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on May 2, 2012
I bought this bike less than two months ago and my son is now two years and four months old. For the first few times he was "riding" this bicycle he was very excited to have it but he merely walked with it between his legs at a rather slow pace. After a few times of that I gently encouraged him to sit on the seat and he quickly learned he could go a lot faster and cruise with it that way. Since then he's just been getting better and better. Now, after two months of riding the bike (typically on Saturday and Sunday each week, not even every day) he now can coast with his feet up for 20-30 seconds. It isn't teaching him to pedal of course but I'm amazed at how quickly he's learned to balance and all this without much intervention on my part at all. I just let him figure it out pretty much on his own. He's now so quick this old dad will probably need a bike of my own to keep up with him. For the price there have been very few things I have bought for my son which get the fun, joy and use that this bike does and I'm very glad I bought it.

Quality wise the construction is pretty good but the tires aren't air filled, they are soft like tires but feel like they're filled with foam and aren't made to last very long. Our rides to the park now are typically about two miles long (we did 2 1/2 miles yesterday says my GPS app) and we ride to a playground on a paved path half way then ride back on a dirt bike trail that's more off-road rugged. He enjoys both and he's gotten the bike lovingly muddy. The tires will probably wear out sooner than later at this rate though. They're already showing a lot of wear, and some cracking in the rubber. The rest of the bike seems like it will hold up but I have a feeling I'll be replacing the tires (or wheels) before we're done with this.

All in all I could not be happier though. My son absolutely loves this and he looks forward to our excursions and I can't believe in the short time and at his age how quickly he has gone from pedestrian walking with it to coasting with his feet up. At this age also of course it's important to impart rules and lessons along the way. Always wear a helmet, of course, but also he now says "people coming!" and he pulls over to the side to let them pass which makes me very proud (and I tell him so).

He has gotten an "owie" on it recently, I'm not sure if the seat got him or a bar on the side, he hit a rock and the bike kicked a little but he was back on it five minutes later none worse for wear. He hasn't taken any big spills on it and hasn't really hurt himself on it to any noticeable extent or that he didn't recover from quickly. That said, my son is a pretty tough kid who doesn't cry much from pain (and he's also rather fearless on the hills) it's a challenge sometimes to keep up with him and keep him on the right path; you need to exercise a great deal of vigilance and caution and be sure to keep up (taking photos or videos is difficult if you don't have a third person along because the kid might be fifty yards away by the time you snap the shutter).

All in all I think this is one of my best "fun/toy" purchases for my son to date and I'm so glad I got one. A friend who has a son a year older than my own son told me about it and I think I got it at just the right age. 18 months might be too soon, but shortly after they turn two years old is probably perfect.

I'm one heck of a pleased father with this bike and will be all too happy to replace the wheels/tires if needed. And most importantly my son loves it too.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon January 6, 2012
I love this little bike. I purchased this for my son on his 3rd birthday and I think it's one of the best toys I've ever gotten him

- Lightweight. I can carry this with a finger. If we get too far away from home and he's too tired to ride all the way back I can carry it without any problem.
- Seat adjustment. This is a great bike for kids from their late 2's up until maybe 4 or 5 because they can adjust the seat to their height.
- Easy to learn. My son was riding it tentatively within the first 10 minutes and by the third day he was really picking it up. By week two, he's speeding around the block picking his legs up and gliding.
- Well made, durable,
- Great exercise.
- My son begs me to go outside so he can ride it.
- Teaches kids to balance quickly and without fear.
- Super easy 5 minute assembly.

- The video says this bike is a lot safer than a tricycle but I'm not convinced. Although most crashes are usually pretty minor, expect your child to fall a lot while they are learning.
- There are no breaks this bike, just your feet. My son decided to try to glide down a semi-steep hill and once he started going too fast he put his feet down and went over the handlebars and the result wasn't pretty. The helmet I got him has paid for itself 10x over. Get a helmet.
- Plastic wheels. I don't know why they chose to put cheap plastic wheels on this bike. Standard rubber wheels that you could pump up would have made a lot more sense to me. There's no give in the wheels so when they hit a pothole it's pretty harsh.

