job with wheat grass and ginger shots. The only way I could be happier with this juicer is if it cleaned itself! So grateful to have it!
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on June 7, 2012
I could not be happier than I am with my Green Star Elite (GSE) 5000 juicer! The quality of the juice is far superior in taste satisfaction to what I had been drinking from a multipurpose appliance I had been using for several years. I had been used to tediously cleaning and brushing the screen basket on my centrufugal juicer, so cleaning my GSE 5000 is not a huge change. I allow the screen to soak in a bowl of water for at least an hour while I do other things, then I scrape the screen inside and out with the edge of a spoon or the dull side of a dinner knife to get the largest part of the pulp off before using the brush on the inside and outside of the screen.

The first time I used my GSE 5000, I took more time cleaning it than I have since then. It probably takes me a total of a half-hour, including the time spent on brushing the screen, but I watch live or recorded TV programs while performing my clean-up so the time goes pretty fast. I simply look at this time as an investment in my health.

I have found that when juicing the leafy veggies I don't pack them down too tightly or to the top of the feeder tube before using the tamper to help them through the gears, and that works much better. I don't find that feeding any of the veggies takes excessive pressure, but if a person needs more leverage try using a lower counter or sturdy table on which to place your juicer and feed the veggies through. Think about what you are doing and make sure you have enough room around the juicer to accommodate your task.

I have been using my GSE 5000 for a little over a month now and my enthusiasm for it grows the more I use it. Even my autistic adult grandson has become a fan of making and drinking our juice, and that alone is worth the price to me.
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on September 5, 2015
I bought this particular juicer after watching several online videos by different raw food promoters/dealers. What got my attention was the stainless gears inside this product and watching it grab and chew thin veggies like chard and green leafy plants. The juicer is definitely efficient, squeezing every last drop of juice out of whatever is being fed through. It's easy to use provided that the order of foods inserted is observed, going from firm to medium to soft and then repeating. It works, and makes a really good juice based on other products that I have tried in the past. The cleanup is tedious as mentioned by other reviews and I would have to say that cleaning the filtering screen is the toughest part, as expected though. The kit is complete but does not include the soft fruit attachment.
In the three times that I have used it thus far, I have to say that raw greens/veggies/fruits juiced has provided a noticeable difference already.
Update: It's already broken. The plastic housing around the screen and feed tube is cracked where the twin gears fit. I guess this design is faulty for not taking into account the high pressure and force required to squeeze the pulp dry. Anyway, the housing is cracked.
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