Overall I'm totally sold on this bike and would recommend it to anyone with a toddler. We've had so much fun on it in the past couple of weeks. I wish I would have gotten it a year ago.
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on June 18, 2012
My husband and I bought a strider for my 18mth son's Christmas present from Santa, after seeing a friend give her son one for his 2 yr birthday (my son just loved it at the party). It truely is the best way to teach kids how to ride a bike in my opinion!

We live in Alaska, so he rode it around the house for the first few months. We do have laminte floor in most of the house, but the bike does not seem to scratch the floors, and its small enough to manuver around the furniture and the clutter toys ;) He really liked it through the winter, but it didn't get tons of use. I don't think he really had the idea yet, and there is just so much you can do in a house with a bike.

Now its summer (and he's 26 mths), and he has it outside and inside. After watching the older kids ride around the neighborhood on their bikes, its like it has somehow clicked what he is suppose to do with the Strider, and now he won't get off it! :) The moment they sit and stride is when they become addicted quick!! He has also progressed so fast, and has me practically running to keep up with him. I'm amazed really! He loves going down hills and picking his feet up, and you can see how proud and confident he is in his riding ability!! I just cannot believe he is balancing on two wheels at such a young age!! I know I was 4 when I learned to ride my bike without training wheels (where were these bikes 25 yrs ago?)! He has even taught his cousin how to ride her Strider (also 2 yrs old). She also got one for Christmas but was less interested in the bike than he was. That is until she saw him moving along, and again it is like it 'clicks'. Now we cannot keep her off it too! :) Within 2 days of her learning to ride it, they are both already in the woods finding trails on their bikes; going where other kids cannot go on training bikes or trikes!

They have both taken some spills, but none are really bad. No marks, bruises, or anything; they seem to catch themself mostly as they go down. My son never cried when he falls, and just gets back on the bike (this is amazing for my son who loves to run to me to kiss his boo-boos). My neice did cry the first time she spilled; I think it scared her more than anything. Took her a few minutes to get back on the bike after the first spill, but all her following spills she doesn't make a sound and just gets right back up on the bike. So very proud of both! I think falling from a bike on training wheels is a much scarier and probably more painful fall, and can really set them back some. Most of their falls is just about learning how to turn and control the front wheel (and most of that problem is looking over the shoulder rather than looking ahead, or snagging something in the woods).

The bike is made tough in my opinion. We have taught our son to be gentle when he lays it down b/c if it wears out anywhere, it will be the handle bars. I expect him to be riding it until its the next kids turn! And hopefully the condition will be good enough to donate it to a friend or to the daycare center or something once #2 is done with it :)

But even if you don't decide on the strider, defintely get some sort of balance bike!!! Other people stare at my kid moving along so confidently, smoothly, and quick, while their 3 or 4 yr old flip flops back and forth on some bike with training wheels ;) I look at that and think I'm SOOOOO glad I'm not going that route! LOL, and I have to chuckle when my son totally passes them up!
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on August 13, 2012
This is a "must buy" Item for those of you who are wanting to introduce and train your children to riding bikes. I am pleased with the product and quality and feel that it is a great value. Is it bespoke top-of-the-line materials and quality; no. However, it costs less than a hundred dollars and is lightweight and well designed for quickly getting your child comfortable on two wheels.

My experience with the product was through my son, who recently turned three, who had a bike with training wheels that he enjoyed riding but that he had a propensity to crash due to the unstable nature of a training wheel bike when cornering. I bought the Strider from Amazon on a Tuesday and it arrived to my house on Thursday. After a ten minute assembly, my son was zipping around the house and generally enjoying this product as his new favorite toy.

The next day he wanted to ride around the block with me riding my bike and he did a one mile ride. (On his first full day with the bike) The next weekend we took it on vacation and he rode up to three miles on a combination of gravel trails and streets. So, in the course of ten days, my son went from never riding to displaying an amazing progression in his balance and bike handling skills.

Skip forward another week...Training wheels are off the big bike and, guess what, 3.2 year old is riding his pedal bike around the neighborhood.

I really can't beleive what a great training tool the strider is/was. I am sure that the other Manufacturers products that are similar could achieve similar results, however, I have purchased two of these as gifts for other kids since purchasing our sons.

Training wheels are obsolete if you use this training tool.
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on May 12, 2012
Within 10 minutes of receiving the package, it was assembled and being ridden around the yard by our 30month old.
It is instant fun right out of the box. Our son was delighted to see a "big bike," got on it right away and started pushing/riding it around the yard. There is no way he could ever ride a pedal bike through the yard, as the grass is too thick and the ground too uneven. He was going over steps and all kinds of other obstacles... and that was all within 45minutes of getting the bike. Concrete/hard top is even more fun, and he was already starting to commit his weight to the bike on the short 30 ft stretch... unfortunately we don't have too much hard top around, living in the country on a gravel road. This bike is MUCH lighter than some of the competition, and this is a major plus. A friend of ours had another brand that was way too heavy for our son. Plus, I know I am going to end up carrying this a lot when he gets distracted with other things.
Customer service from strider is EXCELLENT. I noticed one of the nuts on the front wheel would come loose. It has a manufacturing flaw in the threads. I contacted strider via email and they wrote back within an hour AFTER WORK HOURS, saying they would send a replacement front wheel. It came in two days.
The bike is manufactured in china, and there are some quality issues. Some of the welds don't look entirely professional, and there is a quarter sized spot on the handle bars where the paint isn't smooth and glossy, like there might have been rust on the bar when they painted it? After a few days of riding, I have noticed that the gravel road is taking a toll on the tires. They have small cuts and punctures all over, though nothing big enough to affect performance. I don't really know how to describe it, except to imagine if the tires were made of wood. Wood is easily scratched, but not easily damaged. The paint is also getting chipped rather quickly, but to be expected when he is dropping it on the gravel all the time.

The PREbike has cheaper handle bar grips, and nut/bolt fasteners for the seat height and handlebar height. The ST3 has quick release fasteners on the seat and handlebars, upgraded handlebar grips, upgraded seat, and handle bar pad.
The quick release fasteners, air filled rubber wheels, upgraded seats, etc, can all be purchased separately if you wish.
We love this bike and fully expect it to be around when the next boy (due june 1st) is old enough to ride it. I do wish they offered an "American made" version... I'd pay an extra $50 for that...
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on January 20, 2011
I was researching a bike to buy for my 3-year old girl for Christmas. She had her heart set on a pink Disney Princesses bike. What I read about the quality of that bike turned me off as I could see her breaking down and crying when it fell apart in a matter of days. I was looking around for an alternative and saw that the Strider bike was a big seller and decided to look further. I became convinced that the bike would be sturdier and that the innovative concept was worth a shot - we could always buy the Disney bike as a back up.

Christmas day arrived and she opened up the box and was all excited to see her new, pink bike. However, I explained to her that her bike was different in that it didn't have pedals nor training wheels (where we live, no one has these bikes yet). She was a real trooper about it. She let me put on her helmet and she did her best to walk around with the bike, explaining to onlookers that it had no pedals.

A few days of this and I started to worry that she would give up. So I invented a little game - run over daddy's foot. I would walk in front of her and she would have to move quickly enough to run over my foot with the front tire. This helped a little. So then I turned to YouTube and showed her videos of other kids riding the bike.

A few days later, a bunch of kids in our apartment complex were playing, many of them with bikes with training wheels. My little girl participated a litte more, walking around with her bike. Suddenly, she said: "look, dad!", took a few steps and then lifted both feet off the ground and coasted. I was in shock! She repeated this about a dozen times but then got tired of it. So, I was happy with the progress but still unsure if this would work out.

The next day, we went to our parking lot and she simply took off. She did not stop running and coasting for a whole hour. The only time she took a rest was to stop and spontaneously shout that she loves her bike! Since then, she rides the thing almost every day and totally loves it.

Believe in this bike, it's awesome!
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on May 1, 2012
I'm very happy with this product. We started my daughter out on a Mopi bike (which we also REALLY love) It stands up on its own so it is great for like from 16 months+. She got really comfortable on that and now that she is two we got her the strider, and we can't wait to see her start to succeed on it. She has started out slow, just walking on it (like in the informational videos) but after only a few times on it she was already coasting a bit and pulling her legs up. Its the perfect amount of challenge for her, and I can't to see her progress on it and hopefully be riding a bike soon after. It is sturdy and well built and I think it will last for many years and for many children. My son is 5 months and I anticipate that when my daughter out grows it, it will definitely still be in great condition for my son to start on it. Very happy with this purchase. Well worth the money. Oh also my daughter is taller than average for her size and this is the only balance bike she could fit on at two. At two I think most children are ready to start trying a balance bike, but the other brands have a higher seat so they cant reach on it. Strider has the lowest seat height so they can start early on it, but also the seat adjust up much bigger to grow with them.
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on May 3, 2012
The other reviewers who gave this bike high praise were right. The quality is great. My Son was ecstatic when we pulled this bike out of the box. This is his first bicycle, and I wanted something easy for him to use.

I actually saw this running bike concept last year while I was over in Germany. I saw many families with little kids on the city streets zipping around on these running bikes. At the time my son was still a little too young, but now at almost 3 I figured he was really ready.

I did my research looking for the right bike. I have the Strider PREbike on Amazon and read all the great reviews. I still continue my search, looking at other models and reading other reviews. Some of these prebikes I saw were over $300, and their reviews were not as good as the Strider.

The price was right, the reviews were glowing so I bought the Strider Prebike. It was the right decision. Very easy assembly right out of the box. If you have any experience at all around a bike - putting the handle bar, seat and wheels on should only take a few minutes. Finding the right height adjustment has taken a little time as my son gets use to the bike.

He isn't zooming around on it yet, but he does love it.
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on January 20, 2012
This is a very nicely designed and manufactured glider. My 3 year old grandson just loves this bike and it looks like so much fun to his cousins, that I have had to run off those who exceed the 50 pound limit as they keep trying to take it for a spin. As soon as little Mike got on it , he was rolling down our driveway in perfect balance, and when I showed him how he could stand up on it after an hour or so of practice, he was confidently doing so while rolling down hill. Frankly, I was amazed at the confidence he displayed. He has misjudged the rough terrain on occasion and has fallen when the front wheel goes sideways in sand or in a trough in our dirt driveway, but he's never hurt himself. He was a veteran of course, having had a swell time on the smaller Yikebike (the one with the double rear wheels) for half a year. He and I ride together all the time, I'm on my small 20" folding bike, and we've turned many heads and I've answered many questions about the Strider from the curious. It's excellent exercise and the bike is very light and extremely smooth gliding. Just spin one of the well-balanced wheels and it seems to go on forever. Mike's never tired, even on rides of a mile or so. I highly recommend this bike. I'm even a little sad to think he could probably get on a pedal bike even now, but since he's shown no interest we'll keep on striding.
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on January 22, 2012
This bike is awesome. I got one for my son when he was about 16 months old. After a few months of scooting around, he began to put his feet up and coast all over the place. He enjoyed riding this bike everywhere and going down grass hills and even rolling around skate parks all by the time he was just over 2.
At exactly 2.5 years old we bought him a little Haro 12 inch pedal bike, and he learned to ride it in just a few days. The balance was already there and it took only a few hours of work to get him to understand pedals. My little guy just turned 3 and is turning heads everywhere he goes riding his two-wheeler up and down hills, over jumps, etc.
Skip the training wheels, and don't buy one of those weird looking, heavy, wooden balance bikes. My kid was rough on his strider and we never had to replace any parts. My second son is about 20 months old and is currently scooting around on the strider we bought for his older brother.

Great product. Really works. Fun. And preps a kid for a real bike. Makes teaching your kid to ride easy; they basically do it themselves at their own pace.

UPDATE 2013: My first son (4 years old now)now rides a Haro 16 and is a great little rider. My second son (now 3) just started riding the Haro 12, peddling all around the neighborhood on his own. My third son ( almost two years old) is walking the Strider around the house as I type this. Other dads in the neighborhood stare at my boys riding their two wheelers and wonder how I did it. Strider is now on the third kid and we have not replaced a single part yet. Granted, it is not as tight as it used to be, there is more play/wobble, but it is going strong.

VIDEO is of my oldest at 2.5 years, riding a two wheeler, thanks to the Strider.
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